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  1. I'm not too much in the mood for being a Rowett apologist right now (given my disdain at him for losing Will) but when did Rowett become the purveyor of stiff non attacking defensive, promotion winning football? At least with Derby. He gave us that one game this past season where we were attacking, entertaining and amazing. He's gone on record as saying he wants to press like Klopp, that he admires that style. If he wants to be the Red Bull Leipzig then he can make a compelling case for Will not fitting that style, as he's not fast and physical enough and is not a goal threat. Nugent Vydra Johnson Thorne all fit the style and Ince too when he's grafting. You need athletes fit aggressive tenacious who stick to a strategic game plan (Wisdom Fozzy), and that can make for very exciting, attacking football. No team excites like RB Leipzig, and no team has shot up the leagues like they have. Let's not knee jerk assume he's just a defensive minded coach after a negative promotion push.
  2. The theme of your comments here David is that the correct thing to do is what most fans want him to do. Or at least that's how he should be judged. But it seems that what @Angry Ramand @rammieib are pointing to is his failure to live up to his own articulated convictions of how to progress the club.
  3. Wasn't too keen on the coffee thing but hey hey now kimosabe, easy on the scarf, cuz I love mine Otherwise bang on, as usual. He does indeed need to stick with one vision, and I kinda liked the original one, at least as articulated.
  4. He deserves premier league football. But still Gutted. Not really a smart move by Rowett as he's lost a lot of goodwill from the supporters out of the gate - almost all of whom adore Hughes - and his managerial leash has been significantly shortened with results expected immediately.
  5. The dog and bloody duck ... lol ... a classic from the anger meister!
  6. There isn't really a debate here. @Angry Ram is right. The goal was to play entertaining attacking football, infuse academy youth, and get us promoted increasing the value of our playing staff. Mel has failed in his own objective. He's pretty much openly admitted it. The worst part is that he's deviated from his original plan or at least he doesn't talk about it openly anymore. Saying Rowett is great, and that he's giving him full reign etc etc doesn't redeem him. Rowett has proven zero so far. Clement Mac Pearson got the same initial endorsement and free reign too, and all touted as the answer, as something that was needed. No they weren't. They were awful. Until the squad is trimmed and we see the pathway to the first team for the youth, until the squad is culled of the journeymen paycheque collectors, and until the likes of Rawson Lowe Elsnik Zanzala Bennett are playing week in week out and thus attracting big money interest, and until Pride Park is a thrilling place to watch football, he's failing by his own measures. Of course I'm disappointed. Plus sadly, not a single player we've bought has moved on for bigger money, ouch, and the only two who have moved on for a hefty gain, yes, academy players who've got to play in the first side. That speaks to bad player recruitment and or bad player development, an additional failing. What do I think of Morris personally? I love him, he cares, I feel that a good man and a friend is in charge, and I love that he's a Derby man but I'd love it more if football wise, he took a close look at the Bournemouth model: get a good manager, keep the squad very small, hungry, and motivated, infuse youth, and deliver on a winning brand of football built on graft and smarts.
  7. Yeah yeah yeah ... how about we get a team first. The rest will take care of itself once we see a group on the pitch with both ideas and self belief.
  8. I like GR but I saw and see little too. Butterflies is right. Heard a lot of good things but saw and see little. It was like he tried hard to keep Hughes Christie and the young ones out and kept playing Baird Bent and Butterfield. When Nugent and Vydra were paired early on, we played great and those two wreaked havoc but immediately after Vydra was quickly dumped back to the bench. Value down, Confidence *poof* again. Understand he's into horses for courses but we had zero momentum and no one knew any better where they stood - except for Baird. Touting a new look team we quickly tell everyone Baird and Bent are back, add an older player and sell our best young one. Now we hear he plans to add 2-3 more ? .... as if we don't have enough of a squad already. It's all very Pearson-ish so far to me, and just follows the haphazard trend we've seen.
  9. 4th
  10. I agree with everything you say but we talked about how he'd be a fool to stay. Will is driving this as he can't languish in this league forever. A) Probably inserted a release clause when he resigned. Remember it took him awhile to put pen to paper. B) The manager doesn't appear to rate him and C) the squad is bloated and directionless and D) he's not playing consistently with Thorne Bryson and Hendrick. He's been surrounded by numpties who can't pass or get open.
  11. I agree with @Gritters. Perhaps this is a clever outrage deflection strategy. A small outrage - no fee at all - takes the attention away from the big outrage - the loss of our beloved for a relative pittance.
  12. He talked a big game, I loved Rowetts talk but If you paid close attention, Rowett kept trotting out the likes of Bent Baird Olsson etc and gave pretty much no opportunities to Elsnik or the other youngsters besides bench selections. And this was in totally meaningless games. If he plays Zanzala he will score, but I'm far from convinced any youngsters especially him will play given the logjam of mediocre veteran players we have blocking a way to these positions. and how much did he play Will Hughes? He preferred to play Butterfield for whatever reason.
  13. Watford fans seem to be enjoying this deal: a couple comments from their forum: "Sign him for £5mil and wipe off the rest of the money they owe us for Vydra and Anya. If they are still upset, put in a 5-10% sell on clause. If we sell him for £30mil one day at least they get £1.5-£3mil, that's a lot for tinpot club like them." "Derby are our Bitches, sell them the dross and buy the family jewels at Del Boy prices."
  14. Dude, I like him prob more than you do, but there isn't a hint from Rowett that he will play him. Not a sniff at the end of last season. It was Pearson that liked him a lot. Until GR indicates he even knows who Elsnik is, youre just winding ppl up. Plus he's different: he's more of a kris commons type than a Hughes type too.
  15. Not if he never plays him because there's a ton of mediocre midfield veterans in there, he wont