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  1. Dale Cavese (the one you mean) was one Bryson specifically said he and Will Hughes used to enjoy.
  2. I think fair play to him, hes just trying to get people singing. I sit between that group and the guys at the back, and I think it's working having 2 groups getting songs going.
  3. Just gone through this thread. I'll never be able to work out if I go to the same Derby County games as others. I thought that was a massively improved performance and we were extremely comfortable. Martin had a poor game, but a few accurate passes and we would have had more. We kept possession well in defence, were patient and looked in control. So why do our fans have heart attacks when we do it, its bizarre. And as for Shinnie? Seth Johnson is back.
  4. I would think they wont feature at all in either game this week. Then the court case is during the international break. See where we are after that.
  5. Having spoken to a few staff members at the club at all levels, I can say with certainty they're absolutely livid with the players.
  6. So I was at the Derby County Community Trust Awards Evening last night. If ever there was an event to restore faith in DCFC and the positive impact football can have on this city it was that one. Mel, Stephen Pearce and Curtis Davies were there. I spoke to Mel and he just seemed really, really disappointed. Hes a passionate guy and I thought he would be fuming, but I think hes just gutted that hes been let down. From his perspective, it's happened now, the club will deal with it and move on, but we both agreed that perhaps now everyone can give Cocu time and space to restart this team. He also said a few words at the start, apologising to everyone for the last 48 hrs, saying that "we have let you down". It was quite emotional to be honest, he seemed a bit choked up. I didnt speak to Curtis, what's he going to say, didnt think it was fair. If you're feeling low about DCFC, get yourself on the DCCT website. This club makes a huge difference to people's lives.
  7. I think theres a duty on the clubs part to name all of those involved. I hope those who havent been mentioned arent allowed to get away with it.
  8. This whole episode is so damaging. We need a win badly on Saturday and coming off last week's result (NOT performance) it was an opportunity to get the season going. Now we have 2 idiots who demonstrate an overwhelming arrogance and lack of intelligence who have brought negative headlines to the club, and a captain who has injured himself in a situation he should have had a lead role in actively preventing. I'm really annoyed with how this has come about. All of the work that went into reconnecting players/club/fans is gone now, and Saturday is once again a massively pressurised game with the potential for a toxic atmosphere. Cocu has a massive job on to get this season going with some optimism and this has just made it even harder.
  9. Motorway etiquette. Had the pleasure of driving to the southwest and back this weekend. Bit of M5 from M42 to M4 in both directions was awful, people hogging the middle lane meaning slow overtakers doing 65 in the fast lane, then nobody getting out of the way once they'd finally overtaken. Drives me mad and makes journeys take so much longer. Drove in France recently and never had this issue the whole time. So annoying.
  10. Enjoyed that. Lots to be optimistic about. We're about 2 players short and their names are Bogle and Holmes. Dowell is struggling, hope he gets some support this week and perhaps a breather. I dont think we're far away and if you told me we would only have lost one of our first five games I would have been, and am, delighted.
  11. 10 games. No judgement from me until we reach that point. I've seen lots of positives so far, certainly nothing to be overreacting about.
  12. Done Seattle in their pre-MLS days, Legia Warsaw, Polonia Warsaw, Radomiak, Hertha Berlin.
  13. No marriott, shinnie, holmes. bit concerned about key players not getting enough game time.
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