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  1. I’ll never forget how he used to head a ball. He would put his head down and then flick it up meaning there was absolutely no guarantee where the ball would end up!
  2. Yeah I thought the not running at players was due to the crowd and afraid of boos, but even today he just turns back and passes easy.
  3. Lost this in the first 12 minutes. Cannot start a game against Forest like that and expect anything out of it. One to forget, playoffs are still on.
  4. Could include Wednesday in that and only goes up a game!
  5. Preston 1 Derby 2 FRGS Sibley
  6. Looking at the run in I’d fancy Cardiff to finish above us. Who knows though, if Forest lose today then it could be open for 2 teams to sneak in.
  7. I can only think of Barnes as an exciting prospect then and potentially Mears. Agree Oakley and Howard were good to watch but for me it’s not the same as someone like Sibley. Fagan, Pearson etc I really didn’t rate.
  8. What a special talent and he’s still got a squeaky voice! I actually enjoy watching players like this develop rather than seeing us get promoted. I think back to that Billy Davies team that got promoted and I’d much rather watch Sibley, Bird, Bogle, Knight, Lowe, Holmes etc
  9. 0 - 0 to get back up and running!
  10. Good that Kuoni have done that and I was hoping TUI would do the same, but seems like they are trying to recoup some of the lost money through early bookers at the minute. I’ll not be booking with TUI unless they do it for the same money though. Otherwise I’ll just wait for a last minute deal next year when they’re desperate for the cash again!
  11. TUI been ok, but that’s because I refused to pay anything other than deposit. They’ve offered me to change my holiday dates now for the same value. Only problem is the same holiday for the same dates next year has now doubled, so it’s a little bit sneaky from them.
  12. I’ll be honest, I really don’t agree with Danny Rose. They’re getting tested twice a week so have such a minimal risk. There’s many other people such as construction workers etc that are back at work that won’t get tested unless they have symptoms. Many football club employees will be relying on them playing so that clubs can keep going and not start laying people off. Look at League 1 and 2, 10 teams going bust unless they’re bailed out. These Premier League clubs should be doing everything they can to getting back out there, get some TV deals done for all matches to be sh
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