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    RedSox reacted to kevinhectoring in Pearce could be removed from EFL roll   
    It’s easy to see what he has done. He’s done what any mega rich fan would do. He’s tried to win promotion against clubs owned by billionaires and clubs that receive parachute payments. He’s very nearly succeeded. He’s made mistakes, some foolish and some calculated risks. 
    ManU fans hate Glazer because he’s in it for the money. IMHO it’s wrong to attribute those motives to Mel. 
  2. Clap
    RedSox reacted to Rampant in Ballsy move by the EFL   
    It's a ball. 
    Does everything to do with the sport have to be hyped and have its own launch video?
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    RedSox reacted to Charlotte Ram in Sam Rush   
    Myths include the conclusion that he does not take advice from anyone, that he alone did the due diligence on the fake shake and the Spanish dreamer, that he has not put £150 million into the club, that he is a dictator and not a benefactor etc etc.
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    RedSox reacted to 86 Hair Islands in EFL appeal   
    I don't think many are interested in material damages. To my way of thinking, it's a dual-carriage cul-de-sac. Certainly the club have made it clear they've no interest in pursuing this any further, but the EFL 'playbook' will now result in a protracted delay in announcing sanctions, followed by a punishment so outlandish that we will be forced to appeal it and on and on goes the circus unto 'the last syllable of recorded time'.
    Their game plan has been clear from the outset, least to my way of thinking. We were always going to be punished for having the temerity to question their stewardship, irrespective of whether we were guilty of any wrongdoing, or not. The irony is that the light has only shone on our apparent 'crimes' against football, whilst the criminal underselling of TV rights has never been mentioned again, least not in the public domain.
    If the EFL worked as hard at securing a fair slice of the cake as they do at destroying member clubs they are meant to represent, all of this would be moot. The irony of this is nothing short of astounding.
  5. Clap
    RedSox reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in McClaren, what !!!   
    Surely he’s allowed an opinion on other clubs, particularly those that he has previous ties with. 
    I like you would prefer to get our house in order, however SM having an option and voicing his opinion cant reflect on his role here. 
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    RedSox reacted to ColonelBlimp in Celebrity fans   
    Can we skip the next golden age so we don't have to suffer Prog Rock?
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    RedSox reacted to Ram-a-lama fa fa fa in Celebrity fans   
    its a YES from me
  8. Clap
    RedSox reacted to Pearl Ram in Rooney In!   
    Though unimpressed with our showing in the last umpteen games I think if anyone needs a break from all things DCFC for a brief period it’s Rooney. 
    He’s been misled and frankly let down in my opinion so a couple of days away with his lad is not something I can hold against him.
    I’ll be back on his case shortly mind. 🤣
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    RedSox reacted to LondonRam2 in Celebrity fans   
    Bruford is a very good answer, he was in 4 of those bands (Yes, King Crimson UK & Gong).
    The other more obscure answer is guitarist Allan Holdsworth (also RIP) who was in UK, Soft Machine, Lifetime and Gong.
    Prog lives!
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    RedSox reacted to LondonRam2 in Celebrity fans   
    The late great John Wetton RIP.
    Born in Willington and lifelong Rams fan.
    For those on here who know nowt about good music, John Wetton was the Bassist & Vocalist with Family, King Crimson, UK and Asia during the 70s and 80s.
    In case the bands above aren't familiar, these bands also featured ex members of Roxy Music, Yes, ELP, Soft Machine, Lifetime, Gong,  and of course not forgetting the Buggles (Video Killed the Radio Star).  Special bonus point to anyone who can name the musician who played in 4 of the bands mentioned here.  Special bonus point also to anyone who can name the other 2 musicians with whom Wetton formed a short lived trio in the late 1970s that rehearsed together but never released an album.
    Best places to start are:
    Caught in the Crossfire (solo)
    Red (King Crimson)
    UK (UK)
    Asia (Asia)
    Greetings from the Progiverse, earthlings!
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    RedSox reacted to Inverurie Ram in WHY   
    @therams69chin up mate. It's never easy being a Derby County fan. Your frustrations and passion captured a couple of times on East Midlands News this week paint a picture of that and so much more. @Angry Ramhad his doubts right from the off regarding the current board.
    I tend to fall into the trap of sticking by folk to the bitter end, a loyalty thing, Nigel Clough etc hoping they can make amends or have had bad luck or been dealt a rotten hand etc. You mention Cocu and I believed in his 5 year plan, and then Rooney arrived, and Cocu was undermined, but Cocu like the true Gent just got on with it, but he began and carried on to look unhealthy in his position. Then you hear things like Hughton would not have come to work for us, when he was available, then alarm bells start to ring.
    I even asked a member of the club a simple question recently about the fans being shown on the advertising boards, when we scored a goal, something the club had advertised on it's official website, to carry out, why it wasn't happening or was I not seeing it? or was it because we simply were not scoring any goals at Pride Park or had it being pulled and if so why, nothing on the official website explaining such, so simple things like that were falling over, which were seen as important things to get right at the club, not so long ago, that openness between the club and fans.
