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  1. Alpha

    Israel Folau

    I thought if your name is Israel you can do what you want?
  2. Alpha


    I tried it. I thought I liked it but it just made me want to play PUBG Mobile more.
  3. We are calling him "Kieron" Freeman for the purpose of this debate. Whether that's right or not is only relevant if somebody researches it. I think it's best for Cocu and Everton that nobody bothers.
  4. Chris Powell? Maybe. I'm trying to stick up for Dowell here. To see the positives.
  5. You have to have both in the top 10 midfielders to play for Derby with the name Kieran or Benny in the last 50 years. In fact they finish higher in that list than Chris Martin finishes in the greatest Derby players called Chris in the last 50 years
  6. How far away are we from American style coverage. Every break in play a quick sponsor will be on the screen. All stadiums sponsored name changes. One league match played abroad. I guess it's all understandable. It's the only way to get ahead of the comp. I bet at one time it was unthinkable that Man United would snub the FA Cup and Cardiff would change their kit colour. I think the majority of fans will accept change. Derby wearing Paddy Power Green? "Hey, if it helps us compete then that's what we have to do. Besides, we haven't always been black and white" kind of talk. We accepted "iPro" Vast majority see 32Red helping us bag Rooney as a very clever move. The majority will accept it. A few will slip away with a shake of the head but they'll be replaced and forgotten. I used to know all about teams all over the leagues. I could name a couple of players from Port Vale or tell you the name of every ground. Now I couldn't name you any Championship starting 11. I couldn't name you many PL starting 11!!! I follow Derby but mostly against my will. The whole sport has changed and I find myself feeling a bit bitter about the whole thing. I'm 34 but it's changed a lot since my teens The face of a crowd has changed a lot. Theres nothing wrong with Tarquin filling his face with a sponsored Latte. Nobody should be excluded from football. But it feels as if everything is geared towards recliner chairs and a waiter in the South Stand. That's cool. It's just not how it was when I first went to the BBG. That's the game I fell in love with.That raw tribal bravado. I know pundits have been a thing for as long as I can remember. But the last decade or so has been a battle of broadcasters trying to milk every last drop of interest from you. "Don't go!! We have 500 of your favourite players here to explain something you can't possibly understand" We've gone from Alan Hansen pressing pause to Gary Neville's giant ipad. The pundits are all competing to stand out as so go OTT to the point Kevin Kilbane is furious with Vincent Kompany's positioning and Alan Shearer thinks elbowing someone is a disgrace. No trace of hypocrisy.. Advertising in general just bothers me. I find it so intrusive. Everything you go on it's just a bombardment. A billion promises. Wear this aftershave and you'll have a strong jawline. Buy these trainers and you'll beat Usain Bolt. Everybody flew to the Maldives yesterday except you. Pay us just £300 per day and you too can drive our car and pretend you own it. Do you need Credit? We will give you £75m and you don't pay a single penny back. Ever! ********, baalocks and lies. Shove a battery up my arse and my transformation into a robot is complete. I realise I sound like a rebel without a cause. It's part of my grand plan to be a miserable Bamford before I'm 35. Sorry. Sibely is good anyway. 🤐
  7. I also sense that you're not happy that I provided a few reasons why someone else might be disillusioned. I can't sense why though.
  8. It's not but using my incredible observation skills I can see where he might be struggling.
  9. I guess it's possible he doesn't get picked because he tackles like fouls are turned off Looks class though
  10. Well a couple look better than the crap Everton u23 that Cocu picks.
  11. I rate him almost as high as Ben Davies. Higher than Connor Doyle.
  12. Yeah I know. I don't think he's trying to speak for anyone else. You asked why he's disillusioned and I think there is plenty to pick from that could be putting people off.
  13. But we didn't. But in the other universe @Carl Sagan is hanging outside Moor Farm for Ben Hamer's autograph. Just in this one he's felt the buzz from last season be replaced by controversy.
  14. 1) I'm not assuming anything. I barely care about half of it and the rest I don't care about at all. 2) I wouldn't. They signed Rooney, sold the stadium, sacked Keogh etc etc. 3) has nothing to do with anything. You've brought up 1 game from May 2014. It's now November 2019. If Jim Smith hadn't got promoted then maybe we'd be in the Champions League now (other such nonsense is infinite)
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