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  1. Would missing out on the play offs be should a bad thing? I think we have been punching above our weight all season are now probably getting close to where we should be results wise. GR could use this season as a bench mark on which positions need to be improved and bring players in for a real promotion push next season? I think we have to be realistic, we have had a good season so far but are a bit short in quality to take us up. And to be very honest if we got up via the play offs we would need a 98% squad change just to be able to fight for survival in the premiership, [really don't need a 2008 repeat] So maybe GR uses this season as experience and pushes on for next season? What do others think?
  2. change formation

    Fans forget we were punching above our weight for most of this season, rode our luck in a lot of games but we are probably now at our standard. Fans have to except this.
  3. Derby County vs Fulham

    We might not even make the play off at this rate!
  4. Our best and worst months - the facts

    Well 6pts from 15 this month is why we have dropped off plus unfortuately Cardiff and Villa picking up pts so are now 7pts off the autos. We have to get back to winning ways, but hand on hearts who thought in August we would be where we currently are in Feb? No many!
  5. Five more wins

    Well we have to start back to winning ways with Fulham, qpr and the idiots on sunday coming up .

    Some fans need a reality check, we still are a average side massively over achieving - now we are probably getting the results that we should have been getting all season. OMG - if this side got promotion, we would have to buy aleast 20 new players for the prem - these players are not good enough for promotion and maintaining prem status.
  7. Reading v Derby County

    The annual collapse continues....😞
  8. Promotion predictor

    Probably make the play offs. 4 games ago when we beat Brentford we were 3 pts above Cardiff - we are now currently 5 pts behind them. Its official our collapse has begun. It was all in our own hands now its gone. I think Wolves and Villa for top.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/news/ranked-the-50-worst-players-in-premier-league-history/ss-BBJjOnc?ocid=spartandhp#image=51 Guess the two former Derby players that made the list of 50 worst premier league players of all time?
  10. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Maybe its just a reality check that really needs to be done by fans..... Come on who in August actually thought we would be where are in February? I bet there are not many? There is a saying ....'your fighting above your weight', we currently are!
  11. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Another dire performance we must improve if we want promotion.
  12. Would it be better to go up in playoffs.

    top 2, as it gives us more time to asses who is staying and going and time to bring in better quality players.
  13. FFS, We dropped 2 pts because Martin was not playing for us.... Maybe it was something to do with having 11 on the field that actually had an off day.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Its a game where we cannot afford to draw or lose - its a must win game, otherwise we could find ourselves 4 pts off Villa come Saturday night. Win and it puts pressure on Villa and hope Preston can do a job on them.
  15. Too many draws?

    The unbeaten run is irrelevant, if Villa win today and go above us as I think they will carry on in 2nd spot. For auto's draws are no good. - Yyesterday's performance possibly the worst of the season and we do have to play so much better against the wendies.

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