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  1. I would dearly love that to form a natural progression, for him to stay with us whilst Cocu completes the transition and then the student continue the legacy program. With all this happening without his head be turned and screwing things up. Smacks of fantasy island I know but “one never knows one’s luck in a big city”
  2. I agree entirely, some one has to show the EFL up for what they are and if MM is correct in his diagnosis of the situation, let it be us. Take the bloody clowns to the cleaners and prove they are not fit for purpose.
  3. So we actually believe that we will “do business in the summer” , I think one thing Mel does need to address in the summer is fans not believing anything that spouts from the DCFC propaganda machine. No I can’t see us doing jack poo recruitment in the summer, that’s based on us having a system and plugging the gaps. We don’t, that doesn’t mean I want the manager gone all I want is us all to sing from the same hymn sheet.
  4. I think we may be up for a real to tonking on this one!
  5. I’d prefer it if you declined from ever posting again. Absolutely pitiful.
  6. Thoughts, between EFL and Gibson who’s in who’s pocket!
  7. Hope the EFL keep within FFP rules when we sue the arse off them!
  8. Why on earth should someone of his so called age and ability be a gamble, if that’s the case he’s a spent force. If in deed he was ever a force to be reckoned with.
  9. So basically he’s a fake believe doesn’t live up to the hype and can’t cut it! Which is in a round about way what I said, who would take a punt! No one.
  10. Lawrence would struggle to get a game with any other championship side, in fairness I don’t believe many 1st division sides would take a punt either.
  11. If we are adamant that Lawrence has to play let’s make it 45 mins only, it’s got to be the way forward!
  12. We have a right to moan about RD because they are bloody awful.
  13. Can we please have an embargo on stupid threads, we are becoming an absolute laughing stock.
  14. Hasn’t the Daily Mail always been a piss on your fireworks type of rag? It reaches new depths day on day, it’s just our turn in line with Mr Rooney debut, other wise wouldn’t even have been given column inches. Pass it on for what it is.
  15. So you’ve never been a day late with any payment due to money not arriving on time? you are either one very lucky person or very frugal, if Mel had been frugal through out his term we’d have plenty of moans. We all have hiccups so let’s not make mountains out of molehills.
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