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  1. I was a trainee accountant - until I saw the error of my ways. Mind you, that was 25 years or so ago.....
  2. I worked there 5 days a bloody week. Was never going to work there on a Sat as well! Didn't even get a parking pass for match days!!
  3. Tbf, you might be onto something there, but we’ll never know the real rationale behind his signing- and who knows, with a proper run in the team, he might turn out to be a decent signing (admittedly, fee aside🙂).
  4. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.
  5. Farke's probably got it in the bag, anyway. Hope he enjoys it while it lasts.
  6. Oh balls! That's all we need when we've been on a good run.......deserves it, mind!
  7. RedSox

    In a Nutshell: Derby County v B’ham City

    No one will touch the majestic qualities of the King!
  8. RedSox

    John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

    He's surely not going to Lincoln, is he??
  9. RedSox

    Feeling strange

    Me too!Mango chutney is just tooooo sweet. Need a bit of bite to start the taste buds going before the main onslaught!
  10. RedSox

    Hull (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread

    Are you for real or just wumming?!?🤬
  11. RedSox

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Gutted. Thanks for the memories, George. Hope you do really well wherever you end up. I still think we might look back and regret this.
  12. RedSox

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I worry that if GT isn't involved tonight, he will (possibly with some justification) look for an exit option. However, someone posted in the Preston match thread that the reaction to us scoring v Ipswich from the old guard - incl. GT - was muted at best, compared to how Tom & colleagues appeared to be joining in the celebrations on Sat. I hope this isn't typical of his approach to fighting for his place in the squad. He seemed to be pulling the strings v Chelsea U23's. Ok, not the Chelsea players may not be near the first team, but they are brimming with talent nonetheless. I hope someone whispered in Jody's ear about how GT played. We need to give him another crack. If he doesn't take it, that's up to him. I just hope he is still motivated to get back into the picture here. Can't shake the image in my head of a midfield player that was head and shoulders above anything else we've had in the recent past - including Will! I felt he brought more to the team, more regularly that Will (despite Will's obvious talent and flair).
  13. RedSox

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    @AmericanRam Lightweight! Just because you're thousands of miles away in a different time zone, doesn't give you the right to bail on us when the going gets tough! 😉
  14. RedSox

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    All depends on whether the renewed optimism (well, mine at least!) is well placed or not. If it is, he is absolutely the man with the answers. Once upon a time, he could tackle and play the defence-splitter from deep as well as pop up to wade in with his share of goals, unlike Tom H who simply can't tackle and has scored 1 goal. Be interesting to see what their respective goals/tackles/passes : minutes on pitch ratios are. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Tom on the ball, but feel we are exposed when we don't have it in a way I didn't used to when GT was on song.

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