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  1. toddy

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Awful performance FL still trying to make a silk purse out of pigs ears......
  2. toddy

    Jack Marriott

    Far from it, the lad just needs a few goals and confidence will flow. At the moment he does look like a player trying to impress too hard.
  3. The facts of his declining seasons speak for themselves. But lets not get facts in the way. 😀
  4. You have a declining player going to a declining club. So its good for both of them. If he can start scoring goals again and put a few in against our rivals that would be a bonus.
  5. toddy

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    I would deffo go front 3 of Josefzoon Waghorn Lawrence. It will be a different game as Adkins wont be playing kids on Saturday.
  6. 0-4 tonight, Chris who?😉
  7. Well he is not in ths squad, so what does this tell you?
  8. U23 games and pre season friends are for individual fitness only. In Martins case he is playing or he is out on loan. If he is not playing tonight there is a very good chance he is already out of the door....
  9. You have to remember under 23 games are just like pre season friendlies....meaningless.
  10. Never said that. Regardless whether Martin is currently fit or not buying 2 other strikers states the strikers FL has at his disposal are not good enough to play his style of football. It might also be the case that had Martin been fit and not injured he might well have gone in the summer transfer window again i am basing this on Waghorn and Marriot arriving this summer.
  11. With FL spending money on Marriott and Waghorn - i am guessing Martin is surplus to requirements here. Maybe FL sees Martin unsuitable in the style football he wants us to play?
  12. He did score a few goals at Fulham, but he couldnt hold down a starting 11 position. And they even gave their midfielders a start over him in the CF position. He had struggled to hit the heights of 13/14 and 15/16 season.
  13. Now you are assumming a few things here. 1. If he can regain fitness 2. If FL thinks Martin can fit into his system 3. If Martin plays and plays well lots of ifs in the above.😂
  14. FFS, This all this Martin ...… Can do this, Martin cannot do that...…. He was once a good goal scorer for us but can remember was that what 3 or 4 seasons ago? He has played under a few managers since and it has not worked out for him in any of the scenarios, even at Fulham where he scored a few goals, he was a bit player who could hold down a starting position. All that matters now is not what he has done in the past its what he can do now. FL will have seen what Martin can and cannot do, does he fit into FL's system and style of play? That is up to FL. I would back FL over any forum member on who knows what is better for DCFC, he certainly has so much more experience on football than the forum members on here. COYR

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