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  1. Just come back from the Derby theatre production of the above. The 1946 FA Cup win fused together with a modern take in fandom. Written by Jamie T and including a great ensemble cast of I assume Derby fans. Good musicians and real life stories of fans down the decades. Multi media showcase and voxpop clips. Great night out. Try and get tickets tommorow night if you can. Was quite full tonight.
  2. I think he's had a chat with Staveley and he's said 'look, just let me do my 1000 managerial game and I will go quietly next week.' Hope he's given more of a chance but can't see him making the next transfer window. Depends who they have in mind and when they can get them.
  3. Could have played him instead of buying in Butterfield that season.
  4. Is that just in case she reads this forum? 😁
  5. I quite like the taste of Venison b4 but don't often buy it cuz it's too deer.
  6. He won't be signing for Newcastle United now then.
  7. Saudi takeover sorted. Mike Ashley, your welcome to come and buy with your black and white scarf. Come and run the club properly.
  8. Will they get James Hanson to flog the stuff like on the telly? He could forego his companies commission as he is a season ticket holder.
  9. The corner flag? Any flanges and scraves left?
  10. Will the Rams Trust be putting a package together to buy the club as allowed for in the rules?
  11. Bulls Head at Repton. Nice steak and chips.
  12. Good win today. F*rest getting their poo together. Cooper making a difference.
  13. Complete dive by Cov. Martinesque. Worked 2-1
  14. Yet another of the England greats goes. 🙁
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