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  1. Christ Hart is the king of howlers; been finished for time...
  2. Lawrence and Waghorn complete ghosts, and missing tap ins! Zero shots Woeful Keeper. What is it they always say.... We need to respond next game yadda yadda
  3. Zero confidence, zero assertiveness... time for the bench!
  4. Bogle was more of dud tbf!
  5. I get why we would need to look at stronger target men like signings, but its most likely to be at the detriment of our younger players opportunities... I'm thinking Whittaker, Hector Ingram, Babos etc
  6. I hope Marriott and Evans are available for this game.
  7. Heard its a new formation of 1-4-7
  8. Emptied my bank account on a win at Evens... So lets see a response! 0-0 🤮
  9. Heard he was Snookered behind the Senior players!
  10. We can do much better! Hope this is fake news...
  11. Roos Keogh Evans Clarke Bogle Huddlestone Malone Dowell Flojo Waghorn Lawrence?
  12. I dont think Cocu would play a new centre half pairing for the first time without previous games, Bielik more of a chance at DM but even that would be a surprise. Both on the bench id say; only this week though, going forward they both start!
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