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  1. Why not give Hector-Ingram a crack instead of Whittaker? Guess Zoon is the best chance to unlock their defence tho (if he’s on it today).
  2. Max, I’m sure your Dad is looking down on you with immense pride. You’re going to go a long way in this game - and hopefully, with us!!
  3. Radio Derby, unless there is something unknown to us mere license-paying mortals, you need to bring Chris Coles back now, ffs. Until you do - or issue an explanation , you’ve lost yet another listener!! Utter tosh!
  4. Bad night's sleep, Archie? You seem a little prickly at the mo. What Sunnyhill said was fair, if he meant that Chris knows what he needs to do when selected and is experienced enough not to need any additional motivation from PC at his age. Chill.
  5. Which is why I supported the swap of Martin for Marriott. 🙂
  6. Funny how we all see the game differently. I thought Martin was off the pace and contributed little, so felt replacing him with Marriott was the right call. Shinnie allowed Rooney to move further forward, which again I thought was a progressive move. Ok, in hindsight it didn't make the improvement I hoped for, but I fully agreed with the tactical change. Hey ho.
  7. So what exactly did he get wrong during the game wrt changes? Confused, as I thought the subs were the right ones at the right time, given the injuries.
  8. Sadly, not me. Snapped mine in a badminton tournament. Followed it up by tearing the cartilage in a singles match. 3 arthroscopies later, I expecting a replacement knee job shortly. Hey ho! 😀
  9. I’m guessing he means 2nd half of the season. If that’s not it, then I’m with you!
  10. Don't give your day job up! 😁 It actually has a decent ring to it tbf.
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