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  1. Don't forget Lee Grant too. That's an academy product sold to a premier league club in each of the last 3 windows. A small consolation, maybe.
  2. I'm sorry. I've tried looking at it dispassionately, using stats and such like to make this decision more palatable, and have factored in Will may have wanted the move. Still doesn't alter the fact that a manager who's had 2 months and 9 games to look at the squad, yet still can't seemingly realise how good a player Will is, and figure out a way to make him a central part of his plans, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that Rowett has a ******* clue. Phil Brown MkII.
  3. The odd thing about the Polski Sklep, at least round here, is they're all owned and staffed by Turks! We had one Polish shop, called continental meats, with absolutely nothing to distinguish it from any other shop on our high street.
  4. He's a child of 1st generation Polish immigrant stock, so he's well used to the language, albeit at a much gentler pace! It is interesting though, to me at least, that not one of my wife's family's original generation, who were basically chased here by a combination of Nazi's and Russians, would dream of returning permanently to Poland, yet their children see no obstacle to it. I suppose the fall of the iron curtain has helped, but there is certainly a gratitude to the UK for accepting them in their hour of need, and almost a resentment as to how the second generation immigrants have found it so easy to move here, and indeed back home again.
  5. No, he's our boy, let's see him tear it up, and bag us our 15% come season end. I've enjoyed seeing Jeff do well, and the same applies to Will. Tear the PL a new one, we know that that class was made in Derby.
  6. Overly harsh, come next season you'll be tuning in to MOTD to see how he's getting on, and will feel proud when he has a good game.
  7. Will used to run him in.
  8. My cousins just moved to Poland. After watching his dad die at 62, followed by his younger brother at 50, he's cashed in his chips, moved to Poland and is taking early retirement at 55. His weekly private pension covers all his monthly expenses, the other 3 weeks are fun money, and the only problem is his British pension company won't pay his money into a foreign account, so he has to claim to be living at his mum's for paperwork purposes. As a bonus, Poland is now empty, so he has loads of room all to himself.
  9. On the bright side, his wage demands are now slightly lower knowing he can keep the winter fuel allowance, and the state pension triple lock.
  10. He turned them into wine.
  11. My concern is one @Highgate has already expressed. Is he even a defensive midfielder, or do we just assume it cos he's old? Never looked that defensive whenever I've seen him.
  12. Poor Del, makes one spelling/grammer mistake and everyone jumps on it, like he'd do the same to anyone!
  13. The Derby Way is dead, if it was ever a tangible thing. I swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and hoped it would be true, but in retrospect I see no real evidence it was ever the plan. This isn't a dig at Rowett, and his seeming direction of travel, more a concern of what the future holds. The big advantage of 'The Derby Way', as I saw it, was the ability to insure the club from becoming hostage to a successful manager, as much as it made removing an unsuccessful one easier. The modern Southampton will always be the example of such a policy, with their ability to seemingly move smoothly forward regardless of the success, and moving on of both players and managers, finding decent replacements at reasonable prices, until eventually they've reached the situation they replace a manager for finishing 8th! Can you imagine us finishing 8th, in the top flight, and getting shot of the manager? I know there's more than one way to skin a cat, but say Gary really turns it on this year, and we get promoted with 100+ points. A decent following year, with us challenging the top 6 for a long time follows, before slipping back to a upper mid table finish, he would become the most in demand manager in England. He'd rightly have his head turned by a bigger job, up and leave and we'd have absolutely no system to fall back on to carry on the progress, seeing as it was all Gary's doing. Another scenario may be we're struggling near the foot of the table come next Jan, and Mel pulls the trigger. We end up with yet another manager, with another way of doing things, yet more turnover of players, an ever bloated melting pot of different players signed for one system, but asked to perform in another, a chairman who's despairing at seeing his ever increasing investment return nothing, and a club going nowhere fast. The Derby Way was the right plan, but without the chairman properly implementing it, we're in the realm of luck and hoping for the best, and our future is nowhere near as secure as it should be with a local billionaire fan in charge.
  14. Of course, your argument regarding Ince assumes his replacement would have contributed nothing at all. Which isn't impossible, but unlikely.
  15. Definitely a Reading player, signed last summer.