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  1. Agreed @Chris_Martin I think he's only echoing what a lot of the rest of us are saying. Just hope he doesn't get in hot water for it.
  2. WR very critical of today's officials and standards of refereeing this season in general in his post-match interview!
  3. It's time... Stick King Kaz on for the last 15mins and see what he can do.
  4. We should be winning this. As well as we're passing it around, I'd like to see us mix it up a bit going forward... Draw them on then hit the odd long pass for Sibbo to chase; he'll have their centre-backs for pace all day! And what a run that was by Festy!
  5. So frustrating that we can't convert all of this good play into more clear-cut chances and, ultimately, a goal or two! We've been all over them so far. The passing has been excellent.
  6. Kaz has got to be on the bench... Can't see any other reason for our only other recognised striker (other than Baldock) being in the under-23s. I'll predict: Allsop Jagielka Davies Forsyth Jozwiak Bird Morrison Shinnie Buchanan Baldock Lawrence Subs: Roos, Kazim, Stearman, Sibley, Watson, Ebosele, Knight
  7. Clear dig in the ribs there by George Baldock on Shinnie... looks like another p*ss poor refereeing performance incoming. We don't seem to be being given much at all.
  8. So proud of that first half performance. Nice to see the players and management still fighting for everything. COYR! Same again in the second half.
  9. Bradley Johnson was way ahead of the curve with that one!
  10. I've stayed fairly quiet on my opinion of Mel Morris until now. He's taken a club, OUR club, from having: a relatively low Championship wage bill; an exciting brand of football and decent future prospects in 2014-15 and ruined it in 7 years. We had a decent team and ended up throwing money around (that we didn't need to!) on bang average players and inexperienced managers (I'm thinking mainly Clement here) who didn't have a clue; then tried finding loopholes around how much we were spending! Now we're in administration, will end up having to 'sell the family silver', staff will lose their jobs and we'll be lucky to have a club this time next year by the sounds of it. Anyone who knows me will know how much DCFC means to me (and I'm guessing many of you on here are in similar position) I'm gutted... absolutely gutted... and MM deserves everything the fans sling at him tomorrow 😞
  11. Playing some nice stuff at times... but it's getting to the point again now where I'm struggling to see where the goals are going to come from 😞 That, mixed with the stupid mistakes we don't seem to be able to get away from, have got me worried. ...and, once again, absolutely disgraceful officiating. How many times does Ravel need to get fouled before the ref realises he's being targeted?!
  12. Do we get to 'retrospectively' take our 2 clear penalties that we should have been given then? Ridiculous! 😡
  13. Question from someone that's fairly ignorant of how this embargo works... If we made some sales, would that mean we could bring people in? If so, I wouldn't rule it out... not with the amount of changes WR says he wants to make!
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