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  1. Hard to say at this moment. But as fans, we have all said that we want players attitudes and performances to change. That will only happen with some serious changes, it's happening at the moment and we need to trust Rowett to do what's best for the club.
  2. Highly doubt it will be announced until after the England U-21's are back.
  3. Easily done
  4. Hughes' performances have been poor for the past 2 seasons. Why do our fans expect to be charging top price for a player that isn't at the top of his game? £8m is a fair price, it's not the best, but at the same time it isn't the worst. Hughes needs to improve significantly to get to where we all want him to be. However at this moment, we cannot ask for anymore money for him as he isn't worth it. The truth is... Would you pay £8m for Will Hughes to come into Derby County from another club at this moment in time? If you say yes then you're either lieing or don't know a thing about football. If Hughes didn't come from our academy, people wouldn't rate him as highly as they do. Just because he is one of our own, doesn't mean he is the special one. He's fallen off from his potential in the past 2 seasons and this move is best for all parties as he won't be in Garys plans for next season and he'll just get worse and worse by sitting on the bench. Time to move on.
  5. Disagree. At this moment he's no where near out best player. Potential to be it, yes.
  6. hahaha. He's no where near our best player at the moment. He's not even in the top 3.
  7. People who think Will Hughes is currently our best player need to seriously give their heads a wobble.
  8. Speculation mate. But last season our fixtures were announced on a navy blue and sky blue piece. This year it's white and pink...
  9. Our new kit is going to have some pink on it... Unsure on home or away kit but expect to see some pink.
  10. I would argue that Johnson does those things better than Hughes. Johnson seemed to be the only player willing to make a tackle or even win a header in midfield last season. Hughes didn't offer much going forward last year or any defensive work. I'm not saying that he doesn't have it in him, because that lad could be world class one day. But in my opinion he has fallen off since his injury and hasn't progressed enough in the last 3 years.
  11. I can't think of one game where Will Hughes has grabbed any game by the scruff of the neck and took control.
  12. It is my speciality. But Insurance didn't pay for Johnson, Ince & Butterfield all in one transfer window. We will be close but confident we won't hit the limit.
  13. Are you being serious? Do you know how FFP works? It's based off the previous years books. We haven't announced the books for the season we spent in excess of £25m on players. We will be close to the FFP limit this year.
  14. I was only messing bro But I get your point. But if Thorne was to get injured again we still wouldn't have an out and out CDM player to cover him. Hughes would be good in my opinion Thorne has better passing abilities than Hughes, also Thorne can control a game, Hughes was failing to do so.
  15. After his latest contract he is.