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  1. It’s a no from any sensible person. Let go, been and gone to many times for any body’s liking.
  2. It’s going to happen when they Chelsea want it to happen, that’s what comes with the we are the premiership team and we’ll do what we want with you minnows. It has always been the case and always will be when daddy big baalocks clubs get involved.
  3. I’m finding it very sad now that the excitement of last season has degenerated to this. The point is that Frank hasn’t really done anything wrong in that if we are to believe our owner DCFC have not had a formal approach and at this point in time there is nothing to either endorse or not as its only media speculation 2+2 =5. The real problem will be if he ends up not going a percentage of our fan base will never see him in the same light again, and will not be able to understand that Franks appointment bought with it an inevitability of him being linked media wise with Chelsea when ever it suits. I think we either learn to accept the media circus that comes with high profile players using us as a spring board into football management or we go back to the normal merry go round of regurgitated names and go under the media radar. Pays your money and takes your choice!
  4. My personal take on the Lampard charade is that at this particular moment in time there aren’t any good omens for the season ahead. I know it’s defeatist but I really cannot see any good omens if it’s not resolved in a timely manner.
  5. Like I have eluded to please stop thinking of options re normal candidates, let’s think out the box. We need to be brave and move on and embrace up and coming managers not the normal uninspiring merry go round.
  6. When we are in a position to appoint a new manager, I hope we give an up and coming manager a crack. Lets not regurgitate all the old names, we need young blood with fresh ideas and desires.
  7. Clearly not an idiot, wealth etc. dhead most certainly.
  8. Terry for me as well, high profile and has obvious knowledge of youngsters coming through via the Chelsea lack of system!
  9. May be the difference is that Frank has a connection with Chelsea and it’s been an accepted view that it would be a dream job if he was ever going to be considered for the managerial position. Mac has no affinity with any one and went for the money and possibly even went looking for the position! I for one think they are poles apart in the way they have treated Derby County.
  10. May I ask a question to the ITK personnel on this site? Whilst all this speculation takes place do people think that some one is actually planning for next season with a clear plan of what we need and where we hope to be this time next year?
  11. Why can’t we accept that Frank is our manager until it’s reported otherwise. All this speculation isn’t doing any one any good. What will be will be, unfortunately we as fans aren’t in control. I for one enjoyed last season and would love it to continue. if it can’t than we’ll move on. DCFC
  12. The only thing we can set our watches by is that of the close season bring back Martin brigade. Statements like above at least endorse one thing, if that’s knowing football I am seriously pleased that I don’t. Hope he gets moved on which in turn means DCFC can do likewise.
  13. At the end of the day we all feel a bit down after a result like that. we all have to look at the wider perspective in that where we were at under Rowett and how Frank has put a smile on our faces during the season. B4 please note you are an integral part of our DCFC community and you are not alone, so please best foot forward and look forward to next season. We are going to need you on our way to automatic promotion. God bless mate.
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