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  1. It’s highly likely we will have new owners by January. If they can sign players then I see no reason why we wouldn’t stay up. We’ve only lost 3 games out of 11 this season. One of those being late with 10 men and the other being even later with 2 goals in added time. To say that a squad that’s achieved that isn’t good enough is barmy. We still have players to come back from injury too. I can’t believe you wouldn’t want to fight with everything we have to stay in this league. There is no guarantees of coming back from League 1 anytime soon. Also the tv money in League 1 is something like £1.5m per team then £30k per game picked for tv (which is hardly ever). The Championship is something like £7m per club then £100k per game on tv. £300k is insignificant when comparing those numbers. Even if we make a good go of staying up and end up with 3 matches late in the season on sky for a relegation battle then we’ve covered that.
  2. Anyone arguing that appealing is a waste of money and we should have used it for those that have been made redundant need to realise that without appealing there’s a good chance more jobs will be lost if we end up in league 1. If we stay in the Championship by a point or 2 because of a won appeal, then we’re protecting more jobs in the longer term and those that lost jobs may possibly get them back.
  3. Middlesbrough losing to Reading who are due a 9 points deduction…if they lose maybe Gibson will turn his attention to ensuring Reading go in to administration next.
  4. Yeah without a doubt he should be pulling us out of this. I just hope that he’s not finished yet and we will see some sort of goodwill from him around the stadium etc. The EFL are definitely out to get him personally though, so I’m kind of glad he’s gone in that respect.
  5. I can think of a few reasons: - We were close to the Premier League in the Lampard year, so risk v reward was justified. Might be £1m a month but would have got it all back with promotion. Now there’s no reward in sight. - He’s been talking with buyers for a couple of years but said that none worked out and he feels the only way they would buy would be from administration. They’ve forced his hand. - He knows that the 9 point deduction was coming, so might as well lump everything in one season. All just assumptions obviously but I can see why it’s come now rather than 3 years ago with Lampard in charge.
  6. So if Reading get -9, we just need a few more teams to get the same and we might be able to sneak out of the relegation zone!🤞 Aren’t Hull under some sort of embargo at the minute for something?
  7. Well I think Brentford had less turnover before, so covid will have not hit them as hard. They also got promoted as you said, so Prem money will save them for many years to come. Boro sold their debts to Gibson and will have also got the covid bailout money of £8m. They will have had parachute payments until 2020 and don’t forget it’s only 2/3 years ago they sold Traore, Gibson and Bamford for a combined £40m. Forest will have got the covid bailout money of £8m and also sold Cash for £15m in 2020. So there’s £23m more than us immediately. I bet they’re probably next worst off though. I think the only real money we’ve had in has been Bogle/Lowe over the last couple of years and that’s peanuts. Also no bailout money. I don’t buy it’s all down to covid as I think he’s skint/fed up of losing his money, but we have easily been hit the hardest out of any other team in the league.
  8. I think he did well there. As much as we can hope for an owner who has billions, it’s not realistic. They all want us at the cheapest price and know that administration is the best way to do that. They’ve forced Mel’s hand and he knows that long term this is the best for the club. Also Mel knows the EFL will never give us a fair run without him gone. He’s never set out to ruin the club and I’m fairly certain if any of us had the money he had we would have tried to do the same. The amortisation part was a risk, but the EFL didn’t say a word for years and we were conforming to the financial standards. How someone that is not an accountant gets the final say over an accountant I’ll never know. As much as everyone can say covid can’t be used as an excuse, it’s had a massive contribution towards it. Our turnover was one of the largest in the championship, probably the biggest of clubs that don’t get parachute payments. We’ve been hit harder than any other club and the timing of Covid came at the end of our big spending. Interesting what he said about only 2 teams that have been promoted since P&S was brought in have not broken the rules. Shows how broken the system is. We beat Villa at Wembley and none of this ever happens.
  9. I did wonder that. Although not sure if it matters what league you’re in. But you’d expect in league 1 we could probably still attract some good players considering our facilities v the Morcambes and Fleetwoods of the world.
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