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  1. 4-0 tomorrow night and were in the play offs.
  2. I lived next door to Robert Maxwell for a year just off Headington hill. I went to most Oxford home games that 84-85 season. They were brilliant with John Aldridge Billy Hamilton and later Ray Hughton. Loved Jim Smith then.
  3. Woops. Come on Wycombe!
  4. Yes we can buy some of their good players on the cheap. Have they got a decent goalie?
  5. I take the away performance there last season. Sumptuous.
  6. We owe them one as we should have beat them at home.
  7. fair enough. That's an opinion. I'm not saying we should sign him but he's an experienced championship centre back whose tall, can defend and is free. Clearly our defensive record would indicate we don't need someone like that.
  8. Yes. Tamworth ram called ayala a thug and I said suggest a different option to which you replied they will want 6m back for him. But hes left on a free.
  9. Just google his name and you'll see. Wiki or transfer market. He wouldn't play the last 3 games before the end of the contract and left on 27rh.
  10. 4 yellows this season no reds. How many of our centre backs have had fewer yellows? 2 goals, as many as our centre backs. He's 6'3 can't be that bad in the air. Can't imagine Leeds will want him if they go up, but could sign for them if they stay down.
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