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  1. 1/100. Have they ever warmed to Bruce. Oof they hated that appointment 🤣
  2. fwiw I'm enjoying getting older. Tbh I feel like I can connect with more people about more topics With food I used to think idgaf what I eat. But now I don't think 'idc'. I actually like more flavours My taste in music hasn't changed much imo. Lmao. Also I feel more relaxed about football. If Derby lose I'm like 'ggs' Anyway, I gtg rn because I'm ngl but I'm really busy. I won't go into detail, I'll keep that on the dl. So I'll stfu ttfn guys. EZ.
  3. Have they ever had a manager they want?
  4. Usyk is the better boxer. Everyone knew that before the fight. So don't box him. Rough him up. There were moments where AJ closed the gap and did nothing. I think there was maybe 3 or 4 clinches in 12 rounds and AJ stupidly was happy to break on the refs command without imposing his size. AJ said in the interview after "I wanted to prove I'm the better boxer. I'm a boxer fighter" (you're very much a natural powerhouse first) McCracken worryingly said "There is no going back to the drawing board. We don't scrap anything we build on it" (build on what? It was a war he managed to lose with dignity despite being unarmed) Sometimes you gotta win ugly. Like when Lewis managed to stop the Vitali Klitschko fight. He used the laces of the gloves to rake cuts on Klitschko. I look at a guy like Lewis Hamilton who will push the boundaries and test every corner of the rulebook. That's where AJ needs to go here He's gotta get horrible. He's got to spoil the boxing imo. And from there he can get some right hands off and take that punchers chance.
  5. Watching the fight back AJ, ditch Rob McCracken. Other fighters have had to seek out other trainers. It's not unusual. He may be great for team GB and bringing people through but he isn't winning you those titles back.
  6. And to add to that I think AJ is likely to get caught swinging that right if he continues to try and soften Usyk up with jabs to the head imo. He's simply not skilled or quick enough. Stiff low jabs will be enough to stall what is still a small framed heavyweight and then try to use that to put pressure on and control the ring. In 36 minutes I only remember Usyk being backed up once where Joshua could have applied some pressure. Joshua is also too clean. Like @Andicissays, he's terrible in a clinch
  7. That's horrible for everyone including Hatton. Imagine that kind of "gift"
  8. I know, it's a big worry now. Who came up with the tactics? Right AJ, I want you to work off the jab and wait patiently for an opportunity to land the right. One punch will knock him out. He's not undisputed, unified cruiserweight champion with Olympic medals, World series championships who's known for his high punch output and elusive movement. Slim down and box him. Riiiight
  9. I was distracted during the Hatton fight but I didn't give him a round. Did anyone?
  10. Ground is pretty generic imo. Impressed by the size and there's not a bad view to be had. But the event was amazing. As show it was great mate. Great backing for Joshua. Great atmosphere and a positive one. Not a knob head in sight
  11. All AJ can do is wait for pockets of success and pile on pressure. He'll never win Usyk at boxing. Fury would use his height. He'd use his reach and his weight. He'll come for Usyk now
  12. He might as well have come in at 16st. He has weight, height, reach and power advantage and spent all night trying to box. I wanted to see more jabs to the chest from AJ. The chest doesn't move. Pin Usyk. He also should be looking to tie up more often. Use that weight. And twice Usyk looked shaken and hid it behind behind unusually wild swings. But he never followed it up The fight went exactly as I thought for 7 rounds and I thought any minute now AJ is going to start throwing. Coincide pressure with Usyk feeling the extra weight last 5 rounds of a HW fight he should be piling it on Instead he fought clean. He tried to jab the head and work from there. Terrible game plan. Usyk boxed great. Changes height, angles and distance at will. Controlled the fight. Responded well to being knocked by getting busy and buying himself time and control of the ring.
  13. Ruiz lived on 1 punch that scrambled AJ. Which he delivered after being put on his backside. Ruiz fought Arreola since and looked 2nd best often
  14. Ruiz got smashed and would again in a third fight
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