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  1. Is he still available to play?
  2. They were just a better team on the day and have a more settled side. Yes better team work and spirit too by all accounts. Hoping things will turn a corner soon where we get a settled side and a settled pattern of play b4.
  3. Balls. I should have gone
  4. Looks like it's £12 turn up on the day.
  5. How much are tickets? I might go along.
  6. Depends if the pays good enough to give up work.?
  7. 'our central defender'? Dont you mean Derby County's Central defender! 😁
  8. Related to that- docherty for me ruining that team and buying shhite in replacement.
  9. April 1976.same day as grand national wen red rum was second. 2-0 Gordon Hill who came to Derby later.
  10. Bet Rammer was happy with his 'ratting'.
  11. Yeh, I suppose we are scoring loads of goals at the moment and creating chances so a fox in the box who can finish is pointless. Didn't Clarke go to spurs from Leeds and is not wanted by Poch so is looking to go somewhere else? Rather than the other way round. But yes wouldn't say no in Jan.
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