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  1. Kamikaze

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    Get the beers out!
  2. Kamikaze

    Defensive coach

    Defensive coach you say?...
  3. Kamikaze

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    The party don't start til this thread says Joined!
  4. Kamikaze

    Duane Holmes - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Hear this has fallen through... No point crying over spilt milk!
  5. Kamikaze

    Björn Engels

    Surely this will be a loan? Cant see Olympiakos selling him cheap after shelling out 6.4mil last season?
  6. Kamikaze

    Tom Huddlestone

    Are only decent passer from the back would be a big loss, but with Evans signed and Ledley Johnson Thorne Hanson and Guy still around makes sense to cash in
  7. Kamikaze

    New season, new Richard Keogh thread.

    We need a ball playing centrehalf both Keogh and Davies were poor unless Thud can drop back?
  8. Bit disappointed in this, wouldve liked to seen him and Elsnik giving a chance as understudies to Mount and Bryson instead of the likes of Butterfield. Would wish him well
  9. Kamikaze

    U23s v Aston Villa Live on RamsTV 12pm

    No id sign a young CB young LB and at least one striker, just prefer Wisdom Hanson or Fozzy than Pearce
  10. Kamikaze

    U23s v Aston Villa Live on RamsTV 12pm

    Happily get rid of a whole XI right now; Roos/Mitchell Anya Guy Pearce Olsson Johnson Butterfield Blackman Nugent Martin Vydra(decent fee)
  11. Kamikaze

    U23s v Aston Villa Live on RamsTV 12pm

    Hate to say it but we should just pay off Blackman's contract and release him... looks atrocious
  12. Krul Ivanovic Huth Terry DaSilva Bayliss Mount Palmer Jozefzoon Wilson Marriott. The Gloucester Live XI 😉
  13. Kamikaze

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    This would be some 1st signing! And hopefully the start of more high calibre acquisitions... Wilson Mount Palmer Abraham / Marriott
  14. Kamikaze

    Robert Huth

    No. We have Wassall's kid, a Slovenian, and that Max Hunt we signed from non league because hes tall.
  15. Kamikaze

    Kasey Palmer - Signed for Blackburn on loan

    Said potential for both! Cheeky bid with the Weimann money ;-)

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