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  1. Decent player, offered a new contract by QPR so why is he here? We could never offer more wages and the contract would only be for a year so why not stay at QPR in a stable environment, better wages and longer contract?
  2. I had an issue with the numbers as I only have 10 toes, but I called a work colleague from Nottingham for help as he has a lot more than 10 toes
  3. That's true, I based it on the max on turnover not net profit for CT, which as you indicated would be a lot less. I have heard people say that we will go into administration before the season starts. For me that unlikely to happen but we do need to get these sanctions off our backs and allow the press and other clubs to concentrate on other things rather than Derby County.
  4. It cannot be the stamp duty on the ground as that would be owed by Mel (the buyer) and not DCFC (the seller). I have no idea the amount owed, but (and I think @Spanishsaid this) it cannot be in the tens of millions. If you take 20% as an average guideline (company tax) then we are talking a maximum of 4-5 Million and I doubt if its anything like that. Also is this likely (and I am not ITK) to be an amount that due to Covid etc that we are paying to the HMRC in instalments agreed by them but seen as a breach by the EFL, similar to the company accounts?
  5. I agree with you re Pearce, he has dropped the ball a few times (as CEO he has to take the responsibility). When we are taken over I would be surprised if he kept his job
  6. or our version of festy
  7. We are all COVID affected clubs, Reading average what 10-12000 per game so that’s £8mish lost to COVID, we average about 26,000 so that would be a loss of £20mish if you add food, drink and hospitality then the loss comparison gets even bigger. COVID affected the clubs with bigger fan bases more. I don’t agree with Maguire on this, the EFL should deduct what they judge clubs have lost due to Covid-19 and then treat everyone the same. They should have come up with a formula for this by now. Clubs like Stoke and Reading who have huge losses should be treated in the same way as SWFC and DCFC
  8. if its off can we send it to the Riverside instead
  9. I would have thought that they would have run the revised figures as soon as we were found guilty, I doubt we would have waited for the penalty. That would give them more chance to examine them so the EFL cannot pick them to bits as they will no doubt try. They will always wait until the last day to submit them
  10. I was thinking MackworthRam Coconut B4ev6is i-ram Nottsram77 Shinnie SDSR Islandexile JimboRam Sage CKR
  11. I think he spoke well, its important to look at what he said. - Rooney onboard - Transfer plan for when the new owners arrive, I took its (my take) that this is going to happen very soon - Only 1 debt (not sure how much) - I also took it that the comment about small senior and talented youngsters was that we will not panic on getting in numbers but wait for the ownership to change - After two cockups I don't blame them for for keeping stum over the takeover. - Needing to build bridges - correct thing to do Next steps, complete takeover, sort out FFP and move forward, although I am far from convinced Pearce is the man to lead the Rams
  12. I know Pearce is the CEO but he is also a qualified accountant, so why all of the accountancy problems at Derby.
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