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  1. Rosythram

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Stoke in for Ince! Just confirms that Rowett isn’t capable of any original thoughts. But we already knew that, once a dick always a dick.
  2. Rosythram

    Jack Marriott

    As I understand it his middle name is Richard! Or as some people refer Dick!
  3. May be Stoke have realised that we had their pants down over Rowetts compo and aren’t prepared to allow it to happen again!
  4. Rosythram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    From my perspective if any genuine DCFC fan can’t embrace the situation for what it is and wish all well, then go and support the Red dogs. We might all be delusional but I believe we are entitled to be after the absolute dross a supposed experienced football manager served up last season. My wish is for all genuine fans to be open minded and enjoy the ride.
  5. Rosythram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    The point of “We didn’t have an obvious choice “ isn’t strictly true is it? The club did have an obvious choice and in actual fact made it. Mr Frank Lampard.
  6. Rosythram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    For god sake get a perspective, we’ve had to endure the most repressive manager in living memory along with his style of football. We are allowed to get excited and in fairness most of it isn’t excitement, it’s absolute relief that god willing we won’t be subjected to that torture again. So please reign it in and give us some slack.
  7. Rosythram

    Who is feeling positive for DCFCs future?

    What is there not to feel positive about, the most boring individual on the planet has left us for 2 million and by default has ejected us in to the unknown under the stewardship of Mr Lampard. Im finally starting to believe that god does exist.
  8. Rosythram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Your opinion being that Rowett expectations is all well and good, most DCFC fans found the style of playing and in the latter stages of his tenure his Teflon style of management totally unacceptable.
  9. Rosythram

    If your reading this Mel.........

    I’m an old wrinkly type of guy who stood at the Baseball Ground watching the Rams devouring Arsenal and a like on those dark evening games and from my perspective this is by far the nearest opportunity I believe we have ever been to replicating those feelings towards a manager and team in all those years. Please if it does happen, embrace it and enjoy the ride because as an experience it never leaves you.
  10. Rosythram

    Best of luck Gary x

    When the history books are read along with the honest appraisal of D.C. FC supporters of the 17/18 season it will be decided by most that Mr Rowett had no redeeming features and that DCFC got the best deal when he moved on.
  11. Rosythram

    Jody Morris

    It must be a wonderful position to be in! Being able to be so self righteous that you can bring peoples errors in life of a decade ago back into a public forum and it never cross ones mind that people can learn, change and even understand that certain behaviour is not acceptable in todays society.
  12. With respect to everyone after the season and particularly the style we’ve had to endure this last season, I would welcome the devil himself if I thought we could advance as a football club. So yes if it benefits DCFC why not!
  13. Rosythram

    Lampard too expensive?

    The reality of it is that Rowett has screwed us all up and proved that at the interview stage of any appointment the candidate will say what’s necessary to gain a position. We have now reached a point where knowingly leaping into the unknown is infinitely preferable than believing the absolute crass coming out of the mouths of journey men managers. My view is take a punt and let’s fly by the seat of our pants and with a little bit of nouse and luck enjoy the journey.
  14. Rosythram

    A foreign manager...

    Dave Mackay!
  15. Rosythram

    Best of luck Gary x

    It appears to me that Mr Rowett and Stoke deserve each other, both have no interest in playing the game how most fans consider it should be played. Regarding “good luck” yes he can have my blessing on the proviso that he never tarnishes our door step again.

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