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  1. toddy

    Frank's punditry- Clues on how we'll play.

    complete rebuild is due..... 2018 could be the tale of two opposites.
  2. FFS he was top scorer last season!
  3. Please reread what i actually said. Then go and look at his goal tally from each season starting from say 2013/14 season up o present.🤣
  4. Erm, Top scorer in the championship, FFS, what more do you want Vydra to do?
  5. Rather than use the art of deflection to hide Martins short comings, why not just let the facts speak for themselves. Remember Martin is a supposed goal scorer - but for the last 5 or so seasons he has consistently scored few goals each season, just maybe there is a reason for this other than the blinded moaning going on in this thread.
  6. toddy

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Not read all of the 45 pages on this..... But pleased he has joined us, brings so much knowledge , will track a lot of big name players. But I do think he needs to bring in quality back room staff to help him! Look forward to next season with so much pleasure!!!
  7. toddy

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    So he wants to talk to Stoke - well get him off now. How does this look? Scum bag! Should never have brought him in!!!
  8. toddy

    Championship or Premiership

  9. toddy

    Top 6 was a decent season

    I bet getting to the play offs was behond most fans expectations this season. But once there we should have really made more of an effort over the 2 games. Not really a fan of playing 5 at the back especially at home. Unfortunately we are now stuck for another season with ageing players, not really a good sign.
  10. toddy

    Best team won

    2 shots on target over 2 games says it all really.😞
  11. toddy

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    Knows what is needed to get out of the division. Knows how to wind up the opposition. I do like listening to him as he shows passion I dont like his football - but he might just get us promoted!
  12. Maybe its time for the axe to fall - on the players!!!!!!!!!
  13. toddy

    Can we still do it?

    Re read the first paragraph again. As usual you fail to read and understand.
  14. toddy

    Can we still do it?

    As results and performances have shown we are nowhere near good enough for promotion, just imagine the scores against us in the prem with this team!!! Anyway, who actually thought at the start of the season we would be fighting for promotion come April? Not many I bet! Roll on to next season.....

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