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  1. Late bid from Real Madrid, been seen in the local B&Q so must be true
  2. delete someone has asked the same question doh
  3. That was a great chant, also enjoyed the South Stand boxing Swansea in a corner so that they could sing England England England awesome , good banter between the two sets of supporters
  4. I come from a position of strength as I am holding everyone up, , my predictions are as good as Cocu’s Barber
  5. Well that’s put the kiss of death on that then lol😩
  6. So am I , although my 24 year old daughter is not happy about it
  7. Time to calm it chaps, I know how it feels , a ‘poster’ recently said things I thought were not nice. The written word can often have multiple meanings. one thing I have always liked with this forum is that all are free to comment and even if you don’t agree with those comments then we respect them as fellow Rams 🐑
  8. Shall I go to my room now, and am I aloud out Dad. 🤐
  9. Agree with all of that, I rate Carson and think he is better than the other two but agree that it looks like his future is elsewhere. It feels like its all about wages. I see Birmingham are splashing the cash again despite getting a hit for FFP last year. The Gumps are the same. Someone said on one of the threads that uncle Phil will wait for the Jan window to splash the cash and have a look at what he has first. We must have cash from Frank and co, the two transfers and the play off final. I think Jan for perms would be a good idea
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