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  1. Probably a horrendous suggestion and I’m prepared for the kick back: Player/Manager Craig Bryson
  2. Would love a B rate Marco Silva
  3. Don’t think we could attract De Boer.
  4. Waffle

    Next Manager Poll

    Could Clement have put Lampard off?
  5. Waffle

    Next Manager Poll

    Currently managing in the Middle East, I think he could be tempted by competitive football. A better coach than a manager but has good contacts within the game Plays the Derby Way
  6. Waffle

    Next Manager Poll

    Would’ve liked an exciting Foreign Manager like Laudrup. Or a random person with a sexy name, but I would like Dean Smith, if we gear our management structure like Brentford
  7. Waffle

    Next Manager Poll

    Well if we get Dean Smith, we might get that Derby fan back from the Fulham Forum who abdicated to Brentford
  8. Waffle

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    When Mel bends to Rowett’s transfer demands we’ll all be laughing wont we? Won’t we Gary haha haha Gary, com’n now, you’ve got what you wanted. com’n Gary Gary???
  9. If you can look past Eranio’s casual racism to the whole of Swiss TV. He’d probably make a great coach.
  10. Waffle

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    My hope would be him as DOF - scouting the Croatian league and then have a coach beneath him
  11. Would prefer Igor as DOF
  12. http://www.thesackrace.com/teams/derby-county some interesting names

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