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First ever satellite launch from the UK

Carl Sagan

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This is scheduled for tonight at 22.54 from SpacePort Cornwall, which is an airstrip in Newquay. It involves a repurposed Jumbo Jet (by the name of Cosmic Girl) launching with a rocket under its wing. When it reaches the appointed altitude and trajectory, the rocket fires and makes the trip to space. This is a new method of launching small satellites which the launch provider, Virgin Orbit, has done a handful of times in the US.

Space missions from startups nowadays have cool names, and this one is #StartMeUp. There's a live stream at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Co18HcyqHk (which goes live nearer the time so the embedding hasn't worked).

This is a "horizontal launch" but there are two spaceports being built in Scotland that will be for more traditional, vertically launched rockets. It's great we've finally reached this point.

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