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  1. I thought I’d read that Chelsea were waiting til Monday when Frank was back to start the process at their end.
  2. So is it just me, or does anybody else find it rather telling that we’ve not heard a thing from Frank today on his 1st day back? Or did I miss it? To me, it says he’s off.
  3. Why? In case you overdo it in one session? 🤮
  4. Enough talk of Lampard already. Now about those 🍅........
  5. "but the Championship club's desire to secure a replacement before sanctioning his departure has slowed the process." Implies the delay is down to us!!
  6. A well-reasoned argument for sure, @Mostyn6. Primarily based on why Chelsea shouldn't offer him the job. Problem is if they do. He may find the lure too much. If he wasn't interested, as others have already said, he would have probably tipped Chelsea off first and then make a public commitment to staying here. Great PR opportunity to increase the value of his currency. It's a head v heart conundrum for him and all I was saying is that by the radio silence, it suggests (to me anyway) that he hasn't said no to them. I guess I am guilty of judging him by my own approach, so who knows. Certainly not in meltdown over it though.
  7. I'm sure he was always going on hols at that time. It's just the deafening silence that I find increasingly odd. No updates from him or anyone back at the ranch about the plans, aside from the cryptic message from Jody regarding staying by FL's side no matter what. If the offer comes, my guess is he's off - and I would be too in his shoes. Football is a fickle business and staying could be viewed as a risk just as much as going would be. Hope against hope that he stays, but he won't if they want him, imho. Better to say nowt than mislead us by implying he's staying, if he plans to go - assuming the offer comes.
  8. Great point. And this is why I am coming round to the view that Frank is waiting for the offer from Chelsea. He knows how important this time is pre-season and to be silent about our plans, suggests to me that he’s off. Don’t blame him at all. And fwiw, I bet Mel is working with our new manager in waiting on transfer targets. Bloody hope so, anyway.
  9. Who gives a flying Duck? Got to be 'quackers' to care about it right now, with other issues to contend with..... I'll get me coat.
  10. It's Simon Johnson from the Evening Standard. 30,000 followers. Been there for 14 years, following Chelsea, so should know his stuff, I'm afraid.😪
  11. Sounded pretty confident. Who the heck is he? An Evening Standard reporter?
  12. 'Cos he might be waiting for an approach, which may or may not arrive and if it does, he may want to consider it before ultimately seeing sense and signing an extension with the least boring club in the league..... ...he typed, hopefully!
  13. Have a great trip, mate. We'll look after things and sort the management situation out whilst you're away. 😉
  14. Not until the teabag is replace with loose leaf tea in a pot!!
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