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  1. Waghorn is now Marriott is the future.
  2. You prabably find both Villa and Leeds have won the odd away game this year. Not really sure where we lay in the current form table- but you never get a poor bookie thats for certain.
  3. The penny might drop for all those that think we will still get promotion. After all if we cant beat blues away we dont deserve to be in the play offs, against the likes of Leeds and Villa.
  4. If we cant beat Blues tomorrow, forget the talk of play offs.
  5. Can you imagine this side in the Prem? There again we could buy 10 new players and still do a Fulham! I think its far better to do a Wolves and go up with a very good promotional team and compete in the prem.
  6. As far as Clement is concerned, he will never make a good manager while he has a hole in his arsenal.
  7. Yes they are because he is trying to build a side take Marriott for instance he is one for the future and i believe will be very good for us, others he has brought in are a temp fixs like Waghorn - he has inherited a large number of players that others have brought in who are not fit for purpose, but they are tied to a contract - hence the clear out this summer.
  8. The are good managers and there are poor managers. As far as FL is concerned he needs time and he needs players here that can do a job. A clear out this summer will help with that. At the moment he is trying to make a silk purse from a pigs ear.
  9. Yeah right. You were actually incorrect regarding the game in hand too. But that did nt surprise me. Maybe you should be more realistic in your assessment?
  10. FFS. The play offs. We are an average side and a million miles off a promotion side. Let FL have a mass clear out in the summer and have a proper push for promotion next season. The play offs 😂
  11. They are a mid table team who had not scored a goal in 4 games was it? Never mentioned Bristol nor Forest not interested in either side. People still think promotion is on.😀 I do wish fans would be more realistic. We are a million miles from being a team capable of promotion, in boxing terms we have punching above our weight most of the season. I would settle for finishing 7th and have a good clear out this summer, let FL bring in those he wants at the club. We can have a proper push next season.😉
  12. To be team capable of promotion we need to be beating the Brentfords of this league. Looks like Villa will demolish those in the play offs. Looking forward to a clear out in the summer and a proper promotion push next season.
  13. Yes if only Mel had listened to me, maybe he wouldnt have wasted all that money on Martin's contract. 😂
  14. Not too sure why most are discussing what might be in Mel's Will ? All that really matters is we will not go into FFP, Mel has bought Pride Park from himself, he's a fan and one that has put his money where his mouth is. Maybe this thread needs to be locked!
  15. We sold the Stadium to avoid FFP. Nothing dodgy or underhand has taken place. But the real concern is for every £100 generated by turnover , almost £137 is spent on wages. This has to be addressed.
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