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  1. John Eustace has done a good job at Kidderminster and is a great prospect with the kind of character I'd love to see back at the club. If we could lure him as assistant with a more senior manager then it could be a shrewd move with a ready made future replacement
  2. MK-Ram

    Blaming Rowett

    Usually I wouldn’t mind a manager going to a club who can offer more money and better funds, they are human after all and most of us would move jobs if such an offer was made. The difference with Rowett (and McClaren) however is that he painted himself as Mr Derby County, and tried to get the fans to believe he wanted to be at the club long term and we were his dream job but is jumping ship at the first real opportunity
  3. MK-Ram

    Next Manager Poll

    Oscar Garcia Hurst and Cook might work but worries about being able to attract the right players. Lampard has no experience and not worth the gamble.
  4. He’s also said in the past that he sees England as a place he would like to undertake a challenge. Cruyff as DoF and somelike Stam as coach could be an exciting prospect and I imagine the football would be pretty attractive too
  5. Not overly fussed about Rowett going. When he arrived, I thought we had a manager who was passionate about the club, wanted to be here long-term, and wouldn’t just think that the grass was greener elsewhere (a la McClaren) but unfortunately I was wrong. The problem is with Clement, Pearson, the seemingly panicked Mac II appointment, and now Rowett, I have no faith in Mel to make a suitable appointment. That, and the FFP restrictions make me worry for the next few years at least, if we are to sell Vydra and co. And don’t replace them with adequately I can see this going very very wrong
  6. Did a great job at Grimsby too
  7. If we really want to go outside the box, Jordi Cruyff is leaving Maccabi Tel Aviv at the end of the season. He’s been fairly successful both as a manager and DoF, is still 44, is a name that would attract players, has foreign knowledge, and reminded Nick Blackman how to play football. Unlikely but not beyond our means given his previous clubs.
  8. MK-Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I’ve seen Graham Potter mentioned a few times and even though, based on what little knowledge I have of Swedish football, I’d take him in a heartbeat. The problem is, even though our resources are undoubtedly beyond Ostersunds, I cannot see him leaving a job where he can manage in the Europa league and a (I believe) fairly decent domestic league for the Championship. Might be able to snatch someone from a top club in another country but think Potter is beyond us
  9. MK-Ram

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    Can’t imagine enough clubs would have been interested to find out. If it wasn’t for his surname, he wouldn’t be held in such high regard. The guy has no plan B and whilst he may have been able to assemble a relatively decent first XI at Derby that was only after so many flops it’s hard to count and the current Burton squad is woeful even on a shoestring
  10. Bet Victor have their odds out with Simmo at 1/1, Stimac at 5 and Dean Smith at 16/1. You can also have a cheeky gamble on Phil Brown at 33/1 😉
  11. MK-Ram

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    Something doesn’t seem right about all of this - is Rowett himself a Stoke fan? Is the financial position truly that bad? Or has the venom spouted by a vocal minority of Derby fans pushed a manager away? with all that being said, the key lesson I’ve learnt from Mel is that if I ever became half as wealthy as him, I’d buy someone other than Derby. I worry if what is ultimately going to bite us is having an ambitious fan at the helm who in their pursuit of glory has placed us in a position where the next couple of years might not appear so successful due to the spectre of FFP watching over us
  12. Mick would be fine in getting out of the division but wouldn’t last long afterwards. If we want stability, I don’t think Mick is the man. wouldnt object to the others though
  13. I can’t imagine many things I would like less, but I can’t help but think Redknapp will be the replacement, especially given his previous connection to Mel and recent announcement that he wants another job
  14. MK-Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Agree on the Igor point. It’d be nice to have him at the club in some capacity but his managerial record leaves a lot to be desired.
  15. MK-Ram

    Scott Carson

    If Carson was to go (and I really hope he doesn’t) then this would be who I would want. He’s had a fantastic season at Shrewsbury and has made it clear he wants to drop down to the championship so he can play and not just pick up a pay cheque. Plus, gk is the one position where I genuinely can’t look around the league and see anyone who I would honestly prefer in goal

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