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  1. Gale's a complete tool and talks out his arse, where as MuespachR..........oh hang on
  2. Sorry but you spouting utter poo as usual. YES we are a work in progress, new manager, different ideas and tactics. He's had to sell our top scorer to try and get some new blood into our previously failed squad. "any team that thinks they are going to get promoted should be stuffing them". Like i said before, this ain't fantasy football pal. Villa, sheff utd and Norwich all have promotion in mind wouldn't you say?, did they stuff em?. NO....Just quit because you sound more like a petulant child than a derby supporter.
  3. utter tripe!, so because they are the worst team in the league every team should beat them eh??. they should have no points then shouldn't they. I'm bored of elitist fans thinking we're better than we are. NEVER in the history of any league has an absolutely dire side bang on for relegation lost every game, even us in 07 If i could be bothered i would list all the bottom teams in the championship over the last 10 seasons and I bet one or two times AT LEAST that season they had beat or drew against a top 6 side. We're 7th, we're not Leeds or Norwich, if we were I could understand the childish behaviour and comments of some of the posters on here, but we're not. we are a work in progress and inconsistent, sometimes we're great, sometimes we're crap. Get over it.
  4. Rubbish!. Tell that Villa, sheff utd and norwich then. This is the championship not fantasy football.
  5. Agree with wilson and holmes but could we make a case for lawrence?, he was kicked a lot last night and looked like he was carrying a knock after his goal. Just a thought.
  6. Didn't give it away in the build up to the goal though did he? There were a lot more players who had a worse game than him tonight, wilson and holmes.
  7. Yeah, I know bud. Just saying why I think he wouldn't go.
  8. He wouldn't be human if he wasn't interested and I think if they did come NOW, it would be a hard decision for him, but i think he is so grateful to Mel for giving him a chance like this plus the fact that the fans love him and are on board with what he's trying to achieve, I think he would turn them down. I believe he is a man of his word and he seem very humble to be given this opportunity so when he said he wouldn't go at the fans forum, I believe this would still be true. This isn't Gary "the python" Rowett we're talking about.
  9. He said he wouldn't go at the fans forum 😄
  10. Sooner see him on his arse than someone talking out of it
  11. works for me, although when mount is back i'd go to my setup.. with king instead of Lawrence though 😂
  12. We WILL get duckin promoted 😂😂
  13. I'd forgotten about King , yeah I'd swap him for Lawrence and use him as an impact sub.
  14. Roos/Carson Wisdom/Ambrose Keogh Tamori Bogle/Holmes Evans/hudds Malone/Cole Wilson Lawrence mount Marriott Like the look of this tbh. either side of Keogh covering the full backs position if they are up the pitch with hudds or evans dropping back into the cb to help keogh when not in possession. this could give us an attacking force of 6 players whilst still keeping the back 4 in tact.
  15. "seen him play loads" ie, watched a few youtube vids you kids make me giggle 🤣🤣
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