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  1. Zero H2O 100% Boro I think that answers your questions, ladies and gents
  2. All the best to you and your family. Keep rolling on, man. As mentioned theres a thread on here where you can spill anything you want and maybe pick up some advice that works.
  3. Alpha


    I've been a 8 or 9 most the week but as the game gets closer I get nerves more than owt Excitement drops to about a 6 before and during the match. Basically spent all week so excited to go to an event I'll mostly hate. Just hope at the end I'm a 10 rather than continue the decline
  4. Why can't they just fook off and hang around Stamford Bridge. It's not about Chelsea. Its Derby v Villa in a huge game for Lampard, Smith and all their players never mind the finances of both clubs. They turn up with a list of questions that they know 100% wont get answered conclusively because half of the poo is theoretical. "If Chelsea offered you the job"... ffs Rob, if your missus was getting nailed by the postman would you leave her? Yes? SKY JOURNALIST THREATENS TO LEAVE WIFE AND KIDS No? REPORTER DENIES RIFT WITH WIFE Not relevant? Neither are Chelsea you big club bum sniffing parasites. "I just ask the questions people are talking about"... the classic journalist response to justify why they're being dick heads. You go around with your daggers looking to get a reaction and then report the reaction but forget to announce you're also a provocative dildo. Let Derby and Villa have their day. Let Frank enjoy where he is. Show Sarri some respect. I mean ffs. Do they really think Frank is focusing on the Chelsea job right now? No. They just want a good poo stir to fill that colourful toilet paper. Stick to sucking off Paul Pogba. Giving Sanchez and handjob. Finger blasting Salah and sniffing De Bruyne's pants. Maybe carry on being vile to Sterling and he'll make you all look right mugs again and again and again and again. Remember you all cried because he said you might be racist? Lol. Don't like it back do they. Pooooond liiiiiife!
  5. Rob Dorsett with some real insight there. Mel said he will fight to keep Frank... which is what most chairman would say about a manager they are satisfied with. He said there's been no approach from Chelsea... but we're talking about it anyway And Mel expects him to go to Chelsea one day... as did everyone as soon as he put himself forward for the Ipswich and Derby job. Cheers Rob. Real groundbreaking waste of time there
  6. Lets start a big panic a couple of days before the play off final. 👌
  7. Yes!! Adverts and Roy Keane. Bring back Adrian Chiles?
  8. I have never known a Villa fan. But they hate Birmingham City so I like the sound of them already
  9. Bet they just do it for attention with intention of having tattoos there that would cover it up anyway.
  10. Tell him you apologise and agree completely. If you could then you'd put Leeds in the play off final. Unfortunately you can't do that so they can watch us and Keogh have a big day out instead. Let him know how truly disgusted you are with our come back from 2-0 down. Tell him the shame you felt as Marriott lifted the ball over their keeper and it hit the net. Say you also felt like crying at the injustice. Watching thousands of them crying and Frank Lampard laughing will always be one of the most shameful moments as a Derby fan. Maybe start him off with Marching On Together. Try and lift his spirits.
  11. My mate lives on Beaufort St. He says it's not as bad as it used to be. He blames the Polish for coming in and ruining a good dishonest days work. I'm in Alvaston so it's hardly the Hollywood hills. There's some streets that fly tipping would improve. I'll keep a lookout for this ball but if it comes down here it will get stuck for hours. Alvaston is Derbyshire's largest carpark. I'm leaving for Wembley tomorrow hoping to get there before kick off. Dump!
  12. Imagine Frank's got a right headache. I really want to see Mount, Wilson, Marriott and Waghorn all starting. I'll feel really confident if they all start. But that kind of means 2 of Bennett, Holmes or Lawrence has to drop out. To drop any feels unfair.
  13. I actually quite like Chad. Got family there. Also it saved me a fortune on dog food ever since walking my dog down Beaufort Street.
  14. If it went in Chaddesden then we've probably lost it now.
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