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  1. Little like Forests revival
  2. Twitter rumor is that this lad is going the other end of the A52
  3. Think this sounds about right. Think we all need to take a deep breath and just wait and see what happens
  4. Yes I knew it was him at Morley Hayes
  5. It was definitely him at Morley Hayes I did make up the bit about eating pudding.
  6. No she had blond hair sounded like a Bakewell accent
  7. He was trying Bakewell Tart 😇
  8. Defo there unless it's a doppelgänger
  9. Just had dinner at Morley Hayes and mr Davis is there so must be something in it
  10. Sky bet suspended betting.... on Gary Rowett.... long live the king
  11. Weak mentally , no fight lack of interest or care from players pick any number for forest to nil . But fingers crossed for a win
  12. Now there is a shock
  13. Villa going through a tough time so throw in the sacrificial Lamb. Villa win 2 or 3 nil sorry to say
  14. yes i heard that to, only difference was price i heard 5 mil
  15. i heard the same story from another relative