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  1. Any chance Jody Morris and Chris Jones who you'd imagine would both join Frank can fetch another 1 million? Taking the total figure to 5 million! More than fair enough.
  2. People at his old club must know or pay the Journos to run this.... Desperate for a payout!
  3. *Note to self Don't read the forum after a night on the bevvy! 😂
  4. Stones and Godin.... ffs get back to football manager, even Lewis Ferguson for a mil is laughable... Mods can we bookmark this page for nankiddery gold
  5. Nope! Tomori is the one... Fantastic player worth every penny we would spend and would be an unbelievable signing should we pull it off
  6. Kamikaze

    Jayden Bogle

    Yeah its like every game i see he improves and subsequently his price grows... Anything less than 15mil is a robbery at the mo
  7. 1-2 Derby. After that who knows!
  8. Whats that? thew Internet is confusing...
  9. 6'3 Seen alot of him this year, has great reflexes, a positive XGC Ratio (1.27 conceded v 1.29 expected) and good distribution, but would still much rather keep Roos (1.11 v 1.18) as number one.
  10. If he wasn't out of contract I very much doubt he would be on our radar, and certainly would not want him if it negates Max Bird's opportunities.
  11. You mean the 21 year old France Youth international they paid over 8 million for from PSG... 🙄
  12. Kamikaze

    Jayden Bogle

    You would have to think that if we do have to sell for FFP, only Bogle, Lawrence or Marriott would fetch a decent return. I 'd only be willing to lose Lawrence tbh
  13. Come on you Rams... Win and we have 2 weeks of positivity (I know it doesnt sound like us!)
  14. He is! I used to watch him for Alloa... I hear Hackett is heading to Hearts as well.
  15. Good shout! Theres also a few more young Scots who's contracts expire this summer that are definitely worth a look... Craig Halkett (previous linked cb for Livi) Jake Hastie (Motherwell winger we are linked with) Adam Frizzell (Killie Midfielder) Chris Cadden (Motherwell midfielder)
  16. Our Under 18's I'd say... 😊
  17. Yeah a point after that lineup and performance is a positive, as was Roos who should not only get a new contract but should be our Number One now too. The less said about Lawrence Nugent and Bryson the better... Woeful!
  18. Announce his contract extension already!
  19. Ambrose is a complete Donkey! At a push id maybe have Djourou; but to be honest I'd rather just bring back Isak Ssewankambo (still only 22 and played for Malmo and Molde) to cover Bogle and let Wisdom cover CB
  20. We should be knocking on big Brendan Rodgers door for Jack Hendry on loan!
  21. Jack Hendry available on loan from Celtic, snap him up frank!!!
  22. Does Big Tom start Friday at CB or do we see someone like Kellan Gordon play RB?
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