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  1. Cardiff V Derby County

    Well done Chris Martin. Showed desire and commitment. GR has got his subs wrong on a few occasions this season, but he got it absolutely right today.
  2. Cardiff V Derby County

    Almost the perfect away performance If the Nuge scored that chance. Little bit of confidence for the Forest game.
  3. Cardiff V Derby County

    It is difficult, but theres always a chance something good happens (even if it is a small chance). Here's to hoping it's today
  4. Cardiff V Derby County

    You can write whatever you want, but when someone says the lineups a joke or something, how are you supposed to know whether it'll work or not? Have reservations yes, but outright writing it off is silly. We'll probably lose today, but there's still a chance of us getting something, so don't write the team off until they've played because theres always the chance the opposite to the expected happens.
  5. Cardiff V Derby County

    Yes, lets slate the line up before a ball has even been kicked... It might be crap and we might get battered, but it could also be the right choice and we go on to perform. Let's just wait and see eh? Never understood it, just open yourself to get shot at if you get it wrong.
  6. Brentford V Derby County

    Not many are saying anything positive tonight, so I will. We have been really good defensively this second half. They really haven't had many major chances for all their possession, only one header.
  7. Brentford V Derby County

    Reading this, makes it seem like we're losing. We should've learned our lessons from last week, and hopefully we'll see something different. only thing that matters at this point is that we're winning and lets hope it's the same at ft
  8. Brentford V Derby County

    Can only really judge the lineup once the games started. Lets hope he's got it right, will be difficult but anyone can still beat anyone in this league COYR
  9. Is Rowett up to the job

    The fixture list is not looking kind for GR, with real difficult games against right up to mid to late November, and in this period we will see properly what this team is about. I really hope that it works out, as it is not unthinkable that by the 20th November we could have only picked up 7-10 points from those 8 games, which would put rowett under severe pressure from the fan base, many that are already feeling trepidatious about the situation we find ourselves in. However, if we manage to get 14-15+ points from those 8 games, the mood will change, even if the performances haven't picked up by then. The only way that GR will truly win over the fans is by winning games, its as simple as that. He will have to adapt his style to fit the players we currently have, even if it's not the way he specifically wants to play, because, ultimately,results are all that matter in football. There is literally no point in sacking him at this point in time as it will have very little benefits to us, however if we see no genuine improvement, questions will be asked as is the nature of football these days. As I've said before, no one knows whether rowett will be the correct fit for derby, but we have to allow him the time to correctly make a judgement on him. He will need at least another 2 transfer windows to assemble the squad he wants, but we do still need improvement from the squad he's currently got, because it does have the potential to be doing a lot better than it currently is.8 games doesn't make a season, we could go on and win 7 out of our next 10, equally we could go on to lose 7 of our next 10, lets just hope its the former. support the team and the manager throughout and see where we are in the league at Christmas, because that is the first time anyone will know the general makeup of the league , and there could still be some surprises, a la Barnsley season before last. COYR
  10. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Deal until January. don't think I've ever seen that before. Seen until end of season after January, but never until jan. Solid deal
  11. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Yeah I agree,but it won't be as extortionate at 40/45k, there is no way the club would sanction that. As long as the player is improving the team and squad, i'm not particularly bothered by the age in the short term, obviously you have to be planning for the long term and moving upon that in the coming windows. Signing players like Nugent and Carson in recent years have had a positive impact on the team, so I'm willing to wait and see how ledley will do. Also, to be fair to davies, I think he has had a relatively good start to the season, and that is shown by him being in the whoscored team of the season so far!
  12. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Have no idea where you got that from. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/could-cardiff-city-re-sign-13102119 Same place saying that he has signed, reporting that he was on 25k at Palace, so don't really think he'd double his wages to come here would he? http://sillyseason.com/salary/hull-city-fc-players-salaries-101466/ Also according to this, Hudds was on 18k (who reportedly rejected a pay rise to join us) and Davies 8k at hull at the end of last season. Now these may well be incorrect (especially davies whos wages seem very low), but these figures probalby have more substance than someone guessing their wages. Ledley offers us something we don't have. Defensively solid, with vast experience especially at international level. With it being a world cup year and with Wales still in with a chance of getting there, there is little chance that this move will be a 'final paycheck' for him. If he does sign, lets all give him a chance. Of course you can reserve judgements on players, but make the true final judgement on how he performs in a derby shirt. No one knows if it'll work out or not, so lets wait and see.
  13. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    You're looking at £2m+ for a player that is as good as Pearce nowadays. He is an average championship defender for me, but even average costs a lot now, Shotton went for £3m and isn't close to the starting lineup for boro, purely a backup. Relatively small wages, good character as GR said, a decent backup and if he can get back to the sort of form we saw October/November last year, could still be a good player for us. Makes sense for me. Happy for both Guy and Bird, hopefully they can kick on and be in the matchday squads in the future
  14. Loan watch

    well, Nick Blackman just did this...
  15. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    The Redknapp sacking messes this transfer up a bit. I'm sure that there would've been a deal between the clubs in Jan but with a new manager coming in, it allows Kieftenbeld a way back into the setup there. We may still get him, but it probably won't be as cheap as the reported fee was in the summer. Shame as, after watching the game today, he is the type of player we could do with, and Rowett still talks very highly of him.

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