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  1. Thinking about it I was talking to some guy who told me that he has a none alcohol day once a week, me thought about it and I’ve probably not had a none alcohol day for 40 years. Am I a raving alcoholic, no I have a couple of cans every night. Am I dependent on it, I don’t believe so it’s what what I do. Maybe we shouldn’t judge others on not conforming strictly to what is considered the norm or acceptable in today’s ultra correct society.
  2. Surely it’s the old adage of if you can afford it enjoy, if you can’t don’t do it. Its been like that time memorial in more aspects than gambling, stocks shares etc, why on earth do self righteous clowns think they have any right to dictate how I or my family spend our money. Just accept that unfortunately a slight minority have little or no control but the majority do and pay taxes accordingly thus making it a situation that will never be reversed. Neither should it.
  3. Please explain to Mr Wheeler that as an adult and a father of three I can honestly say that assigning the number 32 shirt to Mr W Rooney will not effect my life or my children in anyway shape or form. My only advice to Mr Wheeler would be to get a life and if at all possible move on, honestly there are much greater issues in the world. If you’ve got time and the inclination, work towards saving the planet, seriously Wayne and the 32 shirt is not worth it.
  4. Is it going to be the case that all teams sponsored by Bet 32 have to have shirt number 32 frozen and not issued. In fairness the intelligence of some people astound me in that all the column inches spent reflecting on this has already achieved what the betting company required. Free publicity. I hope we don’t relent and let them all stew in their own self righteousness.
  5. Radio Derby have always been shocking. Total amateurs.
  6. I find it disingenuous that you can state that signing a player has impacted on other transfers. What did you actually expect from this transfer window?
  7. In reality this window in my opinion has been good, the task of replacing a manager and three key players must have been a daunting task. Do I think we’ve done it, in essence probably 9 out of 10, could we have expected more! No probably not so it’s a yes from me in that it’s been a good window considering what we were up against.
  8. One assumes with a comment like this your only 9 months old!
  9. Who cares? I believe that our chairman/owner has entered this agreement with his eyes fully open, totally opposite to some of the previous Mr Rush agreements. If he believes that its right, I for one will not say different.
  10. I’m not all knowing but could he be on one of the infamous Sam Rush contracts and is near a point when sundries kick and cost DCFC monies that are deemed unacceptable!
  11. Why on earth are we surrounded by smart arses with conspiracy theories. Why can’t we just accept that all we want is to turn up on a match day see a competitive game hopefully with a win and go home. I know some people have other agendas and only want to perpetuate doom and gloom for their own self gratification, most of us just want a happy warm fuzzy feeling from our club. So all the doom and gloom merchants go and do one and leave genuine fans to enjoy DCFC for what it’s meant to be FUN.
  12. It’s a no from any sensible person. Let go, been and gone to many times for any body’s liking.
  13. It’s going to happen when they Chelsea want it to happen, that’s what comes with the we are the premiership team and we’ll do what we want with you minnows. It has always been the case and always will be when daddy big baalocks clubs get involved.
  14. I’m finding it very sad now that the excitement of last season has degenerated to this. The point is that Frank hasn’t really done anything wrong in that if we are to believe our owner DCFC have not had a formal approach and at this point in time there is nothing to either endorse or not as its only media speculation 2+2 =5. The real problem will be if he ends up not going a percentage of our fan base will never see him in the same light again, and will not be able to understand that Franks appointment bought with it an inevitability of him being linked media wise with Chelsea when ever it suits. I think we either learn to accept the media circus that comes with high profile players using us as a spring board into football management or we go back to the normal merry go round of regurgitated names and go under the media radar. Pays your money and takes your choice!
  15. My personal take on the Lampard charade is that at this particular moment in time there aren’t any good omens for the season ahead. I know it’s defeatist but I really cannot see any good omens if it’s not resolved in a timely manner.
  16. Like I have eluded to please stop thinking of options re normal candidates, let’s think out the box. We need to be brave and move on and embrace up and coming managers not the normal uninspiring merry go round.
  17. When we are in a position to appoint a new manager, I hope we give an up and coming manager a crack. Lets not regurgitate all the old names, we need young blood with fresh ideas and desires.
  18. Clearly not an idiot, wealth etc. dhead most certainly.
  19. Terry for me as well, high profile and has obvious knowledge of youngsters coming through via the Chelsea lack of system!
  20. May be the difference is that Frank has a connection with Chelsea and it’s been an accepted view that it would be a dream job if he was ever going to be considered for the managerial position. Mac has no affinity with any one and went for the money and possibly even went looking for the position! I for one think they are poles apart in the way they have treated Derby County.
  21. May I ask a question to the ITK personnel on this site? Whilst all this speculation takes place do people think that some one is actually planning for next season with a clear plan of what we need and where we hope to be this time next year?
  22. Why can’t we accept that Frank is our manager until it’s reported otherwise. All this speculation isn’t doing any one any good. What will be will be, unfortunately we as fans aren’t in control. I for one enjoyed last season and would love it to continue. if it can’t than we’ll move on. DCFC
  23. The only thing we can set our watches by is that of the close season bring back Martin brigade. Statements like above at least endorse one thing, if that’s knowing football I am seriously pleased that I don’t. Hope he gets moved on which in turn means DCFC can do likewise.
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