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  1. Gut feeling

    No we're not. Won't happen either, thankfully. Next year maybe, if some hard decisions are taken.
  2. Has he?

    J. Agree with the benefit of extra ££, but there’s a real risk we might fluke it into the Prem and we ain’t ready for it. Need a serious drains up at the end of the season and be ready to go again in the Championship next season. So, I kinda hope we finish 7th! Never thought I’d say that, but I am genuinely worried about the state of the club right now.
  3. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Sadly, I think this is a case of "be careful what you wish for". Can you imagine the carnage if we did somehow manage to get our manure together and sneaked through? This team - and club - is not ready for it yet. For our own sanity, I think we need another season to sort the mess out before we contemplate promotion. Top to bottom, the club needs to have a long, hard and most of all, objective, view of where we are failing and put a plan in place to address those issues, whatever they are. One thing is for sure, things need to change. With the dwindling confidence in the team from the fanbase, our gates will continue to slide and the toxic-ometer will go through the roof, making it even harder to achieve. At least with signs of a plan, we can renew some hope.
  4. Has Rowett lost the dressing room?

    Sadly, there are enough vociferous 'fans' that can't / don't / won't give 100% support though and it has to have an effect - not trying to defend the current poor style of play, just making an observation. Too many pros talk about the impact of a toxic atmosphere for it to be ********. Mind you, a lot of our so called fans may know better, after all they've played Sunday league so they know as well as any pro whether it can have an effect.
  5. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    This may well be a fair assessment. The piece that's missing is how close we were to signing players that fit this description. If it's true that we were being taken for a ride by clubs when we came sniffing, it may have been a case of Hobson's. We simply don't know who we tried to sign before we signed the last crop of aged players, who I agree, can only be seen as very short term sticking plasters.
  6. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    Sarcasm. Wears thin after a while, doesn't it?
  7. Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Is it nice and hot there? I'll be there next month!
  8. Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    Don't end up asleep in a hedge after a few too many and miss the game. Now that would be a bummer.
  9. I think you'll find Fozzy has already represented Scotland - or at least has been in the full squad!
  10. Rowett - In or Out?

    Spot on, Eddie. I'm sure a lot of the level headed ones among us would agree with that sentiment. Given time, I'm sure he knows we expect a better standard of football but it appears he is trying to build from the back and that's proving to be a bit more challenging than he expected.
  11. Preston North End V Derby County

    Not too sure whether Talksport is the most reliable of sources. Well, I am actually and it's not!
  12. Preston North End V Derby County

    I did and I'm in the UK. What's that all about? D'oh!!
  13. Rowett Sacked (look at the date)

    Was this really posted after the 12.00pm deadline??? Lol
  14. We’ve come a long way

    Oh, they were the days. King Kev. Now there is a REAL legend and someone who'd sweat blood for the shirt - as would Mac and Toddy for that matter. Still, those days are well and truly gone and not to be revisited in many a Rams fan's lifetime - mine included. We have move with the times and accept the mercenaries that play for a different incentive these days and I for one have fallen out of love with the game for that reason. Not DCFC, 'cos that's in the blood, but the game itself is off to hell in a handcart if it carries on the way it's going.
  15. Rowett - In or Out?

    And equally, I respect yours. Problem is, originally, you talked as if being bosom buddies with Owen Bradley was the key. Bit of a leap from that to being a more generic media darling, given Owen is a work colleague. As for McClaren, people were virtually lining up to drive him down the road because he had no Plan B, injuries not withstanding. Yes, I too loved the swagger of the team in those days, but we failed. As have others since then. My point is that we need to given it the metaphorical '10' before we once again press the panic button. Who's to say I'm right or wrong? It all opinion, by fwiw, I think we need to give a manager (any manager) at least 2 seasons to undo the poor work done before him. The revolving door policy just doesn't seem to work here. Don't know why as it does elsewhere, but we are where we are and sadly, I think we / Mel need to give one last mighty push to support the team and see what happens come end of May. I am not a happy clapper btw, just want to see some stability at the club for a while. If he can't turn things around by next Dec I'll be at the front of the queue with my engine running......

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