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22/23 FA Cup Final | Man Utd v Man City


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Been struggling with Pepgeniusitus which is making me feel very nauseous, doctor said the only real cure to this would be a Man Utd win today followed by an Inter win next week.

Would like to think most of you will be wishing me a speedy recovery.

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18 minutes ago, Bris Vegas said:

On paper City’s line-up looks far superior. United will miss Martinez.

If City score first they will cruise to victory. 

Looks likely now and we are only seconds into the game.

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5 minutes ago, Mick Brolly said:

Should be a red card for casimiro instead he gets the free kick var check the tackle and say everything is fine 🤷

If that happened to a Roma player in midweek he would have rolled around on the floor for minutes, stretcher on, other players crowding the referee, Mourinho and his bench running to the fourth official.

Casemiro is lucky City didn’t make a big deal out of it as it was a horrible challenge.

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9 minutes ago, The Last Post said:

They bottled it, a few mins into the FA Cup final and who'd be brave enough to send the Ref to the screen...David Coot is in the VAR chair.

Coote is probably the worst PL referee so that decision is hardly a surprise - VAR isn't the problem, it's the abysmal standard of officiating throughout all levels of the professional game in England.

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