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  1. yeah, cos our muppets never sing about collymore any more do they?
  2. you do realize it's a loan?, we pay his wages so he gets no more than he would at city so how is he here for the money? I'll expect you'll stay in your seat then if he scores for us?
  3. I think he'll only get better imo and i think his mistakes this season won't cost us as much as some are claiming
  4. tbh i can remember a few games which carson mistakes have cost us goals, even going back to grant, championship goalies will make mistakes, some they will get away with some they won't, that's football.
  5. Utter tosh, has already earned us 2 more points monday night with that point blank save or are you only interested in the negatives? Find us a goalie that won't make mistakes and play in this league and i'll give you the £50 mill that it would take to get him!!
  6. Yeah, but he will work on that, no matter who we play they will have a weakness, that's championship goalies for you. I agree if he gets injured we're humped so I think if we do infact get anyone in they will be backup for roos.
  7. Roos will be our number 1 and he hasn't done anything for me to worry about that decision. Ravas will be his understudy imo as i think he's better than mitchell.
  8. I'm of the belief that we should always look to improve so if a striker that's better than what we have becomes available , whether we already have 2 or 4 strikers, why shouldn't we sign him? Having said that, I know nothing about him so he may be crap, but you get my point 😂
  9. I can't see even 1 reason this would not work out. 1. IT'S FOOKIN WAYNE ROONEY!!! 2. Him signing has already landed us a record breaking sponsorship deal 3. He'll have instant respect from the players. 4. IT'S FOOKIN WAYNE ROONEY!!! 5. Will be an inspiration to our young attacking players, knowing Cocu will give them the chance and to be potentially coached by one of Englands best players. 6. Like Lampard, he'll propell us into the limelight again in the media, Lampard being here is the only reason we was able to get Cocu imo. 7. IT'S FOOKIN WAYNE ROONEY!!! 8. Knowing he's here will attract better players to the club, wanting to play with him. And finally.......IT'S FOOKIN WAYNE ROOOOOOOOOONEY!!! 😄
  10. Your right, how dare we sign a world class player to play for us, it's just not fair to the rest. Let's re-sign connor salmon instead to appease everyone else. Do you think cocu hasn't had pressure in his career? , winning 3 titles in Holland, and you think he'll be under pressure in this league, having just signed probabaly the best player that will ever play in this league?
  11. Good move for him, making the next step in his development. Good luck to him.
  12. I just can't see it imo, if a fee is agreed and personal terms agreed, but he goes back till jan, what happens if he gets a massive injury in his last game?, surely we wouldn't risk this would we?. Also what's the rush if we have 4 months to do the deal.
  13. he scored 31 champions league goals, i'd say that was a major tournament, wouldn't you?
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