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  1. Mark Averill from AVIT Media is excellent. No idea on cost but top bloke, works with DCFC and an excellent photographer.
  2. Ziggy has arrived!! 7lb 14oz. Hes already enjoying the Leeds playoff match highlights on repeat.
  3. I dont boo, and I think it's completely pointless during the match. I do understand voicing your frustrations at the end of the game. And if any of the players are sitting there feeling sorry for themselves after the reaction they got yesterday, I would ask them to watch it back and listen to the reaction they got for the 20 minutes they bothered to put effort in. I dont think as a fanbase we demand perfection or brilliance, but we do demand effort and commitment. Give us that and you will get your support.
  4. I've seen Ryan Conway has said on Twitter that there is no disunity from the playing staff, and they want to play for Cocu. Well on today's showing I would seriously doubt the accuracy of that. Today was a performance devoid of effort, commitment and discipline that usually suggests players not playing for the manager. It's okay that they're not technically gifted footballers, that's not their fault, but to not commit yourself and give 100% is unacceptable. That was a match between two poor teams. The only difference was Millwall gave everything they had for the manager, the fans and eachother. Not good enough.
  5. Good luck, I think pregnancy is prep for when they actually arrive - you think this bit is the worst time for worrying, and then it just keeps on getting worse and worse forever!!
  6. Absolutely thrilled for you @Ramslad1992, now you get to start panicking about all the crap you need to get!!!! Stay away from mothercare and mamas and papas, they're designed to terrify you into spending!
  7. This has happened to us before in different circumstances, all I will say is, a bleed doesn't always mean its the end of a pregnancy, so theres always hope until there isnt! Fingers crossed.
  8. I've heard people say we get our country back, we take control, we stop immigration, we can make our own laws. Those are the only arguments I hear consistently. The first two dont mean anything, the third doesnt affect non-EU immigration and fails to consider emigration, whilst the fourth will not benefit "the people" with a rightwing government in place! Imho obviously. As for Corbyn, I would argue vast majority of MPs under 50 are careerists, not sure he has totally changed his personal views on EU. The terrorist thing? Well I think he has advocated a more measured approach than the likes of Trump or Johnson, evidenced by the Iranian situation recently where he was proved right. I cant speak on the IRA issues, not really being old enough or knowledgeable enough to! His terrible handling of Anti-semitism is fair enough though.
  9. I see it as an organised trading bloc with real economic power that has enshrined personal freedoms and rights. I dont see a Brexited UK having the same position.
  10. My wife is due January 25th. Really excited and cant wait to meet him. Only thing terrifying me is the money side of things!!
  11. I like to think I'm fairly reasonable, open to debate and keen to hear other people's ideas. But on Brexit, I've never heard anyone articulate why they believe we're better off outside the EU. All I see are problems from leaving. On Boris, I dont understand how anybody can think he represents "the people". He is the perfect embodiment of upper class entitlement. On Corbyn, I can't get the hatred and fear of him. I'm no Corbynite, he is stubborn, dour and has handled things badly. But the level of hate for him is bizarre. It just all seems wrong to me.
  12. Dale Cavese (the one you mean) was one Bryson specifically said he and Will Hughes used to enjoy.
  13. I think fair play to him, hes just trying to get people singing. I sit between that group and the guys at the back, and I think it's working having 2 groups getting songs going.
  14. Just gone through this thread. I'll never be able to work out if I go to the same Derby County games as others. I thought that was a massively improved performance and we were extremely comfortable. Martin had a poor game, but a few accurate passes and we would have had more. We kept possession well in defence, were patient and looked in control. So why do our fans have heart attacks when we do it, its bizarre. And as for Shinnie? Seth Johnson is back.
  15. I would think they wont feature at all in either game this week. Then the court case is during the international break. See where we are after that.
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