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  1. Boxing Thread

    You like UFC though. I got a "free recommended fight" on my YouTube feed. Some big fight from a while back between John Jones and Daniel/David Cormier?? First 3 minutes was good. Then it's 2 blokes leaning on a fence or hugging on the floor. That's boring bruv. I know you get boxers that like to hug it out but the aim of the game is to strike. Too much judo wrestling. Is that why McGregor is exciting? Because he's one of the few to refuse a cuddle.
  2. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    Anyone seen the trailer for next week? We'll talk about it next week when rynny has seen it.
  3. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    Do you take a boots or flip flops?
  4. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    You gave the man an angry face reaction. You're sending mixed messages Bob @reveldevil doesn't know if he's pulled or going home alone.
  5. Boxing Thread

    Ohara Davies is back on the horse. Good man.
  6. Nugent has to start

    I love Nugent. Usually get pissed off with how much love there is for talentless grafters but a talented grafter I like. He's not just technically good, he's clever, aggressive and arrogant. Don't know how many he will score because he does so much more than hunt for goals. But i'd want him and Martin both starting. If Rowett doesn't find a way to use both together and often I'd be gutted. I think they even compliment each other.
  7. tom huddlestone a great weapion

    I don't think Huddlestone will help with creativity. The differences between Thorne and Huddlestone are that Thorne is/was always happy to track a runner. Even if his positioning is a sometimes a bit iffy, which it can be I'm afraid, when he's fully fit he recovers well. He's come back many times to catch and bully a midfielder that's got the jump on him. I don't think you'll get that with Tom. Thorne will play a lot of diagonals of course. But he also will use width provided by wingers to put the ball through the channels. He used to look for Martin a lot. Firing the ball inside the wide players and outside the centre. Huddlestone, from what little I've seen of him in the latest years seems to be happy to just settle for the diagonals. Thorne is faster to get forward too. A fit Thorne anyway. For keeping possession, hitting wingers early... Huddlestone will be good. For actually unlocking defences I think you will still be relying on Tom In-.... oh yeah.
  8. tom huddlestone a great weapion

    I feel the urge to step in here for a wrist slashing moment and say what I thought of him over the last few years. He's a good at spreading the play and firing the ball about. Might score goal of the season and that's about it. I hammered him a bit before we played Hull away in the league a couple of seasons back. I called him lazy, easily bypassed and living off that youth > 26 period. His technique is great to watch when he's firing the ball about. But it's mostly diagonals. To my eyes he's not one to carry the ball, to track runners, to put the ball behind a defence etc. I'm sure there's a highlight reel that will show him doing it. But there's probably a highlight reel of Shackell passing the ball quickly too. I'm not saying he won't be a good signing. Just I think he may get a few haters for his style of play. Everyone loves a runner at Derby. Even crap ones. Tom Huddlestone stood in the centre circle will cause some meltdowns.
  9. Who the hell are...

    Computer games innit
  10. Would you be happy if...

    Not for me. The addition of Davies and Forsyth at the back I see as positives. I think Baird will push Wisdom hard for that RB. I don't rely on Thorne being fit. I see Huddlestone as a nice passer and not much else nowadays. Martin and Nugent I like. But I still think we lack something as it comes to attacking in the final third. In fact id say we're weaker. With Ince and Hughes gone who steps up? If they weren't good enough to do it alone last season then how will we do it without them. And when the injuries come I don't fancy our fringe players to step up. Think we'll be tougher defensively and the option to fire it into Martin is certainly more promising than trying to get Bent, Vydra to turn harmless possession into attack. It's an improvement I think. But I don't fancy putting money on us to finish top 6. I predict us to spend slightly less time bogged down in our own half with the ball. But I predict slightly more hoofing.
  11. Women's Football

    I quite like the women's game. The men need to man up. Whinging pathetic wimps. And even though it lacks the hype, the icons, the fan atmosphere... the actual game is no worse than some of the garbage served up on Super Sunday, Magic Monday, Terrific Tuesday etc. With smaller pitches the pace/energy would hold up better. There's some huge spaces that open up that appears to be due to the women seemingly struggling to cover the pitch. The goals are too big. Make for some goals that look poor. "They wouldn't have scored in the men's game" I've found myself thinking. Smaller goals for smaller people. How many 6ft 2" women are there interested in football and want to play in goal let alone are any good. But it is what it is. Still better than watching Derby v Donny in a friendly
  12. Linekers salary

    Adrian Chiles. How many years did itv stick with that prat?
  13. Women's Football

    Anyone tuning into England v Scotland now? Channel 4
  14. Summer Transfers 2017

    He's back!! The man who last scored more than 10 goals in a season back when he was at Hull. On loan. He scored 15 in 37 in 2008. Roll out the red carpet. Hire a band. He might score more than once per month. "He's coming home, he's coming home.." ffs.
  15. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    As usual tbf

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