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  1. Blackburn the new Burton... where Derby rejects go to fade away!
  2. Tbh Im alright with Cocu having at least a look at Anya; he can play as a winger or fullback and in my opinion is alot less finished that what I've seen from Martin + Thorne in recent years, but all 3 deserve an opportunity to turn it round so best of luck.
  3. Did we really pay 3mil for Flojo? Id bite your hand off to take him off us at 2/2.5mil now
  4. Cracking player and signing him would be great news
  5. That Irbahimovic looks a good player! Sign him up.
  6. Kyle McAllister seems to be missing too (although tbf we can say that since he's arrived)
  7. I wonder what it will take to convince him... (Mel get selling!)
  8. I get why Hughton is the safe choice, but for me If there was any chance whatsoever someone like Domenico Tedesco wanted the job. He'd be my preferred pick! https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/domenico-tedesco/profil/trainer/30857 https://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/domenico-tedesco-from-aue-to-schalke-top-four-max-meyer-goretzka-naldo-476417.jsp
  9. Any chance Jody Morris and Chris Jones who you'd imagine would both join Frank can fetch another 1 million? Taking the total figure to 5 million! More than fair enough.
  10. People at his old club must know or pay the Journos to run this.... Desperate for a payout!
  11. *Note to self Don't read the forum after a night on the bevvy! 😂
  12. Stones and Godin.... ffs get back to football manager, even Lewis Ferguson for a mil is laughable... Mods can we bookmark this page for nankiddery gold
  13. Nope! Tomori is the one... Fantastic player worth every penny we would spend and would be an unbelievable signing should we pull it off
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