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  1. Yeah, Barnes was very very good. He's doing alright now. He's far from the worst story of false promise. Didn't like him tbh but he was special. He wasn't all power, pace and aggression and sent packing to the corner flag which is what some of the "next superstar" players have always been. Better than Hughes? Not sure tbh. I think Hughes has done all he can at Derby. I know hes struggled this season but he's still ready imo to go onto a better team and pull their strings, be the go to guy, back up and support every corner of the pitch and hit the right pass at the right time. With better players I feel he would make them even better. I think he needs testing rather than staying here where we don't really know what to do with the ball half the time. Never saw too much of Ball. He had a great 45 mins v West Ham at home. Would it be fair to say he was a big strong powerful lad who perhaps lost his edge when up against big strong powerful grown men who have too much experience to give a toss about him?
  2. I'd suggest they start giving away tickets so their ground isn't empty. On the stars on their badge I'd like to ask what years Huddersfield won their 3 European Cups. And also how did he see the European Cup finals? In the flesh? Live on BT? Did he find a live stream on the Internet? You can tell they had a good season
  3. The Brook fight is really exciting. I think I'd put my money on Brook with a late stoppage. Genuinely a great match up. Making great fights is easy at that weight
  4. This thread could be our summer project. Try and drag a 500 pages out of this stinking subject. I mean even the list looks like it was made to be as long as it needs to be for Derby to fit on it
  5. Earlier you were trying to say that people were saying it's OK to blow our children up. Now you're saying that Lambchop just suggested a truce with ISIS. Some people are trying to understand why there are so many angry Muslim men out there for ISIS etc to radicalise. And also understand ISIS motives beyond what's reported in our news. That's not having sympathy with them. It's not supporting them. It's understanding our enemy and what provokes them. Propaganda would write it off as evil mindless violence. Maybe sometimes it is. Maybe sometimes these terrorists are actually worthy listening to when they call it a retaliation. The route some are suggesting will do nothing to stop terrorist attacks.
  6. There were a lot of raids etc. There were arrests in Yorkshire (?) Where the people were innocent but the police acted on information they would have usually let develop. There have been numerous attacks stopped. One even in Derby wasn't there? Like has been said, I imagine they will often allow a terrorist cell to go through its planning and organising so as to get bigger targets. The world isn't short of angry young Muslim men who feel the "oppression" of westerners. Our invasions, our funding of civil wars, our arming of rebel fighters, our drone strikes. Palestine has shrunk to God knows what fraction of its size in 50 years. There's blame and anger there aimed at more than just Israel. But those who give these men the funding and training must be a much smaller number. ISIS seem to be able to reach far and wide though. Al Qeada would promise young men that their poor families would be looked after. God will protect you and off you go. Obviously the cost of betrayal would be your entire family so they would be pretty loyal. ISIS seem to have escalated it to a point where they recruit actual idealists or whatever. Scary stuff
  7. That's what he's asking. Go back where? If they were born in Britain? Can you not keep suggesting that people are happy to have our children killed. It's stupid and it escalates the debate to arguing.
  8. Think (I emphasise that word) he was a Shia Muslim. That's unusual. Maybe he was radicalised by other Islamic extremists. Maybe us westerners helped radicalise him by funding and arming rebellion in Libya. Where we step in to save the world but don't step in to save what's happened to Palestine. More people of his ethnicity and religion are killed by Muslims than of our ethinic or religious background mate. There's a certain amount of propaganda involved imo when it's reported how these scumbags are radicalised. Organisations like ISIS prey on angry young Muslim men. Some of the young men actually have a reason to call us their enemy. I'm not sympathising with them at all. Just saying that there's more that sort of brings out Islamic extremists than a promise from God. All morning the news has reported how he was radicalised etc by religious motives. None really talk about how some of these radicals believe, rightly or wrongly, that they are striking back at us for what we do indirectly and directly to them These Islamic extremists are the enemy of all of us. Nobody at that concert had any say in the "war" between Israel and Palestine, the civil wars in Afghanistan or Syria. No 15 year old from Manchester armed a Syrian rebel. To defeat something you have to understand it. I don't understand it either. I couldn't tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim man stood in front of me tbh. But there's different branches of Islam. And it's bullshit that Islamic extremists are all lead by their noses after being promised it's God's work.
  9. God, I hate that stable. Get Mayweather back on a plane asap. You can keep him, America. And all his minions. Disappointing fight. Thought it might be a contest
  10. The stat should have both Reading and Huddersfield planning on either a big summer or the 18/19 season in the Championship. Tight defences are tested a bit more for the winner. And if they can't improve their goalscoring then they'll find it hard to turn games around. They're playing Benteke now rather than Chris Wood. Wingers with as good and better than Tom Ince and Anthony Knockaert right up the league. Central midfields that will remind them of playing Newcastle and Brighton every week. They'll have to be more convincing. They're not as good at it as Boro!
  11. Yeah and he probably had a point but he's hardly beat elites himself. But did you see the interview? You need a paracetamol to get through it all. I don't really hate him tbh. Think he's just a bit of a dimwit. Has he rearranged the Parker fight yet? That Joseph Parker hasn't really upped his game since before the Takam fight. Do you think Hughie could beat him?
  12. I find him impossible to listen to. He's not the brightest and when he starts insulting other fighters opponents... I find it hard to believe a skin condition held him back as much as he claimed.
  13. Mayweather is in the UK now for Gervonta Davies. Him and his whole TMT thing all seem like knobbers. Mayweather hasn't shut up since the plane landed
  14. He doesn't need a ban He needs a good two footed tackle right there to make the injury more believable. Hate that guy
  15. Nobody will be banned for "going down easy" when there's contact. There's too much doubt over whether there was enough contact. And I bet that penalty that Victor Moses won v Spurs won't be in any danger. His path was obstructed. The ball was gone. There was no contact though. He "went over" Son's legs. I know in some cases a player can be fouled (especially in the box) and if he stays on his feet then he gets nothing. Referees need to back this up by giving penalties like this when they'd give a free kick. Otherwise we'll have defenders grabbing shirts and pulling attackers back hoping that this rule keeps them on their feet. But the blatant ones. The classic dig your toes in the ground, put your foot behind a defenders leg should be stamped out. There will be errors. Two similar incidents will get different treatment and people will be unhappy. But it's about time the cheats stopped hiding behind the innocent where they can't be touched. If it takes some innocent players to get hit by accident to eradicate blatant diving then it's for the greater good. I'm not sure how much blatant diving there is in the UK though. A lot of it is people going down when slightly touched. That's hard to punish. I'd much rather the focus be on feigning injury. Get them off the pitch. Get a medic to check them over for 5 minutes after play has started. Again the innocent injured will suffer. But again it's worth it to get pathetic stuff like Forestieri's theatrics out the game. No need for it. It's boring, embarrassing, pointless and a waste of time that everyone would rather spend watching the ball moving. Refs need to give less yellows for mistimed but none dangerous tackles and start firing them out to time wasters and gobshites too. That's easy to stamp out. See how much more abuse refs get when games are finishing 9 v 9