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  1. GT The number "10"

    Get what you're saying but Thomas is probably our best young attacking midfielder right now. Agree with you that Elsnik is class but when he was sent out we had way too many midfielders and then we didn't have enough. My preferred two holding mids would be thorne and Johnson but at this point it's hard to say who the best pair are there. We haven't seen enough.
  2. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Good point but ... this plot has yet to unfold but in those last two games it was imperative we stop getting tonked. Prob will depend who it is we play away from home. Eh, At Burton I'm pretty confident Vydra will be playing ...
  3. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    He was never given a chance. Mcclaren was obsessed with one formation and second time around wasn't going to give Pearson a tacit nod by playing his marquis signing. He was thrust to the bench, occasionally played on the wing. Pathetic, really.
  4. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Well obviously the footballing world doesn't agree with you otherwise he'd be sought after - he's rightly in the refuse pile of ex managers. That tells you the story. Other managers regularly mocked Mcclaren tactics post game : doubt you'll see that now. Warburton has his tactical tail between his legs today : he got skinned. No Ben Osborn stories for them to write these days.
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Good football will lead to winning football you're right. But You can't wave a magic wand and be all around a solid unit and entertaining simultaneously. So far he's done a great job has Rowett ... and I can guarantee Rowett knows all about total football and cruyff and it's a myth to say that in the 70s the Dutch were ponderous possession style-they were utterly clinical, neeskins cruyff arie haan rensenbrink etc they just had tremendously skilled (taught the coerver method) footballers. One new dawn of winning football now is a German inspired (Dortmund - Hoffenheim - Leipzig) approach which is what Rowett emulates and brings, adding his own particular flair, but it won't all happen day 1. And it's not an either or : winning v entertaining.
  6. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Don't like the debate. We won at a canter and that was pretty damn entertaining to me - maybe not the first half quite as much with the constant giveaways. Wasn't hoofball but was just errant passing over and over. But laboured possession is boring as hell. Cue Clement style. Mcclaren never bothered to build a defence or organise a set piece or how to defend a set piece. He was truly tactically inept and a serial bottler. You have to build the boring stuff - solid defence, set pieces, tactical game management plan, before you can develop your creative attacking. If you look at our second goal, that was pretty cool attacking combination stuff and clinical execution. We are doing that a lot now. Rowett is doing everything. He's teaching this group how to be winners, and the uber entertaining football is just around the corner. Not only do other teams fear us more but they're prob not even sure how we will play or who we will select.
  7. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Nah. Ambitious was right. It's not an overreaction. What about our crossbar hit and their goalies great save? Our total dominance In the last 30 mins? Forest were useless and all you need to do is read their forum or listen to any forest fans assessments. They were left bereft of any fight. At this rate if we played that team 10 teams we'd beat them 10 times. Inept and with basically no gameplan. Plus how would they stop Vydra? All I agree with is that we weren't that good with the ball until the later part of the match. Rowett himself noted it. Next time we'd be better and Forest would be the exact same. And since Wales aren't playing two games in the week preceding our match, Lawrence won't be as leggy
  8. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Yes that's 100% true TSP but come Jan, will Martin want to continue to play second fiddle and have a role as late inning sub at home? I do think ppl underestimate the larger role Rowett sees for martin in away games. He's prob close to first choice in away games at this point (v Winnall) but ... if he's not guaranteed to start or he's fighting for it, will he want to stay? With his notoriety for Scotland and his past record for us, they'll surely be suitors in Jan and if he wants out he will prob be allowed to go you think.
  9. Rowett is smart but he's fairly faithful to his set of principles. My sense: We won in a cakewalk so It will be exactly the same lineup v Wed. Thorne will be bedded slowly and he won't change a winning defensive midfield pairing, so johnson will not return until the away game where Rowett will really feel pressure to play him as he'll want the hard man in there.
  10. GT The number "10"

    No one on this forum and prob few managers would have thought to bring Thorne on relatively early in the second half and play him in that as advanced m role but it was genius and sexy move - partly proving that Rowett is smarter than any of us and should rarely be questioned, especially by numpties who pretend to know something. Got everyone all excited because a) we love him and b) he did a job to the tee - which Rowett knew he would do - Because he's just George and he always has.
  11. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    I liked this post because it's intelligent and reasoned but Im not sure I totally agree. First he's not slow and cumbersome although he seems to have added some bulk since returning but that's a temp thing. He's not out and out Vydra fast, but closing speed is second to none. So I'm warming to an advanced role and it's a question mark whether GR is thinking "let's see if he can play that role" or it was purely "stop gap / temp measure" for the forest: gave fans a boost to see him and suited the situation as you say. As to Ledley (not yet) because the jury is still out and any extension would depend on a) his continued performance and b) where he sees Hanson and Johnson fitting in once GT returns to full action c) his demands.
  12. Ta. Pretty obvious really. Call it as I see it. And as I said it's been a while since I've seen martin not put a foot wrong and he may have only been on for 10 minutes but he was really excellent, and executed Rowetts plan. Vydra however is in a different class - now underlined by GRs statement that he could be the best #10 in the league. Didn't call the Thorne move but that was a superb move too and the timing was bang on. We now know the home side. There are two new challenges for Rowett. 1. Vyds and Nuge are now locks at home . But When and why does he start the Vydra Nugent tandem away from home? He surely can't keep dropping them for every away game ? 2. How does he hold on to martin who is turning out to be super valuable late on ? If he lets him go in Jan, who'll assume that role? No one? Zanzala when back from Chester? And what's Winnalls situation? Good problems to have.
  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Rome was not built in a day but you can clearly see the pillars and columns now. Patience big boy.
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Not really. We are becoming a very very clever side - almost impossible to beat- and it may not have been our biggest win over them but it was by far and away our easiest. It was a non contest. We just squashed them like a little bug. They grew more lifeless and impotent as the match went on. Keep on rockin, Gary Rowett!
  15. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Gotta be Vyds. Goal and assist. The forest killa.

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