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  1. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    I was moaning about some haters out there on social media and that's what Jimbo referred to. There are loads mate. Calling this boxer a bum and that boxer a bin man. The keyboard warriors couldn't cope with a training camp never mind the sparring and fighting
  2. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    Hey, it will be great to see how Usyk gets on at that weight. Holyfield came in and apparently fought in a golden era. He came up to the weight and was fighting at the same height and weight we can expect from Usyk. I don't think it's unfair to say that Usyk has proven in the amateurs, world series and professional cruiserweight division that he's incredibly skilled with one hell of chin. There's no better decorated boxer to test the modern heavies. Forget punch power, this guy will test their boxing. Personally I think he'll fall short when faced with the elite heavies because they are much better than given credit. Add Joyce and Ortiz to the list of fighters in this era
  3. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    I think past heavyweight eras are overrated. I'm not saying AJ is beating Mike Tyson or Lewis or Ali!! It's just not an argument that should exist. It seems every era people say the HW division is weak. Every era. You wouldn't argue about 70's Derby vs 90's Man United. The HW division has always looked like it's got crap fighters purely because they don't always carry the best physique and they drop like sacks of turd. People said the same when Lewis ruled the world. And then again under the Klitschko's. Now you look back on them as legends and remember epic fights. What about the human punchbags they all fought. It took them 40+ fights to prove themselves as legends I think the HW division has everything right now. Miller, Whyte, Parker, Fury x2, AJ, Chagaev, Dauhapas, Wilder, Molina, Hammer, Brown, Charr, Takam, Chisora, Pulev, Usyk (soon), Haye, Wlad, Povetkin... So many different styles and sizes that have paired off in the last couple of years. Not all in their prime but what era was any different?
  4. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    Seeing a few haters over social media as usual when Joshua fights. And he still marches on. Still some people think you can't support AJ and Fury. You can. Took AJ 4 rounds to figure Povetkin out though. Great effort from Povetkin. It's odd. Price is far stiffer than AJ but he caught Povetkin a few times as Povetkin went under and over with a hook. He caught the top of his head because Povetkin leaves himself open when he hooks. Joshua never really got that success. But it was further proof he's got a good chin and as soon as Povetkin slowed down he took him out perfectly. Seen one idiot say that if AJ had been in with a world class fighter tonight he'd have lost. What? Like Povetkin? Wlad? Parker? AJ and Wilder have both nearly messed up here. Povetkin nearly spoiled their fight and Tyson still might. Terrible that this fight wasn't made. It'll be Whyte in April.
  5. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    9.50 ringwalk. Okolie stunk the place out 🤣🤣. Good! Can't stand the bloke. Keep over reaching like that and he's getting ko'd soon. Price should have tried to see the fight out imo. Yeah further injury may have put him out for 12 months but that defeat will put him out of these big night undercards for 12 months.
  6. Alpha

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Let's talk about how we have only beat teams in the bottom 3 or whatever it was?
  7. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    AJ card looks a bit poor compared to previous shows. I don't like Lawrence Okolie. A grade A tit. David Price isn't the prettiest boxer to watch. I don't think any other fight has been given a second mention. I think AJ will get rid of Povetkin quite easily. Not because Povetkin is a 'bum' but just because he's giving away too much to Joshua. Age, weight, height, reach, speed, venue!
  8. Alpha

    Mac at QPR

    Turning things around?
  9. Alpha

    Black Cards

    Jason Roberts is offended
  10. Alpha

    Frank charged with improper conduct

    Crazy scenes. What chaos.
  11. In patches I think we've played really well. Large patches too. Entire halves here and there I don't know if it will get better but if you can do something once then it can be done again. So there's hope In 7 games I don't expect miracles from anyone. Including Rowett. But if somebody is going to bash Derby after 7 games then they better not be sitting below us in the table with an powerful squad playing rubbish football. I imagine Stoke will finish closer to 1st than 24th. But if it's early days for him then it's early days for us.
  12. It wasn't under Rowett.
  13. In a thread where you're defending Gary Rowett you're criticising Derby for winning games but not playing well. After boring everyone to death last season at least he's changed things up. He's got Stoke not playing well and losing.
  14. Fun Saturday afternoon's didn't always come out Zzzz
  15. Alpha

    Boxing Thread

    Another reason I've heard is because although GGG landed more punches that Canelo landed more meaningful shots. Which is odd because I remember 1 point where Canelo was clipped and was desperately but brilliantly trying to survive an onslaught. He was caught heavy just as much as GGG if not more. But that's what I read from some American pundit.

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