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  1. Love it when people’s argument for doing things differently is not signing poor players. Imagine being Mel, like actually being Mel and when someone comes to you and says we think this player will be amazing for Derby but it’s £6m you’re going to have to pay out your own pocket for them. Ignore his net worth as a lot of that is tied up money he doesn’t have access to. It’s real cash and will impact him greatly. He must have had some ridiculously hard calls to make and it was all to take Derby to the next level and please us fans. I will never slate him because I’m fairly certain if I
  2. I also heard Simon Jordan and Trevor Sinclair debating it earlier on. Simon Jordan was spot on and Trevor Sinclair sounded like a right wally (which all makes sense now that he’s been charged with drunk driving before). I hope Derby take this through the ‘real’ legal system and not the EFL’s bent system. Derby are a business at the end of the day and Keogh couldn’t do his job after making a mistake off his own back. He should live with the consequences of that. As someone else posted, imagine if they killed somebody that night. I bet he wouldn’t be getting all of the compensation if
  3. Nothing. Derby are told to change their accounting policy and the EFL are told to work out what day of the week it is without Gibson’s help.
  4. I’ll take 16th place in the Premier League, would have been 14th if it wasn’t for goal (name) difference! Learnings for next season now include changing my username to Amckram. Thanks Mozza for all the effort that’s gone in to this. As someone who is always social secretary with my mates I know the effort it takes too well!
  5. Mckram

    EFL appeal

    How was Mel irresponsible? They wrote to the EFL telling them what they were doing and the EFL signed it off then changed their minds. It’s the EFL that are irresponsible and aren’t fit for purpose. I understand fans frustrations at Mel but calling him irresponsible for the EFL backtracking is ridiculous.
  6. Mckram

    EFL appeal

    I refuse to believe the words of a newspaper journalist who’s ‘job’ is to sell stories no matter how little truth in them. The issue here isn’t whether or not it’s acceptable to amortise players like we have. The issue is the EFL signed off that it was fine for us to use this method and then backtracked saying they’d made a ‘mistake’. It’s like buying a TV and having an agreement saying you can pay for it over 12 months and then being told actually sorry we made a mistake you needed to pay upfront so now we’re going to have you done for theft. That’s how ridiculous this is. Derb
  7. Baiano/Eranio probably for me, then Kinkladze followed by Idiakez.
  8. I’m too happy today to get in to this...but Rooney saved us from nothing. It was the flip of a coin if we went down today and I’m fairly certain he would have left if we went down so I don’t think he should stay just because we stayed up. Haven’t we got something like 7 points out of the last 45?!
  9. Great fight by the players finally! Waghorn great today. You can see how much it means to some of them too. Rooney has to go still, we need experience now.
  10. We’re not capable of scoring 2 goals so that’s that.
  11. I think a draw will do us on Saturday, but I hope we don’t play for one. Glad I’m not Rooney right now...how do you prepare for a game as big as this?!
  12. I know we’re terrible, but Rotherham are bloody horrible to watch. Summed up when he’s just pulled the keepers arm back then when trying to throw the ball out. Can’t believe we’re as bad as these lot.
  13. I agree he’s maximised his ability, but I’d put that down to Bielsa. Same with Bamford, he even admitted himself that he was a lazy striker before Bielsa and that he’s taken him to another level.
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