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  1. I'm bored and awake!
  2. Let's see the rest of them then!
  3. Heard all this before. Don't expect him back till Dec./jan realistically.
  4. Beans on toast with grated red Leicester and brown sauce. Classic.
  5. I haven't touched a drop since the lockdown. Not really missing it to be fair. Surviving on coffee and tea. Will make drinking the real stuff more sweet when we can get to the pub!
  6. For impact you'd either say Hector or mcfarland. I loved Bobby Davison though from my era.
  7. That was the brother of Tanita Tikaram.
  8. All the best b4. If it gets that bad. Get down to a and e or walk in centre?
  9. Not too bad for me. The greatest. Brian Clough ; and Jeff Hendrick. Lots of decent craic there for days.
  10. Not completely fiction. We still won the league. Still a good film.
  11. At least its taken the heat off Craig Ramage and Chris Coles who I hear was back on RD tonight.
  12. What's your name? Kelle Roos?
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