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  1. Not interested. Failure of a team that failed the fans who deserve better. Hmm, sounds stupid now but that talk was all the rage back then! Pearson in!!
  2. Alpha

    Jack Grealish

    I always thought that just meant my neighbours wanted to hear my music better?
  3. Just reminds me of the Tyson Fury situation. Fury goes into a hole for 2 years, comes back and they said he was suspended. How convenient he didn't want to fight during that time. Thought he'd served a ban from competitive fighting since he beat Andy Lee. At least this ban saves those Albanian middleweights from leaving their potato farms.
  4. Btw I bet he wouldn't be suspended if boxing wasn't suspended. That just the board trying to look good.
  5. I'd love to know what he's like because he seems well liked in boxing? But I don't find him likeable at all. Still think he's got a lot to prove too which is why he isn't a big draw despite his promising performances (Andy Lee, David Lemieux) and being a x2 world champion. However this video I don't think is that bad. I don't think he condones domestic violence because he made a stupid video. But he was a dick in his last stupid video and to even risk being called out like this again shows he doesn't really give a poo. Which is cool. But I don't like him.
  6. Hatton v Koysta Tszyu! Good call YouTube!
  7. Watched all Usyk v Gassiev, Usyk v Glowacki, Usyk v Joyce, Loma v Linares, Loma v Rigondeaux (however you spell it), Loma v Martinez, Canelo v GGG 1 and 2, AJ v Whyte, AJ v Povetkin, AJ v Breazeale, Dubois v Gorman, Fury v Chisora, Fury v Wlad, Fury v Wilder 1 and 2, Fitzgerald v Fowler, Whyte v Chisora, Whyte v Parker, Mayweather v Pacquiao, Pacquiao v Broner, Bellew v Haye 2, Bellew v Makabu, Froch v Groves, Lewis v Vitali Klitschko, Tyson v Holyfield, Tyson v Bruno. YouTube suggestions got out of hand lately. But even during this crisis I still wouldn't watch Lawrence Okolie if he was fighting in my garden.
  8. Alpha


    Look. Look what you have become
  9. Another thought is how long we've all been posting on Derby boards. Feel like I know a lot of people on here because we've had so many conversations over the years. It's been great by the way. My favourite corner of the internet. Good vibes most the time. Good people. It's been a big deal to me. Thanks @David and your crew over the years for keeping it free of the vile pathetic poo that poisons many other social media
  10. 34 but the first 20 years should count double
  11. Don't really know what to say, dude. Feel sorry for you and I hope the people who did it get a good dose of their own medicine when they're looking for a bit of peace and love.
  12. Alpha


    Cob/burger vans still knocking about. Here's the good one. I'm at work now (plastering on a site) and some of the other trades are going home. Taking no risks they say. Packing their tools up. Fair enough. Gonna hit them in the pocket and that's poo but they're making a selfless decision What's that? Ah! A few of them have just come back from the cob shop that's open on the main street. Straight into the break room, make a drink and then off they pop. See, I don't think this lockdown is going to protect us from ourselves is it unless it gets even more strict.
  13. Alpha


    Yeah it would have been poo for the workers but I'd love the idea of all shops open but only staff inside. Draining the greedy cnuts pockets.
  14. Alpha


    Same here. Self employed in construction too. Can't work from home and I'm allowed to go to work if I must. Well, I must. I'd happily not if the lockdown actually locked me down. But it doesn't. As you say the trades are still ticking. The building merchants are closed though. But not going to work today not only means no money but also means possibly no work in the future. So I'm picking a labourer up and going to work hoping when I get there and see the electricians, plumbers and joiners none of us have picked up this virus in a supermarket Keeping as clean and using as much common sense as possible but I don't think self employed people who travel to workplaces have really got many options.
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