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  1. Hope not, was on £50,000 a week at Swansea and hardly got a game. Potter was critical of him for not putting it in.
  2. Can you not? I think if they really want to push the move through on ‘their’ terms they will turn up on Monday which will a) either have the effect of forcing Chelsea’s hand or b) make Mel realise this is not a good environment/position to be in and then not quibble or any ancillary issues.
  3. He insisted on playing Dwight Gayle on the wing. That’s all you need to understand about Big Dave
  4. Because we will probably see Bogle and think this is a cheap alternative that is steady at this level 🙂
  5. Interesting as the Hull fans I know up here really rate him, particularly going forwards.
  6. Also linked with the winger, McCarron in the part of the article directly above
  7. Being offered by Brighton on loan as a ‘sweetener’ in £10 million move for Bogle according to press today
  8. Anyone think Derby may go for Billy Gilmour at Chelsea, if Frank remains? Very young but apparently a prodigious talent. Remember watching him and another player who I think was at Chelsea who left to go to Italy for Scotland under 17s or 18s last summer
  9. Interesting that he quotes we only have a squad of 13 when you consider we know these will be there barring being sold:- Carson, Bogle, Wisdom, Malone, Forsyth, Lowe, Keogh, Evans, Davies, Shinnie, Holmes, Lawrence, Jozefzoon, Bennett, Huddlestone, Marriott, Waghorn. Add to that the younger lades that have played or featured in squad: Thomas, Bird, MacDonald, Knight, Sibley, Ravas, Tyree Wilson, Elsnik, Mitchell-Lawson, McAllister, Jonathan Mitchell. Then the exciles: Thorne, Martin, Anya. Hopefully, he is just getting into a good negotiating position with Mel, to argue for more experience. For me we need to strengthen Keeper, a CB, Two in midfield and wingers (depending on formation)
  10. Luca Connell (Bolton), Matt Clarke (Pompey), James Justin (Luton) and Reece Brown (Forest Green Rovers). All good young hungry players. Not saying they are all realistic though.
  11. They beat us comprehensively in the league but we’re not far superior today. Roos not troubled apart from what he should have got.
  12. Why would he have protection from Lawrence playing as a striker? Johnson was the left of the diamond
  13. Agree but think that was more about the movement. We had nothing down the left with Cole and Johnson (not a criticism just not their roles)
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