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  1. Wonder if we can get to 400 pages before it's completed? 🙄
  2. I can see £500k rising to 750 if they survive, but no more than that is justified.
  3. Thanks for everyone's help. 3pm on Saturday.
  4. Friday nights. Monkey 6pm bbc2 Superstars 7pm bbc1 Annie nightingale on radio 1 Soap itv 10.00.
  5. Tough away tie at Swansea. More injuries and tiredness.
  6. Goal for God at Ashton Gate.
  7. You could watch it in your mind with Radio Derby.
  8. I would be happy for the club to take money again from a proper business to sponsor the stadium. Rolls Royce Arena? JCB Stadium. DHL Park. Amazon Arena.
  9. Lambs stewed in Lancashire hot pot.
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