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  1. We were Crap, we stole a point, have a right laugh at it and then move on. We're still in with a chance! COYR
  2. Boris caught lying in the commons again, and Starmer was immediately ready to call him up on it. People must be held accountable for mistakes.
  3. The 'Leader of the Free World' there. Every time he opens his mouth it gets more and more upsetting, yet I still firmly believe he'll get another 4 years.
  4. I suspect it is supposed to mean "R and infections", and not a mathematical equation, because if it is, the government just incentivesed reducing the number of tests (as the number of known infections would therefore decrease). I don't think that's the case, it's just a poorly formatted slide
  5. Really good move lacking the final little bit. It's really really impressive so far
  6. Bogle pushed into right wing, 1 minute later he scores an absolute screamer. Phillip Cocu tactical masterclass 😉
  7. People asking 'what is a Cocu team?', go and watch preston first half again. It was absolutely brilliant and what he wants to achieve consistently with this team. Again, look at the tools at his disposal and tell me which players in this team are consistently top 10 material. Bogle, Lowe, maybe Clarke and Holmes and possibly Rooney. The youngsters look good but aren't consistent as is the nature of youth players, so is it really a surprise to anyone at all that we are where we are, adding on all the context of external matters? Things need to change at Derby, but the manager certainly isn
  8. The ball is holding up in the pitch so much, can't get any sort of passing game going. It's clever, don't water the pitch and play their long ball game. They're finding a lot of space playing long balls in behind
  9. As Per John Percy “Meanwhile, Derby owner Mel Morris is in talks with a mystery consortium over an investment deal which could be finalised in the next few weeks.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/10/21/wayne-rooney-report-Derby-county-decemberafter-spell-dc-united/
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