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  1. Charlton 2 - 1 Derby FRGS Martin
  2. My favourite part was where Roos kicked it long and rather than flicking the ball on he ducked! He looked terrified of heading it...
  3. I’d honestly stick anybody in ahead of FloJo, even Hamer would make a good target man for us out on the wing. So yes, Bogle would be great!
  4. Also I’d like to sit with Malone and ask him if he gets half the pay for only being able to use his left foot or is it that he gets a bonus based on the number of passes he makes to the centre backs. I’d also have a minute with Josefzoon and ask him what he thinks the lottery numbers will be next week, because he has to be the luckiest man in the world to have made it as a professional footballer. I’d genuinely take Gary Teale back.
  5. Duane Holmes...has to be my favourite player we have by a country mile and seems like a top bloke as well.
  6. Probably that had their keeper not made 2 big mistakes they’d have come away with at least a point!
  7. Yeah I’ve had Swansea...also got West Brom at even money which was surprising!
  8. Can anyone explain how Forest are 2/1 at home to Brentford today?! I know Brentford are decent and should probably be higher up the table...but Forest haven’t exactly started badly yet aren’t favourites?!
  9. Derby 2 - 1 Luton FRGS Paterson
  10. Didn’t Waggy also miss a penalty against Stoke?
  11. Happy for them to play again although I wouldn’t be fussed if they didn’t. I definitely won’t boo them as I don’t think it helps in achieving anything, but I won’t be cheering their names. I always cringe when people around me boo, I know they’re entitled to do it but I just don’t see how it could possibly help Derby?
  12. Barnsley 1 - 3 Derby FRGS Paterson
  13. I’m friends with one of Mason’s relatives and to add to that other post, I know that Derby used to bend over backwards for Mason when he was a teenager. From what they’ve told me in the past he wasn’t from the most privileged of backgrounds and before he earned decent money they used to pay for him to go on holiday with his family and transport to training etc. He’s probably the one player that owes Derby the most for what they’ve given him.
  14. Bogle in and Lowe to left back for Malone. Although I’d be happy to wait until Luton for this and give Bogle another 20/30 mins on Wed first. FloJo out and pretty much anyone else in. I’m not having that he had a good game today. I’d possibly say he didn’t have a bad game but I can’t think of a good thing he did...
  15. Just want to say what an owner we have. I actually felt emotional when he walked down the sideline before kick off. Imagine putting everything in to bettering the club you’ve supported your whole life, only for so much of it to be undone by some overpaid clowns. He must be wondering what he has to do to take us to the Premier League, but I have no doubt they he will be the man to do it!
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