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Fans allowed back after Dec 2nd


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Just now, Ghost of Clough said:

Why capped at 4,000? Surely clubs such as Man Utd should have be able to host more spectators in their ground than Exeter in their 8,830 capacity stadium?

Its not just within the ground. Its travelling and and exiting and egressing the ground and the area around the ground. 

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2 minutes ago, SouthStandDan said:

Needs to be a percentage of the stadium capacity surely?

Without getting into trouble, clueless.

Its a combination of both. A percentage with a top end limit. The 4000 limit is about the area around the ground.

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Go and sit in a freezing cold, barely attended stadium & watch Derby County play a standard of football that'll see them score fewer than 20 goals in a season, probably without even being allowed to go to a pub beforehand to ensure that at the very least I'm not watching the game through sober eyes, with each attended game adding to the price of next season's ticket watching us struggle in League One?

No thanks.

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