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  1. Really good move lacking the final little bit. It's really really impressive so far
  2. Bogle pushed into right wing, 1 minute later he scores an absolute screamer. Phillip Cocu tactical masterclass 😉
  3. People asking 'what is a Cocu team?', go and watch preston first half again. It was absolutely brilliant and what he wants to achieve consistently with this team. Again, look at the tools at his disposal and tell me which players in this team are consistently top 10 material. Bogle, Lowe, maybe Clarke and Holmes and possibly Rooney. The youngsters look good but aren't consistent as is the nature of youth players, so is it really a surprise to anyone at all that we are where we are, adding on all the context of external matters? Things need to change at Derby, but the manager certainly isn't number 1 on that list. In the list of causes for our league position, Cocu isn't high on that list at all for me
  4. The ball is holding up in the pitch so much, can't get any sort of passing game going. It's clever, don't water the pitch and play their long ball game. They're finding a lot of space playing long balls in behind
  5. Sounds like we expected the investment to be completed by now but it hasn’t. It reassures me that it’s expected to be done by the 2nd, the close proximity to the official pay date makes it seem to me more likely to be an admin error than we’ve run out of money. Not exactly a good thing in any circumstance, though.
  6. Yes we have been competing, but in those seasons we had, at various times: Ince, Hughes, Vydra, Hendrick, Bryson, a fit Thorne, Mount, Wilson, Tomori, even players like Weimann and Russell are a level above what we have in our squad currently (in terms of wingers at least), and the squad composition is very very very different to even 2 years ago, it's incomparable imo And I wouldn't suggest It's excuses at all, it is where we are as a squad. I'd say the same for any manager that's here, and I'd suggest it'd be similar if any manager of those years competing was here now. Going through the team: Hamer is a below average champ goalkeeper Bogle is good. Curt cannot pass a ball, and is a level below where he was pre injury. Now a old, below average champ centre half. Forsyth has been out for a year and isnt a centre half. Lowe is good I really like knight, but he's currently at best an average champ midfielder who has off days due to his youth. Bielik is good. Holmes i like, he's a good ball carrier, but isn't that incisive in terms of passing and therefore chance creation, so in terms of him carrying the team in terms of creativity, he's average. Waggy is again average, Lawrence is, well, you know and Martin is good when the team is completely clicking, which it isn't at the moment. This is probably our best team at the moment, which isn't well balanced, has a huge GK problem, doesn't have any wingers of any quality at all, has a centre half paring that can't pass a ball, no real creative midfielder and has strikers not scoring chances. It's not just the players, it's the combination of the players in the side that contribute to it's lack of quality.
  7. Of the team that started in that playoff final, only 2 started today, Bogle and Lawrence. That team contained a midfielder and defender now starting in the champions league. in the games that Mount didn’t start last season (Where our squad is now, minus Tomori and Wilson, too), our record was W2, D4, L3, 10 points in 9 games, which is, over a season, the exact same number of points we are looking at this (52 points) Where is this quality squad? Because without mount, this set of players has never demonstrated quality, and that team last season still had Wilson and Tomori in it. We're bloody starting Forsyth at centre back because he's our best option!
  8. Fair enough, but I feel today it's about the quality of the players rather than the system. I Agree Rooney will make a difference, he buries at least 2 of the chances today
  9. I'll rephrase it, it's unlucky for Cocu that his players don't know how to shoot. We've created chances through good interplay, it shows us that there's something there
  10. Come on Roy. I feel you are being deliberately obtuse. Good performances generally mean you get a good result. We've been unlucky today and there's encouraging signs. If you play well, your results will improve. It shows that there's something there.
  11. But we should've scored at least 2 ourselves and had a penalty on top of that. Again, watching the game, we've been good.
  12. If you were watching the game today mate, this wouldn't be the thing you're talking about. We've been the better side, it's been poor finishing and individual defensive errors that have been the sole reason behind today's result. It's not the system today, we've exploited their weaknesses really well
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