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  1. TomBustler1884

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    First half was incredible, a joy to watch. Second half, we went very narrow, you could tell the stamina was fading fast so we tried to make ourselves compact. Problem was Wilson, Holmes and Mount were knackered and couldnt find each other with simple passes so we had no chance to counter attack well. Huddlestone was done after an hour, Frank should have replaced him with Evans, the game completely passed him by last half hour. Defence defended well and Roos had an excellent game, perhaps could have been out quicker for the goal. I think he recognised that and why he came out so far for his challenge on the wing. Tougher than it needed to be second half, but I'll take any win over what is often a bogey team for us, especially after 120 mins 3 days earlier.
  2. TomBustler1884

    Non matchday parking

    Never had any problems parking there. Don't need to give your number plate.
  3. TomBustler1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    We joke about the non-singing thing. When I lived in Warsaw I went to a few Legia Warsaw games. They have a whole stand, led by their Ultras, where if you don't sing, they chuck you out of the stand into one of the other ones. Shouldn't, won't and can't happen here, but that's how far things go in European football at clubs with big atmospheres. Check out what's happening at Wisla Krakow to see what happens when ultra influence goes too far!
  4. TomBustler1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    Lol, yeah they weren't our finest hour, had a good laugh that night though!
  5. TomBustler1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    No need to go over it again pal, but on several occasions we were told we were embarrassments to the club and insinuations that we molested children because we gave them flags to try and encourage their involvement in supporting the club. Fairly typical keyboard warrior stuff, and no worse than a lot of abuse people get for having an opinion on anything online, and we also got a substantial amount of positive feedback, especially from the good people on here. Even @Angry Ram I think! Just not worth the hassle in the end, looking forward to seeing someone else have a go.
  6. TomBustler1884

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    I'm hoping people give them a chance. We had a fair crack at it, and enjoyed it for the first season, id even say it helped a little bit, I still like watching some of the videos of the displays we did, hearing how loud it was, but people very quickly got bored or decided we were too big for our boots and then the abuse started. By the time we packed it in it was making me dread going to matches, just because of what I heard in the stands about the 1884 group, or posts from people online from our own fan base. We didn't get any benefit from running the 1884 group, it was a massive amount of work on matchdays and evenings after work, this group will learn that fast! Whoever this group is, just give them a chance. I don't know anyone who thinks our atmosphere is good at the moment so just see what happens. DCFC will have some difficult choices to make about how far they're willing to go to improve things but if they're willing to listen and try things out, it stands a chance. Good luck, get some new songs and work with @therams69 to get safe standing introduced in the right way.
  7. TomBustler1884

    Snake City watch

    Rumours of Nathan Jones going from Luton. Potentially more bad luck for George Thorne?
  8. TomBustler1884

    NFL 2018 Season

    Does anyone make a big deal out of Super Bowl in Derby? Do you go and watch it anywhere? Anyone heading to Annie's this year?
  9. TomBustler1884

    Walking in Derbyshire

    Thanks chaps, didn't get round to it on Sunday, but its on the list now.
  10. TomBustler1884

    Walking in Derbyshire

    Anyone ever walked Fauld Crater and Tutbury? Thinking about that one tomorrow.
  11. TomBustler1884

    What's fun in Derby

    Well this escalated quickly! We're not going to be charging entry from now on, so no worries there. No excuses not to come now!
  12. TomBustler1884

    What's fun in Derby

    Yes mate, the very same. Next one is January 25th and 26th. Same day as the Millwall match.
  13. TomBustler1884

    What's fun in Derby

    Well, Riverlights was only ever temporary and they now have somebody going in on a permanent basis which is great for the area, but means we have to move. Trying to find somewhere else big enough, cheap enough and close enough to the city centre is incredibly difficult in Derby, John St was the only place that ticks those boxes. It's an unusual place for it I guess in that there isn't much else out there, but you're right, its about as far from Intu as Riverlights is pretty much! It's a good space though, and we have a lot more freedom to run various different events and try a few things out, plus it's in a great spot for people going from town to the match. Hopefully people follow us to John St, it will keep going as long as people keep coming, but would be a shame to lose it from Derby imo, something a bit different after all.
  14. TomBustler1884

    Watchable telly

    Bojack Horseman. That is all.
  15. TomBustler1884

    Crazy Keogh hating

    We don't defend as a team at the moment. It seems to me that we have two halves of the team, a goalkeeper and 4 defenders, with the other half being 5 attack-minded midfielders and a striker. We have been poor at preventing crosses, Tomori isn't a great header, and our midfield is too far forward to pick up second balls or short clearances. On top of that, when in possession and playing out from the back, teams are pressing up, closing down space and making it hard for defenders to find a pass. This inevitably leads to mistakes, especially when Keogh is the one who is expected to find that killer pass. Since May 2014, any mistake he makes is highlighted as being a total calamity, it isn't but he is exposed more than any of the other defenders when in possession. I'm not making excuses fro Keogh, he tends to have these moments 3-4 times each game, however he also has 10-15 moments each game where he plays an exceptional pass, brings the ball out when nobody in midfield is on, or makes an important tackle/header/clearance/block. He is not the perfect defender, but he is a good one. He also cares passionately about the team and the club and puts maximum effort in every match. That makes him a better player in my eyes than some wage drain like Jason Shackell who cares about nothing more than his paycheck. We will miss Keogh when he's gone.

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