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  1. He was reported just yesterday saying he doesn't want to play in the second division and still (crazily) hopes to play for France in Euro 2020...think we can safely close the door on this one. Makes you wonder about The Athletic - I think this is the first one that has originated from them?
  2. As stated on another post of mine, I get to see quite a bit of Northampton (more than I do Derby) and this would be a worrying move for me, even as a back up. Put the stats aside for a moment (Northampton have arguably the best cb pairing in the league), Cornell is quite the liability.
  3. Might be worth adding that his Dad will be outside 'Carr's Bar' at the ground before kick-off fundraising/selling wristbands etc.
  4. Oxford Mail suggest that his contract was terminated
  5. Didn't make the grade on my FM... 🙄
  6. I didn't feel it warranted a new thread and apologies if this has already been posted somewhere, but this thread says it all.
  7. This is not progress. Should have been gone ages ago, he isn't a kid anymore.
  8. Mother in law is a Northampton season ticket holder...this could either be a brilliant game for me or one that I'm reminded of for the next 3 years.
  9. MK-Ram

    Ex Rams

    Omar Mascarell appointed Schalke captain
  10. Would prefer Eric Steele at the training ground to be fair
  11. Remember when DET had some credibility?
  12. MK-Ram

    George Long

    Keeper I've been most impressed with this season is Cabral at Reading, can't imagine he'd be moving so quickly though.
  13. MK-Ram

    George Long

    He is much better than Roos, but still nowhere near the level we need. We need a CB too but it's nerve wracking whenever the opposition are in the final third at the moment. It's a shame we decided to put faith in Roos in the summer when there was actually some decent GK options on the market.
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