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  1. Steve Gibson has got it on at his house. Won't be able to hear feck all, like
  2. Hey!! We don't needs the reasons! They wouldn't sell their ground for £80m and that's that. Alright? Have you been spying on Leeds? Is that allowed? Because I remember years ago one club was so desperate to milk every advantage they had James Bond hanging out a tree at Moor Farm. No spying please mate.
  3. We are trying to improve Derby. Haven't you seen all your recycled tins used to construct the velodrome? Or the wonderfully characteristic quad building that really fits in with the modern surrounding areas Then there's the brand new bus station that has cleverly created more congestion than the old one but it again matches the beauty of Derbyshire. When you think Derbyshire you think Buxton, Ashbourne, Darley Abbey, NASA Bus Depot, the Cathedral, Kedleston Hall... etc. And lets not forget the Assembly rooms. How much to renovate? £20m. You what? You changed your quote? How much then? £30m. I know it's a small increase but I think we have invested too much already. I mean we invested £2m so let's leave it alone. Derby takes great effort to improve it's territory. Anyway, got to go. Alvaston illuminations have turned green and that means I can continue crawling at 2mph admiring the millions they spent on improving the precinct. Fecking dump. How the heck do they take quite a nice town and manage to make it worse with every single project.
  4. You wouldn't catch Honest Forest selling their stadium for £80m. I don't understand why Leeds are so upset. What have we done to them?
  5. I do have sympathy for him and I can't deny it must make his development as a player harder. But he's the same player he's always been
  6. Paul Chowdhry. Saw him at Manchester Apollo. Very funny, very relevant and the best medicine to racism. I'd really like to go see Liverpool's Paul Smith
  7. He's one of us. How much? Not one of ours mate
  8. He's that good exercise bike that you hang your fresh ironed shirts off. The Easter Bunny works more hours
  9. Many of the reasons I don't rate Tom Lawrence were missing on Saturday. All of them actually Why on earth would you give him grief on Saturday. Well, I wouldn't do it at a match at all to be honest because it don't help. For probably about 80 out of 100 games he's been a selfish playground ball hogger who only looks promising if every defender dived in. But Saturday was one of those games where in the past I've thought "eh up, is he switching on?" And he got grief. This is what happened with Butterfield and others. You go in giving them a bad game before a ball is kicked and then it would have to be a world class performance to change your mind. Les, wherever you are. I don't believe you can be more of a critic of Lawrence than me. I thought he was pants when I saw him ball hogging at Ipswich. But give him credit where he's earned it. He did well Saturday. Nothing like his usual self. If there's any chance of him becoming a team player then let it be!!
  10. Rooney is white and British. I just don't understand this paper anymore. It's not like it used to be. In the good old days you could collect tokens to send off for your own swastika. Now you've got those black foreign types stealing our Prince and the Daily Mail is talking about Derby County. Bet you can't even trust them to warn us about 50,000 Romanian rapists headed to our shores anymore. Political correctness gone mad, bruv
  11. I reckon Knight's graft and bravery (not knocking his ability) has been infectious. You can't stand back while he's battling away, using all his energy and strength to keep the ball. Be obvious if you weren't backing him up. He's looked fearless and that might have been a bit of motivation. Sometimes it's been like a friendly match. Bielik has that same urgency. And Holmes of course. He's braver in the air than Huddlestone
  12. Thought about it but didn't want to say it. 🤐
  13. Weird innit. Is Waghorn our best striker? No. So who should we play up front? Waghorn. Riiiiight
  14. Yeah, I guess that's why Waghorn is preferred over Martin even though his first touch is awful (although it was good at the weekend!!) I mean I think Marriott and Martin are better than Waghorn but we probably need the physical attributes of Waghorn more than the technical attributes of the other two?
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