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  1. Also had a Sheff Utd friend tell me they think he’s a lot better than what he showed there. Apparently Duffy kept him out the side and he didn’t really get a good run in the side.
  2. Not 1 word about thanking Derby on that Chelsea news story.
  3. For a bit of fun...what does everybody think will be Franks next appointment after Chelsea? West Ham? Barcelona? Burnley? Sky Sports? BT Sports? I’m thinking someone like West Ham or Southampton.
  4. I’m more of a Bamburgh Castle Inn guy myself!
  5. Honestly think I’d prefer Jody Morris as manager anyway...but I don’t think Lampard would go anywhere without him, especially Chelsea where Morris knows every youngster like they’re his son.
  6. Love how they had to put Vincent Kompany’s opinion of it at the end just to wind up Derby fans a little more!
  7. Rob Dorset with a big sigh of relief and starts calling out Derby fans on Twitter, even Steve Nicholson getting in on it. Lost all respect for him for that. Asking why Derby fans are annoyed with him when he had both clubs telling him it was going to happen....probably something to do with Derby saying there’s been no approach until today and him ignoring that!
  8. Honestly think it’s career suicide for him this early on. He does well then he might last a few years at the most but if he fails he will never get the chance again. 5 years time he could be on Sky Sports arguing with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.
  9. I always liked that Óscar García who was at Brighton when we beat them in the playoffs. Just looked where he’s been since...I remember he had to leave Watford after like 2 weeks for ill health, but then he had a stormer at Redbull Salzburg, then not so good at Saint Etienne and Olympiacos. Still think he would be good and plays great football.
  10. Only his hat! Knowing Jody he’s probably doing it on the wind up anyway!
  11. Yeah if the ‘now’ was removed from it then it would just be ‘he’s had a fantastic career, he’s going to be Chelsea manager’ which sounds a lot more innocent!
  12. It’s one of those ‘a night with Harry Redknapp’ tonight in Watford. Take it with a pinch of salt but apparently he’s said Lampard now managing Chelsea.
  13. Honestly thought I’d come on here and see that he was gone tonight. Saw a random news story earlier on (can’t find it now but was sure it was goal.com) where they said something like ‘Chelsea manager Frank Lampard’ and I thought it must have been announced!
  14. Yeah I understand it might not be as simple as straight line. My point to the original post was it does matter what we spend on a player.
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