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Next home game Neil Warnock


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Before I get on to my point let me make one thing clear . I really don’t like Neil Warnock. 


However the last time he will visit Pride Park is our next home game , it’s on TV on a Friday night . So It got me thinking why don’t we show our class and show him he will be missed because love or hate him he is a character and they are few and far between in modern football . He has been in the game for years surely a nice song from us to show a little respect to his achievements would be class from us . What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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9 minutes ago, minesahartington said:

Life would be so much more dull without our Colin. Top bloke

OK. On a grammatical point if the adjective is one syllable it takes the ending "er" so it should be "life would be so much duller without our Colin. 

Forgive me for picking up on a grammatical point but I'm an ex lecturer and pretty well drunk  


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