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  1. GrimsbyRam

    THE song for this season...

    Although of course you know we signed Bogle from Swindon?
  2. GrimsbyRam

    Kasey Palmer

    John Terry has liked the photo too!
  3. GrimsbyRam

    Festy Ebosele

    Taribo saved us!
  4. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    Makes sense as he’s always been around Redknapp
  5. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    Your way off wth Terry, the third wheel is Harry Redknapp
  6. GrimsbyRam

    Matej Vydra

    Scandalous selling vydra alone for £11 million. Rhodes (twice), Hogan, Kodjia, McCormack (twice), Braithwaite, Assombolonga, Andre Gray have all gone for more than we paid for vydra and dont rate any of them better than vydra
  7. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    https://mobile.twitter.com/morriskid/status/1000714250350944256 Maybe due to his response to Rio!
  8. GrimsbyRam

    If your reading this Mel.........

    You are very wide of the mark here. No way will villa be a top two team next year! They are in as bad a situation as we ‘could’ be in. They have an aging squad and the highest wage bill in the league. They have the likes of Lansbury, Whelan, Elphick, Samba not even playing on thousands. They have Terry, Hutton, Jedinak, Whelan etc the wrong side of thirty.
  9. GrimsbyRam

    Luke Thomas

    https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/derby-countys-luke-thomas-close-1597868 The fire Sale starts now!
  10. GrimsbyRam

    Fitness levels

    In the second leg the lack of efforts were down to tactics and playing so deep. We did not want to attack until 2-0 down and did not play the leagues top scorer. He creates space and others fear him because of what he did over the season. Much as teams in prem fear Salah cos if the number of goals he scored
  11. GrimsbyRam

    Best team won

    It’s a game of opinions. Disgusting may be too far but you could not have been happy from 45 minutes on Friday through to 65 minutes this game. We were lacking in quality and skill. I cannot imagine another team in this league or the prem not playing their/the league’s top scorer. Massive boost for Fulham before the game starts
  12. GrimsbyRam


    I would have been prouder if Rowett would have tried to win the game and play the leagues top scorer. Back to 10 games ago there
  13. GrimsbyRam

    v Barnsley (H) - Predictions

    FYI, Pearson has been managing in Belgium since September last year. Same ownership as Leicester I believe!
  14. GrimsbyRam

    Vydra and Palmer

    He’s the joint top scorer in the league. When he doesn’t score we struggle. Simple as. There are plenty of people you can whinge at before Vydra.
  15. GrimsbyRam

    Vydra and Palmer

    Hilarious without him we’d be in a relegation battle! He’s just fed up with Rowetts hoofball style. He creates his own goals

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