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  1. When every starting player had a strong game its a bit daft to ask that question. Also factor in he’s been out for a bit. He certainly helped Fozzy out that’s for sure - his toughness being the stated reason Rowett player him over JR. You’re beating a dead horse because regardless of what any of us think Rowett adores him.
  2. Defence

    Fair enough, he’s done well, but there’s a lot more factors than Ledley playing. It’s sort of a random stat.
  3. Keogh is Igor

    You’re right - what’s there to discuss ?
  4. Automatic Promotion

    Yup. I recall us talking about his brilliant forward beckenbauer esque runs years ago. Now it’s trendy to talk about them !
  5. Automatic Promotion

    Focus on the next game please. close the thread !
  6. Automatic Promotion

    Jinx !!!!
  7. When he actually tries I’ll back him up ... how he gets away with these performances and no one says anything is mind boggling ... it’s now standing in stark contrast to every other player. He needs to stand up and be counted.
  8. Call it as I see it. No excuses. The 🍷 is a tribute to Michelle ... a true fan who also calls it like she sees it. 🍷
  9. I’m not upset I’m delighted That move btw was all Thorne ... he was integral to each pass ... total composure ... as to martin, he again surrendered critical balls and then just couldn’t be bothered to hustle in for tackles that were a few feet away. Wasn’t that impressed with Nuge tbf - he looked tired from the start - a step off the pace. I was happy that Martin came on but his lacksadasical showing stood out from the other 9 who worked their socks off. What does GR see in martin that we don’t ? 🍷 Ask CM yourself. Did you try today Chris or couldn’t you be arsed? If he’s honest he’d tell ya. It was poor, even for him. He must have packed his suitcases already. I call it as I see it. He don’t get a free pass sorry
  10. Great win ... CM The only blemish ... He was pathetic. One good defensive headed clearance otherwise looked like he just couldn’t be arsed. I think we may have seen his last appearance for us. What does Rowett see in Martin that we don’t? lol 🍷 🍷
  11. Thorne is on a different level - up there with Vydra and Keogh
  12. Keogh - fantastic - one key tackle one sVe on the line one assist ... only a goal was missing
  13. We are DERBY .... and everyone else can 😎**** off ! Get IN
  14. Next sub will be with 5-10 mins left - Thorne for Vyds
  15. Good thing he took Nuge off - he looked knackered and was always one step off the boil. Come on CM get one in

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