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Chinese business delegates


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32 minutes ago, therealhantsram said:

No point in any investment.  Can't spend anymore that we already do.  FFP y'know.

I’m not FFP expert but as it works in 3 year cycles, wouldn’t we be able to go money crazy again next summer (not that in saying we should) as we’ve probably made a small profit in the previous 2 summer windows? I’ve been under the impression the clement summer is the one that been weighing down in regards to FFP as we basically spent 3 summers transfer budgets in one go. 

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2 hours ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

With derby county hosting business delegates and assisting Derby City Council with hosting the Chinese, I wonder if we may look to get some Chinese investment in the future.

The reds of Derby, could it happen? 


That's just wong.

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1 hour ago, Waffle said:

They’re visiting all sorts of sights including the Heights of Abraham at Matlock. I saw them

Wow. The Heights of Abraham. They would have been better waiting until after the match then going down to the Bath to see the illuminations and fireworks. Although it looks like it might piss it down.

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