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  1. I know it’s a lot and sorry if it’s been posted elsewhere. This is now being advertised. Don’t get why there is so much difference for our match and the Sunderland game. http://www.clubwembley.com/events/2019/championship-play-off-final
  2. Yes it is one of those situations where you don't want to sound ungrateful but I know you in particular were looking at tier 2.
  3. Just seen that tier 2, block 224 has been released, I know some were looking for that section!
  4. No a free pint for all would impact more on the atmosphere 😉
  5. Hope they have improved organisation from the last attempt - spent nearly two hours at Pride Park before setting off late, stopping off at the Services knowing we were going to be touch and go and getting to the ground at around 2.55pm. We then ended up not moving out the car park for over 2 hours at the end (I know that's not their fault). Very depressing with the way we lost.
  6. I agree save you spied at our home and we beat you away
  7. the guidances says new ST holders should have one so you should be able - signed in?
  8. I definitely suspect some form of glitch as of 11.47am there are only 4899 seats available across all the areas (Bored at work with a calculator)
  9. https://3ddigitalvenue.com/clients/sports/wembley try this - it lets you select Block, Row and Seat view
  10. Yeh that’s fine also the south east upper tier from half way line through to literally behind the goal has gone - wonder if they are only releasing certain sections
  11. Got my two tickets, was 481 in the queue but all seats in the two blocks either side (103/104) and (119/120 - I think) sold out bar disabled access. Something very suss going on! Block 110 sold out
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