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  1. not a bad thing, I often wonder who we need to drop to accommodate him, also changing the system for him to play. I have no issue with his quality on the pitch but its where to play him. I hope we keep Roseninor as I rate and like him
  2. it was a stupid thing to put forward by Gibson, he went after the thing we found not guilty of and that the EFL didn't appeal i.e. the sale of PP . it was interesting that they have left the legal fees to be discussed against the parties, I expect Gibson to have to pay a big Derby bill...wonder if that goes against their FFP amount??
  3. I don't mind this but wonder if it could get messy (not we could get Messi lol) if we bring in an experienced coach. lets see
  4. Marshall Byrne Davies Clarke Bucho Rooney Knight Bielik Jozwiak Waghorn Lawrence Rooney will play for two reasons 1 - he is picking the team 2- I have him as the first scorer lol feel sorry for Shinnie as he has been good but Bielik gives us something, Davies will cope with Martin Back 4 will gives us more options up front
  5. As much as I would love Rafa at Derby, I cannot see it. this is for a couple of reasons! I would have thought if he came back to England he would go to the Premier league and also his wage bill would kill FFP. I can only see him coming if the new owners have said here is what you can spend and pot of gold they will give him is enormous. I some how don't think we will have a Man City or Chelsea type investment, but lets see, I thought Cocu's reign would work out better so Im hardly the best pundit on all things Derby
  6. What ever happens with the new manager I hope we keep Rosenior as I think think he has a bright future and I want that to be with us
  7. not sure if he is ready, I think that Ibe will be that last Christmas present left under the tree, the one you eventually get to open and knocks your socks off
  8. Would love Rafa, but think Eddie Howe would be a good option
  9. I have been a big supporter of Cocu, but something had to change, I note the comments about his style of play not being right for the championship and I think there is some truth in that. He has left us with a stronger although not complete squad. I wish his and his team well. it does feel that the new owners are having the decks cleared before they arrive and I would imagine they have already identified a new manager which I doubt will be Rooney
  10. you make good reasoned argument, have to admit we would be a tad expensive
  11. thought it was something else that came out of his mouth
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