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  1. What a legend! Totally honest and sincere.
  2. I'll second that. It will inevitably drive more ordinary people away from going to the top flight games in favour of a more honest, connected game where there are no mercenary prima-donnas hoovering up our hard-earned money at an ever-increasing rate. It has to be addressed at some point, surely! Wouldn't it be good to look back and say that what happened to such a high profile club as us sent bow waves through the football hierarchy and acted as a catalyst for change (so long as we come out the other end in tact)?
  3. Whilst I agree with your sentiment, surely if they want to see the back of Mel, they wouldn’t hinder his chances of selling, which is exactly what the impact of this drawn out saga is delivering!
  4. I’m sure a prospective buyer will be able to read a P&L and Balance Sheet properly-or seek guidance from advisors that can. 😉 Maybe it’s the possible lack of clarity surrounding the EFL’s position on Amortisation that is muddying the waters- but that’s only from what we hear. Who knows, maybe this has been made abundantly clear to our Board and we’re looking at ways to “deal” with it?? All the time we hear nothing from MM, it’s all frustrating conjecture! Anyway, anyone for tennis??
  5. Reflecting on this for the umpteenth time, Mel will undoubtedly know what effect it is having on the fan base, so as a local guy with his heart in the City, there has to be a reason why he is not sending any form of update out - either directly or via the club. Perhaps he has been advised (by peopel that know) that anything put out in a public forum might be seen as prejudicial and he therefore has to stay completely quiet until the dispute with the EFL is resolved. Who knows - maybe he's got a better deal than we thought and the EFL (Trevor Birch) is having to smooth the waters with some of the more vociferous chairpeople before announcing it? At least, that's what I keep telling myself. THere has to be some reason. The alternative is not something I can bring myself to believe.....
  6. Not until we are told what the hell is happening to remedy this sh1tshow by MM or Pearce. The lack of communication is absolutely appalling. It is staggering how little effort appears to have been made by the club to keep us onside and shoulder to shoulder with them!! So, so disappointed.
  7. Need to update the flow diagram. Laters.
  8. Balls. Missed that opportunity! Will keep an eye on the market next tine I’m there on a Tuesday!
  9. Well, I had an XF-R and that wasn't a V6 @Rampage! Just saying......
  10. A cynic might say that it was timed to appease fans who might otherwise get very negative and vitriolic about the ownership situation if we don't win this afternoon. But not me!!
  11. And now you’re slumming it in N.C.?!? How come? I used to really enjoy my quarterly trips to Raleigh when I worked at Lenovo.
  12. @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dongSo, what's your story, as the O.P.?
  13. Brought up in Spondon for the first 20 years of my existence a bottle's throw from the Yarn Spinner!!
  14. Ha! I was born in Derby today in 1959!! Happy Birthday @ziggyram59 🎂🍻
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