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  1. We can always buy him back in a couple of years for 3-4 million when he puts in some sterling performances.
  2. Didnt realised he'd scored! Lol. Fair play tho. Great performance by the ten and the fans too. Rooney for bielik now on Thurs. COYR!
  3. 3pm ko. Derby County v Millwall Cocuball v Rowettball. Who will have the ability to stay awake for the whole game?
  4. "Bald Eagles!" "Black and White Army! " Bald Eagles!" Black and White Army!" Ad infinitum all game.
  5. Yes. Perfect fit for our team. Swap stories with Tom Lawrence.
  6. Another goal for the donkey yesterday. Just saying. Although so did trialist.
  7. Ok. So chance to get back on the horse and bring the Preston form back with a home win.
  8. Cocu anyone? marcel brand etc.
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