    I hate to see our club struggling and I agree with the German model, with fans being on the board etc, but at the same time, you also have to consider the work, time, effort, costs etc the likes of yourself, 1884 Group etc have already put into trying to improve the atmosphere at Pride Park. It would be a hell of a lot more work and effort to be heavily involved in DCFC. It's hard enough just trying to follow the football club you love, and trying to get your message across with all the genuine best interests of the club for instance on this forum, without a few people wanting to drag you down, so never mind being heavily involved within the club.
    At the end of the day, we all want what's best for Derby County Football Club, and unfortunately people make mistakes, we are human, we all make them in life, not intentionally and sometimes it's not easy to correct them, moving forwards.
    We failed to beat Q.P.R. without MM, we failed to beat Aston Villa with MM at Wembley, there have been ups and downs along the way, we will move forward with many more ups and downs to follow. We carry on loving and supporting the club.
    Try not to let it ruin your health and wellbeing.
    D.C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.
  12. Clap
    RedSox reacted to Mckram in WHY   
    Love it when people’s argument for doing things differently is not signing poor players.
    Imagine being Mel, like actually being Mel and when someone comes to you and says we think this player will be amazing for Derby but it’s £6m you’re going to have to pay out your own pocket for them. Ignore his net worth as a lot of that is tied up money he doesn’t have access to. It’s real cash and will impact him greatly.
    He must have had some ridiculously hard calls to make and it was all to take Derby to the next level and please us fans. I will never slate him because I’m fairly certain if I had the money he did I’d have made a lot more mistakes along the way.
    If he won at Wembley against QPR or Villa then he is a hero to everyone, simple as that. 
  13. Clap
    RedSox reacted to G STAR RAM in EFL appeal   
    Without sounding rude, if you have something to tell us all why not just say it instead of carrying on with all of this cryptic nonesense.
    You claim to have the clubs best interests at heart, so surely if you have some earth shattering news then surely you would need us all to know to get us on your side and putting some pressure on the ownership. 
    Now I don't know you but from what other people say you seem to be a nice genuine guy, but from an outsider point of view, the tactics you are employing on here just make you lool like an attention seeker. I'm not saying that as an insult just letting you know why you will potentially be harming the cause that you say you want people to join with you and fight.
    I know you've said you wont say anything because people know who you are but what are you expecting? Mel Morris and Stephen Pearce to come round your house when it is dark and bury you under Pride Park Stadium?
    As long as what you are saying is factual and not libellous I'm really not sure why you think that you cannot say it on here.
  14. Clap
    RedSox reacted to Arsene Titman in EFL appeal   
    You can call me a grammar pedant but I don’t care. This “appealing a decision “ drives me mad so I’m glad to see that John Percy correctly says “appeal against this decision “. “Appealing a decision” is almost as bad as saying “of” instead of “have”.
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    RedSox reacted to S8TY in Craig Forsyth   
    Loyalty in football is few and far between and he deserves a massive send off if we release him but yesterday he was poor but wasn’t helped by a flimsy keeper who parried the first one instead of jumping on the ball and stayed on his line doing nothing when could’ve claimed the ball for the third  ...the second goal was 100 per cent Fozzies fault but he’s been a very good reliable player for us and had some horrendous injuries ...he deserves a proper send off if he leaves the club 
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    RedSox reacted to drgoodspeak in Waghorn - What a (final?) performance!   
    Been a tough season for him especially, but man did he deliver in that game yesterday.
    Just watching the highlights again. He effectively kept us up. Nearly cut himself in two on the post, scored the header, great hold-up and chest down for Roberts, slotted Jozwiak through and had the balls to hammer in a superb penalty.
    His Derby career has been a very mixed bag and I feared the worst first minute when the ball pinged about 10 yards off his shin and he went steaming into the challenge, thankfully missing the guy.
    I’ll take his mixed bag career for what he fid yesterday. I’m quite sure that’s it for him here, so all the best and thanks for yesterday!
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    RedSox reacted to Pearl Ram in A message from the top   
    I like that. Now, we know talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words but I’m pleased that someone thought it a good idea to put that out.
    I’m very pleased the efforts of those at the ground yesterday was recognised. Hey, maybe that’s why the players went outside after the game, not for finishing 22nd, to thank the supporters for their encouragement. Who’d be embarrassed by that ? 🤷‍♂️
  18. Clap
    RedSox reacted to MuespachRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Anyone at all who still thinks that Roos is any good after this game needs their head looking at. 
  19. Clap
    RedSox reacted to S8TY in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Roos in goal massive mistake poor for two goals 
  20. COYR
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    RedSox reacted to TexasRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Job done now clear out needed. Rooney and co please do the right thing and resign, next season new dawn from top to bottom 
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    RedSox reacted to S8TY in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Fair play to Joz made a big difference when he came on 
  24. Clap
    RedSox reacted to hintonsboots in Curtis Davies   
    New defence coach ? Same role as Terry at Villa. Badly needed.
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    RedSox reacted to Millenniumram in Curtis Davies   
    One of the few men I’d like to see stay around the club. A true professional.
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