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Brentford v Derby Match Ratings


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1 minute ago, sage said:

No half points, average is 6, only the players below and in that order please

Marshall - 5.5

Wisdom - 7

Forsyth - 4

Davies - 6

Clarke - 6

Bielik - 7

Shinnie - 5.5

Holmes - N/A

Knight - 7

Jozwiak - 7

CKR - 5.5

Lawrence - 6



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Marshall ....6 More punch than Judy

Wisdom......7 Robust mobility

Forsyth.......6 Solid

Davies.........6 Stoic

Clarke.........6 Barn door 

Bielik...........7 Beef

Shinnie.......7 Grinder 

Holmes.......4 Sylph-like. 

Knight........7 Mercedes engine

Jozwiak.....8 Tormentor in chief

CKR............7 Tireless Ram

Lawrence...6 Awkward wasp

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Marshall 6 - distribution good all night, didn't have a great deal to do. Muscled off the ball for Mbuemo's open goal miss

Wisdom 7 - solid defensively & decent distribution. Covered at CB for last 20 odd mins & saw out the match

Forsyth 6 - bit careless with some of his passing first half. Didn't offer a great deal going forward. Defensively OK

Davies 8 - fantastic again. Forgot Toney was on the pitch

Clarke 7 - good also. Won practically everything in the air & one excellent intervention to stop a direct shot on goal late in first half

Bielik 8 MOM - the Polish Zidane. Broke up play in front of the back 4, marched up the field & sprayed out incisive short balls or long passes out to the wing. First half they couldn't get close to him

Shinnie 7 - another industrious performance & some tidy passing. Occasionally found himself further up the park but struggles for quality in those areas

Holmes 5 - his best work was helping Wisdom out, which in fairness he did well. Offered very little going forward & no 'give & go' that he does when he's full of confidence. Struggled for space out on RW

Knight 7 - mostly for his hard work & tidy use of the ball. Didn't really make much impact in the final 3rd

Jozwiak 6 - bit of a theme here - worked hard, not much quality on the ball. Most of his crosses were hitting the first man & occasional heavy touch. Unlucky with his shot that hit the post

CKR 7 - good display. Always offered an outlet either ball to feet or challenging in the air. Did well to last as long he did considering how tired he looked at Millwall

Lawrence 5 - offered little but did work reasonably hard supporting Forsyth


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