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  1. v Sunderland (A) Tickets

    I've had exactly the same problem mate. They've clearly just sent cheques to the customers fan ID and not looked at the card that was used to purchase it. I've had 4 cheques for £9 in 4 different names...
  2. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I take it as this is sarcasm? If not then I can't believe it. He had a horrendous transfer record here. Bent, Pearce, Ince & Carson all were in place before he was appointed manager. But the others are arguably the reason why we're seen to have over spent on average players.
  3. v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Sheffield United 0-2 Derby County FRGS Lawrence
  4. Jota

    Like I've said before, the longer this goes on. The more likely we are to sign him. Brentford want him to go to a Premier League team so they get the best deal and they aren't seen to be selling to a league rival. But with Boro & Hull now looking to come in for him, think we need to start pushing Brentford for a sale. £7m should be enough for him in the last year of his contract.
  5. Che Adams

    With Birmingham bringing in Gallagher, I imagine we'll go back in for Adams.
  6. v Grimsby - (A) Cup Predictions

    0-3 Rams FRGS Martin
  7. Bolton Wanderers & Sheffield United Away

    Doubt it will be mate.
  8. Mason Bennett

    Fake account mate.
  9. Ryan Kent

    You reckon this had legs then mate?
  10. Right lads, Doing a thread on twitter about the events of the past 10 years, if you have a look i've already covered the Prem and i'm not up to the league cup tie with Manchester United. Any ideas for the rest of them? From the 08/09 season forward... Thanks
  11. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Yes. He was awful. Weimann head and shoulders above him.
  12. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Then how can you comment on Russell's performances? He's been dire for the past 12 months. Last night was his last chance imo. He had to prove himself to be better than Weimann to be able to not lose his spot to Lawrence. Didn't take his chance. He didn't even try, he normally has excellent work effort to compensate for the lack of quality in his game... Last night he didn't even work hard. He was shocking.
  13. Jon Toral

    Damien Johnson? The retired 38 year old
  14. Jon Toral

    Would be surprised to see us go for Toral after Vydra's performance last night. They both play in that number 10 role very well.
  15. Why Why Why Weimann

    To be fair to Weimann, he showed last night that he can play on both sides. He swapped with Russell a few times throughout the game. He clearly is happy playing RW. Lawrence is most dangerous on the LW. The whole reason we signed him was to be a threat, he needs to be played in his best position to be a threat.

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