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  1. Agree. I’ve been a Vydra fan since he arrived in England and always hoped he would come good for us, but he seemed to be public enemy number one on this forum for a while last season. i suppose that is inevitable though when you mix passionate fans with an out of form, out of position record signing. Glad he has won everyone over!
  2. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    I voted 'no' because at the time I was horrified. Sacking Clough was completely the right decision, however McClaren's appointment made me really concerned about the decisions higher up at the club (although I was very happy with Simpson and Steele). Happy to say I was wrong on that occasion!
  3. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Sorry? Did I just read that right? Lee Camp? I'd rather stick a 13 year old from the local park in goal...
  4. Recent quotes from Jokanovic suggest that if the right job came up then he'd be ready to walk. Monk would be awful. Failing that, I'd like to see us take a risk and look abroad - if Rowett was to go, anyone would be a gamble to take us up so wouldn't mind taking a plump Having said that,Rowett is staying. Relax everyone! I appreciate panicking is what makes us Derby fans but we can't do this everytime a vacancy opens up when we are doing well!
  5. Doesn't OB work for the club now? If so, I'd assume this is pretty damn accurate
  6. Uncle Mel lived by the sword and now dies by it?

    Completely agree with this. People thought he appeared trigger happy with Mac, Clement, Pearson, and Mac II gone in quick succession but based on what I’ve heard, every single one was the right choice. If anything, he may have trusted the managers a bit too much in certain signings but I think with one or two exceptions, that has also been blown out of proportion - the only one I feel has had no contribution is Blackman.
  7. Rowett isn’t going but at this stage, the only wise contingency plan I can see is Jokanovic given that Oscar Garcia headed off to Greece yesterday.
  8. Uncle Mel lived by the sword and now dies by it?

    To be fair, regardless of current league position, I still feel Derby remain a ‘bigger’ club than Stoke and offer a much better prospect for an ambitious young manager than a Stoke side fighting relegation, which could easily ruin a young coach’s career. Having said that, I can’t wrap my head around the idea that Koeman would come down to the championship. No chance.
  9. Genuinely have no concerns on this one. In the case of Stevie Mac, there was a clear temptation. Despite being a bit of a yo-yo team lately, Newcastle are still a gigantic club with a brilliant ground and a surprisingly large fan base (seriously, I meet them everywhere). Stoke, however, are Stoke. They don’t look likely to survive this year and despite their current position, are really not as attractive long term as the Rams...on top of that, I like to see Rowett as Mr Derby County.
  10. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Benny Feilhaber could have been an integral part of the squad for years if given the chance. We should have signed Mounir El Hamdaoui permanently when we had the chance despite the injuries he had whilst on loan with us. Billy Davies was a great gaffer and should never have been sacked. I have no idea how we got promoted with Steve Howard up front. At the time, I was all for Ian Holloway replacing Paul Jewell rather than Nigel
  11. Lewis Grabban

    Lazy journalism this one I feel. He got recalled so he could be sold permanently so literally everyone and their pet dog are being linked to him - think this is about the 7th team I've seen linked?
  12. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Was poor at Northampton last year, sounds like he has stepped up about though.
  13. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Apparently he is in talks with Southend but no doubt we could snatch him away. The guy had an unbelievable season last year and might be worth a punt given the current situation. I'd definitely be up for this over Guthrie and co. On a side note, I've taken a quick look at transfermrkt's list of free agents...basically, unless we start looks my abroad, we are stuck with Lesley, Guthrie or Wright. This is a mess
  14. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Daniel Johnson from Preston, and a right winger

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