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  1. Rosythram


    I'm sorry for using the wrong word, not all of us share the same command of the the english language. My sentiments re Mr Butterfield still remain the same and I again apologise for mis use of the written word, I'll refrain from posting again until I sort it.
  2. Rosythram


    The problem for Mr Butterfield is that he has not adhered himself to our present managerial staff. We can speculate all we want but in the cold light of day until he does he won’t be playing for DCFC. In fairness he might be engineering this or he may not, but whilst ever he doesn't impress and therefore doesn’t play he will be subjected to the criticism. Its the old adage “You Reap What You Sow”
  3. Rosythram

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Well we’ve got to the International break and all looks fair. Lets get some serious coaching on our referee play and expectations and move onwards and upwards. Well done guys let’s use this break to our advantage.
  4. Rosythram

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Well that’s another window done and dusted!
  5. Rosythram

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    Basically and not wanting to flower it up in any way! No
  6. Rosythram

    Chris Martin - Signed for Hull City on a season long loan

    It’s not really an argument is it? Its an absolute fact!
  7. Rosythram

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Perhaps not the case for Drinkwater!
  8. Rosythram

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    I find this discussion very strange, as I understand it he has not signed for DCFC! So why on earth are people discussing his merits or other wise! If he was indeed contemplating joining us, reading this thread would definitely seal it. AVFC here I come.
  9. What is wrong with DCFC fans, we’ve been subjected to the most dire football any fan in any hemisphere in living memory has had to endure. Our owner makes a conscious desicion to stop the rot and direct us in a different direction and still doom and gloom merchants come out of the wood work! For god sake embrace what they are trying to do. I know for some this forum only exists for the purpose of a good moan. Me I want to embrace the moment for what it is and what I believe it’s meant to be, bloody good fun and enjoyment. It appears to me some of you have forgotten why you first started to support this great club and need to reassess.
  10. Rosythram

    Marcus Maddison

    I personally think it’s high time that over inflated egos and money obsessed footballers that don’t fit our new found model are told thanks but no thanks and if the indication given by Mel is correct, I for one commend him and Frank.
  11. Rosythram

    Planning for an embargo?

    You have won my personal award for the most delusional post in my living memory! Unbelievable.
  12. Rosythram

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    I know it will come back to bite me in the bum! Couldnt be happening to a nicer team and manager.
  13. Rosythram

    Darren Bent on Paul Clement

    Whether or not Bent is justified with his comments or indeed Clement is in any way justified with his childish retort. We have a new chapter to write and in my view regarding our last three managers “Thank god they’ve gone” Lets get on with building a team that we can all warm to and support.
  14. Rosythram

    5 Live EFL Preview

    I think Mr Rowett needs a reality check. I for one and I know others as well who rejoiced in his decision to leave us!
  15. Rosythram

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    I don't think there is any need for handbags to be out. At the end of the day all most of us desire is for some forum members to stop regurgitating absolute tripe!

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