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  1. Derby haven't been scared to sail close to the media storm under Mel Morris' guidance, the last 2 years in fact, the club has shown professionalism and dignity dealing with Frank Lampard, Gary Rowett, Spygate, two play-off defeats and a story regarding the former CEO. My fear is that Derby's addiction for coverage will soon come back to bite them. Confrontations with the EFL over media payments, FFP, inquiry into selling Pride Park Stadium, 'unique' shirt sponsorship deal, Wayne Rooney... push Derby further towards an open door of doom. A door which leads to a fine, negative publicity and a disillusionment among fans. All this, undermining and overshadowing the main part of the club which is the football - a club that have appointed a quiet, thoughtful, long-term appointment and coach in Phillip Cocu. Someone who coaches, who's approach needs time, and someone who prefers the light shone elsewhere. I'm sure the intentions of the Exec team are well versed and commercially savvy, but coaxing media relations, whether self inflicted or not, will be of detriment and act as a juxtaposition to this footballing project under Cocu. Time to step out of the limelight, just for a short while?
  2. Useless fact of the day... 4 of Derby’s 7 signings averaged a higher win percentage than Derby last season (43.4%) Shinnie 52.6% Dowell 56.5% Bielik 56.5% Clarke 54.3% Rooney 36% Paterson 41.3% Hamer 7.89% I always think it’s better to buy/loan players who have had a good season previous.
  3. The two or three players that Cocu stated he wanted last week. It was made clear that he wanted at least another winger, and as it stands, we haven’t got that player - or we’ve ended up with our 3rd, 4th or even 5th choice.
  4. I’m in support of the FA doing this and... look how Rooney saga has impacted our other transfer dealings. This is what happens when you send your CEO out to babysit Rooney in the US. Tut.
  5. Celtic were admirers of Max Lowe too from his time at Aberdeen. There’s a chance they’ve got more money to spend to get Lowe. Anywhere near £3-5m would be incredible.
  6. 24 hours on from the Rooney announcement and I’ve been pondering the situation. It’s a wonderful appointment, but... this is an ageing, tired, unsettled footballer who has jumped at the first opportunity to come home. Did he want to come to Derby specifically? Probably not, but this move gets him closer to his immediate goal, which is comfort for his family - no problems. Meanwhile, Derby’s Dracula-like commercial team are set to suck the living daylights out of the red-blooded scouser - desperate to make the most of his time here. Yes he may just help us steal a few points here and there on the pitch, and yes he may well give the young academy players a boost to improve their futures. But is their enough heart in this decision from a pure footballing perspective? Will Rooney stick around late evening to coach the kids? Does Cocu actually approve of a transfer that was literally ran past him a few days ago? Not the decision maker, but more the salesmen in the deal? I get it and I’m really amazed that Rooney is joining us, but it makes more commercial sense than football to me.
  7. Mel Morris has said recently that Derby only sell when they believe a player has reached their maximum value at the club. Lowe struggled when he came back in last season, and he is more likely to lose value as second choice fullback this season, as he is to gain value. My opinion is that there is only space for one young, growing fullback in a starting XI. Unless Bogle goes, Max Lowe will and can go. I expect Derby to bring in another full back though, maybe on loan or a lower league youngster with potential.
  8. Underpinning the purchase of Bielik, as well as him being a good player and someone we need, is FFP - let me explain. Derby will probably lose Huddlestone, Davies, Thorne and Martin next summer on free transfers - if they don’t leave beforehand. As a result Derby’s players, as a financial asset, will dramatically decrease and show the club as making a loss, even if the club breaks even next season. To protect the value of the first team, Derby MUST invest in upcoming players. I expect Derby to bring in players 23 and under with high potential to fill this financial gap.
  9. I think one of Derby’s main priorities this transfer window is to buy a younger centre back as we haven’t got that depth of option in the academy. Someone with a couple of years experience in the Championship would be ideal. Probably the reason why we’ve been linked with Todd Kane and Paddy McNair. Start that succession planning now because this will be Davies’ last season at the club.
  10. It’s got to be Schteve. Not because I want him, but because it makes sense.
  11. Wouldn’t it be funny if his flight was delayed, prolonging the pain of waiting even longer... 👀😳🤦‍♂️
  12. ... and all of a sudden those fringe players have a chance to be first team players. Welcome back on to the scene... Chris Martin George Thorne Ikechi Anya 🤷‍♂️
  13. Phillip Cocu generates £85 million in player transfers during his time at PSV. Breakdown of each season’s spend below, but a good sign of him being able to improve players and add value to a squad - something we know Mel Morris is keen on. 13/14 In - 12,870,000 Out - £37,110,000 14/15 In - 4,950,000 Out - 4,320,000 15/16 In - 18,270,000 Out - 51,750,000 16/17 In - 4,730,000 Out - 14,900,000 17/18 In - 21,000,000 Out - 39,470,000 Total in - 61,820,000 Total out - 147,550,000 Incom/Expenditure - £85,730,000
  14. Can Derby afford Cocu? Taking into consideration how much Derby we’re willing to pay Frank to stay, this article confirms yes... “His annual salary is reported to be €2.5 million, about 5 times more than what he was earning at his previous club (PSV).” https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.turkishfootballnews.com/2018/06/22/fenerbahce-appoint-phillip-cocu-manager/amp/
  15. I always think average points per game, rather than win percentage, gives a more accurate figure for managers. Cocu @ Fenerbahce - 0.93 Cocu @ PSV Eindhoven - 2.22 Cocu average ppg - 1.57 Frank Lampard’s last season was 1.63. Looks like Cocu had a mess to sort at Fenerbahce, so an average ppg of 2.22 is very impressive.
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