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  1. can't find anything on the weather in the local area with a quick google search....at least for the next 12 hours. Anyone know exactly what is going on? looks fine there!
  2. Thanks Andicis, you are great!
  3. @David Please is there an option to revert black to our black and white forum? I now have a problem viewing at work because it looks too bright and too much like a game!! Black and white was great, as long as I avoided the title and top of the page, it almost looked like a report from distance!! Been here for many years and really disappointed at the change Thanks for your time David 🙂
  4. Is today's game on sky??? Cant get it from the Czech republic for live stream
  5. Cant get anything, no video, no audio
  6. Thanks for confirming its not just me, do we get a refund? What a joke they cant sort this out
  7. Anyone else having trouble streaming today's game? I'm in Prague, so I should be able to watch it right now but I get the message due to efl rights it can't be streamed in my location. However I cant find it on TV anywhere today, any help would be great
  8. Just to stir the pot Why not bring back Chris Martin? Gives us a focal point for the attack who can hold up the ball, great partner for Marriott...has a long contract still to go and can't be any worse than our 0 shots!!
  9. Would happily take Drogba!
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