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  1. Sibley already has more quality than McTominey will ever have either
  2. really not bothered about this but was always going to be a battering with Roos, Evans and Forsyth
  3. he dived after the ball was in the net 😏
  4. For everyone of them there is a Bradford, Coventry, Bolton or Pompey.
  5. Not long back from the game and some thoughts as follows:- 1. Was Never going to be a pleasing game on the eye with the conditions (wind in particular); 2. Thought Cocu got the selection correct at full back(s) today. Wisdom is fast becoming our best defender. So solid. 3. Holmes going off was a massive blow, some many times he created a triangle with wisdom and waghorn on the right. When he went off we did not have any movement going forwards. 4. The Shinnie substitution was the wrong one. Knight should have been brought on for his energy. He has been very unlucky to be benched. 5. Martin, Waghorn, Rooney all advanced does not work as there is not enough pace. 6. Set pieces or mistakes are costing us massively. Bogle (again) today - firstly for his terrible header (Chris Martin would have been proud of that knock down) and then for allowing their player inside. 7. We desperately need a keeper. Roos whilst making a couple of saves should not have been beaten at the front post. His position continues to be untenable with fans cheering/jeering every catch. For his own career he needs a move. 8. Cocu - interesting to here post match comments re: Bogle. Sounds like he has started to believe the hype from Jan transfer market....first time he has been specific in criticism (particularly relevant when you think about how he responded about Marriott).
  6. It is not about tinkering. Whoever we play we concede. The formation does not work away from home. The midfield is too lightweight. We cannot defend as we continuing to sp*nk two plus goals away. A shame because the football was very ‘pretty’ first 30
  7. Make no mistake this is Rooney’s doing. He is so composed, creates space and just everybody wants to up their game around him
  8. 6 months to the weekend of our last away league win 🙂
  9. Would have been 4-2 had he started Marriott and Martin 😉
  10. We are getting worse and conceding more! You make out like he’s not had any chance to do anything. He spunked 10 million on one player. He chose to bring in and then cancel loan players. He had clearly not had a plan for this window (you cannot blame pre-season now). As for a magician? I would just rather him manage and set a team up to compete in 50% of our games. He cannot even do that. You cannot see what he is trying to do. Today was a typical Coco away performance. Look at other manager...Monk has no transfer window and look at Wednesday. Preston never spend big. Rowett is getting more out of a team who are worse than our players, Cooper at Swansea lost McBurnie, James, Ayew, Fer and Narsignh. They have used the used the loan market with devastating effect (Brewster, Wilmot , Gallagher, Guehi) - just as Lampard did last season.
  11. Worse record away from home since Jewell, one of the biggest net spends. He should be doing a lot better. Morris knows this. Rooney must have thought this as he wouldn’t have joined a club battling to stay up (points deduction).
  12. Or equally as statistically correct, one league win away all season. Cocu learns nothing about how to play away from home?
  13. Anybody to look but I think our away form/results are now officially the worst of any manager since our ‘worst team’ in history season. Very worrying that we only have effectively half of our games to pick up points. We desperately need a keeper, two wingers (If he insists on playing this system) and a centre back. Only Derby release two players and have no back up plan.
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