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  1. A well-written, logical arguement, LR. However, there's a lot of supposition in it - for the very reason you mention "The communication with the fans has long been cut leaving us in the dark about the future of the club that has led to general panic and mass consternation at the perceived or actual state of the club." My concern is that for all we know, the 3 'possible' failed takeovers might have been the only serious ones that returned a half-sensible sum to Mel, whilst I'll guess still leaving him with a massive shortfall. His choice, he knew the risks. There may not have been any
  2. Are you sure about that?!? I know a few I wish would retire! 😉
  3. I really fear that I won’t be on this earth when the good times do return. That’s how low we’ve sunk and it won’t be a walk in the park trying to claw our way out of Div 1. And another thing - why can’t we see a bit of passion/anger from the touch line?? Crushed!
  4. Sums my view up perfectly too. 56 years ago I was ‘baptised’ and I really can’t muster the emotion to be too bothered anymore. Sod ‘em.
  5. Anyone else and I’d have some sympathy with your view, but this is Percy we’re discussing. He has very good connections with the club hierarchy apparently, so what’s he got to gain from a piece of lazy journalism? His reputation is more valuable to him, I’d wager.
  6. There's no ad for his Press briefing on the Telegraph website. There's usually a briefing on a Thursday at 1.30pm for a Sat. k.o., isn't there? Strange......
  7. Hence the 'perhaps'! It's all gone very quiet.....
  8. It also defers the cost of the decision - for new owners to pick up, perhaps?
  9. Trouble is, it all depends on the state of the 'potential' takeover, I would assume. It seems to have gone very quiet and if that is stalling, it may jeopardise Mel's plan to make a change. After all, it won't be cheap. Mind you, then again, nor will the cost of dropping in League 1, if he's going to be left holding the baby. Who'd be an owner, eh?
  10. Right. I hope you lot have got your lucky boxers/socks/shirt or whatever freshly pressed and ready for action tonight! We need all the good karma we can muster! I'll be doing my bit and I'm counting on my fellow forum members to weigh in and do yours! Nervous? I sodding well am!! COYR
  11. Why? What does she do? 😉
  12. And by default, taking ownership of the asset against which the debts are secured, presumably. Can you be responsible for a loan against an asset if you don’t own it, I wonder? 2 glasses of Shiraz can do odd things to my brain!
  13. Hinsdight is such a wonderful gift. With access to the kind of money we had and trusting the recruitment team knew what they were doing, despite my modest intellect and experience of building businesses, I can't say I'd have done any different than to write the cheques based on the recommendations of managers & recruitment teams. It's so easy to look back at signings and lay blame at Mel's door. There is a premise in business that the likes of Richard Branson subscribe to, saying that you empower people to make thier own decisions and learn from any resulting mistakes. It may
  14. Good job the team reacted to the midweek debacle. Imagine what the score would be if they hadn't!
  15. Sure was. On an Orange crate in the Normanton End with my Dad. Always remember getting swept off my crate when we scored as the crowd moved. Great memories.
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