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First teenage crushes?


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Who were your first teenage crushes? 

Mine were the following Paula Wilcox ( Man About The House) 

                                          Farah Fawcett ( Charlie's Angels) 

                                           Joanna Lumley ( The New Avengers) 

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45 minutes ago, sage said:

Debbie Harry

Sally James

Clare Grogan


all pre teen and early teen, weirdly I don't recall mid and late teen crushes

Love all 3 especially Clare Grogan I would of said all of  them 3 but I was in my 20's when they came on the scene. 

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Ellen Kristjánsdóttir is a singer, she lived in the same apartment building as i when i was a teen.  i was in awe of her and still am, a gentle soul, feminine with a voice like an angel.

Here she is 51 years young


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