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  1. Rowett

    Hmmm, I wonder who that could be
  2. Rowett

    I did say its not specifically calling for him to be sacked, that was just an example of a thread that I remembered that showed that fans showed some dissatisfaction early on. Although, I did find a post, from the 28th of August in that thread saying 'Disappointing I know but I think mels axe needs to fall once more'. Only one example, I know, but I just clicked to a random page and it was one of the comments. Like I said, I bet if you look at the matchday thread or the date on the 'is Rowett up to it' for the Brentford game, there will be people wanting him to be sacked.
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Statement from Derby. Nowt much. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2018/03/cardiff-city-update
  4. Rowett

    I would say, although not specifically calling for him to be sacked, people thought he wasn’t up to the job as early as August, 4 or 5 games into the season. I bet if you scroll down enough to the time of the infamous Brentford match (late september), they’ll be a few ‘rowett out’ comments
  5. Jordan Graham

    He had actually already played for 2 clubs (Fulham and Wolves) so couldn't play for another. Bit silly of wolves to play him once as a sub without the intentions of keeping him, prevents the possibility of him going out on loan a 2nd time if the 1st didn't work out, which it didn't.
  6. Reading v Derby County

    Baird Sent off
  7. Reading v Derby County

  8. Reading v Derby County

    McClaren-esque. Both teams atrocious defensively, which is really strange for a Rowett team. Have been for a couple games as well
  9. Reading v Derby County

  10. My Rams Hero

    Absolute class. Heart warming stuff.
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

    If lookman had signed like was agreed, the window would've been perfect. Overall, we have got rid of a lot of deadwood, loaned out youngsters to gain valuable experience and added quality and experience to our own squad. It has been a decent window, with the only concern that we are still relatively reliant on Vydra, but if lawrence can finally step up and palmer can hit the ground running, we could be on for a successful end to the season.
  12. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Gone... Good luck Johnny
  13. Kamil Grosicki

    Nixon said both palmer and Grosicki is on.
  14. Jason Steele

    Every single club’s fans he’s been at have always said he is one of the worst keepers they have ever seen. Shows how low they rate Mitchell if the team in 23rd’s 2nd choice keeper is coming in ahead of him, unless his injury is that bad
  15. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    If you sit back and think about it, we have conceded 3 goals in our last 13 league games. 3 goals! When you have a defensive record like that, even if you are having a dip in form, it means you aren't losing games. We do look like we need a creative spark up front, especially as Russell is leaving, but we are still in 2nd, concentrate on ourselves, and hopefully our dip is the past 6, and we still didn't lose in that time.

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