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  1. Woodley Ram

    £10m FFP Bill

    Opinions and more opinions, without them we would have no forum so I welcome them all good and the bad Freedom to winge sorry speak , all good for what is an excellent forum
  2. Woodley Ram

    Rams or England ?

    World Cup but a stupid question @Seaside Ram would you pick saving your dog 🐕 or your 🐈 for me it it would be the cat as I can always get married again
  3. Woodley Ram

    Away Kit 18/19

    Yep, I like that, simple and effective
  4. Woodley Ram

    Choo choo!

    It’s the new away strip
  5. Woodley Ram

    Roberts Huth

    I have some indirect contacts with Mr Huth I know he didn’t like it at Stoke and when asked about the Derby link last year laughed it off a bit . I will see what I can find out but not sure what I will get
  6. Woodley Ram

    Outs before Ins

    Damn so we have to sell before we get Messi that’s not right
  7. Woodley Ram

    Stop talking about Stoke!

    Living just outside Reading, I hear nothing because Reading are not a proper football ⚽️ club lol , it’s a football wilderness
  8. Woodley Ram

    Matej Vydra

    The only way I would sell for £7m is with another player as part of the deal and with clauses re extra money for promotion and a sell on clause. £7m only would be akin to a fire sale 🔥 Mel is a business man he knows he is not running pound land
  9. Woodley Ram

    Branislav ivanovic

    Is it true that are shorts are being sponsored by tenna lady next year, or is it zimmer
  10. Woodley Ram

    Players that...

    God I am bored......I am even starting to pine for @reluctant Niko and his scattergun approach. The World Cup is here can we at least have a link to a Saudi defencive midfielder or Iranian defender, a Serbian ball boy would be a start?
  11. Woodley Ram

    I am itching to see signings

    @mackworthramisgod you are going to be red raw this year
  12. Woodley Ram

    John Terry

    No way he always bets in 10,000s
  13. He needs a good injury free pre season and then we will see the real George, form is temporary, class is permanent
  14. Woodley Ram

    Lampard and Bryson

    Big fan of Bryson, would like to see him back and playing
  15. Woodley Ram

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Didn’t mind GR going to Stoke, thought we were lucky to get to the play offs

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