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  1. Deadline Day is Thursday 8th at 5.00pm, so relax......
  2. See what you did there. 👍🏻
  3. RedSox

    Max Lowe

    Wasn’t @cheron85 referring to Centre Mid not Centre Back - or am I being thick? On second thoughts, it’s best not to answer that rhetorical question!!😀
  4. Hey Ken. Don’t be put off by some of our ignorant members. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in spotting an American from the ‘correct’ use of spelling in offense (at least from your side of the pond). It’s just that we spell it differently. Welcome to the forum and here’s hoping we have something to smile about soon! 😀
  5. Don't despair. It's an Oxford comma, so it's all good! ☺️
  6. RedSox

    Andy King

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, mate. Not sure we’ll get many favours from him now.
  7. Done. Fingers crossed for you.
  8. @Saffy van der Ram Here's Waggy:
  9. @Ghost of CloughNice try. I prefer the conspiracy theory that there's something going on. Transfer to a promoted team on the cards? Bloody hope not!
  10. Still no images of JM. What's going on??
  11. Loved watching this guy. How times change.....
  12. It's time for a German Centre back thread....
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