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  1. Is that Mr Glass from Unbreakable? Where Bruce Willis has some super power that I can't remember.
  2. Start off banning fans. See how serious the clubs take it. And I don't mean a Europa league game against Transylvania. I mean 5 games, 10 games. A season.
  3. The game hasn't changed in 3 years. I would agree he's looking for a very specific role that not many teams require. I see a lot of people saying he's the past and we need to move on. I'm ok with that if the future is better players. If we are moving on to Dowell and Lawrence, Jozefzoon and Paterson and Waghorn then maybe the past is better in some situations than the present Forget goal scoring for a sec. To score a goal you have to have the ball and put in a place you can score from The ball doesn't do anything when it gets to Dowell or Jozefzoon at best it goes back to safety. When it gets to Lawrence it goes for a run but ultimately ends up back with an opponent. Too often it goes to Waghorn and starts bouncing around all confused. Martin can play. He may not be the future, he may not be the answer but sticking with this bunch in current form puts too much creative pressure on the back 6. Them losing the ball so stupidly means Huddlesetinstone gets exposed I wasn't impressed when we signed Kuqi. But he brought others into the game so much more than the pacey and once promising Luke Moore (who was worse than Leon Best, Blackman etc) I mean I thought Craig Bryson was way past being of any use. Now I've seen Dowell play I'm not so sure. I even miss Bradley Johnson!! God I hated his passing but a defensive midfielder with legs? Yes please! Cocu has to find a way to create some complimentary partnerships. The communication and team work is awful at times. The individual players aren't all that bad but there's not much sign of partnerships at the front end. I know it was only a friendly against nobodies but when Martin and Marriott played together in pre season their was some nice link ups. Surely worth exploring.
  4. I've read they're in a crisis.
  5. I don't give a feck how Martin did last season or the season before or anything else. I have seen Kieran Dowell lose the ball by being a complete wimp. I've seen him pick the ball up in areas that a creative player is supposed to want the ball and the play like he's a defender strayed too far I've seen Lawrence dribble until he absolutely can't take another step without losing the ball and then 'pass' to somebody who is now marked. I see him do it over and over and over and over until the point I don't see the promise in his dribbling but the utter rubbish in when the ball leaves him. I've seen Waghorn frequently have a first touch worse than Connor Sammon. We are talking 3 or 4 touches in the wrong direction to do what everyone else does in 1 I've seen Jozefzoon... wait, no I haven't because he's hiding. So maybe Chris Martin isn't the Derby Messi. Maybe he's not our saviour. But I just fail to see how having some Bamford up front that can control and pass a ball won't benefit us I mean by all means if you actually believe that Lawrence pretending to be Ronaldo, Waghorn pretending to be Sammon, Jozefzoon pretending to be...there? Dowell pretending to be Ben Davies, Paterson pretending to be Stephen Pearson are all on the verge of something good then fair enough. Let's worry about how many goals Martin isn't scoring when we are at a stage where we actually have forwards who understand the idea of the fecking game. Right now our best attackers are Lowe, Malone, Keogh and Bielik. I mean ffs. Not only do I refuse to rule out Martin but i still think Chris Porter could do a job. I'd take Adam fecking Rooney right now. I just can't cope watching Lawrence beat 30 defenders and then do something utterly poo 99 times in 100. I can't watch Dowell look worse than Paul Green. We are all looking at Duane Holmes now to save our sanity and feed the ball through to Marriott. Unless Waghorn manages to trap the ball it looks like a bunch of guys who are looking for imaginative ways to lose possession and expose that useless DM statue
  6. Wouldn't say its lazy to say we will get battered. They are a hard pressing side that dominates the ball and we give the ball away cheaply. We have crumbled under pressure a couple of times already this season and Leeds will pressure us more than any so far. They have Dallas and Hernandez where we have Malone and Lawrence. I don't know why anybody would have given us no chance in the play offs last season. It's the play offs and it's rarely straight forward for the team who finishes 3rd. But we look weaker than the team that finished last season and they look the same. It's not beyond imagination that we will win but the safe money goes on Leeds ripping through the middle and our left flank. Being brutally honest I didn't think we improved much vs Cardiff. Brentford was a new low. All the other games have been a similar standard. The best performance imo was against Swansea. I have no problem with the idea that we could go on to have a great season. But the performances so far have not indicated that there's anything to 'click' imo. Just a lot of repeated failures. Same players in the same areas doing the same stupid stuff that never looked like a good idea We look like a team that needs new ideas and I hope Cocu can produce an entirely different performance to the kind of football we have played for most match time this season.
  7. We are gonna get smashed I think. The midfield/wingers look like they have never met Huddlestone at DM to get mauled
  8. I like Tomori and Mount much more than Lamps. Perfect loans. Really came in and acted as if they were here to stay. Good players, top fellas! Still love watching them now. 😍
  9. I felt like Warnock owes us some money. We turned up to watch football and he tried to show us a game of pretend injuries, constant time wasting and hoofball. Has he forgot two dives from his own players? Or the penalty we never got? Dry your eyes Neil. Blaming refs for your shortcomings got old when you was at Sheff United.
  10. Still editing posts pretending it was baiting...
  11. Let's not pretend you're looking for bites just because you have realised you're weird over footballers. You're right to thank me. You needed to realise how very strange your Malone, Martin and Cole talk has been for a year. I was hoping someone else would let you know that this behaviour is not normal. Hopefully now you can let your little Malone match wins thread go. Remember? When you were counting how many games him and Ashley Cole had won? 🤣
  12. I'll get you one of Malone's used socks. 🤣
  13. "Haha" Weirdo. He's gave us so many joyous moments and that's how you talk about Derby players. Did you laugh when Malone put them in with a hospital pass or are you still sniffing his bum out. You love rimming him. Martin did no better or worse than anyone else. The fact you have a raging hard on for Scott Malone and you cry into your soup whenever somebody on here mentions Martin should tell you something about yourself Malone (who I like) has not done half as much for this club as Martin. I mean in that game he tackled Bielik. Me personally I didn't find it funny because I'm not a parasite like you. I bet you were relieved he missed that free kick. Like your weird banging on about Ashley Cole. Are you a grown man? These weird obsessions you have with individuals can't be healthy. Particularly when you seem so happy to hammer our own players. Why don't you just leave off trying to score internet points and go and bank over Malone posters
  14. It smells like the Bristol game where it's not hard to control possession. They don't particularly care about the ball but we just keep giving it to them in stupid ways. We are rushing everything. Some composure in that half would have made a huge difference.
  15. Too excitable. Calm down. Full of nervous energy.
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