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    kevinhectoring reacted to Amberram in Odds on relegation   
    Siege mentality, we will be fine.🙏
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    kevinhectoring got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    He spent most of his energy when he was with us preparing for a media career   On the pitch he resembled a tug boat 
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Jram in Out Of Contract   
    Derby have an option to extend Buchanan contract next summer so effectively two years left (according to DET) so no rush to sell this summer
    Byrne is such a hard one… our most creative player but also at peak age for value and leaving for nothing next summer… it’s a keep for me just because he is that good (relative to all our players in other positions)
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    kevinhectoring reacted to SFox1993 in Out Of Contract   
    You think Byrne is average ?
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    kevinhectoring got a reaction from cosmic in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    They can’t even count 
  6. Haha
    kevinhectoring got a reaction from hintonsboots in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    They can’t even count 
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Shadowplay in Tamworth   
    Perhaps with Brum no longer having an academy, Derby are wanting to fill that void?
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    kevinhectoring reacted to B4ev6is in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    Please guys mel tried his best to get club were it belongs and his heart is in the right place he tried spending money into the club bad luck has hit during that time and I just wish people leave him alone he is not the one to blame for this mess and you know who is dont you.
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Sport Billy in What On Earth Is Going On At Derby?   
    He always does "Eddie Howe......any how"
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    kevinhectoring reacted to loweman2 in Once Upon A Time in 1884   
    I have been reading again Peter Seddon’s great book “ The Men Who Made The Rams”, the story of the birth of our great club, I have then tracked the original newspapers from 1884 to see for myself just what was happening 137 years ago, it’s an interesting read ! 
    I intend to add stuff on a regular basis, knowing the history of your club is an essential part of supporting your club, all of this stuff is out there preserved for future generations but how many people know that or how to access it, not many, so  I’m going to share it.

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    kevinhectoring reacted to Taribo in Once Upon A Time in 1884   
    Pfff, leased the ground back then, never had a pot to pee in
  12. Haha
    kevinhectoring reacted to i-Ram in The position with HMRC   
    I have just been on the HMRC Forum, and all they are taking about is what formation Wayne Rooney’s Derby County will play this year. A good number are going for 433 but personally I don’t think any of them have any idea whatsoever.
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Tyler Durden in The position with HMRC   
    I'm totally digusted and dismayed that on a football forum there appears to be an absolute lack of understanding of basic tax and accounting practices. 
    Appalled from Thames Ditton.
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    kevinhectoring reacted to CBRammette in The position with HMRC   
    Nobody knows - all speculation. The only definite is that it must be different to other Championship clubs as it is listed on the embargo causes for us only. 
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    kevinhectoring reacted to RoyMac5 in Choose your 5   
    Rather have Archie Gemmill or Willie Carlin.
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    kevinhectoring got a reaction from jimtastic56 in The position with HMRC   
    Maybe the reason Mel wasn’t at the ManU game is, he’s gone into space 
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Ellafella in The position with HMRC   
    I asked Nico to explain the situation and he said “ Derby County is a football club that was formed in 1884 as an offshoot of Derbyshire County Cricket Club when the latter needed funds to build a new cricket pavilion. William Morley, a railway clerk from Nottingham proposed the formation …”
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    kevinhectoring reacted to EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Deeply worried for under23s   
    Did he look like a red squirrel?
  19. Haha
    kevinhectoring reacted to Boycie in Deeply worried for under23s   
    I’ll start.
    It wasn’t me.
  20. Sad
    kevinhectoring reacted to MuespachRam in Wayne Rooney   
    You are living in a fantasy land if you think that Marshall/Roos, Fozzy, Davis, CKR, Jowviak and Lawrence are top 6 players. 
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    kevinhectoring reacted to California Ram. in Has the transfer embargo been lifted?   
    Maybe the proposed Will Hughes Watford to Villa transfer could also improve our position (15 percent sell on clause ?)
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    kevinhectoring reacted to Beetroot in Choose your 5   
    Literally the only possible rationale for allowing Rooney to continue is his links to Manu. If he can't pull some strings and bring in the cream of that academy then he needs sacking off. Otherwise abandon that list, get rid of Rooney, shove poor old Wassall into the dugout and see what's what. What does McClaren do? If he's still here sack him too. And Rosenior and the other one. Keep that tall one with the crazy curly hair and big glasses I like him. But otherwise get back to bare bones and start again. If we get relegated then we get relegated. Probably worth finding a couple of centre halves from somewhere though. Wassall'll sort it.
    What was the question?
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    kevinhectoring got a reaction from angieram in Has the transfer embargo been lifted?   
    Really good news this and suggests Pearce meant it when he said the club was building bridges with EFL. Hopefully we are also agreeing the outstanding P&S returns with them so that the accounts can be filed 
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    kevinhectoring got a reaction from ram59 in Choose your 5   
    Menghi has to be one of them. He’s improving rapidly, athletic, the least likely to get injured and has more talent than anyone else on the list 
  25. Haha
    kevinhectoring reacted to Gisby in Choose your 5   
    R McFarland
    C Todd
    B Rioch
    K Hector 
    C George
    am I close? 😳
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