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  1. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    So your plan B is to give teams you think are poor in possession more of the ball, while ourselves who are hopefully decent in possession stand around watching them struggle to create anything once they lose possession? Then hit them on the break? Why not take care of the ball ourselves, and put them on the back door through our attacking play? As for your second point, how many goals are scored from open play through crosses? Is it enough to change the way we approach games, or not?
  2. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    Thanks, proved my point. Do plan A well enough, and plan B is redundant. I bet you still had fans calling for a Plan B, though.
  3. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    The manageable core bit is the most important now. We're carrying a squad numbers wise which is more suited to a champions league campaign than a championship one, I wouldn't like to see additions now without a decent number leaving the building, to use manager speak.
  4. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    Another example of plan A done better, in the circumstances the game dictated. If anything Mac's way was more flexible than any plan B, because it didn't involve throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but a tactical change that all the players were already well versed in, and had trained for. Maybe a plan A.2?
  5. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    They merely swap one world class but underperforming player for another. I wouldn't say they change the way they play though, just hope the changes improve their performance. Not Plan B, just doing Plan A better.
  6. reveldevil

    Plan B needed or not?

    We need a plan B, cries every team's fans every time they fall to an unexpected defeat, or are held to a frustrating draw. Load of nonsense, Plan B can only ever be do Plan A better. Think about it logically, for a plan B to work it would have to be pretty much the opposite of Plan A. Let's say you're a pretty passing side, who keep possession, but the opposition bring everyone back behind the ball in an effort to frustrate you. Every training session you've done has been around keeping possession, movement and one or two touch passing, you've employed the players who can see that system work, but you've called up plan B, which is lump it long into the channels or the box, compete for knock-downs and build from there. Time constraints mean you haven't trained in this way, and even if training time was unlimited, why would you train in a system completely alien to the way you wish to play? Then you have the personnel issue, you've selected/recruited players to play one way, but have at most 3 subs to change to a different style of football, unless you have a super talented squad who can adapt, which at our level simply isn't feasible. Of course you can make changes in formation and the players you select to counter the opposition if need be, but I'd suggest these are tweaks to Plan A, not a Plan B. As a final thought, I'd suggest teams rarely found a way to stop us under Steve McClaren, he just lost the players, through injury to make his system work. He should have changed up Plan A to keep us on an even keel, but he was either unwilling to or didn't have the players to play another way.
  7. reveldevil

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    If we're going to play how we did today, I wouldn't be against keeping Butterfield as part of the squad, it looks ideal for him. I don't think we'll have as much need for Johnson with this style, but he could do a job for someone at this level.
  8. reveldevil

    Sonos Beam.

    The beam is pretty bass heavy too, watching the under 19's tonight it sounded like a cannon was firing every 5 yd pass!
  9. reveldevil

    Sonos Beam.

    I've not heard the homepods in fairness so couldn't compare. Are you saying for £700 quid I could pair 2 Apple homepods with a front facing Apple 3.1 front facing speaker for full on surround sound?
  10. reveldevil

    Sonos Beam.

    If you're looking for a good all rounder, that can replace an all in one hi-fi while supplementing your existing TV's sound, I couldn't fault it, especially if you want to use it across multiple platforms ie Apple, Amazon and even Google. If you already have both a decent hi-fi set up, and a decent surround sound set up on the TV, it's not worth changing, but if you don't it's a worthwhile addition.
  11. reveldevil


    Scored 14, disappointing seeing I was hoping I wasn't such a see you next Tuesday on purpose! I guess I'm just an ignorant twit.
  12. reveldevil

    Matej Vydra

    I really hope that's not true also!
  13. reveldevil

    Matej Vydra

    I agree it was the height of stupidity to offer him improved terms on an extended deal, and then sack the manager who'd wanted that before he'd even come back in the building. Live and learn, hopefully.
  14. reveldevil

    Changes to Audio Subscriptions

    https://www.efl.com/iFollow/ A brief snippet follows, In a second development, and in what is a first for English football, some Sky Bet EFL matches will also be made available to watch to supporters within the UK and Ireland throughout the 2018/19 season via iFollow EFL Clubs will be able to live-stream in the UK and Ireland any league match via their respective iFollow (or equivalent) service that takes place outside the blocked hours of 14.45-17.15 on Saturday afternoons and that is not broadcast live on Sky Sports. Fixtures taking place on Bank Holidays or Easter will be unavailable for streaming. Sky Sports will have the right to stream the same Championship fixtures to subscribers across their interactive and digital services. The interesting bit is the last sentence, how will Sky stream those fixtures and will they undercut the club's price?
  15. reveldevil

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Everything is static in Mablethorpe, even time.

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