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  1. Woodley Ram

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    I thought Lawrence should have got a red for that tackle and it looked like Forsyth slipped and accidentally went into the forward, soft I know but I can see why it was given. Haven’t seen our appeals for a penalty
  2. Woodley Ram

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Bet365 site is the best site for narrative
  3. Woodley Ram

    Derby Telegraph thinks Clough won 74-75 title

    Sorry but bleep bleep bleep and there is lots more bleeps i could say bleep rubbish
  4. Woodley Ram

    v Rotherham United (A) Pre-Match Thread

    This is a game (no disrespect to Rotherham) that we need to win, all games are hard in the Championship and they are no mugs who are a threat at set pieces and will fight to the last, but these ones we need to win, games at Villa, Leeds etc will be harder to come away with any points. hard game but one we can win COYRs
  5. Woodley Ram

    He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

    Damn does that mean 500k is already wiped off his value
  6. Woodley Ram


    So Butters comes back, show everyone what he has got and gets us promoted in the right system he can play , he has good vision, a good pass and a good shot come on Butters show them they are wrong
  7. Woodley Ram

    Is Rotherham an unlucky away day for Derby

    Only if we lose
  8. Woodley Ram

    Help me out please Rammies

    Forgot about the loan fees that we get, Evans was 300k, ince 2mil. This year we are even, last year we made a profit, we only had 2 years really where we over spent, 1 year by a lot. Everybody thinks we overspend every year , they look at the people we buy but forget about the sales such as Vydra 11m, Hendrick 10m, Hughes 5m (bad business that), Ince 10m thats over 35m on its own spending is not our issue its the wage bill
  9. I don’t mind QPR I work with a lot of their fans who are good people and I think that QPR are a proper football club , we lost on the day in a similar fashion that we previously beat West Brom so do not hold a bitter feelings or the fact they overspent because they got a fine for it. my only issue with them and that includes my work mates is that they think they are being hard done by. As I tell them ‘ if you do the crime , do the time” I thought they will really lucky to have the reduction in the fine and have been treated differently than others . I don’t want to see them go bust but I think they got off very lightly they should accept that
  10. Woodley Ram


    Butter field is a good player like all players if you don’t put them in the right formation they will struggle, Chris Martin has that issue. I do wonder if Huddlestone will be able to do the defensive midfield role. Again it’s not about ability it’s about fit
  11. Woodley Ram

    Best start in seven years

    Spot on @ram59 I am hoping that Davies return shores up the defence, the right back position worries me, the defensive midfield area worries me. We seem so open at the back. People will start sitting on Mason Mount to stop his creativity. lots of positives, but lots to work on
  12. Woodley Ram

    Best start in seven years

    Yes encouraging but lets keep our feet on the ground and not get ahead of ourselves. We are far from the finished article, the defence and midfield is still a worry. We are improving and I love the positivity thats around and also happy with where we are. I still think we will be there and there about but we will have a number of bumps on this trip.

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