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  1. Alpha

    Jim Smith

    Bald´╗┐´╗┐ eagles barmy army!!
  2. Alpha

    Kelle Roos

    How were we lucky? I don't remember them creating much at all. The first 15 minutes are part of the game and we could have had our second goal before they even knew we'd scored the first. They were more lucky that they had something to play for in the second half. Close game after 15-20 mins but they created less than us.
  3. Alpha

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Well it's a good job our players played in both and won both then too. Now they can go home and eat kebabs like they do every night.
  4. He's the player we should look to when we've lost control and the young players are trying to counter attacks that aren't on. He's the perfect player just to ease the ball about and get control. But yeah, he got a bit carried away today. Even trying some skills out and getting in a mess. When we were good I thought he was great. As the game became end to end though he just lost his head.
  5. Alpha

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Yeah, they all just keep trying to pinch the ball. Be better off staying in shape and just staying behind it. Use our possession to kill the pace and grow into the game again. Even if you spend some time pointless passing before hoofing into the channels. Just survive the period of the game and be brave with the ball whenever possible. Scoring in it is great but more often we open the game up to their benefit
  6. Of course he was going to do that today. Can't make a thread like this and it not happen can we? Shame though because he and Keogh were mostly comfortable. Just 1 bad pass. No biggie.
  7. Alpha

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Our game management is dodgy. When it's our turn to defend we always start trying to hit Hollywood passes and score with every touch. It's like we see them attacking and rather than see danger we see opportunity. We get players trying to read and intercept the passes and so end up getting turned and put out the game. Everyone is planning the counter attack. I like the attitude but it isn't quite working. We end up getting our imaginary counter attack countered. Just opens the game up. But tbh my comment was more aimed at one of our wind up merchants
  8. Bielsa watched every minute of every game in Stoke's 17/18 season. He knew every formation Lambert and Hughes used. Can't figure out how he lost. It worked a treat watching our 51 games.
  9. Alpha

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Better than all Billy Davies performances
  10. Well as a player you can hide behind the team performance and the manager's decisions You can't hide when you're a manager so it's no surprise he feels more emotion
  11. All I can say to that is a few of us have been in our training facilities. Paul Clement called it a "War Room" and it was blokes watching our next opponents play matches. They had access to all kind of stats. Then they'd compile a report to Clement (He probably should have been watching it himself tbf) and he'd brief the team individually and as a group what they're facing. That thing Bielsa said about players not being overloaded with info I have heard before from Darren Wassall. They give them essential information only. That's true. I'm not saying Bielsa isn't a superb tactician or that he doesn't spend hours and hours going through his prep. We can see the extraordinary lengths he will go to. I'm impressed in a way. But the research into opponents etc was happening at Derby under Clement. So I think it's safe to assume it's elsewhere.
  12. Thing is, when we went to Moor Farm for breakfast they had the analasys room. People were sat there watching videos of our next opponents. Wasn't it a cup game coming up @David? Seem to remember a lower league side. And the guy doing it said he'll present highlights to the manager (Clement?) And he'll feed the players what they need to know. So his grand display yesterday wasn't that impressive. People need to drop out his arse a bit. I was impressed that he's dedicated enough to spend spies out. That's like a serious attention to detail. But it's sly as feck. Yesterday worked a treat. He's got journalist muppets thinking he's like the ultimate pundit. He'll be able to join the 15 man world cup panel now. Anyway, Tim Sherwood says he approves. Now if that egotistical **** *** thinks something is good then it's completely poo. I've seen a lot of porn in my married life and never seen a bigger knob than our Timothy
  13. Yeah. But can't we live in hope, rynny?
  14. It's what you do to make the nagging stop
  15. Yeah, reminds me of Luiz too. Tomori certainly isn't getting an easy ride. I bet Chelsea love that we have slightly dodgy full backs. I bet they love Keogh moments. I bet they love that Davies is injured!! Every game he's doing a bit of everything. He's not playing in a compact defensive team where he's facing attacks head on and then hoofing clear. He's not got solid defenders around him that he can ride on the back of. He's getting tested constantly. I get the frustration with him. His education is costing us goals here and there. But I think he does enough good to earn a place.

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