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  1. ...and I know also know who my first non-rams save on fm20 will be, obviously with Craig as Captain
  2. So many people have highlighted how the '10s is the first decade we haven't played top flight football and, as well as highs, we've had some awful lows and moments of heartbreak. Throughout it all, Craig has been an almost constant, a true professional and, by all accounts, a true gentleman. Probably the best loved player since Poom, and for me, a true legend of the black and white. Thank you for the memories, it's been an honour.
  3. MK-Ram


    I gave in with Talksport when Brazil suggested he didn’t watch/care about anything below the premier league. No idea how anyone can take their ‘knowledge’ seriously. Seems like a bit of a trend there
  4. I’m not sure why but I wouldn’t have a good feeling about this
  5. Some people really need to take a look at themselves. I have never thought Lampard was the messiah. He has done a good job for his first season in management but not spectacular, and it’s really winding me up how the media is claiming he has ‘overachieved’ as he simply met expectations. That being said, I’m under no illusions and it has been an enjoyable season (Ashley Cole in a Derby shirt, who would have thought it?). I just can’t fathom people who are saying he has turned his back on us/is betraying us. If we were talking about him going to Leeds or Villa then fine, but we are talking about a dream job here...and, who knows, as time goes on it may turn out the media were wrong all along
  6. Yeah...if this was the shortlist, I'd be extremely disappointed. Not just in the lack of quality but the fact we would even entertain Phelan, Henry etc. Thankfully Mel isn't daft
  7. What a bizarre statement for the club to release themselves. Reads more like a rant.
  8. Lee Bowyer looks to be leaving Charlton after they were unable to agree a new contract
  9. I'd love Gio but Labbadia is the only realistic one of those three options I feel. Jokanovic would have been my first choice, Oscar Garcia would be my second. His football at Brighton was some of the most exciting I've seen in this league and it was only because of an unreal Rams performance they didn't go up in my opinion. I also wouldn't be totally opposed to Poyet, Bowyer or even Moore. I know quite a few Brighton fans who couldn't be happier when Hughton was pushed. His brand of football made Rowett's look like total football by the end. Same goes for the Cowley brothers
  10. For a man with his record in this league, I'm not surprised to be honest...the only safer bet for a manager in this league is good old Colin
  11. If this is how it plays out then I would have no complaints. See off Frank and Jody with our best wishes, and onwards and upwards with a very capable manager
  12. Well that's Sarri announced at Juve...let the speculation go into overdrive
  13. Igor tends to get given the Brisbane Roar job on mine before being sacked a few month later...on the other hand I have just gone a season unbeaten. Sign me up Mel!
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