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  1. It would be beyond pathetic to force Derby to change the number. Won't happen.
  2. I've always been a huge fan of Italian football, with Pavel Nedved being the first player who truly captivated me. We're planning a trip next April and the new wife has promised me we can go to watch a game in either Florence or Rome. Already excited!
  3. If Bogle is is out for a while, and given so believe Wisdom is also out, then we may need to look at this as no academy player is springing to mind (I guess Bogle is the academy player) and, despite his reappearance in pre-season, I get the impression Anya is still out of the picture
  4. My favourite thing from the Bishop of St Albans is how he claims to have spoken to two families who will not let their children watch football as they do not want them to be primed for gambling... Who are these people?
  5. Waggy always strikes me as one of the most outgoing, cheerful, and playful members of the squad. Whilst that isn't necessarily untrue, this article goes to show just how easy it is for there to be things going on behind the scenes. Massive amounts of respect for him. I hope he has found a way to manage it and is doing a lot better.
  6. The fact we haven't seen any of the local journalists finish for the day gives me hope. Expecting 1 or 2 names, both out of the blue.
  7. I would be amazed if we don't see another keeper come in today. I had high hopes for Roos and, whilst he certainly hasn't been poor, we need a better option if we are serious about challenging at the top end of the league.
  8. I think I might have had enough excitement for one day... Oh go on then Mel, give us another
  9. I mean Mitt certainly has the money to invest in us...
  10. I thought the deadline was Thursday (in line with the PL). Iā€™d expect names and signings to start coming through tomorrow...maybe one today if we are lucky
  11. Close...a local sport is jumping off the bridge (insane if you ask me given the water depth is about 4m) but obviously a big tourist draw
  12. Forget Ramselaar, QPR and Forest in for McKenna? Would be great here
  13. Yup, Mostar. Lived up to all my expectations. Would strongly recommend visiting for the day if ever close to the Bosnian border šŸ™‚
  14. No knees on show, but all the same...great spot the start the minimoon
  15. Agree with much of this. Tomori had an excellent season and I'd love him back but his performances this summer have illustrated a tendancy to make an error (although his pace often resolved it last season). It's something that should come with age, but he certainly wasn't perfect...still, please come back. Hughes was also incredible for us, but his career certainly hasn't met the heights we all expected, and looks unlikely that it will. I never rated Hendrick and would put Wilson in the overrated pile for reasons others have highlighted on the forum. Then I ruin everything I say above and say I thought Mo Camara was harshly judged by our fans...
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