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  1. Not a sentence I was hoping to read this season!
  2. Get behind the team! Bang average Tinpot club Laughing stock 442! This seasons scapegoat Meltdown on here
  3. No, winning isn't everything. But then playing well isn't any good on it's own. For the last 60 games it's not been enough of either. And the crucial bit is that some people feel it there isn't enough reason to believe it's coming. Some people think it is coming and that's fine. So it's a debate about faith which is why I don't think either set of fans should be insulting the other. Not believing in Cocu doesn't make anyone less of a supporter. We are all here to support Derby not Cocu. If people feel something is bad for the club then that thing shouldn't be protect by a tem
  4. For me it comes down to who I'd rather listen to. Cocu wins. Rowett is good at what he does though. One of the best counter attacking managers in the league?
  5. I do agree but imo I thought we were selling ourselves short when those 3 players were available. And that's the bit that stops me telling myself it will all be better when they're back. I mean it will be better. I just think even with those players we will still see a team unable to thread a killer pass through an entire team behind the ball because in general, even with our best back 5 or 6, we don't move the ball well enough. I really want Cocu to marry his philosophy with the players he has. I think over his time here he's either wanted us to do something we can't do or we don't
  6. Nice one, mate. I do try to do these things but it's hard to motivate, communicate or care. I usually just end up glued to my phone (ta da!) or gaming. Is it a big week for your lad? Best wishes your way. I know they don't count for poo but good will can't hurt any, can it.
  7. I didn't think we were very different when we had Lawrence, Waghorn and Bielik. I think Marriott has kind of lived on a promise his entire time here. I think waiting for my little girl to eat a full meal is the only thing that requires more patience. And Holmes in form is a brilliant player. But his peaks are pointy mountain tops and them his "average" performance is not a patch on him in full flow. Excited by Jozwiak and hopeful of Ibe. But ultimately I don't accept the excuses. They're a reason but not THE reason imo. A part of our problem is the rigid and predictable
  8. I'm not sure. I think either the team will lose faith in what he's asking them to do or they can't do what he's asking them to do and so will continue to struggle The first would be him losing the belief and the second would be more like them losing confidence and motivation maybe. It can be rescued by results like faith in any position in any job. So yeah, I'm not sure. I know Cocu needs to adapt because if players can't or won't then it's easier to get rid of him.
  9. Results is the only thing that will get these players going. I can't see them keep doing what they're doing any better when they get beat for doing it. So they'll probably just do it worse if anything. A result might lift things and then we can build from there. And that's my problem with teams that don't create chances and have shots. Negative, reactive teams that don't ask questions and play for a perfect situation. Just like Rowett could only ever play counter attacking football I can only see Cocu asking for patience/concentration and good decisions. If we scored goals then we
  10. So we played with 2 defensive midfielders and neither of them could protect the CB's, track runners and close down long shots. Impressive. I do love defensive midfielders that don't defend but can pass 25 yards to a full back. Frauds. And we got 2 of them doing that? I would have thought Blackburn would be disappointed to only score 4. I mean if you play with 2 DM's that don't defend then what are they for and why do you need 2 of them?
  11. I'm curious in how Clarke doesn't get how we play. From CB this season he has done the same things as last season. And there's nothing about this season from anyone else that looks any different? I don't know much about Armstrong but I would rather we pick our best 11 in the best system we can. What is it that Armstrong does that means Clarke can't play? Can Clarke not be briefed on Armstrong? Weird, man. Still, it's more than team selection that's our problem.
  12. @reverendo de duivel nailed it. This is one of the most civil corners of the Internet I think we would all admit we can behave like a ********* from time to time. Bite at something, fire up too easy, go OTT with making our point? We all do it. I think this is one of the few places where you can offer a truce or a civil way to end an argument and the vast majority of posters will take it. There are very few people stuck so far up their own backsides on here that they will kung-fu keyboard you to oblivion. It's well moderated and trolls get moved on. It's always
  13. Tim Sherwood was the David Brent. What a bell he was. Cocu compares to LVG and Frank De Boer.
  14. To be honest I was thinking that. These were two players I was hoping we'd see making an impact from the bench by now and we're pinning our hopes on them to transform our team. I actually can't wait to get them back eitheršŸ˜„
  15. If you're any good at kicking then get down Moor Farm on Monday
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