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  1. Free agents

    Raised to my attention tonight due to the Wigan game, but I’d genuinely love to give Baxter a chance here. Great competition for the front 3 behind the striker
  2. Life on Loan - Elsnik & Gordon

    I’d love at least 1/2 regular starters. Creswell, Thomas and Elsnik seem to show a good level of promise
  3. Life on Loan - Elsnik & Gordon

    Being so proud of our academy it would be an insult not to give Timi a chance, we’re not a buying club but the distinct lack of youth is disturbing
  4. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    I think Wolves are an anomaly in this league. Although I fear teams such as Norwich will become a promotion rival next season, I don’t think the relegation contenders in the Premiership are all that better than us. Stoke especially are having an identity crisis and will have all of their ‘stars’ shipped out. However, don’t write off Derby still getting promotion.
  5. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Bite, Passion and Desire are all things Gary has written on his bedroom wall
  6. January window

    I think it’s really worth stating that Russell Martin moved away in January
  7. Current Squad Values

    https://www.transfermarkt.com/derby-county/kader/verein/22/saison_id/2017 Carson - £2.5m Mitchell - £150k Roos - £100k Keogh - £2m Davies - £2m Pearce - £1m Forsyth - £750k Olsson - £750k Wisdom - £2.75m Huddlestone - £3.5m Thorne - £2m Baird - £253m Hanson - £200k Johnson - £4m Ledley £3.5m Anya £4m Weimann - £2.5m Lawrence - £4.5m Vydra - £5m Nugent - £3m Jerome - £2.5m I can’t help but think a few of these are wide of the mark such as Vydra, I can only think he’s at least double his market valuation. I also think Anya’s value is generous.
  8. January window

    Would like someone young like Connor Chaplin to join Derby
  9. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Quite impressed with Leitner. Norwich’s league position doesn’t do them justice
  10. Free agents

    He’s also got a new club
  11. Free agents

    Josué A fast flair player who never quite reached his promised potential. Can play anywhere across the 3 in behind the striker. Would be a quality addition but isn’t likely Kermit Erasmus Made his debut in 2010 for the South African national team, very similar style to Razza in that he’s skilful but not clinical. Again probably unlikely Yohan Mollo Just been released by Fulham. Fitness an issue Diego Capel Played a relatively high standard of football throughout his career. Turns 30 on the 16th, hasn’t played since last year so not really a sensible option So no one really stands out
  12. should we get a replacement for Winnall...

    Palmer can play as a striker
  13. Should Mac drop a league or do you think an opportunity like Reading or Barnsley is where he should pitch himself. It must be a knock not being accepted for Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday
  14. Leeds sack Christiansen

    He lives in Yorkshire I believe that news article said

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