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  1. I don't think this is out of desperation. Lets look at the facts. Nothing official has come out from either club. Frank has said times he is focused on us and is obvioulsy humbled by what Mel has given him. Mel said after the 2nd leg at leeds that a new contract would prob be coming. Frank Lampard doesn't have to play silly buggers by signing contract extensions just to make us a few quid more.
  2. I bet Mel and Frank are pissing themselves over all this knicker wetting on here. After the playoff final you could see he was fed up about being asked about the chelsea job and reiterated that he is happy and still has 2 years on his contract.
  3. For me, he's the most unluckiest manager in the world. He did really well at Spurs, Newcastle & brighton and has been shoddily treated imo. He's obvioulsy a good manager and had next to no money in the prem and kept them up for 2 seasons. Imagine what he could do with a chairman who would/could back him. Anyway Frank will still be our manager so it doesn't matter 😂
  4. Be good to see anya moved on but I think the general feeling is he's on a good contract and is more than happy to not play but collect his wages.
  5. I'll duck off and support forest if that narcissist comes any where near this club. duckin hate the knob head.
  6. Spend the money on Tomorii, get cahill on a free and play keogh left side of a back 3....sorted
  7. I really liked what I saw of him pre season. Would love him to get a shot at the first team next season, could turn out even better than Hughes imo.
  8. Lampard...cos he's forgot more about football than you know. But i'm sure you'll be there after Wembley if we lose to spread ya nonsense as usual. Enjoy the evening (if that's possible).
  9. Get him on a new improved long term contract NOW with a stupidly high compensation clause so we don't lose him. Needs to be here long term imo.
  10. Gale's a complete tool and talks out his arse, where as MuespachR..........oh hang on
  11. Sorry but you spouting utter poo as usual. YES we are a work in progress, new manager, different ideas and tactics. He's had to sell our top scorer to try and get some new blood into our previously failed squad. "any team that thinks they are going to get promoted should be stuffing them". Like i said before, this ain't fantasy football pal. Villa, sheff utd and Norwich all have promotion in mind wouldn't you say?, did they stuff em?. NO....Just quit because you sound more like a petulant child than a derby supporter.
  12. utter tripe!, so because they are the worst team in the league every team should beat them eh??. they should have no points then shouldn't they. I'm bored of elitist fans thinking we're better than we are. NEVER in the history of any league has an absolutely dire side bang on for relegation lost every game, even us in 07 If i could be bothered i would list all the bottom teams in the championship over the last 10 seasons and I bet one or two times AT LEAST that season they had beat or drew against a top 6 side. We're 7th, we're not Leeds or Norwich, if we were I could understand the childish behaviour and comments of some of the posters on here, but we're not. we are a work in progress and inconsistent, sometimes we're great, sometimes we're crap. Get over it.
  13. Rubbish!. Tell that Villa, sheff utd and norwich then. This is the championship not fantasy football.
  14. Agree with wilson and holmes but could we make a case for lawrence?, he was kicked a lot last night and looked like he was carrying a knock after his goal. Just a thought.
  15. Didn't give it away in the build up to the goal though did he? There were a lot more players who had a worse game than him tonight, wilson and holmes.
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