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  1. so new chant 'if you dont bloody bounce, if you dont bloody bounce your the EFL'
  2. I just sneaked into the Prem, Congrats @gfs1ramthanks for doing this, I enjoy it and appreciate your hard work @mozza
  3. I thought this 'appeal' had nothing to do with the stadium but to do with the fact we had not been clear (they are trying to say misleading) about our amortisation policy. I have a feeling that if found guilty (and that wouldn't surprise me) then we get no more than a slap on the wrist and yellow card, I'm not sure what more they can do. I don't know about you lot just want to get this and the ownership issue out of the way and crack on with building for next season. I think the transfer window will be exciting this year, lots of comings and goings
  4. Waggy made it sound like he was staying with us for next year when interviewed, I would keep him, Wizz and a one year for Curtis, it was good to see him come on
  5. Roos - 6 Byrne- 7 Forsyth- 4 Edmondson- 6 Clarke- 7 Roberts - 7 Knight - 6 Shinnie- 7 Lawrence- 7 Waghorn- 9 CKR- 7
  6. good idea but please be positive and support them, no booing
  7. I saw that, I think it will be 1-1 and Rotherham to lose
  8. we will draw 1-1 and Cardiff will win 1-0....we stay up. I watched the Luton game last night and Rotherham were awful and exposed at the back, Cardiff will take advantage of that. At least Rotherham will go for it. Derby and Weds will throw wet flannels at each other and one from each side will go in. lots of nervous activity that goes no where as neither side can get over their negative mindset and fear of making mistakes.
  9. for a different reason you can add Knight, Sibley, Bird and Buchanan to that
  10. I had a peek at their forum as well, if you didn't know it you would have thought it was our forum. very similar realism...well sort of. I have never had an issue with the Owl's but sorry you are going down.................maybe with us lol
  11. This game has draw written all over it, in a lot of ways 2 similar clubs in size and history both with an inability to get themselves out of trouble. I still think Rotherham might put us both out of our misery . maybe we should become Icarus Wednesday and Icarus county
  12. Roos - 5 - Not his best game could have done better with both goals Byrne - 7 thought he had a good game, Forsyth -4 poor game not sure what else to say, I don't expect him to play in the last game of the season Edmondson -6 played well and getting better Clarke - 6 Mr Reliable, I don't expect to see him back with us next year Knight - 5 his early season form is a distant memory, I cannot remember anything he did, and that's not good Shinnie - 7 wears his heart on his sleeve, played well Jozwiak -7 Best game for a long time, even chased back when needed, l
  13. Interesting one this, both low on confidence as they say, when the going gets tough the tough get going, let it be us. Either way I will still support the Rams and renew my season ticket
  14. I thought Keith Andrew’s was a muppet on Sky, some of the things he comes out with has no reflection on reality and that not just about Derby. Thought we did ok yesterday until we fell asleep and they scored, then we show how brittle we Are. Like the fact we came back into it. when you look at our lineup it’s not that bad, they just need the confidence to go for it.
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