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  1. I loved that. Well, I don't think you can 'enjoy' it but i couldn't stop watching.
  2. I felt a bit of duty to watch it. Both men a complete mess at one time or other and we're there paying them to smash each others head in! The stuff they went through! I already watched a lot in the past about Mike Tyson but I forget just what a fascinating and scary guy he was.
  3. Watching Tyson v Bruno story on Sky Nice and depressing
  4. I want Canelo to smash him. He's not a nice bloke at all. I don't think anyone beats Canelo right now. Only if he goes back to light heavyweight and fights someone that's in their prime and doesn't know defeat unlike Kovalev. But he won't. That was an easy chance to take another record. As he is, he's pretty much perfect imo. Maybe go back 5+ years and GGG could but now is his time to dominate
  5. Nope, what a pointless shirt. What does he do normally? I never see him do anything else
  6. What happens when Shinnie doesn't pass to Clarke?
  7. I have had 2 Bull Mastiffs of the "Mastiff type dog attacks..." headlines Mine have been so soft and gentle around the house that sometimes I wish they'd man up. I've raised my 2 girls with them and although never left alone both dogs have show nothing but love to the Children. Absolute nightmare to play fight with but if the one I have now even growled at a human I'd be shocked. Some dogs snap at him and most the time he don't care. No dog classes or anything. Just clear rules and firm tellings off. Easy. You get out what you put in. Never seen a Pitbull here but I can
  8. It even says deflected onto the French man. The ball hit him.
  9. Imagine falling backwards like that and realising the ball hit your foot and went in. He should play the Euro Millions
  10. Haha! I wanted Kelly to win but can't deny watching somebody come in to play a role and them tearing up the script is quite satisfying. I completely agree about Kelly too. Might have to knuckle down and earn those world titles rather than expect them to land in his lap. Some fighters out there aren't going to be easily frustrated about chasing shadows. They're experienced enough to battle through and wait for an opportunity. This is what makes me laugh about Povetkin. He's always seen as some hard nut that's not serious about winning world titles and has had his day in the su
  11. Wasn't meant to happen was it? It was meant to be a name on his record of a guy that's big enough to boost your rep but old enough to get dragged around the ring by a young bull These old ones aren't always ready to bow out when the going gets tough Ask Povetkin.
  12. Gamesmanship = cheating. That's why we have a game where two grown men can put their heads together and the one who makes any sort of forward movement is sent off for a "headbutt" and we all say "you can't do that" while the "victim" rolls around on the floor holding his face like it's fallen off. Gamesmanship is the name football gave it to excuse childish behaviour and cheating.
  13. People suffer all kinds of personal problems that may effect their work. But the world doesn't stop for you. Some trades are more supportive than others. Judging Tom Lawrence performances over 4 years shouldn't be effected by what personal issues he's had. That's a separate topic. Would you accept my poo plastering if I was having personal problems? I'd expect not. Would shame be upon you if you didn't accept my work? Balancing work and personal life is a stressful thing. But we all have to do it and not mix the two because they do not mix with good results.
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