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  1. I feel like this decision isn’t about who is best to lead the team but more that Rooney feels like it might help improve Tom’s attitude and get more out of him. Whenever games aren’t going his way he is soon to have his head down, so I’ll be interested to see if this changes him. I’ll get behind him and hope he takes this as a turning point in his career to realise he’s no longer that young player with potential but now a senior figure in the squad that should be leading by example.
  2. You make your own luck, only one team wanted to win that before penalties. Also if by any slim chance anyone on here has final tickets and can’t go I’ll happily snap them up (but not for the £5k that they’re been sold for online!).
  3. I’m not against this. We lack experience and I’d hope we can agree some sort of pay as you play deal for a year. It gets us through this tough period and if we have Wisdom/Mengi/Davies as well then their influence will be more on the training field and dressing room than on the pitch.
  4. I think there will be other clubs that are just as bad if not worse. We only didn’t pay wages due to the takeover. Pearce also said that the players deferred wages due to covid was with the idea that once the stadium is full again we will repay it, but they’ve already repaid them early. I bet a lot of Championship clubs have deferred wages and they’re still unpaid.
  5. It’s just for P&S purposes. It’s still an asset and will have a value on the balance sheet, just can’t sell it and use the profit in P&S calculations.
  6. Absolutely. If I was on the DC (especially if I was the accountant) I’d be furious with how the LAP have basically said you’ve not done your job properly so do it again. It’s a good job it wasn’t the LAP making the call on punishment as it could have been a totally different ending.
  7. Hahaha…the downsides of subtle jokes on social media!
  8. Not sure if this was a joke or not? Apologies if it was haha. No amortisation cost as came in for nothing and leaves as nothing.
  9. It isn’t scary. They put the exact same thing every season. Screenshot of last years…
  10. Yeah just checked and you’re right. Fingers crossed we are ok then.
  11. This relates to 16/17/18 I think. Stadium sale was after.
  12. But if the resubmission of our accounts show that we have broken P&S then the EFL are well within their right to dock us points as a totally separate punishment to the 100k.
  13. Kieran Maguire did a post a month or so ago where he said our losses would increase by £30m over 16/17/18 doing it the ‘right’ way. So if he has his numbers right then yeah we would be well over.
  14. Think you’ve read what you want to read there… We have to redo our accounts and if they are over P&S limits then looks like we will be going down. The EFL’s statement adding in that Wycombe and our fixtures are interchangeable is a big hint at that.
  15. I’ll never forget when I bought a game on RamsTV whilst on holiday in France and it wouldn’t work. I emailed the RamsTV help and they replied telling me that I was using an illegal VPN so they would not be helping. I then replied with a picture of myself stood in the Alps and they soon sorted it out for me! I do think £25 is still good value for money. I understand that it’s a 100% increase but if the money is going in to the club and not to a third party then what’s another £10ish a month really? I’d happily pay £10 per match, so no issues at £25 a month.
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