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  1. Been at Northampton v. Crawley today. Very very poor performance from Elsnik, subbed off around 70 mins. Listening to the locals as well they don't seem to have a great impression of him
  2. Great to see that we've managed to get to February and not completely collapse, Frank must be doing something right! Solid performance albeit little flair. Bogle and Waghorn in particular played very well. Malone and Hudds also put in a good show. Roos is staking a very strong claim. Only complaint (and clearly Frank agreed) is Jozefzoon's performance. Never in the position he was meant to be and didn't add anything. Malone had to look after the left himself
  3. I've never liked Rio Ferdinand, but if you can ban someone for 8 months for missing a drugs test, then what on earth does Mings deserve? I've watched the footage a few times now and increasingly convinced it was deliberately, I'm very glad our supposed interest came to nothing.
  4. Would have been even better if that player had actually signed!
  5. In my opinion, Nugent is no longer a top championship player, but I can't see him dropping down to league one...and even then, why would we try and get Moore from Barnsley when surely it's their centre backs we should be looking at?
  6. I'd drive to Burnley myself to pick him up for the last 6 months
  7. If we sold Hudds and signed Mulumbu I would be lost for words
  8. Seen him a few times and, as said previously in this thread, based on what I've seen we could just save the cash and play Wisdom there. Reviews from those whose clubs he has played at aren't great either. I hope this is Nixon plucking a name out of thin air having been constantly asked by Rams fans to name a defender. Having said that, I could have just seen him having some off days and he turns out to be a worldie...
  9. Derby or Udine? It's not a hard decision if this is accurate unfortunately... At the same time, if we were to lose a midfielder this is not the one to lose without adequate replacement.
  10. Only seen so much of him but based on what I have seen, I'd much rather just play Wisdom there
  11. Never heard of him. I'm excited.
  12. Unlike Andy King, I can't see any case for Mulumbu being better than what we already have. Can only see this happening if we manage to shift Lesley, and Johnson (Butterfield just seems in no man's land) as otherwise it would be just throwing money away.
  13. I don't know anything about Mel's personal position or his intentions but he has been more distant and out of the spotlight than previously and, without doubt, if you wanted to raise the profile of the club prior to sale then Lampard was the way to do that. That being said, even if Mel did want to sell, I would still be amazed if he would sanction a move for Pearce without being prepared to back Frank in getting a replacement
  14. Prodl might be able to do a job based on the little I've seen of him in previous seasons. Bonatini would be great as would a fit Austin. I see Hogan is available who could be an option but fitness might not be there. Sinclair couldn't get in Sunderland's 18. No thanks
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