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  1. One Prem side to many, they are up for it, I just hope for. Better 2nd half and a goal. A 2-0 lead is th least Brighton deserve at the moment. The way Tomori is playing we might need Effe fit and he looks like getting sent off.
  2. Seagulls 2 Rams 0, one Premier team to far
  3. A game we should win really, not on performance but on league position and need to get a result . No disrespect to Ipswich
  4. not up front but apparently I play up often
  5. Just like to point out that I was not in the training pictures but I will be there πŸ˜‚
  6. Little bit early to say this is just to the end of the season, he has had a decent career up north and playing for Nigeria means he no mug, we do miss a defender who can bully forwards and get his head to the ball, this guy could be the missing link give him a chance
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