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  1. No, and leeds and wba won't be either but the fact is there are still enough points for the teams behind to catch them.
  2. I'd say it would have to just be scrapped, the teams behind the top 2 could argue they can be caught and the teams in the relegation places could argue they still have a chance of staying up. It's harsh on wba and leeds but it's the only fair way of doing it imo.
  3. Disagree, thought Evans looked no worse than anyone of our cbs this season and he's a damn sight better than Davies
  4. No shame in that defeat, first 2 goals were fortunate. They are an in form top 6 prem side. We played some good stuff and the youngsters didn't look out of place. Bigger picture here and I applaud Cocu for keeping faith with the young talent we have. We lost, we move on
  5. So how were the 3 goals their fault?, and would wisdom/davies done any better?, I doubt it
  6. well unlike all you girls having a hissy fit at the team selection, I'm liking it. Give the young talent a taste of playing a big club to gain valuable experience for next season. Evans has proven himself more than capable at cb. The midfield is full of energy, can see knight playing wide again with Rooney just behind waggy. And the utd team doesn't exactly fill me full of fear and dread. Enjoy the game, win or lose, & don't wet your panties because you disagree with his selection and lets face it, even with wisdom, davies or even shinnie in the team we have as much chance of winning as we do without them.
  7. great performance, blistering 1st half and contained 2nd half, they were always going to come out fighting and we have dealt with it well. Defence played well today and cocu got his tactics spot on, before and during the game.
  8. football is about tactics, attacking or defensive, just because you don't like it doesn't make his changes horrendous.
  9. I watched the match on ifollow and they replayed it 3 times, you can clearly see him stamping on his foot.
  10. Another cb and a quality cf and I think we'll do well next season. Looking forward to how this crop of youngsters develop.
  11. Agreed. I actually liked ramage, imo Dawes was the problem, but what he has said shouldn't go unpunished.
  12. Not the first time they've covered stuff up though is it....
  13. If they have done this I can see Derby banning them from commentating on the matches until he's removed.
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