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  1. TomBustler1884

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Derby housing isn't as affordable as it once was in places like Allestree, so I would agree with others - Spondon, parts of Chadd, Borrowash, Chellaston, Oakwood for the budget you're looking at.
  2. TomBustler1884

    Holiday Plans 2019

    Fingers crossed, 2 and a half weeks in Nepal, but lots of things could wreck those plans!!
  3. TomBustler1884

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I don't hate on Keogh ever, however I thought he had a poor game today positionally and was caught far too often wanting time when there wasnt any. Wasnt the worst though.
  4. TomBustler1884

    Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu

    Hope that was useful. @David let me know how you want to transfer all the interactions to my account. Lol. Really good evening, all seem so calm. Personally, biggest news is Stephen Pearce being CEO. Top bloke, very approachable and pretty open too. Safe hands.
  5. TomBustler1884

    Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu

    I'll be there.
  6. TomBustler1884

    Transfer business

    Robbie is a Derby fan. Why can't Tomori be a long term replacement - loan to buy? Evans has played in both positions, who says either is what Lampard prefers? Ledley doesn't have the vision or passing Huddlestone does, so that could be fair enough too. Different opinions and all that. But trust me, Robbie is DCFC through and through, seeing it differently from others doesn't mean a lack of research.
  7. TomBustler1884

    New season, new Richard Keogh thread.

    Whole defence looked rusty, Keogh especially first half. Second half dont remember much he did wrong.
  8. TomBustler1884

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I'd like to know more about his mentality. I've heard a few things that suggest he isn't as committed as he should be, could be rubbish, but he was definitely missing games last season to go house hunting instead of supporting his teammates. Massive question marks there for me.
  9. TomBustler1884


    I think that's pretty much what we said on the banner we put in the sw corner!
  10. TomBustler1884

    Family days out this summer...

    Bustler Market is on this weekend at the River Gardens in Derby - we seem to get lots of families down on the Saturday. Adults £1, kids are free. Then plenty of food and drink available.
  11. TomBustler1884

    Favourite comedian.

    Joe Wilkinson Joe Lycett Bill Bailey - coming to Derby Arena next year. That place gets a lot of stick but it's starting to get some big names in on the comedy circuit.
  12. TomBustler1884

    Which Ram am I? - The return...

  13. TomBustler1884

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Any bid for Waghorn will surely include lots of clauses that could add up to 8m, but there's no chance it will be 8m upfront.
  14. @zaragozaram the rules of the playground mean you now have to change your username and from hereon out be called Tesco by everyone for the rest of your days.

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