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  1. Wait til the Point deduction arrives; we'll be odds on! 😉
  2. Make no mistake he should've been long gone and is only taking us to League One. Total fraud of a manager
  3. Of the utter DROSS we have on trial at the minute, he's probably the best option tbh. We really are in a desperate position!
  4. Relax Its the Saul Deeney / Chris Weale position!
  5. U23s needing a keeper so makes sense
  6. Chris Porter 37 available! Bargain
  7. Hoping if either are signed that they are on a pay as you play / incentive laden contract because neither are worth the max 11.5k we are supposedly allowed
  8. Jimmy Dunne's contract runs out at Burnley. Still only 23 and an ideal no nonsense Centre half that we need! 😉
  9. New suggestion thread I see... *downloads latest Football Manager Patch
  10. 2 offside goals classic Derby.. Lets give Waza and Mel and nice scapegoat! Brutal this
  11. 2-2 (lawrence FGS) and a heart attack
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