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  1. January 2018 transfer thread

    Looks like Walcott has bagged a move to Everton. Well, Everton's bench because unlike Arsenal they won't try to make the dream a reality and will realise pretty quickly he's still crap All them contract talks he's threatened to leave. To go to.... Slowly but surely he's finding his level. 2020 he'll be in the Championship
  2. The Stoke Job: Paul Lambert appointed.

    At least he gives exciting interviews after boring defeats every week.
  3. You've just got to laugh

    They are and always have been ******* Whether pushing over children, kicking cars or squaring up to police they pretty much guarantee trouble wherever they go. Maybe it's the whiny voices or the empty stadium that grates. They won't have to worry about Villa, Leicester, Derby or Forest next season anyway. Lolz
  4. View from the outside

    At least our fans don't throw a wobbler everywhere we go. Birmingham fans love a good scrap with families. Not so bad at home. Maybe because there's only 6 of them. Scum club. Enjoy league 1. Go turn over Scunthorpe and let all of Gillingham hear those whiiiinooooiii voooices moite. Big rivalry with Walsall!!
  5. Surely I'm less likely to be homeless because I earn enough money to keep the wolves from the door. I'm less likely to get abuse because I'm not fat, short, disabled. Im not likely to be arrested because my neighbourhood is pretty quiet and I don't commit crimes. For racist abuse to be shouted at me it would have to be from a racist. And those are black and white. If I was living in Brixton, whatever my colour I'm sure all those things would be different.
  6. Why do I benefit from white privilege?!! Where?? Because I don't work in corn fields?? I work with 2nd, 3rd generation Muslims, Jamaicans, Sikh, African, Christian... Did I waste my race privilege?
  7. I don't understand. If a high the minorities in this country are 2nd or 3rd generation we're not going back far. Its unlikely that the previous generation came here with the wealth to match white Brits. Never mind the elite. So how would you expect to find the average wage to be equal when the opportunity hasn't been there for them? It's a struggle that's going to be reflected in future generations. Not because of their race though is it? They're not blocked by race. But by wealth.
  8. I still don't see the overwhelming evidence of racism. People say it like it's a fact. "Yeah so the white salary is xx but the minority is xx" It's over 90% white country!! If 10,15, 20% of the white people in this country earn xx amount then obviously the white average will be higher than the minority. Where you see racism to keep people in poverty I see immigration and a opportunity barrier that exists to keep the whites there too. Every stat has wealth social class argumwnt that can just as easily work at racism. Yet we assume the facts are there for racism. So we are all accidental racists. The police, the prisons, the mayor of London, the royal family, the FA and Alan Sugar.
  9. But the logic of Immigration > poor suburbs > higher crime rate > higher convinctions Is my argument against it. There will always be higher crime in poor areas. And the minorities aren't in these areas due to racism. I say it's more down to older generations coming here without the wealth The Guardian article points out how much more money white people earn. I'd say that's more down to the huge population of whites having roots in this country going back so far. We've had far more opportunity and many many white families have benefited from previous generations. And obviously being black in the UK decades ago was very hard to create that opportunity And the position the minorities are in today owes to both historic racism and immigration among other stuff. But I don't believe football or society is racist today. Well, not against blacks. I think being Asian may make some things difficult for some. It's 2018 and I just don't see racial barriers. I see wealth barriers. You know these stats? Are Asians classed as black? In the crime stats? Because mixing the two up is dodgy as fook too.
  10. That's still early generations and lack of opportunity in their lives. My family has not left it's social class in more than 4 generations. How many have? There's rags to riches stories everywhere. Anthony Joshua is probably the biggest star in the UK outside of football. The opportunity wasn't there for him. He was a criminal. Now he and future generations are going to be leaving Watford behind. Because he fought his way out. Literally. That should be inspiring to any white, black, Asian kid in poor, limited opportunity areas. To secure you and future generations. If Joshua had chosen to continue being a criminal then he'd be a statistic by now
  11. Doesn't this go back to the crime rate in poor areas? I mean how many arrests are made on gangs and the like? London has plenty of gangs made up of minorities.
  12. Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Breaking Bad starts off well but then you have a few slow episodes until they start cooking again. By the final season it's pretty much always tense. But the first season episodes after the opener are the slowest of the entire show. Peaky Blinders I thought was a bit ITV drama too. But I stuck with it and I found it much more like Boardwalk Empire that Agatha Christie murder mystery. But it does just make me want to watch Boardwalk Tried The Wire. Didn't like it. Went and told mates. Tried it again. Didn't like it. I really want to like it. The Walking Dead has been the most challenging show. I'm up to date now but it's so up and down. You can have 3 episodes in a row that are great. Then you get half a season of people walking through woods on their own for no reason. The passage of time is awful. Game Of Thrones has been criticised for not really making clear how much time is passing but The Walking Dead is terrible. It will end on a season and start the next one at the exact point the last one finished. Two episodes later and Rick's daughter is a year older. When it's good it's pretty good tv. When it's bad it's really rubbish. It's a battle to stick with it but the character Negan makes it worth catching up to. He's a screen hog Oh, Strike Back, 12 monkeys, Zoo, Last Ship. Tried them and gave up. Stuck with Blood Drive longer. And that's dodgy!
  13. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    Didn't want him to be honest just because he struggled with Forest and I couldn't see why he'd do any better here
  14. Are minority groups more likely to be there to begin with because of immigration etc. How many people of African or Carribean or even Eastern European (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria) defendants or background are coming into the UK with the wealth to pay for the best education and houses in the nicest areas? As an Albanian coming into western Europe, into the UK, how many are going into poor areas. High crime rates. I'm not saying stop the immigrants they're all criminals. I'm wondering if it's again wealth blocking their path. Crime in poor areas due to the lack of opportunities to the poor. Not their ethnicity? It's a tough rat race for many of them. And it could take generations for some of these families to get off the bottom.
  15. It doesn't clearly explain it to me. It puts up statistics and then uses opinion to explain why these statistics exist Like a few people have done in these threads. They post a statistic about the disparity and then say that the number of players/coaches/politicians/dog owners etc should be higher based on this other statistic. I could do that. For example this "and 38% of young black men currently unemployed, compared to 17.8% of young white men. These unemployment figures may go some way to explaining the staggering wealth gap that means the average white household has assets of £221,000, while the figure for black Caribbean households is £76,000" Firstly is it not important to know what generation British ethnics we are talking about. I'll give an example. I have 2 black mates. Both are from Jamaican background. One his Dad came over here in the 70's with nothing. He worked his finger to the bone to give his family what they have today. The other his Carribean background is from his grandad. Similar story but his grandad did suffer because he was black. Now these families and extended families all started life relatively poor after coming to the country in the 70's and earlier. They lived in poor areas. Areas with other ethnic minorities because that's all they could afford immigrating to this country. Now further generations aren't blocked from education or high powered jobs by race. They're blocked by wealth. As are the white kids that grew up in those areas. How much is racist discrimination and how much is to do with wealth. Part of that article is suggesting that it's because of their ethnicity that they're in higher rates of unemployment. When is it not likely that the crime rate, unemployment etc is higher in poorer areas? And that those poor areas are populated by... I don't know the correct term to describe what my black mates are... But 2nd or 3rd generation black British. Whereas me, I'm on the same level but I'm God knows what generation. A lot. The opportunity afforded in the past have given white Brits an advantage in Britain. A white country (in the same way I'd call Turkey a Muslim country. By ethnic majority not by right) This doesn't mean race barriers exist. Wealth barriers do.

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