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  1. Coventry player definitely looking for it and left a leg. But there was contact and Lee did stick out his leg. Has to be a penalty in all cases. Reminds me of the penalty Darren Moore conceded against Ronaldo in "that" season.
  2. Wait, where is automatic promotion?? It's still mathematically possible right? 😁
  3. Not the best or the worst performance ever. Stayed solid under constant pressure for 90 minutes and restricted them to very few if any real chances. Probably the beat chance(s) of the game came to Lawrence who couldn't score with three direct shots. Overall a well deserved and welcome point on the board. We will be alot happier in the end than Swansea!
  4. I have a point to raise while we are on a high. How do we do really with international call ups while in the championship and with our squad? Is it a reason for concern realistically? Lawrence - likely Wales call up Marshall- likely Scotland call up(but right now he is out anyway) Jason Knight - Ireland call up? A few players for u21 games which I don't believe are relevant for championship games possibly? Is it any cause for concern? Right now with the lack of depth in our squad, to lose at least Lawrence and Knight, is it a problem? Take into account at the times which these players may be called up we may be struggling with yellow card suspensions or red cards/injuries.
  5. Absolute masterclass tonight, especially Shinnie, won every ball, put his heart on the line. Still a beautiful footballer to have at the heart of every team.
  6. @JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta can we at least prepare the shoes? I haven't forgotten and you are surely overdue!!!
  7. Looking forward to Bielik returning!! He is class and we can only improve with him in the team! ❤
  8. COME ON YOUR RAMSSSSSSS!!!! What a ducking win !!!!!!!!! Great fight from the lads, could have easily been 3 or 4-0. Brilliant, keep up the fight lads. Rooney we are believing, don't let us down without a fight!!!!!
  9. What's stearmans history like people? Played for good teams and done well? Really like the look of him on the pitch. Like a grown up Keogh - will put his body on the line and give everything for the cause. Gives a respectful earful for the ref too.
  10. Fozzy!!!!!! Incidentally, watching him shout at the linesman, since his sending off has he become alot more aggressive or is it just me 😂
  11. Had to log on just to praise the support from the fans. Just heard a lovely rendition of since I was young. Come on you Rams!!!!!!!!
  12. I am distraught, the Lawrence shot which hit the post in the final seconds makes it all worse. So close! Yet despite the fight we lose to a moment of madness from Curtis. We all know Curtis, and it was a freak accident by all accounts. I can still only focus on the fight showed by the lads. We didn't get rolled over and we did have our chances, this is the moment where our fans need to continue believing and backing the team, despite the loss they need to know they have our full support and we will be there on Wednesday to show our support.
  13. Oh my god, lawrence hits the post. My evening just ruined((( I don't like being that close!
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