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  1. He'll be shittin it now 🤣
  2. I've unfollowed him on Instagram. The man is worrying me now.
  3. I'm always willing to give people a chance, especially when I/we don't know all the facts. But now i'm worried 😯
  4. Interesting. You know something we don't?
  5. If i'm honest, I don't know. Only Rooney knows as I don't think he's ever mentioned the style and system he'd want to play. Unless i've missed that interview.
  6. He's said a few times that this season he wanted to keep it simple for the players and not try to play a certain way, so as to get out of trouble. I think had the initial run kept on going and we were safe with 5-6 games to go, he would have started getting the players to play the style he wants to play. He does want to play a certain way, he felt it wasn't poss this season though.
  7. I think it's just scaremongering by the media.
  8. Surely he's worth 1 more year. Top man. I think he'd be a great coach.
  9. Billy was amazing in getting that squad he had to play at the level they did imo.
  10. Think you've just proved my point mate and I'll leave it there.
  11. I like polls, as I've said and I enjoy taking part in them, but I have seen polls before with a not sure option so it is poss to have them included.
  12. I agree, and I have nothing against polls but adding a "not sure" option would be just as easy to include and imo will get more people voting instead of those who are biased to one opinion.
  13. a simple yes or no isn't a way to find out how folks are feeling, only those who are leaning one way or the other will vote. I never said I didn't like polls and if you see, I have voted. What my issue is, is that i can ONLY vote on what you have put. You wanted a true feeling of how forum members feel but only if they believe one way or another. For instance, i'm not sure on Rooney as I feel he needs backing but this season has been poor but I only get a in or out vote so i voted in. On Alonso i'm also not sure but again yes or no. A not sure poll option would give a bette
  14. Ok so you want just clicks not opinions?. Make the polls more meaningful then instead of in or out or yes and no. Then you'd probably get more of a general feeling instead of trying to support your blinkered thoughts and insinuating that someone who disagrees with what you have done is a child. Just my opinion.
  15. Classic Noob error there mate. You forgot Q4 - Keogh
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