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  1. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    You've got idiots at football for sure. But I think most have an on/off button. Most can give and receive abuse and then walk out the ground and talk to the same opposing fans they were abusing. I think most get it. Idiots are idiots that will always find a place to be idiots. Most the time it's not worth changing the rules to stop them because they'll find a way to be an idiot. On Joshua, certainly not as smooth of a boxer but arguably got more power. Have to see how we look back on him when he's done. But Ali was a political figure too. So much more than an athlete. A historical figure. As a man it's a KO on AJ
  2. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    I don't wish ill on Stan Collymore never mind Gary Rowett. I want Rowett to have the most uncomfortable game of his life. But if they win and he gives us some back then ah well. It's only a game. Flippin' heck. You should see boxing crowds. "Smash his feckin 'ead in AJ!" (Joshua knocks him out) "is he alright? He looks alright" It's not for everyone but quite a lot of people enjoy that back and forth. It's knowing the limits that's important. If you can't take it then don't serve it up. And a few thousand people waving inflatable snakes at me? I could handle it, you know. I think I'd cope
  3. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    ... and i'd laugh and think "argh, you bar steward" I hate the word banter. But I don't know what else to call it. It's all banter. I don't mind players cupping their ears, shushing us, waving flags... It's all back and forth. Makes the game a little more interesting. Football needs these little rivalries and stories imo. It's only daft when people start thinking that it can only go one way.
  4. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    I wouldn't say they were brilliant. Decent players for sure but I doubt I'll remember either in 20 years
  5. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Don't wave snakes at Gary Rowett. Might upset him. Me? I'll be singing "Gary Rowett! What a perfectly acceptable transfer it was to go to Stoke I would have done it too if it offered more money and potentially better career opportunities." Also, "I wanna go home, I wanna go hoooome. Stoke has some nice areas on the outskirts and I really feel for those that live in the run down parts, I wanna go home" If you don't ducking bounce, if you don't ducking bounce you're a red and that's perfectly acceptable to support your local club and it would be almost xenophobia or something for me to take issue with that. 'ave it!!!
  6. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    He is, isn't he.
  7. Alpha

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    It's not an assassination attempt. It's giving him some grief for leaving. I think he'll survive.
  8. Alpha

    17 Played. How do we compare?

    Wolves away for me. Went for a 0-0 draw and then defended a 1-0 defeat and then they scored again anyway. I thought then, if this is how much fear we show vs Wolves then we are going to be one hell of a negative team in the PL if we get promoted. I found most games last season were ok. I left quite pleased and happy with the graft but never full convinced with our future. And never got excited for games. Just moaned about traffic and the football conversations were short. Now I hate international breaks again. I just want us to play every day. My focus is on the game ahead and not the traffic. I find myself talking about football much more often and I'm watching rubbish video content just to get a football fix. I agree with @VulcanRam. For me, football is supposed to be leisure time not a chore. Yeah, good football and crap results are worse than crap football and good results. But there's no reason you can't have good football and good results. If it's boring then I lose interest whatever the score anyway. Start thinking how cold it is etc. If I feel like we are capable of winning 8-7 then I will be there when we are 7-0 absorbed in the action
  9. Alpha

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    When you play as poorly as we did in the second half and for some of the first then you can't moan about the result, ref or weather. You don't deserve to win and should be grateful for any points. The ref didn't beat us 3-0 and set up wave after wave of attack for Villa.
  10. Alpha

    Chelski - supposed transfer ban...

    It'll be like that time Barcelona were banned and they still signed Turan but he couldn't play. They'll still be shaking hands and signing contracts. Just all be unofficial for 5 minutes.
  11. Alpha

    Haters gonna Hate

    Whatever the stats I found Rowett and his football dull. Never warmed to him and i'm glad because he fecked off to Stoke a few months ago rather than continue his work at this special club that means a lot to him. So not only is he dull, he's also full of pooh. There's nothing remarkable about his career so far. It's as interesting as his football was on a Satdee afternoon sandwiched between 2 hours of traffic and in the wet cold. Not everything is perfect now but at least Lampard hasn't fecked off and most the games are fun and we always play to win. We've bought players for the future and I cannot for the life of me see what it was about Rowett that makes him relevant. Certainly not after the way he went. Yet you've got sideways digs, comparisons and the blatant "I hope Stoke smash the league" comments. He wasn't wronged. Lampard didn't steal his job. Doesn't bother me in the slightest if people want to moan about how Derby are playing right now. It bothers me more that it keeps being brought around back to that knobber like we black bagged him. It feels like this defeat has really got to people and brought back that pro Rowett/ anti Rowett divide. He's gone, man!
  12. Alpha

    Truly awful decision

    Someone finally tell him he looked daft

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