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  1. Yes. Should have been 5-6 1. Great keeping by wolves. Loads of wasteful chances. Trying to walk it into net. Yes sibley caught the eye and Macdonald. Great last minute save from us. Good afternoon out and warm in that sun!
  2. We need to buy Marcus maddison in the summer.
  3. Villa n boro for 5th and 6th. We're 8th again.
  4. Yeh that Charlie George looks OK. Hope he's not a one trick pony.
  5. Thanks for the helpful advice. I'll try and keep this trio myself.
  6. He's already won a cup with them so why not?
  7. Benetiez ain't a bad shout but I also think Wenger is a good shout. Would turn round Chelsea over time.
  8. Please no American chocolate! 😫 Would be good to have a few in The Brunswick and the Alexandra. Perhaps Derby Brewery tap on Derwent Bridge too!
  9. What are Leeds saying about the Marriott injury?
  10. Nuge has lost a bit of pace, strength and ability to find the net this season. Missed several sitters that would have won us games.
  11. Thought he was probably our best player today apart from dribbling out of the penalty area at the end instead of clearing the lines. Got a bit lucky. Right back for Friday then.
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