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  1. Kamikaze

    A foreign manager...

    Hannes Wolf!!! We have never had a foreign manager!
  2. Did I hear Carvalhal already got interviewed? and with Jack Ross looking set for Sunderland, I'd be all over Alex Neil or Hannes Wolf!
  3. Why not get his Uncle Arry back as DOF too!
  4. Lampard hasn't even held ONE single coaching position, has no Pro Licence and has only conducted a couple of training sessions for Chelsea Under 18's... NO THANKS!
  5. Kamikaze

    Luke Thomas

    Another frustrating point is that you'd feel like this upcoming season he would get much more playing time, and could blossom into a bonifide star!
  6. Kamikaze

    Curtis Davies

    True. Feels like a free for all at the mo, id still be gutted to see Curtis go, even if its for silly money!
  7. Kamikaze

    Luke Thomas

    Yeah this money pays for alot of the academy, but will still sting down the line when he's worth 10 times that...
  8. Kamikaze

    Curtis Davies

    Not unless its 3mil plus and he's been replaced by Scott McKenna and/or John Souttar first!
  9. Ross: getting St Mirren to the SPL and winning PFA Scotland Manager of the year. Wolf didn't just manage Stuttgart for 2 years he got them promoted winning the league and also has a super successful youth pedigree with Dortmund under Klopp (winning 3 national titles from under 17 and under 19)
  10. Shortlist; Alex Neil Jack Ross Carlos Carvalhal Hannes Wolf.
  11. Kamikaze

    Next Manager Poll

    Can we even afford someone like Alex Neil? Preston wont let him go cheap, but for me he is ideal. My shortlist goes; Alex Neil Jack Ross Carlos Carvalhal Hannes Wolf.
  12. As if Bielsa would accept the job or could work with Mel! hahahaha Would be a complete train wreck... Same with another Tactical revolutionary Zdenek Zeman! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW8li4e8kLk
  13. Kamikaze

    Next Manager Poll

    Ideally; Hannes Wolf Carlos Carvahal Slaven Bilic

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