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  1. Completely disagree personally. Ince and Hughes have technical ability that none of our current players have. If Cocu had Hughes and not Dowell and Ince and not Lawrence, we'd be a lot higher in the league then we currently are, I have no doubt about that. Also, I genuinely don't see how we are massively under performing. That would suggest that this team should be in the top 8/10, and besides Bielik, Bogle and maybe Lawrence when he has that one game in 10, I don't think our players are that good at all, especially with a midfield who aren't creative in the slightest, down to their ability on the ball rather than the system.
  2. Our main problem is scoring goals and creating chances. Hughes, Ince and bent (if Marriott was fit all the time I’d dispute bent but he isn’t) are better contributors in that regard (build up and end product) than any of our current squad. Our best players are Bogle and Bielik, both of who can’t be involved in the final 3rd consistently due to where they play. Plus, that team has overall better balance than our squad, especially for possession based football. Keogh is an underrated huge miss, Davies is just no where near him on the ball, and that ability is so pivotal for transitions between attack and defence and playing the ball between the lines.
  3. I still look at the squad of players and think it lacks in so many areas it is unbelievable. Huge problems in goal, centre half’s who can’t pass a ball and are so slow, a midfield that has no one who can pass, literally no wingers and strikers who don’t score as a product of the lack of creativity. At max I’d suggest that the squad is good enough to be 3/4 places higher in the league currently, is that enough to sack a manager after 5 months? I really don’t think so. Unless we took a completely different approach and brought in a warnock, which would throw any building for the long term out of the window, I don’t see it getting that much better under a new manager. Plus, to sack Cocu at this point, it would be bloody expensive to do, and I just don’t see us laying out that much expense for what would be, imo, limited gain in terms of league position.
  4. Bigger club was probably the wrong phrase to use. Clubs with more established reputation in terms of facilities and coaching would be better. Good to see not every internet discussion has to end with both people hurling abuse at each other. Quite nice actually, I don't quite know what to do 😁
  5. Context matters though, dosen't it? Consistently getting top 10 finishes for a club like brentford is, in it's own way, an absolute roaring success. The club with the 2nd lowest revenue in the league (going off the 2017/18 accounts for reference) getting top 10 every year for about 5 years is no fluke in any way, and they show no sign of regressing at any point. They have become a mainstay within the conversation surrounding the upper echelons of the championship. By the way this doesn't mean i want us to shut down the academy or anything like they did. It was the right decision for them, considering all the competition from bigger clubs surrounding them. It wouldn't be the right decision for us to do the same imo.
  6. Others have, but not to the same extent and not as effectively. Their owner was a gambler who used the numbers to make his millions. The entire club is built to follow their system. In an environment such as football, where there are still a lot of people with ingrained beliefs contrary to reliance on stats , changing the entire culture of a club leaning in that direction is extremely difficult to do
  7. Success being the sheer quality of player they continue to find, pretty much all of which fit perfectly into their way of playing, plus the sell-on value. The only reason they are still in this division is the size of their club and the restriction in terms of revenue that entails. If they had the level of sponsorship we do and the gate receipts we do (their revenue is £17 million less than ours, for reference), they wouldn't need to sell their best player every year to balance the books as they currently do. They would've been able to accumulate a lot of talent and would've been promoted by now, I'm pretty sure of it. The use of stats doesn't then mean you then forgo all the other stuff as well, check on personality, style of player, and of course watching them. A squad with John Egan, Jota, Mepham, Maupay, Sawyers, Ryan Woods, Konsa plus their current team with Benrhama, Watkins, Jansson, Dasilva etc would be a top 2 squad. For a club like brentford, that is remarkable and all credit to their system. All those players were brought in for around a half of what we spent in the Clement season, and they are all better than any player we bought in those 2 transfer windows. The one thing you could argue they lacked in the last couple years is experience, but the quality of player they buy, and for the prices they buy them at, this makes their recruitment team by far and away the best in the division IMO, and if they continue this trajectory, they will get promoted at some point, whilst also making insane amounts of profit on player sales.
  8. Yeah I know. The recruitment team at Brentford, which is all built on statistical profiling of players are really doing a pointless and awful job. Not as if the best and most consistent recruitment team in the division have the most involvement of stats guys out of any club in the league or anything.
  9. He got 20 points in his first 16 games at PSV... then got 448 in his next 204. A rough start at a club is a staple of his managerial career so far, in all 3 roles he's had, but the one instance in which he got time to implement his philosophy fully was a roaring success. Doesn't mean he'll definitely succeed here, but let's allow him the time to get through this process. He's clearly intelligent, I'm sure he'll work something out
  10. We've only lost 3 in 13. So so ridiculous.
  11. Can't do anything but just laugh. Football eh?
  12. As Per John Percy “Meanwhile, Derby owner Mel Morris is in talks with a mystery consortium over an investment deal which could be finalised in the next few weeks.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/10/21/wayne-rooney-report-Derby-county-decemberafter-spell-dc-united/
  13. LB_DCFC

    The Hundred

    One thing I am happy about is Madsen getting what he deserves, a good payday for how excellent he’s been over the years Domestically. Got some recognition from Bairstow and Stokes as well, saying how they wanted him in their sides. Consistently outstanding for a consistently poor county side. Reserving any judgement on the competition and format until the games are played. A shame names like Gayle, Malinga etc didn’t get picked up, purely for publicity reasons. Those are the names that get people interested. It may be the right decision from teams not to pick those players, but having as many big names as possible in the competition helps. People from Derbyshire were never going to support a side with Trent in the name. unfortunately in these competitions with limited numbers of teams, this was going to be the case in many scenarios. However, as long as it benefits the growth of Cricket as a whole in England, then it can be a good thing. Just hope that Smaller counties like ourselves don’t get left behind by a thing like this, which is a possibility.
  14. I’m sorry but, what? Have you seen this team? Our best striker this season is a player who, previous to this season, scored 4 or 5 in 2 seasons (I love Chrissy but those are just the numbers). Marriott’s been injured most of the season. Our best winger is Lawrence, who is inconsistent to say the least. Waghorns a stop gap there. Our midfield Doesn't have a forward pass in it. again I really like Holmes but he isn’t creative in the traditional sense for that position, he’s much more of a carrier of the ball, which is more useful when you can supplement that with creativity from the rest of the midfield and wingers, something we don’t have at all at the moment. I really really like Bielik, but he isn’t a playmaker, he’ll break play up well but when you don’t have anyone to lay it off to, that’s a big problem. Bogle is easily top 6 quality. at left back we have decent options but not ‘at least top 6’ quality. Lowe could be that by the end of the season, but isn’t right now. As centre half, there a question marks around Clarke, and although I think he’ll come good, he hasn’t been top 6 quality at all. Davies is a good ‘kick it and head it’ centre half, but that style of defender is not the right player at all for Cocu. Also, he’s 34 and has recently been out injured for a year and is still coming back from that, so we don’t really know how good he is. And finally the Keeper, who I think isn’t as bad as many make out but is definitely not top 6 quality. I count 1 player who’s top 6 (and probably better) quality, and that’s our right back. This isn’t a scenario a la Mac1 where we need a better coach to unlock the side. There’s no Hughes, hendrick etc to spring into life. I’d say we’re slightly underperforming as a side but top 6 quality? Not for me
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