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  1. Boxing Thread

    Did it on points then. Was it good.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Could be losing some support here. Bye bye sold out stadiums?
  3. Gaming

    Steam came out my ears last time I played it (2011) Injured. Injured. Suspended. Injured. Injured. Injured. Unhappy. Injured. Digital knob heads
  4. Gaming

    Yeah. You need a usb stick and then just follow a YouTube guide. Takes a little bit of time but it leaves FIFA for dead then
  5. The derby way equals the Brian Clough way.

    Think a few of them would be suspended a lot now.
  6. Gaming

    Download the option files and you have a fully licenced Pes anyway. Which is better than fifa. Well, offline gameplay anyway.
  7. I'm a bit of a mardy. If I go on a site that harasses me then I just never go on it again. Bye DET. Sky Sports does this "Are you enjoying this app" thing. Well I was until you asked me if I'm enjoying it while I was using it. I mean just before it gets to the point I press "no" then surely I'll have stopped using it?
  8. Rowett's style is so direct

    Playing direct doesn't mean you'll get more chances. Having more shots doesn't mean you're more likely to score. If you had 50 shots from the halfway line are you more likely to score more than me taking 10 penalties? I mean Man City aren't doing too bad with creating chances and scoring goals. There's no right way to play football. The most successful Derby sides haven't been particularly direct. For every pointless passing side I bet there's a useless hoofball side.
  9. Can't read it. Adverts. I get the need for revenue but if the adverts are so bad that you won't go on the website again then what's the point?
  10. Rowett's style is so direct

    When it works I like it. But when you have 87 minutes of the ball being mopped up by opposing defenders, rolling out of play and being scooped up by keepers then I find it incredibly boring. And it invites teams to have a real go if they know they feel you'll give the ball back easy. I don't mind hoofball when it's dropped on the heads of Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch when it works. But all too often it's easy to effect their header and prepared for the second ball. Then it gets boring. Passing for passing sake is dull but if it's to draw the opposition in and create gaps and break their shape then you're doing it while in control.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Yeah, I don't understand how he failed a drugs test yet is fighting a sanctioned eliminator next month! Shouldn't have any problems with Hammer.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Yeah, can't wait to see Bivol again. What a beast. Looks like Whyte will headline at the O2 in February. Maybe they could get Miller over. It's winner winner chicken dinner either way then. Either boosts Whyte to Wilder or boosts Miller to Joshua. Both can talk enough garbage to sell what would end up being another platform for Wilder or Joshua to use to boost their profile in the opposing country
  13. Boxing Thread

    I desperately want the little gypo to get beat before a payday. I can't believe he's held that title for so long.
  14. Boxing Thread

    Only seen Miller fight once and it was against Washington. Looked pretty good. Good win last night. Do you think Povetkin could spring some surprises on these guys
  15. Nigel Pearson Interview.

    Would explain why I finish first every time

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