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  1. agree with all of that and Edmunson v Moore seems a better match
  2. I agree with all of that Jim, I have always liked Big Mick, he doesn't get the recognition he deserves and I was not surprised that Ipswich whet down as soon as they let him go. I was shocked with the changes we made, not only that but some of the people we kept we played in a different position. you are always asking for trouble if you mess about with your keeper (enforced) defence, midfield and attack at the same time. I understand the need for rest but against a resurgent Cardiff this was not the game to do it. we are lucky the score could have been worse. Ultimatel
  3. well thats buggered everyone that went for a CKR FRGS
  4. I have a season ticket so can watch tonight. In a non covid season we 20k+ season ticket holders. anybody have any idea how many we have this season?
  5. Given the talent that both sides had on the pitch the quality in the final third was awful. only one quality strike and that was from CKR (what an awesome goal). Each side had their dominating moments but there was a lot and huff and puff but a lack of quality. I though a point each was probably about right. with the CKR goal, if that should not have been given due to handball then the handball by the Forest player should have been a penalty. we could and should have won that and I would imagine the Gumps feel the same, sorry Notts Forest supporters lol. well at least they were only
  6. So, they are paying £250k each (£750k in total). As already indicated this will get worse post Brexit. if we were talking about a company we would call it asset stripping, for that is what it is. if the 5 that have left go on to make it in the Prem (Delap, Gordon and these 3) we will have lost out big time. The Prem and EFL need to step in and address the issues here, otherwise what is the point of funding an academy if you have to accept knockdown prices for players that have not signed a contract and then have their heads turned by the big clubs. Liverpool, the Manchester's and
  7. We should have been given a pen. After the ball hits the bar from the corner, it hits the Watford players hand, which is horizontal to the ground , it was a pen, not sure why nobody spotted it
  8. I like him, I think with a better pitch and an upgrade on a few positions in the summer he will get better. I think his form has suffered since Bielik was injured. Watch him have a blinder tonight. Great on the ball but needs a better end product .
  9. This is a hard one and I will be glad for anything from it. We are playing better, but they Are a very good team and they should be given the players that they have. If I was a Watford fan I would expect to be promoted this season. I would play CKR and Gregory up top and get the ball in the box. It’s about time we had a penalty and Joz has the skill in the box to draw one. we can win this but it’s a tough but not impossible ask
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