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  1. 10 games. No judgement from me until we reach that point. I've seen lots of positives so far, certainly nothing to be overreacting about.
  2. Done Seattle in their pre-MLS days, Legia Warsaw, Polonia Warsaw, Radomiak, Hertha Berlin.
  3. No marriott, shinnie, holmes. bit concerned about key players not getting enough game time.
  4. Still pleased with mine
  5. Hopefully we find out why theres no Carson, Marriott, Thorne or Martin
  6. Kits are decided over 12 months in advance. Only way third kit will be orange is if they planned it way before Cocu was on the scene.
  7. Thanks @EnzaRam, heading down myself now!
  8. Thanks @TuffLuff, we will be there until the developers kick us out!!!
  9. I'll play along. Hughton - not exciting but we're going for promotion Gerrard - we've loved the ex-player attention, two fingers to lampard Arteta - major coup but no managerial experience Phelan - cant see it, not Mel's style Henry - fits the brief, young, big name, but was terrible at Monaco. Big gamble. Warnock - no chance
  10. Either way, doesn't paint him in the greatest light!
  11. I heard a wonderful story about Luke that tells me he probably isnt the brightest. Apparently he was sent on as a sub in a game and told to get on the right hand side, get the ball and run at the defenders. Luke went on, showed lots of endeavour, lots of running. Only problem is, he was in the wrong place the whole time. He'd got his sides mixed up and spent the whole time getting in the way on the left.
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