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  1. Tony Pulis' Hat II

    Giroud with his make up and dyed beard And he's still rubbish
  2. Moaninho

    Still a *********
  3. Moaninho

    I don't think there's shame in losing. It's his reaction. He clearly thinks there's shame there or he wouldn't spend energy trying to distance himself from the defeat would he? Maybe I'm fussy but I like to hear a manager say "we" and talk as if the club is more than just the next job. And yeah Sevilla might be good. But should Man United and Jose The Great with all their spending not be aspiring to beat Sevilla? The guy is a knob. His ego is bigger than Real Madrid and Man United ffs!! All the medals. Well it's a good job he has them because without them he'd be Billy Davies.
  4. Southampton - Mark Hughes

    Are you nervously looking over your shoulder at the Football League Championship? Well here at the Premier League we can provide you and your lucky club one of our tried and tested managers. Whether you're looking for the traditional Sam Allardyce or the steady Paul Lambert. Maybe you're looking for a controversial Tony Pulis? From Alan Pardew to David Moyes, we can provide you with the direct phone number to one of our approved 'survivalists'. So give us a call. Drop an email. Get your next sacked manager lined up today. www.managermerrygoround.co.uk. We don't use our imagination so you don't have to. Terms and conditions apply survival not guaranteed
  5. Moaninho

    Exactly. Basically saying this club was **** before I got here so don't cry because you're still ****. But I'm not ****. I am so good I beat you when you had your legend in charge. You should be grateful I'm here. He used to be much more fun. More honesty and less ego.
  6. Moaninho

    Jose. Never his fault. The world isn't fair. "Protects his players"... except Casillas and Ramos, Mata, Pogba and whoever else he's out to prove a point against. Mourinho said: "I've sat in this chair twice before in the Champions League, and I knock Man Utd out at home twice, with Porto - Man Utd out, and with Real Madrid - Man Utd out. So this is nothing new for this football club." Eh? I get the idea of the siege mentality but I thought you're supposed to isolate the whole team/club? He just does himself. He's a grand version of Billy Davies. Happy ending? No chance surely. He's a *****(ly) bloke
  7. Warnock and Cardiff

    I like Warnock nowadays. Not his football just him. Seems like a proper decent bloke when he's not using the media to create the siege mentality. And that's all it is with him I think. An act to be unpopular and wind everyone one up. A Mourinho. Except I imagine Warnock walking his dog on the park and him having the time of day for you. Maybe that's just the Yorkshire accent but he just seems a genuine geezer. He knows the limitations in this division. He knows how to get a level of performance over 46 games that while it will never be spectacular it will be consistently high. Doesn't ask for anything fancy. I think he's limited to how far he can take you. I don't think he'd take over from Arsene Wenger and suddenly Arsenal would beat everyone below them. I don't think he's teams are especially inventive or clever. He just knows what buttons to push on and off the pitch.
  8. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Watson should have been booked within 15 minutes for a cynical trip when we were ccountering. Proper dirty but you stand a good chance of getting away with a sly kick or two early on in what's expected to be a intense match. Derby missed a trick by not smashing Tomlin early. Pub league vvanker
  9. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Better games were played on the park today. Kick and chase. Well unless you're Weimann. Then it's miss and chase. All that diving and limping and rolling around. Thought it was Barcelona v Real Madrid. Especially in the 81st minute when the ball touched the grass for a second.
  10. Porn to Run

    Awww bless. Nothing more fragile than a football fan
  11. White Privilege

    Bravo!!!!! Good luck though.
  12. Will Hughes Watch

    Jack Wilshere only has to have a good 90 minutes and everyone thinks he's worth building a team around. There's players who have more good games per season than him yet get called overrated as soon as they have a 6/10 performance in an England shirt. Guess his face just fits
  13. How Are We Doing? 5 Year Comparison

    I think one of the positives of this depressing run is that @Ninos has gone into hiding in case he has to face up to some of the ***** he gave out for us "choking" in previous seasons after vanishing up the "legend" Rowett's arse. The forum may be a miserable place right now but at least it isn't full of attention seeking ***** (I do hope we manage to hold on to the play offs though or we'll have a new "legend in the making" next season.)
  14. Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Blame tv punditry
  15. White Privilege

    Very very much. I got my black slave to type this.

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