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  1. I doubt this one would slip under the radar. He will be staying, just like marshall seems to be.
  2. Would love to get Jako next season. Sounds a shambles at Barnet but the quality of their kits on the continent is supposedly very high and they look pretty decent. Otherwise, would like to see what Hummel could do
  3. Seems to be unavailable on YouTube and Spotify, which is probably a good thing.
  4. Always remember when I was in the West Stand, there was two guys who, no matter what time it was in the game, could be found in the concourse watching the tv. Just seems bizarre to me.
  5. I can't believe the clubs/countries Puma are putting this template on are even accepting it to be honest... especially with shortened team names
  6. Football won't die, far from it, but poorly managed clubs are in big trouble moving forwards and I worry we are looking at us being the next Bury.
  7. Feel for the guy...needs to use incognito 😂
  8. Concerned about Stretton's performance. Hopefully a one off but we really do need to get someone in
  9. That is erm, an interesting autocorrect
  10. @Davidabsolutely nothing to apologise for. Sorry to hear how much this has impacted you on a personal scale, to the extent you felt nervous about returning here. Hope you are beginning to feel better, the forum will always have your back.
  11. Remember going to the friendly at Northampton after both him and Hudds signed. From day one you could see his authority and his passion. It's a shame he isn't ten years younger and that his body has started catching up with him, but I am glad he is a ram. Similarly, Hudds has the turning circle of a tank and was easily outpaced but I don't think I've ever seen someone with his vision and passing ability play for Derby. We could do with him now.
  12. Correct but surely, surely someone at the club knows this would not be a wise move.
  13. Suspect all signings will be announced pretty much dead on 12. In another example of failing to read the room, DCFC will thinks it's a masterstroke of PR, whereas in reality it will annoy everyone.
  14. Hey, we may be a mess but this morning Alan Nixon has gone from 'Mel doesn't want to make signings' to 'the EFL needs to tell Derby how many signings they can make' to 'Dcfc have handed out blank contracts' to 'The EFL haven't told Derby how much they will let them pay'.
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