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  1. Really glad, though, how flexible Cocu is in terms of his system. if you can shift between 4-3-3 ( and it's variations), 3-5-2 and whatever else, you always keep the opposition guessing. can be a way to get 2 up top, too.
  2. Yes absolutely, that was going to be my follow up point. That's why xG is such a useful stat, which gets scoffed at for some reason. It suggested the 2-2 draw was pretty fair in the end, with both teams missing good chances.
  3. Yet we've scored 2 and should've scored another as well. Shows how misleading basic stats can be at times.
  4. Really really like some of this combination play. If this is anything to go by, Cocu's message is getting through and seems pretty effective
  5. Out of the 14 players used tonight, 7 of them came through the academy, most of them playing at a very good standard. Good decision to play them Mr Cocu and well played lads!
  6. You need to create chances to score goals. I love marriott, but there's a reason not many clubs have a pure finisher like Marriott up front anymore.
  7. Just think waghorn is more of a Cocu forward. Generally much better in the buildup than Marriott is (wasn't on saturday mind) and presses himself also, and isn't a bad finisher himself. Also he was injured for a couple weeks of pre season, and has only just made up that time missed now. Don't think there's any sort of conspiracy behind it
  8. Would be no surprise to see Tomori in the Chelsea side soon. They desperately need more pace in their defence, get caught in transition too often (like we did) and need that pacy player to get them out of trouble.
  9. Hasn't played in pre season at all. Think it's understandable
  10. Chelsea have been the better team, yet they're losing 3-0. Footbal, eh?
  11. Thing is, he could be terrible but at the most we have him for a year and possibly less if we can give him back in Jan. No large transfer fee, decent championship player. Much rather loan a winger in a panic than spend a load on a winger in a panic
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  13. We have until 7pm to complete signings by the way. Let's not have a total meltdown if we get to 5:01 and no one has signed.
  14. "Phillip Cocu has said if Scott Carson goes to Manchester City on loan, as expected, Derby will look at bringing in another keeper."
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