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  1. If we hadn’t messed up the ga Es against millwall, Rotherham, Bolton we would be up there. We’re eighth for a reason and a point away to Birmingham is decent. We’re not playoff material. Can’t wait for some young lads in the team next week when we have nothing to play for
  2. Good point in my opinion. Main thing is we’ve found out how to score goals. Always got a chance when you score goals.
  3. He looked a very good defender when I watched Ipswich v Norwich. Very good positional sense on the day imo.
  4. Not shown enough on a regular basis. Of late his heading and ability to get a foot in have been invaluable. On very reduced wages I would but not on the reported £30k a week we just can’t afford it.
  5. *bryson was a gifted player for us about three seasons ago. Last season he was on loan to Cardiff. IMO I’m talking about now not the past like forest fans always do. It’s now about value for money.
  6. He’s becoming a great asset to this team regardless of his age. But like Hendricks, ince, Hughes and vydra before him were paying extortionate wages to less than average players, butterfield, Nugent, Johnson, Bryson, Olson who hasn’t played for over a year and many more. That’s why we sell our assets to fund these less gifted players. Hopefully next year we start with almost a clean slate and big wages are a thing of the past.
  7. His aerial ability has made a difference and being able to get a tackle in. Can’t fault his last few games. But if he’s on the money he’s reported to be on then no way. Can’t afford him and we need a younger cheaper midfield enforcer.
  8. Think this is my first prediction of the season. Derby 3-0 Wigan. Frgs Marriott
  9. I think Waghorn and Marriott are good players. That’s over £10m. Other than that Evans, josefzoon and malone look poo
  10. I personally think we’re in a bad way. No salable assets or very little. A small squad next season with very little quality. Nothing to do with frank but previous managers have really messed this club up. We’re in a similar situation to when clough took over about ten years ago. Only way we can get out of this is if a lot of the younger players come in and do well.
  11. Shows our squad/team hasn’t improved since last season. Not the managers fault as he’s not had chance to strengthen due to our massive squad. Think we need another two seasons with frank and then we will have a good team ready to challenge. Sorry wrong thread.
  12. This is the one and only contract I’d be willing to renew and fast. Otherwise clubs can sign him for nothing.
  13. Surely time for Roos to be rewarded for his efforts with a new deal.
  14. Bryson can’t play a forward pass, Nuge was isolated but if a player with more pace was up top they would have caused more problems, centre mid for me was where it was lost. Not bite or control in midfield.this is where mount is missed he can create and keep the ball. Glad brysons contract is up in the summer.
  15. I’m just glad that a few of these are out of contract in the summer. Problem is the morons at the club Will probably give them new deals. What does Nige the offer these days? Absolutely nothing for his 30-40k a week.
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