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  1. I think it was c10.20am, iirc.
  2. Sadly, not me. Snapped mine in a badminton tournament. Followed it up by tearing the cartilage in a singles match. 3 arthroscopies later, I expecting a replacement knee job shortly. Hey ho! 😀
  3. I’m guessing he means 2nd half of the season. If that’s not it, then I’m with you!
  4. Don't give your day job up! 😁 It actually has a decent ring to it tbf.
  5. Or a floodlight failure on 32 mins maybe. It's got the same sense of occasion beforehand as the Wimbledon opener at PPS....🐑
  6. You wouldn't let it lie, would you? 😉
  7. They're certainly bigging it up on their Football Home Page. Wonder when we were last the main feature on their football home page?...... 😊COYR
  8. Sadly though, this is a facet not many of us on here are blessed with these days and I fear that may be a telling factor in decisions taken. I hope not though. We’ve tried all the other permutations with this lot (players), so why not try a little patience as a left field alternative, given we seem unable to try a radical overhaul due to FFP? Tin hat on!
  9. Thanks. The sooner this dreadful disease is eradicated, the better.I wouldn't like to see anyone else go through what my Dad had to endure, but sadly, that's the reality until a cure is found. Much respect to Doddie.
  10. I make no apologies for posting this. Just saw it from the BBC Sports personality awards. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/sports-personality/50803511 My Dad died of MND 2 years ago and to watch him slowly degenerate over 5 years was the hardest thing I have ever encountered. Heaven knows what it was like for him, poor soul. What Doddie Weir has done with his foundation is truly phenomenal. Thank you and all the very best wishes, Doddie. Inspiration.
  11. Hope you’re right, mate. Whatever, I’m a ‘keeper’.
  12. I hope he’s got it right, but my comment wasn’t about this game in isolation It just seems that he make changes every game. No chance of consistency for the players. Incidentally,in response to @nottingram’s point, I have at no point complained about any individual from Saturday. I just hope for a more settled team for a few games!
  13. How the Tinkerman doth tinker. Fingers crossed.
  14. What a strike by JHI. This kid looks like a real prospect!
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