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  1. Almost as if a manager who got a team who were in Europe relegated isn’t that good a manager. Funny that...
  2. Roy Hodgson has a better win % than Gareth Southgate. Roy Hodgson. Just saying...
  3. Doesn't say a name in the article, but it's pretty obvious who it is
  4. Can't believe Lawrence has injured another Captain. Unbelievable! 😡
  5. I get the decision. I don't necessarily agree with it, but I get it. The club know the players well as people and will know how to manage them as people in the correct manner, and I'm sure this decision has been made in order for both the club and the players to benefit the most. Again, I would've left until after the court hearing at least, but I trust that all the correct processes have been completed. Now, football wise, let's hope our Tom has one of those blinding games he can and get us another victory. COYR
  6. I know. Imagine having to touch the Daily Mirror. Feel for the kid
  7. We made the Front page lads!!! All press is good press, right? Right?
  8. More decisions have gone against us then for us I’d say, but I understand the rest completely. I was just saying the hand he’s been dealt is far from favourable. So much stuff that he doesn’t have control over Has gone wrong.
  9. Has anything gone right for Cocu since he’s been at the club? Poorly planned pre season, Poor recruitment (obviously not lead by him, no way he knew who Jamie Paterson was even 5 minutes before he signed for us). No luck regarding penalties, refereeing decisions, getting drawn forest in the cup (imo the worst draw he could’ve got), injuries to bogle, Marriott in pre season and now this? He must be wondering why he even bothered
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll just put it here (apologies if it's already somewhere else by the way). Holloway is a person who, to put it diplomatically, divides opinion, but, whatever your opinion of him is, I think what he says here is interesting and encouraging. "He is a joy and I really hope he is given time. Having met the man, I would have died to have played for him. I watched a training session that he took and it was so professional it was unbelievable." So, yeah, let's stick with him.
  11. Fine. i see I'm not going to change your mind on this, but I'll leave it with this. This happened with wilson last season too, he wasn't good until late september/ early october. Quite a few suggested similar with him as you are with Clarke. Footballers are humans too, moving players have to adapt to their new environment like any other person changing jobs would. He's been here barely a month. Similar to Cocu in a few ways, done some things well, done some things badly, but I'm not making a total judgement on the man with such a limited sample size. Doesn't make sense to do so. Same with Dowell. He hasn't been good so far (that we can agree on!), but at least allow him the time to adapt. If, by 20 games he's still showed no signs, then consider his position. You never know, he and Clarke could come good by then! There's possibly a multitude of other reasons why Clarke isn't at his peak currently that extend further than he's not very good. Time is the most valuable thing, but so often isn't afforded.
  12. Well, we were patient with Tomori, and we saw how that turned out. He started poorly, too, and once he adapted, he was excellent
  13. I said the Huddersfield game is evidence that he is more than capable at this level as he was excellent that night. It suggests that he has a level of play that is more than good enough for this league, now whether he demonstrates it consistently enough is another question. I firmly believe he will, he doesn't look confident at the moment, but that doesn't make him a bad player. Players go in and out of form, he could be just having a bad patch, which has coincided with the start of his Derby career. And the only reason brentford are still in the champ is because they have to sell their best players every year for FFP reasons. If they didn't, they'd be in the Prem. Incredible recruitment system, and have far less and less expensive failures in the transfer market then most if not all other clubs. 100% you don't get the full picture unless you watch a player, but Brentford wouldn't find said players without the use of stats, it it their base for all transfers, and therefore the most important part.
  14. Ben White , Van der Hoorn, Jansson and Cooper. Unfortunately not our wide-eyed lord and saviour 😉
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