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  1. It's a Mick McCarthy team we're up against, so we kind of know what to expect. Keep the back 4 as is. Roos in for Marshall. Baningime in for Bird (purely because I'd like to see what he can do). Knight and Sibbo playing as more like attacking mids than wingers with the full backs getting forward. And God always looks more threatening when he's got a strike partner up there with him. Roos Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Baningime Shinnie Knight Sibley Kazim Gregory Cardiff have been very strong a
  2. Something needs to change. Sibley on for Jozwiak? I thought Sibbo did very well in that role the couple of times we saw him there earlier in the season.
  3. Well that's annoying. We were all over them and they score against the run of play through a goal that, let's be fair, Marshall should have saved. Come on lads! You're letting your heads drop. These are still here for the taking! 🐏
  4. As others have already said, stick with what worked in the 2nd half against Huddersfield. Marshall Byrne, Wisdom, Clarke, Buchanan Knight, Bird, Shinnie Waghorn, Kazim, Jozwiak Max Bird needs to have a good game to keep Krovinovic quiet. However, if he keeps on playing like he did in the last game he'll be taking attacking mids out of his pocket pretty regularly. Knockaert v Buchanan could be an interesting match up too. Expecting Jozwiak to be catching Cyrus out of position a lot. Looking forward to this one! COYR 🐑 Just a glimpse back at one of my favourite Derby
  5. Huddersfield eh? I'm sure they have someone or two that used to play for us? 🤔😂 They're on a stinking run of poor form and we should be looking to take advantage. Marshall Byrne, Edmundson, Clarke, Buchanan Knight, Shinnie, Sibley Roberts, Kazim, Jozwiak Swap out Clarke for Wiz if he's still struggling. Yes, Roberts had a poor game last night, but I've seen enough to see there's a good player in there. Just needs coaching to whip in a cross rather than cut inside and look for a pass. COYR 🐑
  6. That WAS 2-2. It's laughable that players can be sent off and banned after the final whistle has gone, yet referee's aren't responsible for rubbish decisions! There's NO WAY the one in the first half should have been disallowed. I'm fuming at that. 😡
  7. Surely it's Sibley time? Get him on! We need someone who can create something... I'll even take a shot on target right now.
  8. The more replays I see of that goal, the more I don't know what the hell the ref saw. Other than disappearing into thin air, there's nothing else Wiz could have done. Their 'keeper jumps into him. Falls over. And somehow it's a foul?! Absolute ducking joke!
  9. Well there wasn't anything wrong with that at all. Should be 2-1. Rubbish officials again! 😡
  10. Can any Derby player on this pitch actually cross a ducking ball?! Been in decent enough positions a few times, but every time the end cross was absolute bank.
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