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  1. There was no Wazza bounce. It was the Bielik factor. Remove Bielik from Rooney's time in charge and we would be certainly playing league 1 football next season. No doubt Cocu wasn't great, but we certainly didn't progress under Rooney, we've just gone backwards and have been saved relegation by one man.
  2. Czech Republic. Like the other poster, while I can pay the £25 without much issue, it could certainly go to more enjoyable things. It's a common misconception that it's incredibly cheap here. Yes I can go to the pub and get the local beer for around £1.20(500ml, no pints and its poor quality lager 😅). But even things like groceries are actually the same price if not more expensive than in England! I actually did a bit of looking and through experience I am certain I can actually live cheaper in the UK - buy smart and we have so many reduced items/discounts it's unreal. Here the discounts and such just simply don't exist! I do laugh in the supermarket, a common reduction is 2-5czk which is about 10p!!(reduction not total price!). Back to the beer, I know I can go to Morrisons with a huge selection of IPAs and Ale's for £1 a pop etc.
  3. One thing I guess many people inside the UK won't think about. Cost of living and general prices and the salary in those countries. Dont forget it's different to the UK, £25 a month may be cheap with UK prices. But it can be significantly more when the salary is much lower in certain countries. I'm not talking those UK expats in France or Germany, salaries can be good there. What about the expats such as those living in places like Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania etc? 100% is a huge increase just to watch your favourite team! I know the first response will be "well there isn't many" but we do exist!
  4. 5 years now, come back for the Derby games as often as I can, my Dad keeps my season ticket active in hope 😅
  5. A win or a draw for them vs England keeps them top, no matter the Croatia vs Scotland score. A win for CZ, worries us, we depend on the other results, a draw keeps us second no matter what.
  6. Ideal for England now to aim for a draw against Czech Republic (where I reside :D) perfect...means we are second and have a significantly easier time in the knockout.....a win and first place means we face either France, Germany or Portugal....second place means we get, on paper a significantly easier team. What are the rules if we are 1-0 up vs CZ in the 90th minute, and "accidentally" concede an incredibly sloppy goal?......would we be fined?
  7. Barely scored a goal for us and could easily be the best player at the club next season if we play to his strengths. Watch him get 20 goals next season. Poor management of players by dcfc all round
  8. What a stupid rule, if it's going to him and clearly for him and hes a mile offside when the ball is literally played to him, hes offside! No interfering with play? Without Lukaka in an offside position, defender never even touches it and keeper collects unchallenged
  9. The ball was played - Lukaka a mile offside. Not given at all? Or should the players just aim for an opposition player, let it hit them and well no offside???
  10. Yes it touched the russian player....but how the duck was that not offside???? Like wtf seriously???
  11. Thoughts with Eriksen, wishing him a speedy recovery
  12. No coverage? Nothing? Straight on to the sheff united game??? Anyone got anything? Am I simply on the wrong sky channel?
  13. Omg love it! It's like surviving a relegation all over again with their faces!
  14. Waghorn, all your past transgressions are forgiven. You are a hero! If you are here next season, clean slate.
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