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  1. We didn’t need to be reckless - we had a nucleus of players only tweaks needed the chopping and changing of managers and players meant a mis match - there has been no continuity
  2. Forsyth 2...was that for the speed he ran off when subbed? lol...Thought Waghorn was good today and Roberts in patches. Joz was bright when he came on...a brilliant yellow and great run for pen.
  3. To be honest Guardiola would not have changed today...when you have to rely on Forysth Roos etc there is no hope for you.
  4. yeh what did he do from July until he got sacked? It wasnt 10th then and no signs of changing....Cocu had the momentum and confidence from the Lampard era, when that went he was totally exposed. Rooney had to drag them up off the floor when he got it. It was poor all season.
  5. The squad is gash mate, you cant polish a turd.
  6. He's as bad as Cocu and everybody wanted him to stay.
  7. Define better manager though, that would have come to us (not the fantasy that was around with Benitez etC). We are a team of misfits - keepers that are inconsistent, our best defender is on loan from BHA. A midfield that has no creativity and an old man upfront. Hes had to beg steal and borrow. Ultimately the loan (numbers) did enough for us. We are a poor squad. Rooney sees that, I can see it. We need to start with the spine of the team - Keeper - 2 CBs, a midfielder with Bielik and a striker.
  8. If anybody would have said you would stay up last game but not be allowed to spend any money buying players, the day Cocu got sacked i would have snapped your hands off. He has not had a good end to the season. He might not be the manager to take us forward but the one man to blame for this mess is the man at the top.
  9. He had a plan? what to get d1cked by 3-4 goals each away match....the players are poor, the recruitment is poor, the managers are poor and the man at the helm has ruined us.
  10. 2 wins in his last 17 or so league games. he along with Mel are to blame for where we are. Rooney had the new manager bounce but hes been left with poo
  11. because the players have shown no consistency when they play. We have an average league one squad.
  12. Buchanan looks worse as he has that clown inside him....in a 3 centre back set up Forsyth should be covering and didnt do it once. Shocking mark for both goals but the reality is we didnt deserve to score again. 2 shots on target is poor. Max Bird was again such a pointless sub - makes us weaker at the back, makes us less energetic in midfield.
  13. Was it:- Mel Morris’ pursuit of the Derby way? Mel Morris sacking his ‘Alex Ferguson’ An alleged team talk during Interval? Having to sell our future assets for peanuts as a result of numerous bad choices re: managers and spending? Insistence on having half squad of academy players? Pick your favourite moment!
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