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  1. Surely if he was bang on then you’d be sticking your life savings on Skybet? At the very least right now you’d double your money if it was Terry! There’s no chance it’s been leaked otherwise the betting would be suspended or at extremely low value right now.
  2. Well I’ve just stuck £10 on John Gregory, now I’ll get my popcorn and watch the meltdown on here as his odds tumble. It was either pay £10 to watch Derby on Wednesday or £10 on John Gregory, there’s only one that was going to provide entertainment.
  3. What on Earth have I come back from work to?! Paddy Power suspending betting, Richard dropping teasers here there and everywhere, training ground bust ups, more horses than in IKEA meatballs. It’s just missing a corner flag statement picture from Derby...
  4. Sounds like an upgrade on my current evenings!
  5. Assuming Richard is expecting Rafa to be the manager then. Fairly certain on Friday he said it’s Rafa and Rooney on the list. Now 100% not Rooney. I don’t doubt that someone has told you information but there’s a strong chance it’s a load of rubbish. I remember when I was told Sibley had been sold for £4m and I was convinced it was true!
  6. If we knew that then none of the managers that have been mentioned would be required and it would be one of us off here getting the job.
  7. I think that’s exactly it, the rate we are going even if we signed Aguero and Kane in January it wouldn’t matter as we would have too much to catch up. We would need to go from relegation form to automatic promotion form overnight to stay up. To expect 3 wins and 3 draws out of the next 11 at the minute I think would be pretty optimistic..that would have us on 18 points. I don’t know the stats but I can’t imagine many teams have stayed up from that.
  8. Exactly this. We should be begging a manager like that to come. As each game goes on with this Rooney circus I think people are forgetting how big the actual challenge ahead is going to be.
  9. I’m praying that whoever is now making this decision will realise that we need fresh management. We’re desperate for that new manager bounce and we aren’t going to get that with the same people coaching who have been there all season and have 0 experience of this league/relegation battles. 11 games until we could even potentially consider new players. At least 5 of those against teams that will be down there too. If we don’t win half of these 11 games then we would be on less than 21 points at the halfway point. We do not have time for experiments. The next 11 games decide
  10. 34 games to get 44 more points. 1.3 points per game required which is about midtable form (13th place form last year). Doesn’t sound bad, but when you can’t score it’s pretty frightening!
  11. He’s been ill for a while, only just got back training. I’d imagine he’s been put back a few weeks now.
  12. Yeah although I think they can still give players bonuses to get round it...but it seems most clubs are taking it seriously and trying to live within their means now.
  13. Yep they introduced a salary cap. Same happened in Russia years back!
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