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  1. How many goals has he scored at Sheffield Wednesday? We really do not need another forward that can't score goals back.
  2. Agree to the point I am glad to see Marriott go, apart from the odd match he has done very little. When he first came to Derby I had high hopes but he just has not made the grade. I really struggle to understand why many love him so much.
  3. Would love to see Marriott go, apart from the odd match he never seemed to make it at Championship level.
  4. Wilson and Rooney stood over the ball waiting to take a free kick will put fear into every defence and every goalkeeper in the league
  5. For me this is better than beating Forest. Coming from Norfolk but being a life long Derby supporter beating the yellow budgies means so much.
  6. Hey I am from Norfolk, but I guess the reason I have supported Derby since I was a kid is I am not inbred.
  7. He also probably noticed we have no one that can score a goal at the moment, so his chances of getting in the first team would be good.
  8. From that video he looks like he could win us a lot of free kicks and with Rooney in the team to put them away it could work well.
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