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  1. Pac won. Rolled back the years. Thurman said it was his workrate that won it. You wouldn't have wanted to fight him 10 years ago then!
  2. Big win for Whyte who should now be looking to fight for a world title. If they try to freeze him out still then he should fight some low level guys. Don't go taking more risks against for World Champions, unknown dangerous Cubans or getting involved in heated rivalries. Don't fight Tyson, don't fight Takam or Kownacki or Pulev. I don't rate Whyte especially. His heart will always rule his head and the red mist will always take over. His short combos, his low left when he right hooks... he's going to get knocked out by a World Champion. But he's great for the fans. He's taken risk after risk and he entertains. Give the man his title shot. Glad Price won. Think Thurman will win later on. Hungrier with more to prove. Outstanding boxer.
  3. Kenny Miller had spare pace and the turn of a cat. Crap though
  4. Makes sense. Bamford goes into the box and then there's a dive.
  5. No dive? No shaking his head in disbelief? No rolling around holding the part of his body that didn't make contact? No wry smile? Impressive. But he's forever a Bamford
  6. Confident he will be by the time he's finished if not already. The changes at Moor Farm, community work, fan involvement, investment in staff, taking on Sky Sports... he's done more than sit on the throne collecting taxes and occasionally throwing a feast to keep the peasants happy. I don't think any chairman will ever make everyone happy. They will make bad signings with managers as even the greatest manager's will make bad player signings. The main criticism has been of his itchy trigger finger. We haven't seen that since Mac 2. Other criticisms if I remember was publicity. I don't really see a problem with it but that again is something he's eased away from. He's still open enough for us that like to see our owner interested and excited yet he's not pulling anything that can be considered a stunt by those who think his job is to work from the shadows. What else have we seen aimed at him? Ah! Academy products. This one tends to come from those who seem to think other clubs have a constant feed of young talent bursting onto the scene. For one it takes time to put everything in place to make sure we can recognise and nurture young talent. He only took control a few years ago. Give it chance. And secondly we are already producing football league level talent. If you're expecting wonderkids to come through at a rate of 2 per year then I'm not sure you're looking around at what happens in the world. Even elite clubs picking the finest young talent from around the globe using a vast network of scouts aren't producing a Messi, a Neymar, a Hazard every year. What else? Investment and FFP issues. Anyone questioning his investment must be on a wind up. I'd find it insulting if I was him. The FFP... If Mel says FFP isn't an issue then it's not an issue. Sure it may be naive but until someone more reliable than attention seeking Dave on Twitter then I'll trust a bloke who deals daily with the club finances. Everything surrounding FFP has been gossip. If there's been other criticisms then I've missed them. But the only one I'd aim is the itchy trigger finger one but since Mac 2 there's been no sign of that and even before that I thought sacking Pearson was bang on. He's kind of adapted towards what the majority wanted but not gone so far as to be a kiss arse. He's still the big boss. But he's one of us. I really hope Cocu doesn't give him any headaches for bit because he's been doing grafting and now it would be nice to enjoy the ride for a couple of seasons.
  7. I do it easy peasy Nuffin' = something Whatever you like = don't you dare If you don't mind = even if you mind We could = we will Can't really afford it = Don't want it or like it It's expensive but = It's very very expensive but Dirty washing goes in the white basket in the spare room = leave it on the bedroom floor and I'll take it. Been doing this for 11 years and it's piss easy
  8. That's why we need to send a proper bunch of questions over to RamsTV from dcfcfans. Snog, marry, avoid. Martin, Marriott and Waghorn? Most drunk you've ever been? Naughtiest thing you did under the age of 16? Of the first team squad, one of them has to live with you for a year. Who and why? Not this "So did you enjoy your paid for trip to Florida to start your brand new job" nonsense. Get to the core of the man. Get your Cocu out
  9. Alpha

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah I do understand their anger. I'd hate Bruce here. Just the 3rd guys reasons were poor.
  10. Alpha

    Steve Bruce

    The 3rd guy though "His record says resigned, resigned, resigned, sacked, sacked, sacked... won nothing" Well what else would his record say? There's very few managers that see out contracts. Won nothing? He's joining a club that wins nothing. Not to be mean but we couldn't apply that here either. We couldn't turn our nose up at a manager who's won nothing. The biggest clubs will have the pick of managers that win trophies and we all have to fight for what's left or pick up good managers who are trying to make a comeback after a bad spell. Who do they expect to attract? Benitez wasn't at his peak when they got him It is a kick in the nuts to go from Benitez to Bruce but that was a poor argument put forward. It's somehow the wrong way around. It seems like Newcastle should have Cocu and we should have Bruce.
  11. Not on facebook but will get the missus to do it. Best wishes
  12. I'm going off what I've read from PSV fans. That 433 attacking/defending thing just makes me think of the different setting the players had on Pro Evolution Soccer. I always went 433 attacking and got beat by hoofball teams 🤣
  13. Wow! Good player and a big move.
  14. Expected to train within the next 48 hours
  15. Yep. I don't think and I hope not that Cocu has us playing on the counter when not suited to the game like Rowett did. An average of over 53% is higher than Mac's spells at Derby I think. No matter what some say we didn't do endless pointless passing under Mac. We tried to lure teams out when they sat deep but the idea was always to attack as fast as possible once it started. He had that 6 passes to gain control tactic but we scored loads of goals and we did it with like 52% possession on average I think. So Cocu's defensive tactics at PSV still saw them in possession more than Mac's attacking Derby side. I've read that he likes to play on the counter but its mentioned that he does it when winning "even against weak teams". Well the problem with Rowett wasn't his style when the counter attack was working. It was when there was no attack to counter. That's when it looked like "hoofball" and we wasted possession. To get 53% and be accused of being defensive isn't a contradiction though. It seems more likely that as cannable says, they still had to break teams down and they did that with possession and attacking football. I'm ok with us playing on the counter if 1-0 up against Charlton. It was playing on the counter when 1-0 down at Wolves that was frustrating as they sat and laughed at us. I do see people getting frustrated if we are 1-0 up and we start playing on the counter. It depends how much sitting back and how structured the countering is. If it's kick and chase then it will be frustrating but Cocu's PSV were not goal shy so...
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