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  1. Wait, so you're getting all excited about being ITK because you said Rooney would sign AFTER news broke out we were in talks with him and because Thorne has signed for Oxford 20 days after you said, 'it's happening tomorrow' and 2 weeks after you claimed he isn't signing because he failed a medical. Erm, well done I guess ....
  2. We have so many defensive players on the pitch but it feels like we're short at the back on every Stoke attack. Then going forward it feels like it's always 2/3 Derby players having to create chances between themselves because they have such little support
  3. Nope, still sticking to the, 'it was just an intern on a public footpath who did nothing wrong and Bielsa knew everything about Derby anyway so spying wouldn't change anything.' That's sort of the theme for the documentary - Leeds vs the world.
  4. It really is brilliant. The smugness they all show after that Bielsa press conference. Cutting from fan to fan, to head of media, to director of football, to chief executive, all gloating over how they got one over on Derby County just to prove a point. Fast forward a couple of hours (episodes) and those same people are all in tears as a slow, sad version of marching on together plays, with the sound of Derby fans chanting faintly in the background.
  5. Him and Waghorn (particularly this second half) have been really poor today
  6. He's made about 20 appearances in the past 5 years ....
  7. The only way I see it happening is either a loan if Brighton sign all these players they're being linked with and he's down the pecking order, or as part of a deal for Bogle
  8. What salary will he be on? Rumoured to be 80k a week. So the total cost is around 6.2 million for his time here (10 million if he stays the additional year). There's suggestions he could probably end up making us more money than he'll cost through new commercial opportunities and we've seen 1 of those already with the brand new record-breaking sponsorship deal from 32-red. How will his effective the squad? I'm not a player so I can't tell what many of them are thinking, but if it were me I'd be thrilled to be able to play alongside a legend of the game. You hear players who sign for Barcelona regularly speak of how they can't wait to be Messi's teammate. Sure, Rooney isn't on Messi's level, but he's an English football legend and I'm sure the players can't wait to have him as a teammate. He will be 34 in October, 18 month contract from Jan 2020 (ending summer 2022), so making him 36 at the end. I could find plenty of examples of ageing players having a huge impact in helping teams win promotion. Glenn Murray is still cutting it in the Prem so why can't 1 of the best English players ever manage to perform well in the Championship at that age? Pablo Hernandez is probably the best player in the league currently and he's older than Rooney, so I wouldn't write him off just yet because of his age.
  9. I've got family from Manchester so when I was a kid I was regularly taken to both Man United and Derby games until I was old enough to go on my own (with mates) to just Derby games. Rooney was my favourite player growing up so it's fair to say I'm a wee bit excited about this one .....
  10. Sounds like he's seeing the season out with DC and won't be with us until January. 80k a week is mental if that's true, but if there's no transfer fee it's not quite so bad. 6 million total if he's here for 1 and a half years ... 10 million if it's 2 and a half. You'd probably have to pay that in transfer fees at least for a top attacking midfielder at this level (and that obviously doesn't include wages). Plus there were some suggestions in reports that sponsors are helping fund it somehow.
  11. Maybe he'll be just the thing we need to stop the usual February slump
  12. "He's only coming for the money" "The rest of the Derby players won't be happy that he'll be the centre of attention" "He wouldn't get in Forest's team ahead of Carvalho"
  13. The same source that told you Thorne was signing for Oxford on the 1st of August?
  14. Sounds like nearly half of the teams in the Premier League are after a right back; Palace, Southampton, Villa, Newcastle, Brighton, Everton, Tottenham and Burnley at least. So as well as getting a huge fee because of it being so close to the deadline and us not having a replacement, I'd hope there would be a bit of an auction for him between a few of those clubs listed to raise the fee even more if he were to leave.
  15. Bielik, Clarke, Ramselaar and a winger hopefully. Would have liked a new keeper to compete with Roos if Carson is leaving, but I think the other positions take priority at the minute
  16. Huddersfield 2-1 Derby Bennett FRGS
  17. Very. Pompey have had some good young players come through in recent years and as far as I've seen he's been the best of the bunch by a mile.
