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  1. Yes but the reality was we were miles away from being a team capable of the autos. The points and performances do show this. Unfortunately we have a team which has been assembled by numerous managers that does not gel together. FL needs to offload those that his do not suit his plans. And there is certainly more than 1 here. We have to be realistic, we are some way off the promoted sides.
  2. Not 1 ....but if we had 5 better players we might have been competing for top 2.😄 What were we 19 pts off automatic promotion? Shows how far off we actually are. Complete clear out is required and let FL rebuild for next season.
  3. Makes no difference whether it was a pen or not. It was not given. And has no bearing on the poor Derby performance.
  4. Never expected us to get to the play offs, thought around 8th- 10th. Not going to the Leeds game as are flying out to Kos Saturday .......we are in Nissyros for 3 weeks.....OMG we might be promoted when I return.
  5. Should be 0-1 WBA. What a miss.😂
  6. Its a must win game regardless what side the baggies put out. 12 wins and 7 draws at home this season - Can see Boro beating Rotherham who's season is over and relegated.
  7. They coming over for the win and hoping Ipswich do them a favour. They what to avoid Leeds and Villa till the final.
  8. Baggies coming over for 3 pts so they might finish 3rd and avoid Leeds and Villa until the final.
  9. Remember bald eagle built a very good side base around Stimac that got us up. But then bought us some quality. ..Wanchope, Ansanovic we finished 12th then he added Baiano and Eranio the following season and we finished 9th then 8th. Quality and not quantity.
  10. You have to remember Cardiff have in a manager someone that knows what is required to get of a division with promotion.
  11. the right manager with the right quality places and then when you get into the prem you just add one or two more as you already have a settled side.
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