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  1. Ninos

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I’d agree. Looks great gets to the edge of the box then next to nothing over and over. He needs to start making a real impact.
  2. Ninos

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Anyone else notice that the second half side plays about 1/3 the speed of the first half side ? And we are playing backwards and sideways way more. Jerome Nuge and Blackman pretty much impotent.
  3. Ninos

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Good god. Carved up by Mansfield’s B team ... take Bryso out put Butterfield in and we leak goals so fast it’s scary.
  4. I like your last sentence as it’s sort of poetic. DH Recognised as a prolific scorer the season before then brought in for a lot of money and did squat then disappeared the next ... it seemed a very intelligent analogy at the time. 🤩
  5. Ninos

    Is this season a write-off already?

    My no hoper Rowett? Nice try to pin that donkey on me. He talked a good game to start and began with some promise by unleashing Vydra but then by the end he blew chunks by employing a coward’s style of football. I’ll refrain from straw manning you though since I don’t recall a single post of yours. I’m not sold on Lampard yet but these signings and the ability to attract them as well as his early faith in LT shows he’s got the right idea in terms of playing personnel.
  6. Ninos

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Nah. We can’t afford to be signing any players so that option was a non starter. This is better anyway cuz we get a trial run. And the high calibre young guns even on loan change the landscape. Assuming Lamps has guaranteed Liverpool and Chelsea that these two will get significant playing time they may be the difference. Once up it would then be a poss to secure them perm or even bring in other quality international players. We are still saddled with the martins Butterfields anyas and other non performing aging fund sucking players and we will just have to navigate those best we can.
  7. And I’ve been insistent on getting Thomas in there too ... Rowett turned to the old guard andnegative football when the going got tough. I underestimated what a loser he would be - but no worse than Mcclaren and Clement ... and Martin still hasn’t played a game for us since Rowett was hired has he?
  8. Not really. Jerome is average at best, Nuge decent. I’d sell Jerome. Your ostrich like love for this forgotten guy given he’s done nothing in forever is mind boggling. Between him and Butterfield you have the most useless two players to don the uniform since Derek Hales ... 🙂 unfortunately it will be very hard to move either player they’re that bad. Again how any fan still has faith in either is a mystery.
  9. Ninos

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Not a write off now. In fairness, it wasn’t clear when Bris posted that we would go the talented youth route, now that we are going with Thomas Mount Wilson and some Lampard tactical nous, we could potentially mount a serious challenge to other league hopefuls.
  10. Very very exciting. First manager to get youth bloodied with Thomas and Bogle and now these two signings. Finally a manager brave enough as Southgate to get young budding stars into the team. Youre never sure when the “give everyone a chance” new manager comes in if he’s gonna go with the same old same old but it appears like he’s going for youth and talent which is our best hope of escaping the division while exciting the fans.
  11. Ninos

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Sarcasm begets truth. Forest are doing what Wolves did. Leeds are building a new team under a world renowned manager then you’ve got us. Idling. Stoke are stoke. If Lampard turns us into an Eddie Howe side part deux and can reverse our fortunes with the very same toolset that Rowett had, then he’ll be the best manager in the UK. If he’s anything less than genius/superlative we are up the creek with this squad of perennial underachievers and flops. Pre season optimism just isn’t there for many of us, unlike pretty much every recent pre season. Lampard and Jody will be hard pressed to be Liverpool of the championship with this crop.
  12. Ninos

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Sadly I agree with @Bris Vegas. Bryson is a good player but he now gets hurt a lot, ala GT. Butterfield and Martin are utter tripe while Blackman Anya and Lawrence have proven next to nothing. Add the failures of Forsyth, the mediocrity of johnson Ledley and Jerome and the demise of GT and all we got left is Vydra, a decent wisdom decent keeper, a decent but slow Hudds, and 2 aging centre backs plus the hopes of youth - Thomas Bogle and Elsnik - all of whom have been consistently overlooked by every recent Derby manager so who’s to say Lampard will do any different. The battle for promotion looks to be between Forest Leeds and Stoke ... lamps will give all a chance so we will prob again see the likes of Butterfield Martin Fozzy Lawrence Johnson Jerome (flatters to deceive) and Martin play key roles. These are players whove failed but who we can’t move because no one wants them. Barring a Lampard miracle which would have to include a Grealish type impact for the under appreciated Luke Thomas, and an injection of skill from Elsnik, we are in some serious trouble.
  13. Ninos

    Luke Thomas

    Agree with @Papahet. Not surprised to see that premier league scouts see his potential. Utter lunacy to sell a young potential superstar and our very best prospect next to Elsnik. Blood him in Frank and then when he delivers you’ll be looking at a huge fee.
  14. Not taking pretty easy chances imo. In an alternate reality we comfortably win that 2-6: 1st half weimann easy header - wide 2nd half weimann angled in on goal - hard at the goalie ledley clearly pushed over from behind in the box - Vydra pen keogh easy headed goal but heads way wide Weimann could lay it to Jerome but loops it over the bar vydra slices it after setting himself up nicely on a lovely Weimann Nuge pass combo Thought these were relatively straightforward chances. Frustrating.
  15. Just as everyone went overboard saying how great Norwich were on Saturday when they were at best, average, peeps are not really talking about how bloody awful Wednesday were. They couldn’t keep the ball, letting us take it from them with ease, and if it wasn’t for our mind blowingly poor execution, we should have absolutely hammered them. Don’t see them winning many more games this season. Burton were far better. Bit worrying that GR couldn’t recalibrate the team with subs and tactics at the half or even at about 60 mins to give that poor team a good hiding ...

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