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  1. To be fair I don’t think we will have to worry about Lawrence next year. His celebrations etc. suggest that he is a bit fed up of our fans and can’t see why he would want to stay unless nobody wanted him. That being said, given the amount we paid, his performances to date, and the professionalism you would expect from a man earning more a week than a lot earn in a year (I.e. not turning to our fans and shoving his fingers in his ears), I think the feeling is mutual...
  2. Wilson has scored some crucial goals for us but is a prime example of a luxury player. I think, like others, he is the most unlikely to return and, whilst I certainly wouldn't say no to having him back, he is the easiest to replace. If we keep Tomori' and Mount I would be over the moon
  3. Voted for Keogh on here and Tomori on the official DCFC one as Keogh was skipped for me, the options went straight from '5 Tomori' to '7 Wilson'
  4. I can't hear Power's name without thinking of Homer Simpson ...and for that reason, I'm in
  5. As usual with Derby, a Jekyll and Hyde season. Some incredible performances, some utter tosh performances
  6. Why not Pereplotkins himself? Would be interesting to hear from Benny Feilhaber too. And I’m sure Chris Weale would be a fantastic headliner
  7. Could be another Holmes?
  8. I'd be more than happy with this. For supporters of a certain age, myself Included, Craig is a legend and has always worn his heart on his sleeve, but I feel his time has come. Rangers is a huge club and would be a great opportunity for him.
  9. This one immediately sprang to mind. I can't think of any specifics but sure Matt Oakley had a few wonderful ones
  10. Say what you like about the guy, but that book really is eye-opening when considering what running a football club is really like.
  11. I genuinely thought this would be a post about the quality/usability of our forum, which is one of the best there is. I've noticed a few other clubs use a similar platform, but some others are just completely unusable (try and take a look at Luton's...) or very rarely used. Forest also have a very good forum if I'm being honest...anyways I'm just going off topic trying to get into @David's good books
  12. Connor Sammon. Easy.
  13. Rams 2 - 0 Stoke FRGS Holmes
  14. Tomori Cooper/Lindsay/Pinnock Reece James Bannan/Hourihane M Maddison unlikely...but imagine that... Carson/New GK Bogle/Tomori Keogh/Tomori Davies/New CB Malone James Bannan/Hourihane Maddison Holmes Lawrence Marriott
  15. To be fair, yes....oh how I miss that player
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