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  1. Who has the money to circumnavigate kenny burns at 100mph, it would cost a fortune
  2. Don’t think so he is Scottish not German
  3. So do I, QPR are a proper club with proper supporters, although smaller than I thought. I work in London with some and they are decent people. I dont think that they get that singing Bobby Zamora dosnt really have an effect on us, but let them do it, its a laugh. Had a look at the Pen, it wasn’t one for me
  4. On now, QPR’s strip is pants, its given me a migraine
  5. Cannot go today went to Loftus Road and got soaking wet. Let pride Park rock and lets get 3 points, the boys play better when the crowd are on it COYRs ...will be watching on the SKY red button until I get caught and made to entertain the Chelsea supporting guests, cannot have it all
  6. Had nothing to do with height, we would create more chances and cause more problems with a bit of height up front
  7. Still think we need someone with a bit of height up front, I think Marriott would do well running off a larger forward, we might even score from a corner
  8. There is a big misconception pointed out my many of here, that every year we have spent big, as others have already said, apart from one mad year we haven’t, in fact for most years we have been cost negative. Our problem is our wages, which is similar to the majority of clubs. If we had a league of teams wages v income, i doubt that we would be anywhere near the top of it. I think that Gibson is trying to get some shots in early as it would not surprise me his team have problems with wages next year. If we are looking at 3 teams finances then we should look at them all. I do agree with FFP and understand the need for it , but lets look at every bodies not just because someone decides to pick 3 clubs that he thinks (and think is the only word he can use) are cheating.
  9. It’s something that is not as bad as a semi or hard one lol
  10. Dont fancy this one, Birmingham 1-0 no Rams Goal Scorer (I have often wrong, lets home the trend con😎tinues
  11. Everything felt very flat at first, I have to admit didnt see the Bryson goal and I was looking at the Ref to give a penalty. Forgetting his 3 goals for a minute, I thought Mason Mount was at the centre of everything that was positive, BJ was also immense. Pleased for MM’s 3 goals the second was excellent. I thought Bogle was awesome, both in defence and attack, If you asked me which fullback had played for England I would have chosen him and not Cole, even if Cole didn't have a bad game. Tomori is just amazing even if he makes a mistake he seems to be able to recover. Wilson is trying too hard, it will come for him, Keogh played and led really well. I thought Rotherham were a far better team then Bolton, if we played against Bolton the way we played against Rotherham it would have been a cricket score. Big fan of the boys challenging other stands to sing, well done everyone for singing back. Very happy on the way home to Berkshire
  12. We seem to be better when we have a rest or not many games, when we have a few back to back our form goes out the window. We always struggle against strong physical sides. I thought that we were bossed from start to finish. Blackburn were well worth their win
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