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  1. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    No mate. I don't like Parsnips though. Used to be disguised as chips at school
  2. Rio Ferdinand - Professional Boxer

    Floyd Mayweather likes thi$
  3. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    When has football ever worked like that? John Terry has win the Champions League.
  4. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Runs fast though innit. That buys you 3 years
  5. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Infact Davies has made some right donkey errors this season.
  6. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    This was the first week that Davies has been better than Keogh. I guess Russell must not be playing. Which CB since Keogh signed has been better than Keogh?
  7. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Exactly. But this thread contains 2 of the 3 clowns we endure on the forum. Don't bother talking about football at the circus
  8. Boxing Thread

    118 - 110? No chance. Not to either fighter. No way. I see Canelo get the first 2, the last 2 and perhaps the 9th I think it was? I'm struggling to give him 6 rounds Great, great fight. How hard is it to land clean on Canelo? He takes nothing full on. GGG isnt human. Can't be. Kell Brook lifted him off the floor. Jacobs gave him a right hook he didn't see coming and Canelo gave him a right hook that put Khan to sleep for a week. And he doesn't even acknowledge it. He just doesn't give you an inch. Great fighters and both deserve cheering. Canelo didn't deserve booing. The result wasn't that obvious. But 118-110? How can that not be a cause for concern. Nobody was that clear cut
  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    I think it's just because we had 90 mins to stop the cycle of play. Both teams kept doing the same things all game and after the 5th Bristol sitter I thought we'd try to protect ourselves better. I don't mind losing. Just hate watching stupid stuff. Players repeating the same mistakes, the same exposure for some of our defenders. The same pattern all game long. At HT we escaped with a win. I thought we'd regroup, get organised, help out Huddlestone, get support of the wingers etc. We still might have lost but it was heading badly anyway. We were at the mercy of poor finishing and the brilliance of Carson. To come out and carry on, concede straight away like HT never happened and then carry on doing it? Aaaaaarrrrrrrgh!! And the Bristol fans were quite right too with the lack of tenacity to try and impact them getting at our back 4. Half arsed defending from the front. The simplest passes were killing Huddlestone. They did some amazing play but it was also the simple stuff that worked against us. A seriously bad game imo. Even if we'd won 1-0 it would be one to be ashamed of. It was Brighton away bad. Scunthorpe at home bad. Heads down, brains switched off, hoof ball, head tennis garbage. Everyone looked helpless. All confused about what's going wrong. Annoyed me that we didn't change. More so that than the score.
  10. Bad summer window

    I'd say the defence itself is ok. It's the way they get exposed so often that's costing us goals. Wingers are defending but not very well. A bit late, a bit passive and it's almost "oh do i have to" Huddlestone and Johnson are not working imo. I don't see how they compliment each other. Huddlestone sees the danger but is too slow to do owt/Johnson doesn't see it until late. So defensively they should be 1 player and we'd have a spare shirt. There's not much drive to carry the ball forward. To pass and support and pass and exchange etc. So we just try the kick and chase counter. It works but it also means we give the ball away a lot. Sometimes that's giving momentum away. Our defending from the front largely consists of intense pressure for a short period of time from 3 players while our team parks the bus. When it works it ends in great chances. But most the time a decent opponent backline can ride it and are then free to cross the halfway line without resistance. We surrender territory and ball in hope of getting good counter attacks. It's high risk and high reward. We don't really control any games. We constantly gamble. It's like a penalty shootout
  11. Bad summer window

    I don't think getting rid of Bryson was bad as such. He's offered very little for some time now. It more that it's not glaringly obvious that with Hendrick gone in the sunset, Hughes in a London cab and Butterfield sleep walking to Sheffield that we needed a midfielder who is aggressive thinking yet an accurate passer. I mean he tried to bring in another DM. That's cool. But it is still only 1 midfielder. I don't know what Huddlestone is but it's not a midfielder. He's one of those tennis ball launchers. I've never been a big Bryson fan. But to leave ourselves with Thorne, Huddlestone and Johnson as our midfield until January is a bit odd. Even if Kieftenbeld could wield a pen accurately I still think that's a pretty samey samey midfield. There's no complimentary skills there. It's good clone, bad clone kind of thing. We can't dig anything out the squad. We can only play on the counter. That's our only option. We don't really construct attacks. At all. We waste a lot of possession which would be ok if we even had the mobility to defend well in the middle of the pitch.
  12. Bristol City v Derby County

    Today's formation was interesting 4-half of Bristol-2- other half of Bristol-2-2 Hoof, pussy tackling, hoof, half hearted chase, hoof, wave a foot at it, run it out of play. It was interesting how we managed to fit in 2 5-aside teams in our formation. Tom and Bradley particularly confused about the concept of tackling and protecting the back 4. Special mention to Weimann and Lawrence who's aggression at one point reached the stage where they might gently breath on someone. I like the way they refused to tuck in for the whole game even after it became obvious that it would take Huddlestone and Johnson to have teleportation devices to deal with threats down the sides. Interesting Keogh chose to play RB and confused Baird. While Olsson was determined to practice playing CB. A complete clusterfuck. I said at HT that we were getting battered, they're playing between our lines and Huddlestone is getting murdered. Shows real promise that we came back out and got straight back into it at the restart. I mean Bristol had enough chances to score 4 by HT. While we just hoped to hoof them into submission. It was up there with Brighton away last season. Total hopeless crap. I read Bristol were 7/1 at H/T? I'd have had that!! It should have been 7-1 at HT. I don't mind losing. But that was a total exercise in stupidity. The idiots. The bunch of stupid, weekend ruining b*** e***. Stupid Johnson who can't pass, Huddlestone who moves like my Nan and Weimann who runs the ball out of play under 0 pressure in our own half!!!! Get Gary Rowett a white stick anorl. I hate Derby. Until next week I really hate Derby.
  13. Huddlestone - overhyped?

    He's been like this for years. I guess it depends how much you rated him in the first place. Great diagonals. What else was you expecting?
  14. Bad summer window

    It's a small step in what needs to be a team created to suit a manager. Nobody has had that in a while. The time to build their team. I think perhaps he focused too much on defenders when creativity has been a problem for us since Clement. The outgoings hurt us in terms of how we use the ball. Only Huddlestone has come in and helped out there. But he sits deep and moves like a caravan so We're still well short. I've never felt like we were capable of top 6. I don't mind Rowett at all but I don't think he's this great up and coming talent. He's alright. And we weren't good enough under Clement, Wassall, Pearson, Mac 2. So I fail to see how we can be good enough now when we've got rid of some good players and others have aged. Individually I think the transfers were ok. I never really liked the look of Lawrence at Blackburn or Ipswich (2 poor teams where he was the best flair player by being the only flair player!). But the rest are decent enough Unfortunately we need more players. To do that we need to offload those who don't really do owt. But we bought them at a time when we felt we were on the up and buying 'up there' players. Both Derby and players have gone backwards. The value just isn't there. Clubs will want our young talent like Hendrick, Hughes, Ince, Lowe etc. Not our established stars who clearly aren't doing too well

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