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  1. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Not taking pretty easy chances imo. In an alternate reality we comfortably win that 2-6: 1st half weimann easy header - wide 2nd half weimann angled in on goal - hard at the goalie ledley clearly pushed over from behind in the box - Vydra pen keogh easy headed goal but heads way wide Weimann could lay it to Jerome but loops it over the bar vydra slices it after setting himself up nicely on a lovely Weimann Nuge pass combo Thought these were relatively straightforward chances. Frustrating.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Just as everyone went overboard saying how great Norwich were on Saturday when they were at best, average, peeps are not really talking about how bloody awful Wednesday were. They couldn’t keep the ball, letting us take it from them with ease, and if it wasn’t for our mind blowingly poor execution, we should have absolutely hammered them. Don’t see them winning many more games this season. Burton were far better. Bit worrying that GR couldn’t recalibrate the team with subs and tactics at the half or even at about 60 mins to give that poor team a good hiding ...
  3. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The subs or belated ness of them were mind boggling none at the half ? never pulled a defender at 0-2 with 10 mins left ? Losing, in this sort of game Vyds and Nuge should not have come out All very puzzling
  4. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Disappointing considering how weak the opposition are.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Not weimanns thang
  6. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    All the cuckoo theories are out now lol. Bottom line: rustiness and lack of final good decision or execution so far
  7. Ledley or Thorne starting

    In his post match and pre match chats, Rowett was about as blatantly obvious as you can be that Thorne needs a rest and won’t start today. Wouldn’t surprise to see Ledley plus Nugent and Johnson all starting. Palmer a long shot possibility as well.
  8. Expectation v Reality

    Maybe. I think by good players he means players that could comfortably slot into a competitive PL side and right now we have one - which is Vydra. You could make a case for a couple of others, but not a compelling case.
  9. January window

    Excellent window. Didn’t throw money away. Moved out more washed up, ineffective paycheque collectors, and brought in Jerome and Palmer. Team is now close to a Rowett side: Strong fast hardworking disciplined. We should have brought in and played Thomas and Elsnik from that other club - you know, the one thats called ... Derby County.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    You’ve got the lineup there although Nuge will be the #9.
  11. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    They got robbed at their place when Carson mugged their player so all is fair in love and war and can you imagine if they missed their second penalty after the dodo ref called back the goal cuz he blew the whistle too quick . How we got a draw today is mystifying regardless of penalty calls.
  12. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    When did GR say Jerome say he wasn’t fit ... he said he wasn’t 90 minute game time fit based on limited playing at Norwich right? He’s fine.
  13. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Maybe. Enjoy watching him talk more than I enjoy watching him play but if his talk really matched his play he would just sit there and say nothing or fall off his chair when asked a question. So since it would be boring to listen to silence ... no. And Bent would be caught offside with every question, so no to him too, before you go there.
  14. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Agree. When he first went down it clearly looked like an ACL judging by his reaction ... shocked at the time that he came back on.
  15. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Igor Kevin Hector Rammie Dean Saunders Ewie TBE Charlie George Arthur Cox Nigel Pearson

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