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  1. Tbh, at the first fans forum lampard answered the young lad about jumping if a big club like Chelsea came knocking, with "of course not". And went on to say how appreciative he was to Mel for giving him a chance. 10 months later he's jumps.
  2. Well done to you too, you took the one goal we gave you.
  3. if we could sign knockaert in the summer col would get 20 goals imo
  5. He's already stated a few times he's planning for next season so I think he'll be here for that long at least. If he's not backed properly he'll go to a club that will have the squad & funds to potentially do well whether that's in this league or the prem. He's too ambitious and has a ferocious winning mentality to stick around with a club with no backing.
  6. Both sides in similar form. Hope we win but i'd take a draw. I'd go with the team that started the 2nd half Yesterday.
  7. 10k limit will only apply till june 21st when, if all went well, all restrictions will be lifted.
  8. What antics, he was class last night and didn't even celebrate his goal. wish he was still in a rams shirt.
  9. Tbh, weve won 5 out of the last 6 & third on current form only bettered by watford and brentford. Since Rooney has taken charge we have seen a massive upturn in performances and results. Yes there will be the odd blip that's football but it's obvious we are on the up. We were slipping down places when teams were winning their games in hand (like qpr tonight) but that won't last as they catch up their games. It's not a time to be over confident I agree but if we keep playing and picking up the points like we have done since he became manager then I cannot see how we will go down.
  10. Even wycombes commentators are saying they are just falling over in their own have to launch fk's into our box. Sunday league football and it's dragging us down to their level Worst game i've seen for years.
  11. I think you're right, It's alright talking the talk (Lampard, Rowett, Cocu) but it's what matters on the pitch and even at this early stage, Rooney is showing serious potential.
  12. Unfortunately, Owen, he won't go a long way with us. We are just a first step in his career and if, next season he does really well like Lampard a good Prem club will be in for him and as much as I love Rooney being our manager, like Lampard I think the first sign of a good prem club ie Everton sniffing round him, he'll want to go. Hope I'm wrong and he sticks with us and learns the mistake of what jumping too early did to Lampard.
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