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Richard Keogh - puts his heart and soul into playing for Derby


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Absolutely. I've got no idea why some dislike him. Honest, hard working and committed and you know what you're gonna get with him.

Forgive mistakes and be grateful for the rest of his game which make him the player he is.

Yes I'd like Gerard Pique but Keogh fits the bill and has done for some time.

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I love this forum and most of the cyber friends I've made, but the anti one player or another thing is the one area that leaves me totally puzzled.

We All have our favourite players for sure. We all have opinions on players who have areas in their game that could be improved. Then there are the players who have a bad game, make a mistake, or lose form. We even, at times, have moments when we would prefer a player from another teams than our own wearer of a particular shirt .. All normal stuff

BUT .. Why oh why do we have threads that pretend to stimulate discussion but are nothing more than thinly veiled unconstructive attacks ?

players have bad days, they are off it from time to time but this ****** along the lines of "he's lazy or he is a disgrace to the shirt"    For me that sort of stuff just lacks intelligence and marks a poster as just a few pies short of a full priced ticket in the grey matter department. 

For the record, my view...Richard Keogh = good championship footballer, brave bloke, proud and committed wearer of our shirt. Everything else is down to what happens in any individual match and subject to the variability of human performance and luck in either direction. 

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