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  1. philc130

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    If he has asked to speak to them and if he decides it’s not for him . I would show him the door and tell him not to let it hit his ass on the way out .
  2. Wassel no . Curbishley no .Stimac springs to mind but just can’t see it
  3. philc130

    Fulham (H) Play Off Tickets

    I’m gutted finish work at 8:30 behind enemy lines in Bulwell tomorrow night . Or would of been there
  4. philc130

    Transfer Deadline Day

    Has Jota played for two teams already this season Brentford and Birmingham or is that you can play for three
  5. philc130

    James McClean

    After serving 20 years in the military I can see people’s point from a patriotic stance . However I served in the military to protect freedom and its James Mclean’s Freedom to choose if he wants to wear a poppy or want a United Ireland . It’s his point of view fair play to him I say to have the courage to speak out . I wouldn’t probably speak to him if I met him in the street and I would suggest he would not speak to me if he knew my back ground . The most important thing I have learnt his let people live by what they believe do not exclude anybody until they have gone from a peaceful path then let the dogs loose. if Gary Rowett believes James McLean will get us promoted who am I to try to exclude him from playing for the Rams when all he has done is peacefully protest
  6. philc130

    Che Adams

    Gary Hooper lives in Duffield couple of my drivers deliver to him regularly. I suppose David Lloyd Derby is the best for his needs near to his home

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