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  1. TomBustler1884

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Interesting stuff. @Boycie why keep away? Not a good area, or do you not want me as a neighbour haha?
  2. TomBustler1884

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    What's Openwoodgate right at the top of Belper like? Seen somewhere I like the look of on Over Lane. Anyone know that part of the town?
  3. TomBustler1884

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Carson - didn't have much to do Bogle - did plenty well, but some basic errors crept in, poor attempted crosses. Did fine. Keogh - solid, thought he was probably motm Tomori - did well Malone - abysmal, bring back Fozzy Johnson - motm candidate, another strong game Mount - some good touches but was on the fringes of the game Bryson - goal meant a lot even if it was a fluke, did fine Wilson - really inaccurate, got bullied too easily Bennett - needs a break now, offered nothing Nugent- plenty of chasing, not much else. Marriott - didn't get many opportunities but showed plenty Lawrence - failed to make an impact, lots broke down with him Waghorn - showed enough in 10 mins to earn a start A really quite poor performance for 80 minutes, not enough accuracy, movement or pace.
  4. TomBustler1884

    Can it get EVEN better?

    Players have to win a shirt, that is why those players have come into the starting lineup - based on the performance of them and others in their respective positions. Forsyth has absolutely done enough to start every match at the moment, he's playing very well. Malone, in his substitute appearances has not done enough to dislodge him. Until he does, or if Forsyth's performance weakens over 3-4 games, Forsyth is the starter. A settled back four is the key to a successful defence. Bennett on the other hand. He put in some excellent cameos from the bench at a time when nobody else was claiming the spot. As a result, he has been given 4-5 games to show the position should be his. Over the last couple of games I would question whether he is continuing to do that based on his end product. Josefzoon has come on recently and done enough to suggest to me that it is his turn to try and claim it as Bennett's performance levels haven't quite been where they were. Ultimately I expect Waghorn to get a chance and take it. Having a big squad doesn't have to mean constant tinkering, it can also mean that you give players a chance to prove they deserve to start, knowing there is competition. If those players have the right mentality, like Marriott does based on his comments last night, they see it as a challenge to motivate them. As a group, those are the players you need. I believe Lampard is doing the right thing. He is giving people a few games to claim a spot with the knowledge he has others ready to go if a player doesn't take his chance. Earn the right to start, basically. Forsyth has done that and is continuing to do it. Bennett has done that but is possibly starting to drop off a bit. That's how I see it anyway.
  5. TomBustler1884

    Last night was the best Rams performance since....

    Not sure if this is allowed, but the last 3 games combined have been better performances than 13-14 (with the exception of the 5-0 and Brighton match). This is going back to the Bald Eagle era now. Everything that I want in a football team is on the pitch at the moment. Heart, character, determination, desire, pressing in defence, fast, intricate passing and a bond emerging with the fans. Biggest challenge for the club now is maintaining focus and consistency. Biggest challenge for the fans is not getting carried away. Take it a game at a time, enjoy the ride, support, support, support. Now where's that Championship trophy, and what was the record points total again?
  6. TomBustler1884

    Snake City watch

    If he comes to PP and wins with Stoke, his post match interview will be absolutely unbearably smug.
  7. TomBustler1884

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Roos it is then!
  8. TomBustler1884

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Forsyth Johnson Mount Bryson Bennett Marriott Waghorn Subs Mitchell Malone Wisdom Huddlestone Josefzoon Wilson Nugent
  9. TomBustler1884

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    I couldn't understand why it was so quiet last night as I thought it was a very impressive performance from everyone. Coming and reading the comments on here I would guess it was so quiet as so many people seem to think it wasn't very good. I fear for our support if their expectations of a championship team are to play much above that performance. If one of those chances had gone in, surely that's an outstanding display, but without it, BJ should never play again, Bryson is anonymous, and we have nothing going forward? I think a few need to get a grip. Also seen plenty of comments about "young uns" abusing our players. Well around me the only voices I hear moaning and grumbling are from the older generation so let's not pin it on young people - there's far too many miserable sods of all ages at PPS who expect 11 Messis to dominate games winning 8-0. Fair play to the 20 or 30 at the back of D block - kept singing all night even when nobody else was interested!
  10. TomBustler1884

    What's fun in Derby

    Not sure what makes them dull, I've had plenty of laughs and heard good music in them too. I think I've been in most of the places you've mentioned and had a good time, just dont end up in them often. And it's a good thing Derby has loads of different places that cater for all tastes.
  11. TomBustler1884

    What's fun in Derby

    Pickfords House is fairly interesting. Museum better than it looks from the outside. Good selection of bars and restaurants - Bunk, Brooklyn Social, Orange Tree, Terroir Bistro, Lorentes, Hide, Suds and Soda, Bear, Greyhound, Exeter Arms, etc River Gardens on a weekday lunchtime if sunny is nice. Walk up to Darley Park and wander through Darley Abbey Mills. Bustler Market! Very good cinema Quad if you like your modern art Year long programme of festivals Bowling Blok-In Visit the Cathedral Loads of ideas here - https://www.lovederby.com/blog/101-things-to-do-in-derby/
  12. TomBustler1884

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Do they still make Fiats? And what's a strearin wheel?
  13. TomBustler1884

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    When driving on the A38 with a Mercedes/BMW/Audi as close as possible to the rear of my car, despite being able to see 3 slower cars in front of me, and I'm clearly waiting for them to move over so I can overtake. I get annoyed. When I then move over and I get a really long stare as if I am responsible for slow drivers ahead of me. I get exasperated. The Mercedes/BMW/Audi then goes in front but drives slower than they were previously, but refuse to move over to let me pass. Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. TomBustler1884

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    As for Keogh vs Tomori. I feel Keoghs distribution was much better than Tomoris today. Sometimes passing it sideways or backwards is better if a successful pass isn't on going forward. Possession is important. Tomori tried to do too much today and lost it in dangerous situations several times. Having said that, second half there wasn't much movement from the forward players so you can't blame either of them too much. Anyway, we won, I had a great day in Hull so I'm happy!
  15. TomBustler1884

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Hmmm, I know that's what he was brought on to do, in my view, he didn't make much of an impact, they still kept getting in. Not singling him out, I'm a massive Fozzy fan, just wasn't at his best to do imho.

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