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  1. Yes hopefully I will get down to see some from Sept onwards.
  2. I was there in the east stand. Travelled up on the coach with South West rams. Great day out.
  3. Only if we get more points at the end of the season than 3 other teams. At this stage I suspect that without the 6 points off SW we may go down but brum at home may save us.
  4. I'll go for 1-1, be happy with a point from the next two. Caz up front with support from Tom and Sibbo. Yeh buch for foz sounds good.
  5. Think we need to shoot today to try and score. Would be helpful. I'm going scrappy 2-0.
  6. Someone's getting a tune out of him.
  7. Who? Jake Buxton or Nicky Butt? 😁
  8. Scores 2 goals and still can't get a game. He might as well come back.
  9. Because they haven't said the deals off yet and are maybe still expecting it to happen and are cheesed off Mel has pulled the plug. Stephen Pearce staked his reputation on this going through and stated it was a few slight issues that needed tidying up and that it was going to go through so why hasn't it?
  10. Was she known as 'flat Flange'?
  11. I think we still need to hear BZI's side of the story as they have been very quiet since last week and maybe are still getting the finances together to send over. Or are they considering a counter claim against Mel for breach of contract? Who knows? They need to come to come to the table to explain their current position.
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