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  1. I have to be honest and state that I am totally amazed by the fact any one cares. Mr Keogh has run his course with DCFC, what he decides to do in the future is for him and only him, will it impact on me or DCFC probably not. Correction definitely not.
  2. Please don’t go for a vote of confidence on who’s the fool. Your ego would take a real pounding.
  3. I accept that transfer topics are open to debate and speculation, it would be nice though if they had a minuscule of fact or reality about them!
  4. You are certainly allowed your own perverse opinion, however if you spout absolute crap don't be surprised by the inevitable comments!
  5. I hope your manic depression leaves you soon, and please don’t call us when you decide to end it all. If you genuinely can’t see any reason for optimism may I suggest you support some other club, or you do with any positivity is depress everybody. 10 out of 10 for negativity.
  6. It appears to me that we have the same old merry go round supporter’s saying the same old merry go round things and who hope we’ll go on the same old merry go round journey of sacking a manager because it suits them and their narrow vision. Hopefully Mel doesn’t subscribe and we will slowly but surely build a team and management which has sustainability and merits being in the top tier of English football.
  7. Cocu was dealt a set of cards that in fairness were certainly not the best, he’s having to play a game of poker that requires skill and persistence. Will he succeed, most certainly, because 99 percent of Derby County supporters understand this and all he needs is a realistic time frame and all will come good.
  8. Yes he most certainly does, how ever making yourself unfit for work due to a none work related issue ie being a total dick does mitigate that somewhat.
  9. Maybe the wording is not the best and is just muddying the water. My take on it would be that he was on a fixed term contract which he is unable to fulfil, therefore the contract has been terminated.
  10. Isn’t that the whole crux of the matter “the others are continuing to play” Due to total stupidity Keogh is unable to continue playing and therefore his contractual agreement with DCFC cannot be fulfilled. If he was fit and could play he would be, he made a choice and has been well documented, not a very good one.
  11. It doesn’t matter in my view if he’s pissed or not, the clown got into a car with a person incapable of driving, failed to put a seat belt on and subsequently got injured. Ok taking your point if correct he wasn’t pissed, he just happens to be one of the most dense human beings to hobble on one leg. What a plank. In my opinion deserves his comeuppance even more.
  12. At last we can talk about football and hopefully move away from all this none football nonsense.
  13. What a pathetic comment, can’t believe a so called fan can actually come up with such absolute crap. Absolutely astounding, god knows what direction you would prefer, no wonder this forum is held in such low esteem!
  14. Why is committing an unlawful act significant, he cannot due to not having a lot between the ears fulfil his contractual agreement which is/was to play football for Derby County FC. If me or you could not go to work due to getting a none work related injury and we had a fixed term contract, we would be sacked.
  15. I know that some companies will not pay you if you are off work due to sports injuries. Keogh is a sports person who cannot fulfil has contractual obligation due to a none sports injury due to absolute stupidity on his part. Why on earth should he be treated differently to the normal working person, at the end of the day he made the decision to get into the vehicle and not put on a seatbelt, deservedly so he got his just reward.
  16. Fact is that he cannot fulfil his contractual duty of playing football for DCFC due to being an absolute dick. He therefore has effectively terminated his own contract.
  17. And do what? Abosolute joke, call me crazy but it’s the players who are clueless maybe they are the joke and judging from incidents over the last few months that would even stand up in a court of law. You astound me and maybe the obvious knee jerk reactions in past seasons is exactly why we find ourselves in this situation.
  18. It’s a resounding “yes he can” from me let the players who want to play for the club and learn from him stay and those that for what ever reason don’t, let’s get rid and build a philosophy once and for all that can lead us to the higher echelons of football.
  19. I totally agree that our scouting, recruitment policy appears absolutely woeful. In defence I would envisage that it’s far easier if your scouting, recruiting for a set system rather than the scatter gun policy of playing we have gone for in the last 5 seasons.
  20. Let’s hope he goes to turgid Millwall and they put a 20 million release clause on him, then he’ll be gone from our club for ever.
  21. With all due respect, I’d rather give you ago than Rowett.
  22. With out a doubt. We need to stay calm and stick with him, he will come good and Derby County FC will become the envy of the football league. Please let’s not implode.
  23. Relegation with out a doubt, Rowett an absolute banker. Always has been, always will be.
  24. I honestly do not understand how a chairman and manager can go out on a Saturday and conduct an obvious PR exercise and then destroy it 4 days later. An absolute joke, I’m absolutely amazed and so disappointed.
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