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  1. Waffle

    Backseat Manager: 352

    It’s more of a discussion than a directive. I have absolutely faith in the coaching staff
  2. Waffle

    Backseat Manager: 352

    Nooo, Davies is my first choice at centre back. But whilst he’s injured I think we could make up for his absence with a 3.
  3. Waffle

    Backseat Manager: 352

    343 bench one cdm and one striker and change the shape? It’s a similar system implemented with Man City today (yes we’re not Man City) but 3 at the back facilities passing out from the back and defensive cover more than 2 at the back (in my opinion)
  4. Waffle

    Backseat Manager: 352

    Hello. I’m not trying to discredit what we’re working towards after 3 games and I’m fully prepared to get comments such as go back to my video games etc. But On the way home from Millwall last night, I thought would we best utilise our squad with 3 at the back (even without Davies) with two holding midfielders, attacking wingbacks and two up front... GK: Carson RCB: Wisdom CB: Tomori LCB: Keogh RWB: Bogle CDM: Evans CDM: Hudz/Brad/Thorne CAM: Mount LWB: Malone/Forsyth ST: Waghorn ST: Marriot/Nugent
  5. Waffle

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Waghorn Out
  6. Waffle

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    I miss Vydra
  7. Waffle

    New chants.

    Mason Mount - Mount will tear you apart again - We’ve got Mount, Mason Mount. I just don’t think you understand. He’s Frank Lampard’s man, he’s better than Zidane. We’ve got Mason Mount Jozefoon - To the tune of daddy cool ‘Jozef Jozefoon, Jozef Jozefoon’ Harry Wilson - Rob the Jonny Russell Chant
  8. Waffle

    Walk Out Music

    It’s been asked on twitter by the SLO to suggest walk out music. Email slo@dcfc.co.uk for your suggestions. I’d suggest: 7 Nation Army She sells sanctuary (just for the guitar at the start) Paradise City Insomnia
  9. Waffle

    Harry Wilson

    I think it’s obvious he’s got ability. But I fear he feels the focus is on Mount and he tries harder to show he should be held in the same light. If he gets a goal, he’ll relax
  10. Waffle

    Furious Frank

    I agree he’s better used in an attacking midfield role and that he’d be better used along side Mount. However he is a ball winner. Rarely loses the ball and can distribute. He is young enough to adapt.
  11. Waffle

    Furious Frank

    Elsnik in the holding role?
  12. Waffle

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    Thought we were outclassed by Leeds. I’m only worried by our lack of height
  13. Waffle

    A common theme

    Peterborough have a knack of finding great strikers
  14. Waffle

    Björn Engels

    According to my mate but he’s got about a 1/10 accuracy
  15. Waffle

    Björn Engels

    Awaiting international clearance

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