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  1. Internet seems to suggest this is a done deal for Rangers. Can't see the source being anything more than one of those spam accounts
  2. They forgot a goalkeeper... If we signed Lammers however I am sure we would just outscore everyone in this division.
  3. Away kit came today just in time for Cardiff (the wife says I have too much white). Have to say, it's genuinely one of the most beautiful kits we have had. Looks stunning
  4. If this happens I will call my first child Mel
  5. Suspect that, now Cocu has seen the league up close, the signing of te Wierik will be the first of many from overseas, either on frees or bargain buys. In Cocu I trust
  6. Northampton local media are running this one again now that he is a free agent. Hopefully not
  7. There is another poster on here who seems to have a source on the inside and correctly described both the, now revealed, away kit and the home kit that has been on Twitter. If we can get a pink shirt, with a bit of black, like Palermo, I'll be first in the socially distanced queue.
  8. Looks 100% better actually modelled on someone rather than in the dodgy promo shot. Hoping we will see the rumoured pink third shirt shortly...
  9. Huddlestone has been a great servant to the club, but I am actually quite glad we haven't renewed his contract. Would have been a very expensive squad player
  10. We are the form team without any shadow of a doubt and I'd love for us to go up, purely for financial reasons in a post-COVID world - for football reasons I'd rather go up next year. The fact remains though that, even though we are only three points off the play-offs, we have 8 games to leapfrog 6 teams. It's not impossible, but there are currently 5 teams above us who are outside of the playoffs and asking the same question
  11. Speaking to some Dutch colleagues the other day about the return of football in the UK. As soon as I mentioned Derby, their interest grew and Te Wierik received a glowing endorsement. Hopefully that is right and goes some way to resolving the defensive issues, which still remain an issue since that incident. Also, plenty of room for Lowe and Bogle to continue developing but I'm very happy Wisdom is back in the fold. Goalkeeper is essential In the summer but if we keep this up then the sky is the limit
  12. GK - I like the idea of Wellenreuther, the little I have seen is good and all write ups have been impressive. CB - Can't see it happening but Van der Hoorn from Swansea on a free would be great business. We'd need a second as well and would be tempted to find a young player from league one/two or overseas. Wing - Ibe would be fantastic. ST - Lyle Taylor is the name I keep seeing and I'd be happy with this in theory but concerned about age if we wanted to have a proper attempt at promotion next season.
  13. Only seems like yesterday we had Richard AshKeogh strutting his stuff to reveal the Zebra kit...how things change...
  14. Loved Hoffenheim since the friendly a few years back. Genuinely felt they were on a different level - bought one of their kits and it's one of my favourites
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