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  1. toddy

    Title Race

    Realistically the title race was over last year. We are certainly not good enough to win the autos and at the momemt not even good enough for the play offs. My real concern is that the best players we have are not ours, they will be returning to their clubs after this season ends. So we have to buy premiership quality players in the summer or loan again just to be where we currently are, and we are not good enough now. Maybe we need a mass clear out during the summer and bring in quality not quantity. COYR
  2. toddy

    Title Race

    So did newport county but i wouldnt expect them to do well on the prem either.
  3. toddy

    Title Race

    What we buy 15 new players?😉
  4. toddy

    Title Race

    Norwich, Baggies and Dirties. We are currently not good enough for promotion.....don't want another 2008!
  5. why would teams look for promotion if it was.....
  6. toddy

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    I keep reading the transitional word in various posts. But surely we have been in transtional state every season since 2013 under Mac 1 . We have had 7 managers since 2013? Its a cop out word used as an excuse alot of times. After all are Leeds and Norwich in a transitional state? No. We may have less pts at this stage of the season when comparing to Rowett. But look how the football on the pitch has improved, we have a small squad we have injuries. I do believe Frank will get it right, yes he will make mistakes, but i do believe he will learn from them. Once we have a full strength side back we can match anybody in this league. COYR
  7. toddy

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Tiger Tedd ******. 😀
  8. Their Class showing through now
  9. First 20 mins we were awful and the saints showed their glass but they dat off and we took over. Shame about the goal though not standing.
  10. Gulf in glass in immense.
  11. We give the ball away far too easy in our own half
  12. toddy

    Are our loan players really all that?

    Wilson and Mount are possible the two best players we have. Without them we would be sitting mid table.

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