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  1. If I'm miserable it's because you let too many people post who don't agree with me. Remove them or I swear I'll walk.
  2. If I'd known I would still be posting 10 years later I'd have picked a more sensible name than this pretentious poo that came from a computer game and AlphaSignia00. It's alright when you're gaming. Sound like a dick when you meet someone off the forum and are like "hi, I'm Alpha" No your not mate.
  3. Thanks, you've made head pronunciation so much easier! Now you're here, @Andicis. An dick sis or Andy sis?
  4. In my head you're Archeed. Like you've just been tango'd. Archie Gemmill - you've just been Archied. The one I can't do now is @reverendo de duivel. If it's possible to mumble something in your head while reading then that's what I do with this. B4 is Before Evis. I don't see how the 6 can be involved. Before ev six is? πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
  5. I always think of Will Smith as the coolest guy and a very good actor. But @DarkFruitsRam7 and @Mostyn6mentioning Hitch and Gemini Man and I've seen Suicide Squad and Bright myself ... is Will Smith a bit crap? πŸ˜ͺ
  6. Cheers I didn't actually mean to make a big deal out of it. ☺️ I just opened the thread, read the article and thought how does he get dropped when never selected, how was even selected before they came to see him and upon reading the quote from his relative she said his club manager recommended him. So by the only rules of football I have ever known it made no sense. I probably should have gone digging myself but I just posted my questions on here. I didn't even know he was a Div 3 player until you said. Still, if the statue helps inspire then what harm can it do? Althoug
  7. Forest fans still aren't going to get to see Wembley are they? What a season you picked to be good. You should have tried it before.
  8. No we didn't. Yes you did. And you still didn't win. Imagine if we'd played well or even played at all in the first half hour. Poor performance from Rooney, no Lawrence or Waghorn and no width. Got a point though.
  9. That's nothing. We played a team that's supposed to have been chasing the auto places today and they were nearly as bad as we were. And we didn't break into a jog for 30 minutes.
  10. What has happened to Bouremouth? Good team and good manager that's just gone backwards. Be getting smug Eddie back in the Championship. Remember his time wasting Burnley side at PP?
  11. Forest were spot on. I don't think we were terrible for 60 minds... just flat. However the first 20-30 mins were awful. Totally pants with and without the ball. Against a team that sits back, we were so slow that they came out. We pressed with only two players yet they found acres of space 18 - 30 yards out. There was no bravery. Bogle didn't overlap Knight and Knight just tucked in and fell asleep. Every single move had to go through Rooney and they all rejected any forward pass that didn't have a 100% chance of making it. Bogle looked bored. Very negative start. Got what we
  12. Man, that's gotta hurt Forest fans. They were pretty much bang on all game and then the one real error... ouch.
  13. 10 men! We only had 10 men! What an incredible feck up by Forest.
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