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  1. I agree, his connection with Chelsea is strong but he will never forget the year he spent with us, I wish him well and hope it’s everything he wants it to be. Hugh risk at his stage of his fledgling managerial career.
  2. So we move on, I would imagine Frank will sign for them very quickly, his call but it’s a huge risk for him. Lets take their money and move on, we are definitely a selling club......but for managers so we have found our niche market. £4m plus maybe 2-3 of the best youngsters on loan. Who next into the Derby hot seat
  3. I wish Chelsea would get on with this or bugger off, I hate uncertainty, I would have thought I would be used to it but I’m not. As soon as they either get Frank or another manager we can move on.
  4. I think they said we offered him more than Aberdeen but he want to go back to Scotland, interesting that Aberdeen say they have a very good relationship with us, that could benefit both of us. We get first dibs on their best players and they get some of our players on loan
  5. I hope he comes back in some capacity, gave a lot to Derby, I have a lot of respect for him, hope all goes well for him in Aberdeen but he must know that black and white will always be his proper colour he will always be a 🐏 Ram
  6. I went to the match, it was a good game and England should have been out of site at halftime
  7. Tub Thumping ( we get knocked down but we get up again etc etc)
  8. He is a nice guy but not the brightest, he says what he thinks even if it’s best to keep his trap shut. his comments often do not seem to match reality. He said that Chelsea chanted Franks name all night when we played them. I was sat in the Chelsea end and they didn’t , most of the time they didn’t sing at all. Yes they chant his name every now and then, especially at the end but old Arry must have been at a different game
  9. Yes he probably would when Chelsea make an approach and when Mel tells him he can. therefore we haven’t learnt anything new. Also this is from a newspaper who are trying to sell copy.
  10. Spot on. He knows what he is doing in business and at the end of the day this is business. if Frank goes we should not jeopardise the potential flow of their young players to us. we should have the money that’s in the contract (£4m) and wish him well and part of very good terms
  11. I agree , I would like him to stay but if he goes then so be it, we get our £4m and move on
  12. Can it wait until I get my first Chelsea paycheck or would you like me to borrow It form Jody lol
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