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Relegation or Rowett?


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Have Derby got the bottle to stick by Cocu as he builds but takes the club on a downward trajectory?

This smells of a season of huge disappointment and the lack of quality, unfortunate injury record and off-the-field events are confirming this suspicion.

The question is, will impatience in the face of an impending investment in the club mean Derby act sooner rather than later? Rowett would be the go-to manager - Derby would just have to swallow some pride and footballing quality to make the decision.

I sense tension mounting...

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If things don’t get better by the next international break, then I personally think we have to very seriously consider sacking Cocu. Don’t really care what he’s achieved in the past, this so far has been an absolutely shocking start to a managerial reign- the worst since the entirely incompetent Pearson, which speaks volumes. 

Yes, we have to give cocu time to impress his style on the players, but I really can’t see where we’re going at the moment. There really doesn’t appear to be anything we’re working towards that’ll see us become a team with any actual threat, or indeed ability up the other end, based on the majority of performances we’ve seen so far. All well and good being able to play the possession game, but you’ve got to do far more than that. You’ve got to show the energy, the desire, the movement required to win a football match if we’re ever going to achieve anything. So far under cocu we’ve shown precious precious little of any of that, all far too lethargic. And every time he actually gets some time to work with the players, we just seem to get worse. I really can’t see anything to give me any hope that it’s gonna get any better atm.

Clearly we can’t be too knee jerk, as he’s working under tough conditions with our worst squad on paper in a decade, and an entirely useless recruitment team who conducted an absolute disaster of a summer transfer window. It’s certainly not been easy for him, compounded by a team who seem to basically not give a flying duck, and are more concerned with having a piss up on a Wednesday night than they are on putting in 100% on a Saturday. The lack of effort from certain players this season has been an absolute disgrace at times, and clearly some aren’t playing for the manager imo. They can’t get away with that, and we need to be moving certain toxic individuals on as a greater priority than the manager, some of whom have seen previous managers sacked already. But equally, the manager has got to be getting more out of the players than he is right now. Some of our results have been embarrassing given the quality of the two teams on paper, and our league position is frankly unacceptable.

Never buy this transition season poo myself, footballs far too cut throat for that, so if things don’t improve soon, then yes Cocu has to go. We’ve just not shown enough signs of at least having some decent foundations to keep him on if things don’t change soon, simple as that imo, irrespective of the threat of relegation. But bringing Rowett back as his replacement?! Not a ducking chance. His philosophy towards the game is horrendous and he doesn’t even guarantee results in this division as his time at stoke shows- and that’s before going into the fact that he dropped us at the first sign of things getting tough. He wouldn’t be welcome back here, and nor would he remotely be the correct choice of manager. Fail to see why he’d be the obvious choice anyway, there’ll be plenty of other options far better out there I’m sure-particulary if there’s the promise of fresh investment.

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1 minute ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

Norwich finished 14th in Daniel Farke's first season.  We're currently 15th. Unless we're on the brink of going down, any calls for Cocu's head at such an early stage are utterly stupid. We'd be starting all over again, yet again. Why haven't people learnt their ducking lesson?

Fans don’t make the call, and whilst I agree with your post, it’s not them that will or have pulled the trigger in the past.

Maybe the culture the club have embedded has spread to the supporters ?

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