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  1. Why? What does she do? 😉
  2. And by default, taking ownership of the asset against which the debts are secured, presumably. Can you be responsible for a loan against an asset if you don’t own it, I wonder? 2 glasses of Shiraz can do odd things to my brain!
  3. Hinsdight is such a wonderful gift. With access to the kind of money we had and trusting the recruitment team knew what they were doing, despite my modest intellect and experience of building businesses, I can't say I'd have done any different than to write the cheques based on the recommendations of managers & recruitment teams. It's so easy to look back at signings and lay blame at Mel's door. There is a premise in business that the likes of Richard Branson subscribe to, saying that you empower people to make thier own decisions and learn from any resulting mistakes. It may
  4. Good job the team reacted to the midweek debacle. Imagine what the score would be if they hadn't!
  5. Sure was. On an Orange crate in the Normanton End with my Dad. Always remember getting swept off my crate when we scored as the crowd moved. Great memories.
  6. It also states: "No official reason has been given for the delay - or whether there is a cut-off date for the deal to go through." I read this as there could well be, but the Beed couldn't find out. Not all doom and gloom.....
  7. Superb news and great timing before this evening's activities. Wonder whether the Shiekh had to be consulted?😂
  8. She'd probably be put off by the Belper Moo -if it's still going! 🐮
  9. Couldn't disagree with that assessment, personally. I think he was responsible for playing Waggy onside for the 2nd too. Thanks Keezy! Now yesterday is out the way, I can happily wish him well for the rest of the season!
  10. I loved going to Raleigh, NC when I worked for Lenovo. Loved the place. Reminded me a lot of Spondon, where I grew up! 😂😂
  11. And equally, we might have a first refusal option to buy at an agreed price built in to the loan deal. We just don't know.
  12. I think most of assumed / hoped that a month ago! 😉
  13. After I snapped an ACL in a badminton tournament, my knee never recovered, despite the surgery. Tore the meniscus later, so another op and then last year I had to go full knee replacement, due to wear. Hope this doesn't dog Krystian's career. Bit of a life changer, sadly.
  14. It’s all part of Mel’s elaborate “We haven’t got a pot to p1ss in” campaign for the duration of the Transfer window.
  15. I would paraphrase what @DCFC27(?) said yesterday, but don't want a wrist slapping. It could explain the radio silence though.
  16. Is it not fair to assume that there is a timeline incorporated into this and until that has expired, both parties are bound by the terms agreed?
  17. A well-reasoned supposition. Might just be 'nail on head' there.
  18. “I’ll be on the phone to Stephen Pearce and Mel Morris after the game to see where we’re at..” said WR to Radio Detby after the final whistle. Presumably they weren’t at Loftus Road, then. Hmmm....
  19. From Rooney's presser coverage on the DET: "It’s (takeover) is very close, that is the information I have been given. My understanding is I will be able to bring in players before the window closes."
  20. Excatly my thoughts. It would explain an awful lot about his silence and I seem to recall reading a tweet saying something about the circumstances around his reasons for needing to sell being rather sad. I hope not for his sake, but if it's true, I wish him all the very best.
  21. 70% dead, he reckons. I hope all MM's focus is elsewhere now!
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