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  1. Alpha


    Some OTT reactions. He isn't the best with the ball at his feet and they clearly want him to have the ball at his feet. dcfcjb hardly started the "Carson Out" movement.
  2. According to wiki Rowett P308 W131 D84 L93 = 42% The success at Brum... he won 42 and lost 32 He's never won a promotion or a trophy. He's lost in 3 play offs. He plays ugly football and according to Brum he likes to flirt with other clubs at every opportunity. He left Burton for Brum and now Derby for Stoke so it suggests Brum were right. He's not built anything. He's never stuck around long enough to leave any sort of legacy. Successful? He's not a patch on Warnock. Not a patch.
  3. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    I suppose it is. I just remember one game when all the "Plan B" cliche really kicked off. We lost to Leeds away at Elland Road. I think it was the game where Adryan did that ridiculous play act when Russell kicked a blade of grass at him. People went nuts online. "No plan B!!", "Insanity is doing the same thing..." and "Stop Martin and we haven't got a clue". When in truth we'd figured out early on in the game that Leeds were putting a man on Mascarell and were playing very narrow to stop any route down the middle. All game long Russell and Forsyth were 2v2 on one flank and Cyrus and Icantremember were 2v2 on the other. All game they had only 1 man to beat each. 4 players against 4 of theirs. And they all 4 were terrible. Cyrus dawdling, Fozzy having a yard of space to cross and hitting it 10ft over the bar. Russell running into his man or out of play. All the cry for no plan b and talk of us not knowing how to attack without Martin while completely ignoring that tactically we'd isolated the wings to get 1v1's and the wide players had wasted so many chances. Stuck in my mind that game because it was the most obvious visual proof that we had ways to adapt. I mean really obvious because Leeds were soooo narrow and we were stretched wide. But it was 433 that got slated. 433 and sideways passing. I guess the difference here is you'd call that a Plan B? If so then I agree with you. It's just I call it an adaption to a plan A. Style stays the same, system stays the same but the movement was totally different. Certainly Lampard will have to prepare his system to work around teams that a deep and narrow or high and wide. That mark zonal or go man for man. That dedicate a striker to sit on our DM or that force us wide or down the middle. Or like what used to happen to Clement where they'd let Warnock, Shackell and Johnson have time on the ball but press others. Whatever you call it I do agree that it has to be a system that can adapt. Don't suppose it matters what you call it. So long as it's not the factually incorrect "pointless sideways passing" and that quote that's wrongly credited to Einstein and isn't relevant at all to football. Some people love rewriting history and would argue that the sky is just part of the matrix.
  4. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    And many teams lost. Didn't we finish with 77pts and score 85 goals in 46 games. Like @brady1993 said. We'd want to spin off Martin but if it wasn't on then we'd use our full backs and you'd see a big gap between the 2 most forward center mids as they went to support their respective wing. It went wrong when we had all our CDM's and strikers wiped out. Teams lose games.
  5. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    With better finishing we'd have beaten QPR. The tactics gave us control of the game and we had chances. More chances than them. In fact it was only 3 errors in quick succession that got the ball to Zamora. You can't plan for errors
  6. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    But if our strength is possession then by giving them the ball we now have a match up of 2 teams playing to their weakness? You just can't carry that many players and work on that many situations thoroughly while keeping everyone happy and playing on instinct to cover every angle. You will lose games. It will happen. Have a thorough plan A. Play on instinct and play to your strengths.
  7. Alpha

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Agree 100% We can't have a squad big enough to cover every scenario. You just have to try to do what you do better than they do what they do.
  8. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    Spot on. Game. Set. Match What was he meant to do? Keep Robert Huth and Peter Crouch under the stairs incase Rosler's Wigan (who got relegated because they didn't focus on their other 44 games) come to stop us passing. If a team sits 10 men behind the ball and are organised and concentrated then they'll be difficult to break down no matter how many plans you have. Teams lose games.
  9. Alpha

    Plan B needed or not?

    No team has a plan b Or if they do then plan a isn't very good. You should be able to adapt within a game without wheeling out the tactics board
  10. Alpha

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    Of course!! 😂
  11. Alpha

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    Haha! Why black though?
  12. Alpha

    Jozefzoon’s First Interview as a Ram

    "Why Derby County" What can the guy say apart from facilities/fanbase/history etc etc. "Welcome to Derby Florian. Firstly, can you please suck up to all our fans by mentioning things that are important to them" He signed because the money is good and he thinks it will benefit his career. I bet he couldn't point to Derby on a map last week! Ah well, welcome Florian. Let's hope we fall in love with each other. It's not happened yet so tell Colin to stop whispering dating advice in your ear. We're not that kind of girl. Are we?
  13. Alpha

    How much have you spent on Steam

    I use G2A marketplace and get what I want cheap. I'm not a massive gamer anymore though.
  14. Alpha

    Snake City watch

    Stoke should have a good season. Rowett's pretty good at organising a team to defend, he gets players to graft and he's brought in individuals that you'd expect to get in any Champ starting 11. Last year he was counter attacking with Lawrence and Weimann. They should finish top 6. And Stoke fans should be bored out their thick heavy skulls by the time promotion is sealed. All on standby for when he hits a bad run because the only thing worse than being bored is being bored and losing.
  15. Alpha

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    You've got a couple of pubs opposite the face of the ground. You've got the Brunswick near the train station for a more traditional matchday. Hope we win for you.

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