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  1. Waffle

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    I am really unimpressed by Waghorn. He can only play the way he is facing and for such a big guy goes down so easily. I really think he’s a square peg in a round hole
  2. Did he have anything interesting to say?
  3. Waffle

    Time too give Bogle a break ?

    His defence splitting ball was Baird-esque
  4. Waffle

    Jack Marriott

    Bloomer*. He’s the next Steve Bloomer
  5. Waffle

    Smells like Team Spirit

    There are two captains at my club.
  6. If the club weren’t trying to cause a talking point with this game they’d have cleared this up in Frank’s statement yesterday
  7. Realistically it adds to the drama more that we’re kept in the dark about it. Then they can play, and the media can talk about how Mount is the next Lampard blah blah blah BOOOOORRINGGGGG
  8. Seen it on twitter. would Mount want to play against Chelsea?
  9. Jacob Butterfield Masterclass incoming
  10. Waffle

    Will Mel Morris be well happy.

    The hardest part will be replacing Frank when he leaves
  11. Waffle

    Mason Mount

    Wonder if he ever goes out in Derby
  12. Sibley seems to be getting the Will Hughes treatment
  13. How did McAllister play? Does he look like a future prospect?
  14. Waffle

    Derby v Brum £32 cheapest ticket

    I’m in the same boat as Gritter’s son. I’m hoping that people on the forum would admit the 18-22 bracket should be introduced. Especially when 18-20, 20-24 and Apprentices have a lower minimum wage bracket. In terms of tickets being the same price as the average season ticket cost. I was a season ticket holder from 2006. I’d rather a full North Stand, even if it’s low prices just for matches where we expect low attendance such as mid week games. If it upsets the majority that much, average price of a season ticket + a fiver

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