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  1. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    He's just getting warmed up in fairness.
  2. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Not bad since we had Matej Vydra plus the entire B team out there. All the legs rested and the A team ready to punish Sheffield !
  3. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Vydra wins the penalty - what a beast!!!
  4. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    Good stuff Jono. Where does he rank so far on our most prolific strikers list? 8 in 12 is quite a return.
  5. Who will make way?

    Borrowed time. Weimann must give way pronto.
  6. Ponderations on Hull (2 years ago)

    It's an interesting discussion but there are many more factors than a few changes in there. But the main reason we did well at hull was down to the fact that Hull went in knowing that they had to just defend a big lead. And we went out knowing we had to attack and overcome that deficit. Any 11 players would have done better than the home performance. So the mentality of both sides was the primary reason for the result - which was not a success for Derby, but a success for Hull. They set up to play defensively and they achieved their objective We set up for all out attack and ultimately, we failed. Game 2 entertained but we failed in both games.
  7. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    I was mildly disappointed to see Christie replaced by Wisdom but imho wisdom is our best player so far this season. He's been brilliant.
  8. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Vydra and Nugent wreaking havoc ! Confidence growing, and we saw the seeds v Preston. No 4-3-3 garbage tyvm. Come on Supa Rams!!!!
  9. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

  10. who to start upfront tomorrow

    I agree. 4-2-3-1. I don't care who plays striker either between Nugent Martin or Mickey Mouse. We still need a better more frightful striker ... Jacobsen ? Z? As to Lawrence he MUST play. The surest way to demoralise the player is to bench him after this transfer hoopla. Weimann is the new darling but frankly he's not very good. It's just running fast huff and puff. You got to play him on form but you know that in spite of Russell's lack of form he can always give you that moment of magic? Either is fine there. Olsson will deservedly play again and the others unchanged. Wisdom is best player so far.
  11. who to start upfront tomorrow

    I like him but I'm not him. I'm you.
  12. who to start upfront tomorrow

    He's not as good as Bent in the air (i.e. heading the ball with feet off the ground). But he's still good in the air. Bad in the air would be Matej Vydra. I feel bad saying that but it's true. All that said, martin is rubbish either generally or more obviously rubbish in a Rowett system of football ... better, sunshine?
  13. who to start upfront tomorrow

    He's not bent on the air but he's not bad in the air man. Bad in the Air is Matej. Yikes. He's rubbish mind, I agree with you on that (at least in Rowett football).
  14. Chris Martin

    Perhaps you shouldn't rush to accuse people of breaking the law when you are ignorant of what the law is? Especially when they were just making an interesting, but totally innocuous point about a football player on a forum. Just a thought buddy.
  15. Chris Martin

    So let's see, your "profound" answer to us being better without Martin ... is to say "are we in the premier league" but then tell us that for three years with him we've failed to get there. Some serious weak logic there, dude.

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