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  1. Why would Alan Shearer be right for Chelsea manager? Got Newcastle relegated and do nothing since except TV work.
  2. No no no: unless it comes with Tomori, mount and Abraham.
  3. The Irish guy from one direction. Big Derby fan.
  4. When he goes would you take rowett back? We scored more goals and finished higher. How about mac3 or even clough2 if the budget is reigned in?
  5. I like a laphroagh and it's a lot cheaper!
  6. Town planners dont have much to do with road construction and traffic management. It's Highway Engineers.
  7. The star in Beeston is a great pub for that.
  8. Mum and dad live about 200 yards away so yeh. Have been going there for 35 years.
  9. Must have changed lately. Normally just peddy and one other. Mostly a lager and cider pub.
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