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  1. Yeah...he clearly doesn't have an eye for talent
  2. Alefe Santos there too. I'd forgotten about him. Wonder what Bunjaku, Gjokaj and Calero are up to
  3. MK-Ram


    I'll always support the club through thick and thin, but I am more than embarrassed by the decision to reintroduce two players who I had wished to never see again after mere days. It completely sets the wrong tone and it's disgraceful that the club is willing to do that after such horrific behaviour. It's really changed my opinion of both manager and owner, so I do understand OP's decision. I despise drink drivers and can appreciate how others are questioning their support of the club. I visited a pub myself on Saturday evening, still wearing the black and white. Had a few comments from complete strangers when I had a pint in my hand, clearly joking, but it's hard to not feel ashamed at the same time.
  4. If Lawrence took today as yet another opportunity to show his disdain for the fans, then I don't think there will be any words. This selection is embarrassing.
  5. Accidentally clicked the wrong option on the poll, however for me I would still be looking for a new goalkeeper as a priority. Clearly we are lacking wingers, however should Cocu opt to play Bogle and Lowe as wing backs, that may mitigate the need for wingers as it currently stands..I would still be after one or two in January though. Centre backs. With Keogh out, and Clarke and Davies not been the quickest players, we should be looking for a pacy ball-playing CB. It would be interesting to see if Cocu could give a fit Andre Wisdom a new lease of life at CB (as he played for RB Salzburg). This would also allow us to push Bielik back into midfield. That leaves GK to me as a priority. From my point of view, Roos, whilst a decent GK, is one player we should be looking to improve on and, until we have a commanding presence between the sticks, I'm not sure our defence will be comfortable.
  6. I'll always be a ram. The behaviour of the three involved in last week's incident is unforgivable and, if 75% of what is being reported is true then I fully expect Bennett and Lawrence to be let go if they are found guilty. If that doesn't happen then my faith in the management will be shook. The food and drink business at the beginning of the season seemed a bit out of touch - does anyone know how that has gone? Rooney is PR. I've never been a fan but if the finances work then I can see the logic. All in all, I'm a Ram and I support the team, but I don't support the few idiots who I hope to never again see don the badge.
  7. We haven't seen enough of him to know yet, but if Martin is fit and Cocu's plan is for him the be a starting player, he would be my pick.
  8. As the media have started reporting it now, if it is the case that, after causing an accident as a result of their disgusting decision to drink drive, Keogh actually was abandoned at the scene then I would be more than ashamed if the club does not terminate the contracts of Bennett and Lawrence. That goes beyond anything that has been discussed so far and actually leaves me rather lost for words.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7511933/Derby-captain-Richard-Keogh-LEFT-UNCONSCIOUS-team-mates-crumpled-Range-Rover.html
  10. With the statement earlier and then the announcement of Huddlestone as Captain, it would seem that the club wasn't aware of what was still to come (which surprises me). Unfortunately I feel that may also leave DCFC in a very awkward position in respect of the future of the players involved (committing to their rehabilitation etc.), particularly give the developments of the last few hours. Taking the front page of any national paper for this has brought the club into disrepute beyond anything else In recent memory, and is really threatening our reputation. We should make an example out of these two players in particular but feel that, unless we act differently following a verdict/sentencing, our response to this will look shameful in retrospect.
  11. I'm trying to stay calm and level-headed over this. My calling for the heads of those involved isn't an overreaction as I despise drink drivers, but I would have understood if that punishment wasn't carried out as it typically isn't the done thing (even if I would still hope the club would look to get rid), however this latest video of Bennett has pushed my limits. I would never forgive those running the club if they continue to support Bennett after all of this. It's only by pure luck that this isn't far worse and, from his perspective, a little girl could easily have woken up without her father.
  12. The guy calls himself 'Bizzle'. What more do you need to know?
  13. For me, this takes it beyond any doubt just how stupid and irresponsible this is and I think I'd be more frustrated if Bennett remained at the club than anything else.
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