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  1. Ah! Depression classic. Get you to isolate yourself so it can really stick the boot in. It's your enemy mate. Not people. You're under attack. I guess the obvious answers are get a hobby, go for walks. Keep busy and distracted. Often though you can't be arsed? That's what's always fecked me up. I don't want to take up knitting and go for walks treading in dog poo. I just want to be left alone. Do you like yourself?
  2. What's up, brother? Chuck the words down on here and let's have a look how ducked up you are. For me when summer goes my sanity goes with it but this time of year I start growing back into a human. Would be good to swim in your mess. You're alright. Nearly like you.
  3. Apologies to @AdamRam for an earlier reply. Bit of a dhead comment in there. Sorry
  4. I probably did make my point badly. I think I've made it better in my last post. I "blame" Lampard just because as an attacking unit we are more a collection of individuals. We haven't been good going forward for a long time. Lots of freedom in the final third which sounds great but it means poor Marriott is left spectating or competing for headers vs 6ft defenders as the only attacker in the box. There's no real smarts about the way we open teams up. Are there enough options for Wilson? If not then why not? It's down to Lampard to form the attacking unit. I'm suggesting he's not doing a good job. But I'm not suggesting anything like sacking him. I accept he's had injuries. He's a rookie manager in a tight division. I don't expect anything really. I'm actually quite a patient fan believe it or not. I won't mind if we don't go up and I won't panic if we do. I just kind of judge what I see? I think the way we attack is a bit of a free for all with no structure. That's it really. Just an observation. Just an opinion. I really want to see it improve but we are 6th in the league so I'm not crying about it. If we had more discipline and better game management then I think we'd be closer to Leeds than Bristol. It's a shame we haven't really got better as the season has gone on but it's been a decent season for Derby and a good season for Lampard. If he can reflect and develop his skills then imagine what we could do in this division next season if we are still here.
  5. I must have made my point badly because we are now getting shooting stats. I'm talking about the times he picks the ball up and has one thing in his mind. To drive forward with no thought of his team mates. He's looking to carve out a shooting opportunity or beat players when there's passing options. There was several occasion vs Stoke. I didn't mention the Stoke game I don't think but I can't see how that game is being used to defend him because it was not a good showcase of what he's good at. The other thing is people seem to think this is some sort of attack on him. I rate Wilson. I like Wilson. I wish we could buy Wilson. But he is not a perfect player. What could he do to improve? Well he could stop being greedy. He could stop trying to run the ball when there's better options. He could stop trying to carve open opportunities for himself and maybe pass the ball stretching the opposition. Theres a thread about Jack Marriott. Do you think Marriott is getting good service? Marriott is not getting chances is he? He's either got his back to goal or he's chasing the ball. Why isn't Marriott getting the service. Why do we struggle to create? Why have we scored less goals than under Rowett? We've scored 46. Reading have scored 40. Millwall 41. Blackburn 50, Brentford 60, Hull 52. So, is it entirely unfair to say we aren't doing perfectly fine in an attacking sense. Obviously, I would have thought, I'm not blaming Wilson. This is a thread about Wilson though. I didn't create it. Everyone could do more. But that includes Wilson. Scoring 10 goals is fantastic. No mocking that. But 2.7 shots per game. That's 10 goals from what? 70 shots? I'm still not moaning about even that. I'm saying he's greedy. I'm saying he tries to do too much I don't want him dead. I don't want him back at Liverpool. I don't burn posters of him. He could improve his game by not trying to go solo so much. If this thread was about Lawrence I'd say the same. If it was about Waghorn I'd say he looks a bit short on quality right now. If it was about Jozefzoon I'd say he's got nice trickery but doesn't really apply himself to anything. He doesn't want the ball. He doesn't have any partnerships, he doesn't make good movements. I keep reading how Wilson is sent out on loan because he's learning. Right. Does he learn by being told everything he's doing is spot on. Is he ready for Liverpool now? No! Jordon Ibe is the perfect example. Everytime anyone moaned about him it was the same. Then he started to use his ability to bring others into play. He started to look unpredictable and very scary to play. Then he was recalled. But that's what anyone moaning about him said! That he is a greedy show off. He was! He didn't prove his "haters" wrong. He proved them right.
  6. I don't know if this is aimed at me but yes I will be whinging when he's not here. I like him Discussing weakness in his game and suggesting how he could improve isn't quite the same as wanting to have him hung in the town square.
  7. Well I was also including him going solo in general. There were plenty of examples in the Stoke game you mentioned but you've made this purely about shots which kind of missed the point of the post. Look at the Norwich game to see. He got away with greed once trying to run through their team. Second time he tried it they scored. Losing the ball and being greedy are areas he could massively improve on. And yes! I am suggesting Lampard tells him to shoot once per game. That's exactly what I'm saying. I should have just said that from the start. 1 shot per game. Yep. 🙄 I'm gonna back out this anyway because I find you a bit annoying. You jump to the defence of every player like they're under attack but they aren't. This is a thread that was about Wilson's drop in performance. So people may discuss the weakness in his game. We have also gone about 2 months getting dominated in midfield so that might also relate considering that's where he's played plenty of games. It is possible that we all like Wilson? That the positives outweigh the negatives. But in this thread it's about his slip in form and you, as always, have come to defend him from this scathing attack. To protect him from being blamed for the 9/11 terror attacks. To protect him from all the negative moaners on this forum that don't support the team at 10pm on Thursday the way you want. Like you always do.
