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  1. Celtic Record

    It's often the way. After a 69, you run out of steam for anything more.
  2. Posters Crimbo Trees

    What a great idea. I just hope they're environmentally friendly and chip it down, rather than burn it.
  3. Spine

    I was glad Ledley and Jedinak didn't get too close to each other. Trying to disentangle those beards would be like splitting the world's strongest Velcro.
  4. I've heard similar, they play some really good stuff apparently and shouldn't be taken lightly.
  5. The way I see it Kash, we're seeing a little bit more of the good stuff, and a little less of the bad with every passing game. We've moved into a good position league wise, the football gets better every game, for instance I can't remember many aimless channel balls to chase yesterday, and it's obvious that they're is still more improvement to be made. Yesterday was the first match I saw Martin wasn't starting and thought 'I'm sure Rowett knows what hes doing, its probably for the best'. Felt a bit dirty thinking it tbh, but the result and performance proved to be good, and Martin had a part to play in the end. I'm seeing enough improvement in performances to not judge Gary on results alone, and am pretty positive about where he can take us, which I never thought I'd say 2 months back.
  6. Christmas rituals

    We too have Wigilia, 12 courses of non meat dishes including roll mops, mushroom dumplings, borscht etc. We swop out the traditional pike though, for fish fingers!
  7. Today's ref

    One of the better ones we've had recently.
  8. Maybe the attendance thing could be down to us previously counting ST numbers regardless of whether it was used or not, and now we're only counting numbers through the turnstile?
  9. Rising tide of performance?

    Rising tide of performance Carson - Yes Fozzy - Yes Baird - Yes Keogh - Yes Davies - Yes Huddlestone - Yes Ledley - Yes Wiemann - Yes Vydra - Yes Nugent - Yes Everyone else is doing well enough when they get the chance too, just not getting the opportunities to show improvement because of the form of the above mentioned. Special mention for Keogh today, on his form recently i can't think of another championship central defender as near as good. Probably the closest is his partner at the back.
  10. @Ninos. There's no reason for that little emoji you've started using, we all know you like a whine.
  11. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    No messing about from @McLovin here, straight after the big fish. He's gonna need a bigger boat.
  12. Black and Gold gala - hosted by Bradley Johnson.

    If anyone is interested in a DCFC fans table, drop @sage a pm.
  13. U18s v Man Utd - FA Youth Cup

    It shows in your posts, tbh.
  14. A Duck Cob

    Unless he's eating off the furry plate.
  15. U18s v Man Utd - FA Youth Cup

    Maybe, but I guess people made the same arguments when we went from no subs to 1, 1 to 3, matchday 14 to whatever it us now, etc. I just think from reading various bits and pieces recently that concussion and it's treatment are going to become a very hot topic in football sooner rather than later, and I'd rather see the rules around substitutions change than the rules about heading a ball, or aerial challenges. Debate for another thread and another time, maybe?

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