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  1. Time will tell whether his wallet is as big as his cajones
  2. How much did Byrne cost? There are lots of clubs who are totally strapped, plenty of good players will be cheap. If we can just scout them well. And Rooney’s team selection indicates some of our youngsters will be on the move (if not on loan). Don’t think P&S allows us to spend the amounts you mention Think it’s as much about good decisions as dosh
  3. I’ve had a tenner on Matsuyama for the last 4 majors he’s played in, convinced he’s got one in him. Didn’t do it this time for some reason. Will have very mixed feelings if he wins
  4. Don’t get all this hand wringing over home and away. Our form is patchy, we need two good performances. As likely to happen home or away, pretty much, and I don’t give a monkeys which it is. I think we’ll do it.
  5. I hope Erik and Wayne don’t compete for our mum’s attention
  6. Definitely needs to learn how to pronounce Derby. Odd that he speaks English as much like an Indonesian as a Spaniard. Shades of Joey Barton. Hopefully he’ll be saying ay up me duck in no time
  7. when someone’s running past you really fast, try sticking a brolly between their legs from the side, just as they overtake. Tip first obviously Brolly needs to be closed tho so won’t work if it’s raining
  8. Really hard to know what will happen here. How much Indonesian money does he have behind him? Can he bring new sponsorship? Will he get on with Rooney? I guess we’ll know a lot more in the summer.
  9. Most worrying thing about young Wayne is that when it becomes clear that the plan is not working, it takes him a long time to change it up. Still not really sure to what extent his coaching ‘team’ have influence over the strategy.
  10. ??? if the stadium lease is a "good deal" for the club - and if the terms were not amended pre-sale - then the favourable lease terms mean you pay more for the club shares. It's one enterprise. In any case, probably all driven by MM's tax position Anyway my point was not about value, the point is: the owner doesn't need the freehold because the lease can give control which is what matters. And no sane owner will buy the club without control of the stadium Makes no difference who owns the freehold, of course, so long as the lease terms are ok. Likewise it makes no difference
  11. we have lost the stadium? Please explain what you mean If our new owner is willing to buy the football club without getting control of the stadium then things are not looking good
  12. Made me think of Tom, the rough and the smooth. Kazim hits the post with a superb header off a wonderful cross from fozzie, Tom drives an absolute bullet just inside the post and it takes a world class save to stop us going 1-0 up. A different game. Then, he’s tracking back giving the impression of defending but really can’t be ar$ed to tackle. Result: goal at the other end
  13. About time we had some decent universities
  14. Well the accounts can be useful. If they are filed that is
  15. Bird likely to get quite a lot better but not sure whether Knight will develop
  16. Yes I think family silver might be a better description for all but Beilik
  17. 40/1 for a top 6 finish when Rooney took over and when Bielik was fit looked pretty good odds
  18. Errr... That ‘Barker lad’ is being paid to commentate for people who have paid £10 to watch their team on Rams TV. So give him a break. He’s actually always prepared to be critical of the rams, but you need to listen between the lines : he doesn’t do it in a strident way because, well, he’s being paid to commentate for people ... etc. Imho he’s very perceptive
  19. There’s plenty to gripe about with Rooney but today was not a defensive set up. You had - at the start - the entire midfield of 5 pushing forward. Look at Bird’s field position in the first 20 mins. Didn’t really work: there was no organised press anywhere and it left us exposed at the back. But whilst it may have been harebrained it was not defensive. And in Rooney’s defence, the problem was fixed which gave us the best of the first half.
  20. Fine but Wednesday playing good football with ambition and at pace. We are SO slow by comparison.
  21. At least persuade him to stop starting with Knight.
  22. He was marking space for their goal. Want to see Watson instead
  23. Midfield playing high mind you. We are vulnerable to the long ball to the runner
  24. Not going to improve our ability to get Everton loanees next season
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