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  1. Agree with comments, pleasing thing that Thorne got stronger as game went on, not tiring. Sibley with normal progression looks some player.
  2. Agreed re: the leaner part! Although shows how far he has fallen to be playing tonight rather than in tomorrow's squad
  3. GrimsbyRam

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I suggest you watch the goals back if you think tomori at fault for three! The first yes but he grew into the game. Also amazed that your puzzled about Keogh. Gash defending from the Carson wonder save/Tomori follow up. Three Leeds attackers in six yard box keogh nearer the 18 yard line. Keogh pasted by Roofe for his second (albeit that it stemmed from Wilson’s poor pass after cracking Johnno tackle) and for Alioskis goal switches off again and gives him a free header. Keogh was not on his own yesterday (three of the four defenders were poor along with ledley and Wilson) but the constant need to defend him (not you, in general) is wearing thin. He is the common denominator in our multiple failed seasons.
  4. GrimsbyRam

    Our support....

    Lowe was certainly not busting a gut to get back last 15. Leeds first to most things today
  5. GrimsbyRam

    Our support....

    Very little effort when fans needed it
  6. Keogh was gash again. Missed Davies massively. No leader on the pitch. Tomori played well but will be even better on the right CB position
  7. GrimsbyRam

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Would like Mo Besic to be holding midfielder, was class at Borough last season
  8. GrimsbyRam

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Vydra is best behind a striker but to suggest he cannot play that role for us is niaive. Whether he will is another matter. How many chances has vydra had at derby as a sole striker? Add to that any games where rowett tried it he was totally isolated and had no support. Lampard would not let that happen. You look at the balls put in for nugent, Vydra would thrive on them. People tend to forget that Vydra saved us in many a game last year. In one of the last 5 or so games there was one starting 11 where he had scored more than the rest f the team
  9. GrimsbyRam

    THE song for this season...

    Although of course you know we signed Bogle from Swindon?
  10. GrimsbyRam

    Kasey Palmer - Signed for Blackburn on loan

    John Terry has liked the photo too!
  11. GrimsbyRam

    Festy Ebosele

    Taribo saved us!
  12. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    Makes sense as he’s always been around Redknapp
  13. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    Your way off wth Terry, the third wheel is Harry Redknapp
  14. GrimsbyRam

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Scandalous selling vydra alone for £11 million. Rhodes (twice), Hogan, Kodjia, McCormack (twice), Braithwaite, Assombolonga, Andre Gray have all gone for more than we paid for vydra and dont rate any of them better than vydra
  15. GrimsbyRam

    If it’s Frank

    https://mobile.twitter.com/morriskid/status/1000714250350944256 Maybe due to his response to Rio!

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