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  1. One thing is for sure, we will probably still be waiting a while. We seem to always be one of the last to reveal new shirts.
  2. It's cool, just join the 1000 others threads on the same topic rather than commenting on those. We all know we are in big trouble, with abysmal leadership throughout the club. The multiple takeovers have been a farce, and right now I would be willing to accept almost anyone who can prove they have the money - Rush, Appleby, whoever.
  3. Watching the game with Sheffield Wednesday, I kept thinking 'I really wish we still had Seth in midfield'. Shinnie is close at times to that passion but still feel we needed a bit of extra bite. Truth be told though, we need reinforcements in pretty much every single position. Byrne and Shinnie are arguably the only two I would guarantee a starting spot (Bielik when fit and Knight once in form), and I do believe that with the right tactics Jozwiak will be a true talent, if we manage to keep him this summer. We need to be looking to build everywhere else.
  4. They all need to go. Do not let Sheffield Wednesday's off the field problems and an 88th minute Cardiff equaliser confuse you into thinking this management team have demonstrated any ability whatsoever. Not fit to lead the Rams.
  5. Oh I agree completely that Mel needs to shoulder his share of the blame but that doesn't mean Rooney shouldn't have done better with the squad at his disposal. Cocu unfortunately had a style that didn't suit the league or the quality of players available in this league, however his philosophy was clear. This Derby squad is the worst we have had for quite a while, but even then is better than the results this season show. Rooney has demonstrated no philosophy, nor any tactical ability. I hate to say we have played like a one man team but if we didn't have Bielik, we would have bee
  6. Let's not confuse 2 points out of 24 for any managerial quality
  7. Thank god for Wednesday's off the field accounting. Almost feels like a stay if execution if Rooney doesn't go though.
  8. Even Phil Brown was better than this.
  9. What happened to 'don't speak to the opposition before the game'?
  10. Would not be surprised if we see a 'Bennett at Wembley' type scenario today...
  11. If we stayed up then Jokanovic, Wilder and Garcia are the dream appointments, but I'd be very very happy with Evatt, Eustace, Simpson, Duff etc. It would bring some authenticity back.
  12. Ultimately we probably end up in league one either way, based on what we have seen to date. Rooney had a fantastic new manager bounce, which it now transpires was due to Bielik in large part, and it would have been difficult to not hand him the job based on that, but this is a disaster and there is no way he can turn this round in my opinion. The bright side of league one is that if we survive financially (big if), we have an opportunity here to bring some authenticity back to this football club. Names being mentioned in the other thread like Evatt, Eustace, Simpson, Lowe etc. give
  13. Above all else, a toxic obsession with celebrity at the expense of everything else.
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