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  1. Not sure I really get this 'not up to full fitness'. He played for Poland as a defensive midfielder and had a cracking game. Looked fine there. If he had mobility around him he would not need to be trying everything. Its hardly like you need a lot of fitness to play like Huddz does.
  2. I was responding to your comment about judging on yesterday as it was Leeds. It happened the game before away too was my point. Too early to judge but not too early to see that Flo Jo is worse that Abdul Camara. How many first halves have we look terrible and had to change it massively. Should be learning by now.
  3. What about Brentford - exactly the same thing happened?
  4. I really think Bielek is restricted by having no midfielders or wide players to support. Two holding midfielders would only work if you had someone mobile with him. Bielek would have worked perfectly with our midfield last year. He is always looking to go on the front foot. Unfortunately there was no outlet and movement in front of him which meant that he had to turn and try to take somebody on. With the wingers we have at our disposal, I’d scrap playing them, encourage Malone/Lowe and Bogle to push forward from wide and have players with an engine either side of Bielek (ie Holmes, Knight, Sibley, Shinnie and even possibly Paterson) or a diamond and then play two up front. Like to see:- Who knows (GK) Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Bielek Knight Holmes Lawrence/Paterson Waghorn/Martin Marriott For me Davies cannot come in at the back as he is so uncomfortable on the ball.
  5. I agree - Knights energy was needed all game!
  6. cannot agree with this but that's the great thing about football
  7. I am absolutely gobsmacked how huddlestone survives over Bielek
  8. I agree. I said that three games ago and got castigated.
  9. Well it is not possession based football as we haven't had the ball! 30% possession = rowetball. Least Rowett had the foresight to play grafters though for that 'style'
  10. and as some would say we have signed 3 again this year (from Arsenal, Brighton and Everton)
  11. Camera panning to the bench to Cocu sums this up. The fella doesn't even know its half time!
  12. Agreed - get Knight on for H to be 'busy' in the middle. It is bad when we miss Bryson and Johnson!
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