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  1. Find it strange that glos don't play in Gloucester! Bet they play in Cheltenham as its posher! 😂😂😂
  2. Yes he did. Said roos needs to be more confident in the box and take pressure off the centre backs by being more commanding. Maybe bulk up too and be stronger like he did with David Degea at MU. Took 6 months of personal training to make him stronger.
  3. Think beerlick has to start after Tues. Drop huddz soz mate. Don't mind Evans or Knight with him. Waggers if his minds on it. Mazza after 70. They will play a diamond as it seemed to click on Tues. Yeh tough game. Take a point now.
  4. Dean moxey and callium ball anyone? Apart from them Steve bloomer weren't too shabby. Missed a few sitters mind when he weren't concentrating.
  5. I have a Roberts digital radio portable and it works on DAB till about chillwell then is intermittent. But can get fm and digital upstairs when I get home or freeview on telly in Beeston.
  6. Who? Forest? To give them a chance?
  7. Struggling to see why arsenal let him go. They were scrabbling round for a centre back and got David Luiz Don't get me wrong. Great buy in my opinion but Bielik or Luiz for £8? Mmmmm.
  8. Just get the skylink or indigo buses from EMA instead. Then city to west bridgford.
  9. Expecting a bid from Celtic for Lowe to fill the Tierney spot.
  10. How do people feel about George Thorne or Graham Shinnie at right back?
  11. He's been at West Ham since he was? 6!!!! Bloody hell they get em early!
  12. Can't wait b4. Will be glued to the radio listening to the pens.
  13. What wouldn't they give to get Pulis back in again and put up with finishing 14th in the Premier league each season ! 😂😂😂😂😂 Careful what you wish for.
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