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  1. Agreed. I actually liked ramage, imo Dawes was the problem, but what he has said shouldn't go unpunished.
  2. Not the first time they've covered stuff up though is it....
  3. If they have done this I can see Derby banning them from commentating on the matches until he's removed.
  4. Main priority for me in the summer is getting defence sorted out, it may mean getting other players in, one of which we have already signed. We are far too inept at dealing with crosses and by that I mean stopping them in the first place which our current fullbacks seem incapable of doing at the moment.
  5. Post of the day!! 🤣 I was in and still am. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I loved Lampard, but in reality we only just scraped the playoffs last season, and that was with Tomori, Mount and Wilson, not to mention Keogh too. He had a rushed preseason which was arranged for Lampard, no time to get any decent players in. He's had Injury issues with main players. Then there was the drink drive affair. His main signing out for the season. At this point last season we had 7 more points. I think he's done a pretty decent job up to now. The team are starting to put into practice what is being taught, the youngsters coming through are exciting, Bird, Knight, Lowe with Sibley looking like he'll break through properly next season, plus a few more that could push through. Put mount, Wilson, Tomori and Keogh back in this side and imo we'd be pushing for top 2 under Cocu this season. IMO 😃
  6. I loved how Lawrence ran to the fans when he scored, even with all the flack he's had from some of the home fans in recent months. Loved the pile on with Rooney getting involved too. 😃😃
  7. Deffo been a positive. Look how he was geeing up the players when their second went in, he was going mad at em....it worked
  8. geoff stelling just said on soccer sat that since rooney joined, noone has won more points in the championship than us!!
  9. Bogle wasn't at the races today and was on for a red so no issue with the sub and certainly not negative. Knight for shinnie was a like for like sub so again, hardly negative. AND he shoved Rooney up top. Fail to see any negativity there....and it worked.
  10. Think OB does a good job with Shinners as co commentator. Don't see any reason why ramstv can't use them.
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