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  1. @singaporeram would you be able to contact me spn02@me.com re living in Singapore
  2. A QPR mate thought Lowe was our best player and would sign him tomorrow. i think we have the bones of a good team we just have a number of key positions that need strengthening such as keeper, centre back and fast attacking player
  3. We have some good news Wells Has moved to Bristol City so at least he will not score against us. I had this down for a 1-1 draw but I have a feeling we are going to win and I now fancy a 2-0 to the Rams. I have been to loftus Road twice and it is awful anybody over 5’2” struggles to sit straight in there seats COYRs I have a feeling away win number 3 is tonight
  4. He has had a dip in form, all players have that, also as pointed out he also young and learning. His defensive duties will improve as will his form. he is a good player now but has the potential to be special
  5. I agree with you here, pulling a gun is a last resort and only when there is a potential threat to life. if this happened then it is more likely to have been a taser and even then there would have to be a reason.
  6. A private message, that’s bad if they cannot say it on an open forum then they shouldn’t say it and if it’s discriminatory then they should go elsewhere. You don’t deserve that or a yo for that matter
  7. I have a lot of respect for Keogh as a player and as a player and feel sorry for what has happened to him. He served us well and I wish him all the best for the future in what ever role or employment he gets. For me he will always be a Ram
  8. Not sure how to call this one, I have gone for a draw but I could perm anyone from 3, it depends if the real Derby turn up or for that matter the real Fulham. Fulham have some good players it’s going to be a difficult game , probably need Davies height and defence capabilities to help with the Fulham attack. Also wisdom at right back and I hope Holmes is back
  9. He was wrong to say what he did, I think that the vast majority of us see players as players irrespective of their colour, race or nationality. I have a season ticket for the east stand and have never heard any discriminatory talk , although we have a few that think they the best coaches and pundits in the world. given that it doesn’t appear to be an issue with fans, I am gobsmacked and disappointed with Ramages comments and although they were no doubt said without thinking of the consequences show a lack of understanding of issues relating to race, colour etc. max was right to speak out
  10. Played well and a stunning goal, the huddlesfield supporters in my hotel said he was are best player, not sure if I agree with that
  11. Thought a draw was a fair result, huddlesfield are not a bad team. roos - should not have been beaten on the inside for the goal wisdom - played well and is in form at the moment but would prefer him at centre back davies- no issue with him but we look better with wisdom at centre half as he gives me butterflies when on the ball clarke - steady performance forsyth - played well in attack and defence Holmes - we missed him when he went off Rooney- not as influential as normal but tried hard and has that quality bird- played ok, got caught a couple of times waghorn- god game and should have scored lawrence - what a stunning goal martin- never in it really subs - bogle, he is out of form and it showed, same can be said of Marriott, shinnnie played well best player for me was Forsyth and wisdom the huddlesfield number 7 looks some player not the best game but the conditions were awe full lots of heavy wind and rain
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