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  1. Doesn’t matter who is in front of them, it’s wrong
  2. I wouldn’t let it go and I would challenge their behaviour , any type of discrimination what so ever is wrong and should not form part of either football or society in general
  3. I have a lot of respect for Barker, good player and good bloke. Pity about injuries hope he remains in some way part of DCFC.
  4. It’s a fair point you make , although having lived in Reading and owning a house in Derby I can tell you that property in Reading is significantly more expensive than Derby. but who cares Mel had an independent valuation end of
  5. It’s not fraud and believe me that’s my line of work. He would only have broken the law if he deliberately conspired with a valuer to artificially inflate the value of PPD with the intention of circumnavigating the FFP rules . That would be very difficult to prove unless the valuer is going to say that the valuation was false and that’s not going to happen. Limited companies are their own legal entities ( Solomon v Solomon) so selling an asset between them is fine. Irrespective of who the directors are. the point I’m trying to very badly make is that it dosnt matter of the EPL get lower valuations, Mel acted on the independent one that he got.
  6. I can see this going like this. Mel presents the valuer of PPS who states that’s its worth the money Mel paid and giving his reasons for the valuation. the EFL will then produce a couple of other lower valuations Mel will then say I’m not a valuer so I accept why I ah w been told The EFL then have a problem as even if PPS is overvalued as Mel will not have misled them and in fact can say that he has been misled and paid to much. not sure where the EFL can go here
  7. Nothing wrong with our support, it’s very passionate, however sometimes people can be over negative ( the 2 that sit behind me in the East stand) , there is no point winging and booing, we are called supporters so let’s support
  8. Spot @Super Derby Super Rams On , we missed Huddlestone, perhaps Holmes can fill the void
  9. This game wasn’t the best but we need to take the positives out of it, Shinnie showed what he can do, Roos decision making was better (but he still worries me) and we took 3 points and a clean sheet. We will play a lot better than this and lose. feed up with some of the fans who boo and winge . Also to the *anke* that sits behind me in upper east, taking chips from my daughters boyfriend says a lot about you , it’s a good thing that I found out after the game.
  10. Yes , he was good today in why was a poor match, we missed Huddlestone’s passing. also got fed up with fans booing and ranting at the players, it’s not helpful, I know they pay their money so have an opinion but dosnt help things
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