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  1. Let’s face it Sibs will never look good in red
  2. I don't see Hart coming to Derby, Cocu wants a goalkeeper who is comfortable on the ball and does that mean we might look at a European option?
  3. Still waiting for my refund 😷
  4. It will be Ronaldo, I have it on good authority that we will messi, messi
  5. Cocu, I'm behind him all the way, not sure that Lamps could have dealt with last season as well Phil
  6. Had a feeling that would happen, I wish CM well, he has been great for us and will forever be a 🐏. I hope that he comes back to PP for a send off
  7. Sounds like he is on his way to Rangers
  8. If he is a goalie that scores that many goals sign him up lol
  9. I wish him well he did well for the club and I’m a bit ashamed about how he was dealt with
  10. Thank you @mozza for doing this, my worst year after but enjoy it. It’s a lot of effort that you put into it and it is noted and appreciated by us all 🐏
  11. Take that Bellingham, 3-1 what a goal . Our youngster are doing well
  12. I think Davies is the most expensive Derby player on the pitch at £500k big money spenders Derby
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