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The Rotherham Appreciation Thread


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Just wanted to say they are doing a stellar job of papering over our cracks!

Keep up the good work.


Thank God for Rotherham ??


You maybe home of the Chuckle Brothers but we have our own Management Duo that'll give them a run for their money!

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All pray for Rotherham.

A fine upstanding club, and a town well blessed with pride, dignity, and some foul mothed bloke in the Director's box.

For Gordon Banks, Herbert Chapman, Peter Elliott, William Hague, Lynne Perrie, David Seaman, Jack P Shepherd, Paul Shane, Howard Webb... and of course... Those bloody Chuckle Brothers... We give thanks for them, and bow unto them.

Pray for them.  Pray with them.

Let's help them back, to where they belong.

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I'd rather see Sheff Wednesday come down with us than Rotherham if we do go down. Rotherham are one of those yo-yo clubs who will inevitably bounce back or go close next season as they've probably run themselves financially as if they expect to go down and should keep the bulk of their squad together. I think Sheff Wednesday could go into freefall if they do go down, similar to ourselves a club in a mess on and off the pitch and one for whom I think the return of crowds (hopefully) next season could be a bad thing rather than a good thing if they start the season slowly. 

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5 hours ago, Black ('n' White) Sheep said:

Barry Chuckle would be currently doing a better job as DCFC manager...

And he's been dead for three years. It's the other Chuckle brother who's still alive 

"To me.....to me.......to me......"

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On 25/04/2021 at 08:54, Woodley Ram said:

if we go down it will be our own doing, I have no issue with Rotherham. interesting that the 2 clubs charged by the EFL last year are where they are. I think the charges have had an effect on both clubs with recruitment and focus.

The fact that neither club has any money is probably the main reason we have had such poor recruitment. We're just desperately offloading anyone who is paid more than a fiver a week and we cant replace them even if we wanted to since we are under a transfer embargo.

Both sets of owners ran their clubs into the ground trying to buy a place in the prem and we are now both where we deserve to be. If going down doesnt destroy us i'd rather have Wednesday with us if i had to choose.

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With survival dangling right under their noses I would expect them to grab it. No matter who they're playing I would have thought they would give everything to get something. 

Cocu started this horrible stale football and Rooney seems to have just made it uglier. 

Almost think Derby deserve relegation for the constant determination to make headlines for the wrong reasons while being a selfish bunch of mercenaries 

"We'll never get promoted with Keogh"

Yes, thank God characters like that are gone. 

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