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  1. It's gone from funny to embarrassing and back to funny again. What could Derby do that would surprise you? Seriously, come August would you be shocked if they were signing Mbappe but playing on Chadd Park? Nutters
  2. Eddie has had all the power in this. I bet he's been shaking Saudi Prince hands, sailing past the Sydney Opera House and dining from a Vegas Penthouse for the last few months. Finally seduced I'm sure he'll make a fortune from this. Don't blame him. Bob Arum has lost touch and Frank Warren has been struggling to sell out leisure centers. Be awkward in my house. I think I'd prefer Tyson to win but the Mrs prefers Joshua. Either way, so long as there's no dodgy poo it will be epic. Meanwhile Floyd Mayweather is still conning people and they're still falling fo
  3. Anyone remember when we didn't make headlines? That was cool
  4. Interesting post but this took it to another level. 🤣
  5. What do Bristol City fans know. They came here to gloat about Andi Weimann
  6. Ha ha and ha. Levels Billy. Levels 🤣
  7. Anyone else Mexican this weekend? For one night only! Viva la Tijuana!! Or somethin
  8. I want the ring to be 10ft so Canelo can smash him up.
  9. If you pick out Derby's best 5 players you can see why league 1 is sniffing. The best 5 now with the exception of Bielik wouldn't get off the bench under Rowett never mind under Mac or even Clement
  10. Not just can't be bothered but also too busy/get waste quicker than appointments can handle. You can't even just get a skip now because there's a whole list of waste that needs separating or you get a fine. Telling people to not be lazy won't stop them fly tipping. Only catching them and punishing them or making disposal easier will help.
  11. I'm not defending them because it's scummy. But it can be tough to get rid of waste. Maybe not once in a while but if you're in a trade or on a project and you're constantly creating a pile of crap then it is a nuisance to get rid of. Myself, I just moan and dispose of poo properly. But for the less considerate among us. Its easier to fly tip than get permit, have multiple skips, get appointments etc etc.
  12. With survival dangling right under their noses I would expect them to grab it. No matter who they're playing I would have thought they would give everything to get something. Cocu started this horrible stale football and Rooney seems to have just made it uglier. Almost think Derby deserve relegation for the constant determination to make headlines for the wrong reasons while being a selfish bunch of mercenaries "We'll never get promoted with Keogh" Yes, thank God characters like that are gone.
  13. Hey they're already kindly sharing the sky and BT money with nobodies like Villa and West Ham. I feel bad for them it doesn't seem fair that we all tune in to watch Spurs twice a week but then a small club like Villa get some of that pie. No wonder they signed up to the super league. This weekend I'll be watching whoever Arsenal are playing. Hopefully is not some average midtable side.
  14. Finally. Now we can get back to the Uefa Champions Super League
  15. I don't really mean to insult the middle class btw. It's more about how the way football is observed and supported has changed. I think these changes reflect that. You can't throw the "we pay your wages" and "the club is nothing without the fans" at clubs now. The guy who follows his club around the country isn't where the money is. It's streaming prime time in China. It's accepting groundbreaking TV deals and advertising. "Armchair fans" and "plastics"... their money is as good as the "home and away" follower. And there's more of them.
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