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  1. I have to admit when you consider the ramblings that he’s subjected us all to over the years, it’s time he went elsewhere. He really does football no favours what so ever, a dinosaur that has outlasted his usefulness in every capacity.
  2. Do we actually have a thread on this forum where the preoccupation of FFP does not exist?
  3. Why can’t some people not understand, we are not in a position to field our supposed strongest team in all competitions. Cocu needs to know who he can call upon for league matches as and when required, he can only do that by putting our youngsters up against similar opponents in cup competitions. Calm down its another step in our journey back to the top.
  4. Stop being a prima donna and accept that the world does not revolve on Derby beating the idiots. Cocu needs to get a fix on what our squad is capable of, not false dawns on beating our local clowns.
  5. The Spine! We don’t have one, maybe after a couple of more transfer windows it may become apparent. At this particular juncture when by a spine it goes from goalie to centre forward and all in between, we honestly do not have one.
  6. In all reality the injuries we have and the players that are not up to full throttle due to not having a full preseason. I can only see us losing this one.
  7. Thinking about it I was talking to some guy who told me that he has a none alcohol day once a week, me thought about it and I’ve probably not had a none alcohol day for 40 years. Am I a raving alcoholic, no I have a couple of cans every night. Am I dependent on it, I don’t believe so it’s what what I do. Maybe we shouldn’t judge others on not conforming strictly to what is considered the norm or acceptable in today’s ultra correct society.
  8. Surely it’s the old adage of if you can afford it enjoy, if you can’t don’t do it. Its been like that time memorial in more aspects than gambling, stocks shares etc, why on earth do self righteous clowns think they have any right to dictate how I or my family spend our money. Just accept that unfortunately a slight minority have little or no control but the majority do and pay taxes accordingly thus making it a situation that will never be reversed. Neither should it.
  9. Please explain to Mr Wheeler that as an adult and a father of three I can honestly say that assigning the number 32 shirt to Mr W Rooney will not effect my life or my children in anyway shape or form. My only advice to Mr Wheeler would be to get a life and if at all possible move on, honestly there are much greater issues in the world. If you’ve got time and the inclination, work towards saving the planet, seriously Wayne and the 32 shirt is not worth it.
  10. Is it going to be the case that all teams sponsored by Bet 32 have to have shirt number 32 frozen and not issued. In fairness the intelligence of some people astound me in that all the column inches spent reflecting on this has already achieved what the betting company required. Free publicity. I hope we don’t relent and let them all stew in their own self righteousness.
  11. Radio Derby have always been shocking. Total amateurs.
  12. I find it disingenuous that you can state that signing a player has impacted on other transfers. What did you actually expect from this transfer window?
  13. In reality this window in my opinion has been good, the task of replacing a manager and three key players must have been a daunting task. Do I think we’ve done it, in essence probably 9 out of 10, could we have expected more! No probably not so it’s a yes from me in that it’s been a good window considering what we were up against.
  14. One assumes with a comment like this your only 9 months old!
  15. Who cares? I believe that our chairman/owner has entered this agreement with his eyes fully open, totally opposite to some of the previous Mr Rush agreements. If he believes that its right, I for one will not say different.
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