  8. Certainly wouldn't want him to stop shooting. Just maybe not so much when there's others taking up great positions. And not to have his mind made up as soon as he picks the ball up
  9. Had a rant a few weeks ago about some of our players attitudes and Wilson was one of the main targets I don't believe that he's got a bad attitude at all. I'll stress that first I believe he desperately wants this loan to be a success. He wants to win so badly, you can see that. I don't think he's in it for personal glory. But him, like other players, do what he thinks serves the team best. He will ignore a pass that opens a chance for someone else because he 100% believes this 40 yard effort is going in. It's not necessarily for his highlights reel. It's him thinking he knows what the team needs. Another example is Bryson. Bryson will constantly sit 15 yards in front of the defence, take the ball off them and then give it back to one of them. I don't think for a second Bryson wouldn't run through brick walls for Derby. I don't think he sees what a negative job he's doing. He probably believes that if he keeps possession ticking over that he's doing good. Maybe Lampard should take blame or maybe they aren't doing what's asked but we can't have players doing what they think is best. You can watch the game and see Wilson doing this and Bryson doing that. You get 30,000 people thinking that's your 5th 40 yard shot this half or that's the 20th knock back to Keogh with space to turn ignored. Yet they'll still keep doing it. We've got a GD of 2. That's pretty bloody poor. Birmingham have 5. What are our biggest wins? After early signs of good team play going forward it has descended into a free for all. You wouldn't want Wilson to stop doing his thing. But c'mon mate, you have other players with you. You can't really blame anyone but Lampard. Poor discipline and game management. No biggie. 12 months ago he'd never managed a group of footballers and all their daily needs. But a GD of 2 and a few games with barely a shot on goal for a team in the play offs all season. What would you say if this was about Forest?
  10. I couldn't really figure out Stoke's tactics to win the game. They played as if we were vulnerable to counter attacks but we aren't especially are we? We don't really do possession in the final third and commit numbers. We are quite rushed sometimes if anything. It seemed totally reliant on some sort of magic from the likes of Ince who would have had to be Harry Potter to create any more than he did. The service was the sort of nightmares Marriott has been having. Looked like negative garbage to me. I expected better considering their players, they have nothing to lose, apparently a young talented manager just through the door and of course a touch of spite between the fans. Pulis would have at least had Crouch up front and big diagonals in his 8-0-2 system
  11. He had a good patch during the season when Wilson was grabbing headlines Lawrence was playing well. Then I think he got injured? Then came back as the dribbledribbledribbleZzzz. I don't know if I'm classed as a hater but I just think less is more with him. There was a moment last night when he dribbled clear of a couple of players and put in a cross (not a bad cross considering the angle, the options and that he had already done a good sprint) and that is exactly where he shows his ability. He had no options and did really well to create anything at all I'm not a hater I just don't want to see his ability in the same way Wilson displayed his last night. Rather than pass the ball which moves faster than either of them and stretch the opponent to create and opening to pass or attack through, he chose to shoot or try some trickery. Its trickery that beats the man but he's been directed away from any help. Or it's a shot that may fly in the top corner but I'm sure Stoke would choose to take 5 of those rather than 2 quality chances created by patience and team play. If that makes me a hater then whatever. But I want to see quality openings for Derby and not a highlights reel for 1 player. Those mature performances earlier in the season came from nowhere and it's a shame injury prevented him from kicking on. I hope he can carry on and Wilson needs to settle back down. Last night was a much better performance by the midfield than the trash in games over the last couple of months. But they still can do better. It was a Stoke side not especially interested in scoring but we are going to have to up the creativity even more if we are going to turn the 2 points we've got from 2 home games into the 4 or 6 points that I think it's fair to say we would have expected if we are wanting the play offs. Its improvement and I'm happy. (Honest!) But the performance, especially from our midfield, slipped well below the standards these players are capable of.
  12. I mean since coming in he's done well. Not exceptional imo. I just think when he comes in and does ok it's remembered. For anyone else it's a performance not worth mentioning. For Hudds it's a 6/10. We remember his good games but with good players we remember their bad games. Its hard to pick out good games for Keogh because there's so many. Quicker to pick out bad ones. With Johnson its reversed. I just think there will be younger, cheaper and better players out there for us. But I'm not going to keep going on. He's played well and I think I've made my point. Don't want to criticise when he's doing alright.
  13. The service to him has been awful. Complete trash. Wilson and Lawrence shoot on sight rather than try to open any angles for through balls. His service comes in the form of crosses in which he's the only player defenders have to track because everyone else is hanging on the edge of the box looking for the second ball What's he meant to do that he isn't doing?
  14. He's doing well but I can't help but feel he gets easily praised for not playing rubbish. Having another body in midfield has helped. I wouldn't say the team is playing especially well. It's ok. It much better than the garbage we were playing. But we shouldn't settle for this and Johnson is one of the players along with Butterfield and Anya and Bryson etc that we need to be looking to replace with younger players of similar or better ability. Johnson's attitude is spot on. I love his attitude. Fearless grafter. Never shies away after making errors either. Never sulks.
  15. Not much worse though considering game time
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