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  1. All those pale in comparison to what's happened this season (possibly bar the Cardiff game, that was great, too). Different situations regarding them leaving, also. It may not be viewed as anything special, but it'll always be memorable to me. Like that 1-0 win vs Man U in 2008/09 in the Carling Cup, or Brighton at home in the play off semi final in 2014. You remember being at those events. I'll remember leeds and Man U like those
  2. Disagree. That game away at Norwich is possibly one of the most unusual and memorable games ever due to the circumstances, same with Leeds. I still think about going to Birmingham on boxing day and obliterating them in Mac's 2nd season, and i think West Brom Will be similar. Bristol city was all-round a brilliant day. Not as memorable as the others, granted, but I think there's many elements to this season that will be more memorable than the others. Being there at Elland Road as the whole club celebrated on the pitch. The togetherness felt on that night was incredible. Never felt anything like it
  3. I'll never forget the away days at Man U, West Brom, Norwich, Bristol City & especially Leeds. Thank you Frank for those memories, and many more this season. It's sad, but this season has been a memorable one.
  4. I don't understand it at all. Nothing's happening, Derby are still preparing for the new season with Lampard as manager yet he's getting criticised for things other people are doing and talking about. Even if he were to go, taking the sentimentality out of it, any manager would be crazy to not want to go from the championship to a champions league club. The mentality of 'he owes us' doesn't make sense to me at all.
  5. Lampard has literally done nothing and he's now tainted for you? What do you want him to do? If he said anything he'd be picking sides and alienating one set of fans, especially as Derby have still not been approached by chelsea, so there's nothing he really can say, he's said all there is to say at the end of last season. There's no one to pledge allegiance to, as he's done that with Derby and Chelsea haven't approached Derby. Really is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Does that mean if, all the media stuff ends up being guff and he stays, you'd want him sacked for literally doing nothing?
  6. I don't think we'll be 15th, but as the likes of Sheff Wed, Reading etc have shown that it's completely possible to be challengers 1 year then off the pace next, and the Chances of Chelsea finishing anything less than 6th is so low, embargo or not. I think Frank meant what he said, but did anyone expect the Chelsea job to be available this summer? I don't think so. I don't think he intended to just 'use us', but of course the only reason he was here was to further his own career. It's the only reason anyone gets a job. I think it's unfair to have a go (for want of a better phrase) at Lampard for this move. It's not out of any disrespect to Derby. It's Chelsea we're talking about here.
  7. We don't know if he's ready for the Chelsea job yet, and we won't know until he gets the job. I'm pretty sure the likes of Zidane never showed any signs of being a top manager before he actually got the job, in fact his record for Real Madrid B in the 2nd division is essentially the same as Lampard's (Same amount of wins in the same amount of games). Also, how do we know that the best option for building a managerial career would be staying here? What if we were 15th in december and Frank got the sack? He'd be in the BT Studio by Jan and never manage again. When you have the opportunity to move from the Championship to the Champions League, I seriously doubt any manager would turn that down, and add to that the sentimental aspects of the situation, then it makes the move seem inevitable. It doesn't make the man any less honourable or make the words he said about respecting Derby and being thankful about the opportunity hollow. The Chelsea job has come up earlier than anyone expected, and I'm sure Lampard also didn't expect them to come in for him this early also, but I'm sure he is very confident in his abilities and, although this is an appointment full of sentimentality, for lampard, with the context surrounding the Chelsea job currently, this makes sense logically for him, too. He'll get more time than other managers because of the transfer ban, he'll have to bring the youth through and, unless he completely crashes, he'll get multiple seasons to implement his philosophy on the club where he's a legend
  8. 'Frank Lampard's Players' 100% put in there deliberately
  9. "Derby are understood to be relaxed about the situation and are still planning for pr­e-season with Lampard in charge, after he guided the club to the play-off final in his first campaign." Interesting...
  10. Did indeed. Also had a couple seasons with Jody Morris. Signed Kalas and Piazon for Fulham, I'd suggest his relationship with them is pretty good, and with Lampard there it'd only be better
  11. I still bloody love Frank. Whether he stays or goes at this point, this season has been one of the most enjoyable seasons in recent memory. Man Utd, Chelsea, West Brom (H & A), Norwich (A), Leeds (A), Southampton, even just getting to wembley and giving us hope. The club has been completely re-energised, the pathway from the youth teams to the first team is open, the style of play is on the right track and, although there were some low points, the connection between the players and fans is fully back. Chelsea is an incredible opportunity for anyone and, if they do come in for him, I can't begrudge him taking it. If he goes, I hope he goes and smashes it, and maybe give us a few favours along the way in terms of a couple loans! Until then, i still hold out hope that he stays. I can't say i expect him to, but I hope this Media speculation is all guff and in the end, he's here next season. But whatever happens, It's been a great season and I thank him for all he's done over the last 12 months
  12. The opportunity of managing in the premier league is so tempting that, if you believe you are a top coach and you could build a team to be successful, the championship is a fantastic avenue to go down. Plus if you 'fail', the opportunity to go back abroad and get a top job is still there eg Stam, who's now manager at Feyernoord after nearly taking Reading down in his 2nd season, Slutsky at Vitesse. Or if it works, you could be a Nuno, linked to the Chelsea job and revered by the Wolves fans, you could be a Wagner, now at Schalke, Bielsa was linked with Roma earlier this summer etc. We've still never had a foreign coach in our history somehow, and I think that feeds into the attitude towards them by some (and i stress some) Derby fans I've spoken to, thinking they are charlatans or something. They have so much knowledge that could really develop the club and team, and although I don't want Frank to leave one bit, there are certainly options out there outside the same old names which would be exiting.
  13. You mean like Daniel Farke and David Wagner? Like Jokanovic who had no control over transfers what so ever, Luhukay, Jaap Stam and Slutsky who went to Hull, who famously have no money at all? Some foreign coaches come to coach and improve themselves and the team, not all of them are here with intentions to spend big. In fact, those in the mould of Nuno are more rare than those in the mould of Farke.
  14. Frank still lives in London so there's probably not much in this at all. Also, the outfit doesn't scream interview. But, you know, there's always a chance that he's there for another reason...
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