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  1. Ninos

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    If we go up and if frank wants a real ball playing goalkeeper, and one with age on his side, then the answer must be yes. Until then, we have a few other fish to fry.
  2. Ninos

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    AL, if we are going to get picky then I think Carson is shaky in his distribution as is Keogh and Fozzy for his attacking prowess isn’t much defensively either etc etc etc ... but Lampard has built a defence to attack. Very few players can combine both defensive strength with great passing speed and creativity. Can’t expect such a player here yet. And I’m just mind Bogled how smooth and creative Bogle is ... add some goals and we have Sessegnon Mk 2. This new DCFC team just a really very good exciting brave side. The ability to connect passes quickly and turn on the burners is just really impressive. Long may it continue
  3. Ninos

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    Can’t believe some of the comments re: Bogle. He’s been fantastic all game ... as have pretty much all of them
  4. Declining is putting it nicely. He completed the decline ages ago and is way back at base camp lol
  5. Ninos

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    Leeds are the best team I’ve seen In this league in recent memory; they were the same v Stoke too. Derby were decent. We’ve prepared well and Lampard wants his teams to pass out the back and to press high etc. BUT Bielsa prepares better, trains his team for 8 hours a day, presses high and plays out of the back. This was a case of a professor of football who knows how to implement what he wants to do versus a rookie manager who knows what he’d like to see and do but hasn’t figured out how to do it yet. He was right to ditch Ledley who’s rubbish if you want to play football frankly, but he should have adjusted the formation as leeds ran riot in the middle and the massive amount of space displayed naïveté from Lampard. You then add the fact that apart from Lowe (had a tough game) and the new Chelsea lad, our goalie and the other defenders as well as Ledley cant pass out of the back quickly and accurately and were laboured and clumsy in possession when faced with a modicum of a press. It’s a recipe for failure. Pep ditched Hart because he wanted a better playmaking goalie. Lampard needs to learn that you can’t make John Stones out of Richard Keogh or Hector Bellerin our of Andre Wisdom - unless you train 8 hours a day like Bielsa maybe.
  6. Ninos

    Is the club being irresponsible?

    Agree with the Thread Creator but not because of money so much. The problem which Rowett did in fairness identify was that you cant have a huge squad and expect great comraderie. Unfortunately he brought in more older players we’d never be able to budge and his outs were heavily loans. Right idea but failed in player selection and tactics. This squad has become huge. It’s fine when we win and keep winning ... but if we lose a few on the bounce then you know that players will be chopped in and out the matchday squad and if we don’t then reverse the results everyone will be disgruntled. Lots of players won’t be playing football and will be blaming selections and the players dropped could easily lose faith too. Squad size is truly very important to our success. Many players need moving out pronto.
  7. Don’t think anyone is advocating hoofball but if you’re gonna play high tempo with the goalie passing out to the defenders you need horses for courses. As much as I like all 3 - Carson Keogh and Davies - the horses don’t seem to be designed for the courses - maybe the acquisition of the Chelsea kid is a response to that in that he’s a ball playing defender. Defenders need to make quality passes forward quick passes across the back line and occasionally even beat the forward. Huddlestone may be an answer to this too as he’s clearly equipped in this regard.
  8. Ninos

    Luke Thomas - New 4 Year Deal!

    Superb player - this is a very smart defensive move by DCFC to fend off the West Ham’s and other PL teams of this world, and keep his valuation nice and high. And forget the bench just start him ffs.🤑
  9. Hardly ... went through a patch where he didn’t play but Watford 15-16, how did he do? You tell me. He’s young and getting better ... that’s why he’s our most highly valued player
  10. Carson - great shot stopper but very poor distributor of the ball and kinda scary with his feet Keogh - big heart great header fun runs but he’s a one footed player whose passing around the back is strained at best Davies - overall excellent leader and defender but prone to losing the ball and not a distributor either Lowes the business as playmaking wing back, wisdom not so sure ... Should we be concerned with Lampard wanting us to play high tempo out if the back ? Move Huddlestone into the centre half role ? Is this an accident waiting to happen ? Or should we not be worried?
  11. Whatever. No cred because we sold him to a lower league outfit without ever giving him a chance ? Garbage is suggesting Martin or Butterfield or Bent or half a dozen others on our books are still good. All proven failures in recent seasons. Vydra is the best striker at DCFC, was ditched at playoff time by Rowett, and yet he’s totally underrated on here - between Rowett Clement and Mcclaren they’ve managed to thwart our young players development and continue to drown us in the obligations of washed up underperformers.
  12. Ninos

    Cup run be nice to have one

    Not true of a few managers. Mourinho seems to field his strongest lineup regardless of opposition whereas we deliberately try to lose if we progress. @Angry Ram is right for the most part but we tend to be on runs in the league then the manager outsmarts himself and rests key players for a big cup match then we collapse in the league too.
  13. Ninos

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Vydra should play. We should play to win. But ... we got our work cut out for us damn
  14. They both scored zero goals last year but Zanzala never got a game. Any striker is better than Martin. Let’s just hope that his lack of opportunities- shelved in favour of has been underperformers - isn’t repeated this season. So far looks like the lowes Bennetts and Thomases will be given chances. Zanzala was a different type of striker - a battering ram with a good touch who could finish - not too sure he’d fit lampards preferences but should have been afforded an opportunity
  15. Ninos

    Darren Bent on Paul Clement

    Who cares. They’re both poor at their professions. Bent tells us what we had all already guessed and Clement tells us what we already saw. Bentys inability to stay onside was utterly maddening and symptomatic of his annoying, laid back playing style. Big time underperformer.

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