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  1. If this is true (not doubting at all), shows how bothered 'mel' was about the club! Rooney has dealt with everything this season with class and we need to stick by him things are going better than expected at the moment on the pitch but even if not, we need to remember things like this.
  2. or reading from the questions he may have been given to ask but the person answering lol
  3. Agree - also he may be the one of the biggest 'selling points' the administrators have when putting together a 'sales brochure' given his name and International recognition.
  4. Im not missing any point, I am just saying you think there may be hope from some comments made by somebody that I and no doubt thousands of people would not place any reliance on. The timing of his announcement was shocking as well, the night before a match - could have done it today.
  5. How is trying to do deals with a fake sheik and a Spanish waiter doing the best for the club? It was best for him (to get out of his ongoing liability of up to £1.5million per month). Mismanagement of finances and circumventing rules has got us into this mess. Even if this is one last attempt by him, he will never be forgiven for the mess that he has got us into and how much worry he will have caused so many fans and families worrying about their jobs...the fact that he went to Rob Dorsett not Rooney, blames everyone bar himself in the statement shows a complete lack of self insight. None of this is having a go at you, just dont place any hope on 'him'.
  6. Sorry I don’t see that at all, I see Morris proposing a similar suggestion to what got us into this mess in the first place - trying something that is not within the spirit of the rules (as the commentator puts it). Look who he has tried to deal with A Fake Sheik and a Spanish waiter!
  7. We we can hardly play hoofball though with baldock Sibley Jozwiak and Lawrence…we did well first half it’s just we don’t have a squad to keep it going
  8. Nope agree but that was always going to be the case with the players we have and signed.
  9. Nobody would keep this team up, I’m afraid. Rotten from the top.
  10. Grow up mate - watch the first half back he was our best player, the second half they were all toss
  11. Really? Think sibley, Lawrence, bird, shinnie has done more. He can do it all on his own…we have no outlets
  12. You mean every time he’s been fouled as they no he’s our only threat?
  13. Morrison is the only player that has done anything tonight.
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