  18. He should link up well with Tom Ince, who Rusty was told (via a reliable source) would be returning last season
  19. Wouldn't surprise me if we had a slow middle and ending too. I'm sure we'll sign a few players and at least 1 or 2 of them will improve us, but as things stand we're quite a bit weaker in so many areas of the pitch: Roos + Carson vs Roos + Mitchell, Tomori vs Davies/Evans, Johnson leaving, Mount vs Dowell, Wilson vs Jozefzoon etc. We've got some good youngsters coming through, but it's a huge ask to expect them to come in and make an instant impact. For every Jayden Bogle who managed to do it, you've got 5 or 6 Jamie Hanson types who failed. Most of us expected Marriott to kick on this season after it took him so long to get going last season due to the problematic pre-season, but once again he's missed half of it. Similarly with Holmes, it took him a while to get going last season and it's looking the same this time around with him having this lengthy injury. Hopefully (and I usually am) I'm proven wrong and we once again battle for play offs, but at the minute having a defence who can't defend crosses/set pieces, a midfield that will get overrun by most Championship teams and this weird little trio of Lawrence, Bennett and Jozefzoon really doesn't fill me with much confidence at all, no matter how good a manager we may have.
  20. We've had fans of Championship clubs coming on here and quoting something from a while back to mock, but a Rangers fan coming on here after a 1-0 victory in a pre-season friendly and finding a post about them from well over a month ago ......
  21. That was a bit crap, wasn't it? That looks like Cocu's preferred 11 based on pre-season (Holmes may come in, somewhere) and it's so far behind the team of last season
  22. Positives: He's a good talker so from the off there will probably be a good sense of togetherness between the club and fans. Can get wins regularly when not playing particularly well. He's quite good at setting his teams up when playing away. Under him we only lost 5 away all season in the league, which was the joint fewest with Wolves and Preston. He got a striker who'd scored 5 goals the previous season to be the top scorer in the league playing in more of a #10 like role, which is very impressive. Negatives: He doesn't appear to be a fan of the more technical players, which doesn't bode well for someone like Bannan. Rowett told a key player and fan favourite; Will Hughes, that he, "isn't his type of player," and we ended up selling him for what most fans think is well under his value. He signed Palmer on loan in January, another technical player and he regularly came off the bench and looked our best player, but Rowett restricted him to just 2 starts. No faith in youth. He signed a couple of younger players in Lawrence and Wisdom, but he also signed Davies (32), Huddlestone (30), Jerome (31) and Ledley (30) on what you'd assume would be big contracts to add to an already old and high paid squad. He made a big point about how Derby was the job he'd been waiting for and he was so happy to finally get it. Midway through the season Stoke were in a relegation battle in the Prem and wanted him, but he signed an improve contract here and rejected them. 6 months later after failing to take us up, he jumps ship to them when they're in the same league as us and just 6 months into his nice new contract. Questionable decisions at times. He allowed Russell to leave midway through the season and didn't sign a replacement. We then hit a poor run of form and he randomly brought in Anya to play who hadn't been seen in months. And towards the end of the season he regularly left our top scorer Vydra on the bench (including during the 2nd leg of the play off). I reckon he'll do well for you and as @Davidmentioned, his football isn't really a hit long and hope .... it's more of a counter attacking style. Let the opposition have the ball and wait for them to make a mistake, then hit them on the counter. It probably won't suit people like Bannan and Forestieri, but it might re-ignite someone like Winnall who did well here under Rowett, or Rhodes.
  23. Not far off. This being a journalist stuff is easy 😂
  24. The weekly Q&A from Nicholson is about to start and there's a few transfer stories that'll probably be mentioned judging by his tweet: These Q&A's are usually really predictable and we never find out much we didn't already know. Just usually the same old maybe it will, maybe it won't answers to any questions presented. Anyway, here's my guesses to what he'll come up with today: Investment latest - Mel has said multiple times he is looking for investment and Cocu's appointment can only improve the chances that he gets his wish. Transfer latest - I am told the club are working towards completing a couple of deals, most likely loans. The season starts in two weeks and they will definitely be aiming to have a new signing or two in before then. Chris Martin - He has been given a chance in pre-season and it is always good to have different options for each position. He offers something different to Marriott and Waghorn which could be a useful asset for Cocu. Wilson - He has played quite a lot during pre-season for Liverpool so it appears Klopp is wanting to take a look at him. Other media outlets have reported he could leave on loan or permanently and I'm sure Derby would be one of a number of clubs interested. Tomori - It has been reported that Chelsea are willing to loan him out once again and I'm sure Derby will be one of many clubs interested. Carson - He only has a year left on his contract and so may be sold or loaned out if Cocu feels Roos is a capable number one. There's reports Millwall are interested and their manager has stated he is looking to bring in another goalkeeper. Marriott - He was injured and missed training. We believe he may be returning to training soon and will hope to feature in the game against Rangers.
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