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DCFC Fans Awards 2016


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Hello and welcome to the 2016 DCFC Fans Awards Ceremony. I'm sure there was one of these last year but I can't find who started the thread, so I thought I would start it myself.

Members can nominate up to three people for an award, with anyone nominated for an award being put to a poll to select the winner. The awards up for grabs are listed below (feel free to suggest more awards):


Member of the year

Funniest member 

Angriest member

Newcomer of the year

Post of the year

Thread of the year


When nominating a member, please use the @ symbol so they can see that they've been nominated. When nominating a thread or post, if possible, attach a link. The polls will begin tonight and the winners will be announced tomorrow night.

It's been a good year for the forum folks. Here's to the next one.

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52 minutes ago, BurtonRam7 said:

A couple of my personal nominations are:

Funniest member: @reveldevil, @rynny, @Boycie.

Post of the year: @ilkleyram for his Play Off semi-final second leg post.


Didn't see this thread when it first came out. Absolutely fantastic, gets my vote too.

Post of the year: @ilkleyram for his Play Off semi-final second leg post.

Funniest poster of the year: @Ninos, he can't possibly be serious can he?

Member of the year: @David simply for running this great forum (helped obviously by the mods)

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5 hours ago, BurtonRam7 said:



Member of the year - @reveldevil

Funniest member -  @Boycie

Angriest member - Who else ? @Angry Ram

Newcomer of the year - @derby4ever A 54 year old lady that looks a young 28, you'll do for me love devilish.gif?dateline=1384055263

Post of the year - Can't remember a stand out post from another member and modesty forbids me to nominate one of my own from my outstanding contribution.

Thread of the year - The Fawaz Circus

That concludes the vote from EastHertsRam, all that remains is for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year and it's back to you in the studio. Mwah.



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2 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

I did not create it I'm afraid, someone did it when he first went on loan, but I remembered it and had a look through the eye of the Google to find it again.

 I hadn't seen it before and thought you did it, sorry. Maybe Rev's right then, it is the kind of thing @wixman1884 excels at.

Now, where's your post ? I'll have the like back I gave you. :lol:

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