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  1. Derbyram1983

    Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

    The second side looks a good side to me even with mount and Marriott out injured. Nugent just isn’t effective enough from the start for me, though he’s a good impact sub
  2. Derbyram1983

    Joe Ledley - left by mutual consent

    Wow. A footballer with class, integrity and a real team player in every sense. Wish a few more would have done this to be honest.
  3. Derbyram1983

    Tom Lawrence

    Another player that isn’t a winger that plays on the wing regularly. Obviously talented and got a good shot on him.
  4. Derbyram1983

    Our Striking Options

    When it matters against top teams in the championship and we haven’t got Marriott we will struggle. If we can ship a few out I’d imagine cb and striker are top of Lampard list.
  5. Derbyram1983

    New Contracts

    Your sentence answers itself.
  6. Derbyram1983

    Funso Ojo

    With the amount of cm out of contract in the summer, which is about four all on wages we can’t sustain in this league then this is a priority position.
  7. Derbyram1983

    The pitch

    We’ve had u18s playing on the pitch recently this season as well as the odd u23 games
  8. Derbyram1983

    Injury watch

    I did t know that. Your probably right. Well two weeks wages lost is best yet than none.
  9. Derbyram1983

    Injury watch

    Thanks. Suppose that’s why we’re looking at Ashley Cole.
  10. Derbyram1983

    Injury watch

    Anyone know when Marcus olsson is back or training? Another one who’s contract is up.
  11. Derbyram1983

    Injury watch

    The good thing about that would be that during his 6 game ban(think it was 6) we would have docked his wages for that period. So maybe we got him off the wage bill for a month. He’s on a good whack to as he was our record signing at one point.
  12. Derbyram1983

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Nothing to do with tactics. The better team is winning. And they deserve it.
  13. Derbyram1983

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    We’re poo
  14. Derbyram1983

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Problem is with the spending our club has done. The players on the bench Wichita is obviously only five have cost more than the eleven on the pitch. And the players that don’t even make the squad have also with Johnson, anya and buttrfirld at somewhere around £13m. What a joke of a club
  15. Derbyram1983

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Not improved since the second game of the season. We need this window and next to see where we are at. Where we are at now is nowhere. Without Wilson we’re poo.

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