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  1. I would like to continue to support the team and would forgo the money but would like the Rams to come up with something as a gesture to the people who have paid . I respect Mel for the money he has put into the club, his dedication and commitment to Derby so don’t mind if the “package” is financially worth less than what’s left on the season tickets
  2. I have paid for 2 season tickets for next season and has no worry about paying for them in the current climate. i also have 2 season tickets for this year which have games left on them. if the season is called to a halt what would season ticket holders expect? - nothing let Derby keep the money - a refund for the games not played - some type of deal as compensation such as reduction on hospitality, free FA cup games or discounted clothing. i would go for the 3rd option but what would you prefer
  3. What ever has in the bank good on him, well done for the hard work in earning it and I wish him well. Money aside I like Mel as he has the rams in his heart.
  4. This is all double Dutch to me , they will Netherland a club here for Cruyff sake. I think they are all Cocu
  5. I see Liam R, has been given a new role at the FA job , inclusion advisory board, he will also continue with us. I like Liam, hope he stays with us long term.
  6. Woodley Ram

    Max Bird

    Luckily I still have 4G so the symptoms should be milder
  7. Woodley Ram

    Max Bird

    We have tremendous talent coming through not just the 3 mentioned and high praise should go to Mel and the coaching and recruiting staff, my only concern is to ensure that this is a conveyor belt of talent and not just a one off of a talented generation . everything at moor farm is set up for it but recruitment of youngsters is key and not just from the greater Derby area, we have done well with Ireland but needs to looks wider
  8. Woodley Ram

    Max Bird

    Sorry @angieram what I meant is that position is generally under appreciated compared with those that score goals and I mean that in the world of football not Derby and I agree that we know the value to the team of a Bird, huddlestone or Thorne. It’s just that Sibley and Knight are always more likely to go for more money than Bird because of their forward play although Bird has played more games for a very good reason.
  9. Woodley Ram

    Max Bird

    If true the price is disappointing, I would like to keep him as he will anchor our midfield, he plays the type of role that is under appreciation although vital, it wouldn’t surprise me for Knight and Sibley is be worth a lot more because they play further forward and score goals. I would like to keep all of our youngsters unless we get a really stupid offer that we cannot refuse.
  10. 1- not I do not see stoke as a rival, come to think of it apart from Port Vale who are your rivals 2- none really over the years there has been a few good teams and some good players but none that stand out, Matthews and Banks stand out but none recently 3- I think this has to be a recent one as I would have to say the ones where Rowett was your manager 4- stoke are ok, other support such as the dirties are better other are worse we are not dissimilar to that 5- the new one, didn’t like the old one, this is difficult to ask given that I don’t see Stoke as a rival, now the Gumps I could do chapter and verse on
  11. There seems to be two things being discussed here. on the first I think if the season did end now DCFC would either need to offer a pro rata refund or a pro rata deduction for the new season ( I have already paid for by season ticket so they would need to refund me ) on the second, perhaps there is a clause in players contracts relating to unpaid wages and the contracts ending with the full contract still need to be paid up. If this was the case he players could just walk away and still be owed their wages. the first is what I expect the second mere speculation as I have no idea what players have in their contracts but I would imagine that talks are ongoing with the players to accept a cut of some kind
  12. Woodley Ram

    Max Bird

    Not sure if this is tosh or not but Bird , sibley and knight as well as a few others will be attracting attention and we might lose one or two. I have heard £20m + mention by some on here but £6-10m is more realistic. I hope we keep hold of them as I have not been this excited about the talent coming through it money talks
  13. I see that the CEO job for Dell U.K. is on offer, which as a sort of causal link to this thread
  14. I have an old cheese and ham Pannini does that count
  15. Dave McKay and Wanchope, I’m happy with that👍
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