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  1. I absolutely agree, why on earth are we beating ourselves up over a spot of luck! In other games we’ve had post after post bemoaning our luck, the minute we get some we have the same people saying our slice of luck wasn’t justified. I am rapidly concluding that our fan base is full of contriving so and so’s who have forgotten what football is all about. I for one will enjoy the moment and look forward to the next game with the hope we may even have more lucky moments, and if we do who knows what might happen.
  2. I can’t understand idiots who post a thread of this nature when we still have games to play. when are the so called DCFC fan base going to grow up? pathetic in its extreme.
  3. I understand all the passion and the call for the managers head. Surely our experiences over the previous seasons should indicate that the yo yoing of managers doesn’t work and maybe we have to be brave in that we appointed a rookie manager which was brave, but we must continue to be brave and stick with him. Lets all be totally out of the box and support him through thick and thin!
  4. I’ve read all of the posts and yes we are obviously having a bad run for whatever reasons, but I plead with all of you don’t go down the route of agreeing with the radio Derby dip sticks. They really haven’t got a clue about commentating never mind football.
  5. Is there anything Neil Warnock does'nt moan about!
  6. It’s now been confirmed Mr Rowett! Once a divvy always a divvy, why in God’s name does any self respecting football club want to employ such a degenerate?
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