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  1. Ref dropped his yellow card and still didnt notice hahaha
  2. He deserves a 'Pat' on the back for that one
  3. Could have been a penalty all day long... Time for zoon/waghorn off and Marriott on. 65mins latest or we are leaving too late. Marriott will keep an extra back on their side. Change it up cocu
  4. Watching the replay, you can see Martin doesn't even look up at the goal, he knows exactly where that goal is and the bottom corner...what a finish Chrissy, Paterson and Bielek to start next game. Huddlestone out, Zoon out,
  5. Anyone can post a video directly of the Martin goal? Cant watch on twitter/sky
  6. We love you Chrissy we do, we love you Chrissy we do, oh Chrissy we love you!! Ahahahaha just won the free kick as I type this....can say I haven't missed this
  7. Oh come on, finally Martin on and Marriott OFF??? so close, Cocu, so close..... Anyway, we lose we lose, happy to see Martin back, best thing we are going to see today
  8. Corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can grab even a second if we try hard enough!
  9. Maybe huddlestone stayed on because it would take him too long to leave the pitch?🤔
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