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  1. Justice in the end for him.
  2. Beware other cheater in the pipline https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9566209/Derby-fans-accuse-clubs-owner-Erik-Alonso-passing-42m-TikTok-house-own.html
  3. Ibby

    EFL appeal

    Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko Derby County. Hear EFL will reveal findings of their appeal in next 24 hours. Then it goes to charges and any appeal. Any points penalties will next season. As was case with Sheffield Wednesday. Interesting to see details ... key to all this and how hard they will be hit.
  4. Does the club sign him up ?
  5. Ibby

    EFL appeal

    When is a decision due ?
  6. Could leave on free now. Did well today.
  7. Erik takeover is a bit doggy.
  8. Lucky day for Derby what a nail biting ride it was. Rooney has to go still.
  9. Erik Alonso's Derby County takeover in SERIOUS jeopardy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9546827/Erik-Alonsos-Derby-takeover-JEOPARDY-looks-refinance-Pride-Park-fund-deal.html Doggy guy.
  10. Who is positive nobody ? that Derby will win.
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