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  1. reveldevil

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Just watched now. I thought the film got better the longer it went on, what a soundtrack and great performances all round, really good and short by modern standards, which is always a blessing. 8/10 - Keogh on a good day.
  2. reveldevil

    Life long Ram in need of help

    From experience mate each day is different, what seems impossible now may be manageable this time next week. Keep ploughing on, I'm glad to hear the club are doing everything they can. Best wishes.
  3. reveldevil

    Holiday Plans 2019

    Sorry, I thought those classed as hobbies on a Bulwellite CV.
  4. reveldevil

    Snake City watch

    That's exactly right and perfectly logical. Yet I still hate him.
  5. reveldevil

    Holiday Plans 2019

    That's a lie, nobody works in Bulwell.
  6. reveldevil


    My Sky has gone from under £80 a month in the 1st year, to around £140 a month 2 years in. On top of that, the missus pays £25 extra a month for BT Sport, and we've got Netflix and Prime on top. I don't even watch TV much either, unless it's Derby and the odd other game.
  7. reveldevil

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Fair enough, you were there and I wasn't, just seems unlike Nugent to berate a teammate when he's such a team man.
  8. reveldevil

    Boxing Thread

    Talksport is dreadful compared to 5live. Really hard to tell how the fight was going, and behind my lads stream to boot.
  9. reveldevil

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    That's where Mason has to improve. This is men's football at the highest level, he'll have to learn to take a bollocking from a teammate, and not let it affect him.
  10. reveldevil

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    I didn't see the Rotherham game so can't comment, but I watched the Blackburn game on RamsTV and I didn't feel the craft and guile to break them down was missing tbh. It felt like one of those games that if you played it 10x, we'd win 8, lose 1 and draw 1. Even their manager was full of praise for the way we attempted to counteract their style. We're still in the infancy of the Lampard era, I'd bet we will find our way around such teams more often than not moving forward. Whether we'll find the solution quick enough to really push for automatic promotion this season I couldn't really say, but we've kind of misfired our way into a position where we're 2 points off top, so I wouldn't rule it out.
  11. reveldevil

    Forum Issues

    I've thought of a way around it. Just embed a message at the top, as you do already for interviews. 'Team announcement on page 11' or similar would do it. You could even do it as a link.
  12. reveldevil

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Stepped off the plane, switched phone on to receive a text message from the lad. 'Best we've played since Mac 1'. That'll do pig, that'll do.
  13. reveldevil

    It's not Chico time, hopefully.

    I can't believe it's not already a topic, but famous goat herder and Derby fan Chico, has suffered from a stroke at the tender age of 47. Get well soon Chico, see you at Pride Park when you're well. Former X Factor contestant Chico suffers stroke - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45599479
  14. reveldevil

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    Bogle's would be down for 10mins from the bench in League cup games if 🐍 was still here. Talked the talk, but never walked the walk.

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