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  1. Second sitter missed by Waghorn
  2. You are Waggy's Wife and I claim my £5
  3. Waghorn off for Martin and play two up front
  4. You obviously didn't see Claude Davis
  5. Apologies, I was reading the one you quoted through your quote 😅 Please consider it for him
  6. Ever played football? That chance in particular is the hardest kind to put away, looks easy and you think you will hit it everytime. Looks easy right? No problem? You could do better? Dont play for a while, a little bit rusty and suddenly it's not so easy especially at that height. Let's give Zoon a break for now
  7. Not a penalty??????? Not a ** penalty????? Anyone else listening to these sky commentators? He might not actively move his hand towards the ball but it's out from his body and STOPS the ball moving forward to its destination... This isnt a penalty?? Even the fulham player knew it
  8. Lawrence surprised me tonight What an effort from him, if he does this every game then what a player we have Edit: prove me wrong Lawrence, keep it up!!!!!!!!!
  9. Anyone want to end their night on a good note?? http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/293503/tom-ince Have a read, sound familiar 🤣
  10. Lawrence our best player?? I'm either still in disbelief or simple denial 🤣
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