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  1. Interesting how we see things through different lenses (well in my case). I thought Lawrence was fairly unselfish last night. On a number of occasions around their box, he squared it or put in some dangerous balls. If he played Marriott in the first 60 mins and then brought Waghorn on, we might have seen a more positive result.
  2. Illness according to the dcfc website.
  3. You mean Tony Gale? We can but hope, I bet he is! Why can’t he do the Notts game??
  4. Epic. Nice one,David. 👍🏻
  5. After a further 10 years or so, my daughter was brought into the DCFC family. Tomorrow, all 3 of us will be there hoping......
  6. First game I went to was in 1965 with my Dad and Grandpa. My Grandpa lived about a mile away from the BBG and was a steward at the BBG on match days We used to park outside his house and walk down to the ground, me carrying a fold-up stool that my Dad had made for me. First game was on the Popside, but I was too small to handle the way the crowd used to sway like a tidal wave so we relocated to the Normanton End Lower tier. Wooden flooring with barriers that I could stand on my stool in front of. Felt as safe as houses there. I can still remember the whiff of cigarettes mixed with Bovril drifting up the stand, Fast forward thirty years and it was my Dad, me and my son taking the all too familiar trek down the road to the BBG for my son's baptism. He's now 32 and remains a fervent fan. Too many memories to pick out one game, but the Benfica game at the BBG under the lights in '73 sticks in my mind as rather special.
  7. @AmericanRamFlying in from Raleigh?
  8. @Gee SCREAMER !!Forgive me if someone’s already asked, but was yours a “screamer” by any chance? 😉
  9. Like the team. Love the confidence with the scoreline! I soooo hope you're right.
  10. Here’s a novel idea. Why not wait until full time to dispair, if needed? We have no idea if he’s got a knock or ran himself into the ground on Sat. Put you dispair to one side and have a bit of faith! You might be pleasantly surprised.
  11. Don't care what anyone else thinks, but I appreciated FL's honesty and attitude in the pre-match interview. He doesn't shy away from the difficult questions, but remains very level-headed and calm (which is more than I can), as well as determined to get it right. I really hope he & the team get the support they need from us all tomorrow and all the way to the end of the campaign. They need our patience and support, not whinging and dispiriting moans & groans at the first misplaced pass.
  12. A bit of hoofball, then?
  13. Errrr. No thanks.
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