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  1. Godfather - bourbon, amaretto and coke Kraken & coke Old fashioned Negroni
  2. If the season ended now, who are your POTY and YPOTY? For me, Keogh gets POTY, he's been consistent, led the team and by far and away the best of the older heads. And it's Tomori who gets YPOTY, again, his consistency has been good and his positioning and reliability is improving all the time. The likes of Wilson, Marriott, mount, haven't been consistently impactful for me. And while I'm pleased to see Keogh doing well again, surely it's about time for someone else to step up?
  3. I had the pleasure of a new face standing a couple of rows back last night. A young woman with piercings all over the place, a west mids accent and blonde hair. The nonsense she was spouting was the equivalent of the performances on the pitch. I think she genuinely believed Keogh was the anti Christ the amount of abuse she was giving him, even when he wasn't part of the play. Hope she never comes again. Anyway, Lampard was at fault last night tactically and in his formation, although the selection i was mostly on board last night. What's frustrating is that he talked about knowing what to expect from Millwall, so why did the players look like they had no clue what to do? Millwall are compact and big at the back, direct and big up front, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out long balls up to our striker won't work. Yet all we saw were long inaccurate diagonals or high balls into Marriott, it was dreadful. ITS felt since October that we're on the verge of clicking into a good, fast, exciting team but its just drifted away, partly due to injuries, but there is more going on there that needs sorting out. Monday is a terrible time for THAT game, so ghere neess to be a bare minimum now of attitude, aggression, focus and desire, to fight for every ball and to not give the Red Dogs anything. If we lose it needs to be because Forest earned it, not because we rolled over and gave it to them or didn't try hard enough.
  4. The folks in D Block in the South Stand were fantastic last night, kept going all game, long past the point of there being anything to shout about.
  5. Saw Hertha Berlin about 12 years ago, was bizarre to be in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin with all its history. Went to watch Legia Warsaw and Polonia Warsaw games a lot when I lived there. Never seen an atmosphere like it. It was before Legia moved stadiums and was epic. Watched Seattle Sounders back in the A-League days too
  6. Vast majority were either taken home by fans, or were disgusting and had to be binned after people left them on the floor in amongst drinks and food. There are a few left which the club use - seen quite a few pre match in front of the east stand pre kick off.
  7. Absolutely loving all four stands getting involved after the second goal. What a difference it makes! And the bouncing! I've wanted the south stand to get other stands starting the bounce for ages and it worked a treat, it was fantastic watching the directors box all turning to see if the west stand would bounce when asked, and i have to say it was awesome!! Just need it every match
  8. Titanic, Hotel Indigo
  9. Echo all of the above, it's a great place this, not just a forum but a proper community. Would be good to meet a few folk if the mythical 10th birthday party happens. You could use Bustler if you like!
  10. Amazed to see the 1884 Group in the Top 10, not checked to see how many of those posts were supportive and how many weren't, haha. @David was always really supportive though and i think this forum was as a whole. 5 years I've been on here now!
  11. We've had a fantastic weekend, chuffed to bits. Loads of people came to check out the new venue, and it's working better than the old one. The next one is Feb 22nd-23rd, entry is £1 but DCFC season ticket holders are free!
  12. I'm assuming that means no recategorisation of the stadium? I wondered if they were going to make other areas of the stadium more attractive to those in the South Stand for the cheap tickets. I thought that's what @Club84 had suggested could happen?
  13. First half was incredible, a joy to watch. Second half, we went very narrow, you could tell the stamina was fading fast so we tried to make ourselves compact. Problem was Wilson, Holmes and Mount were knackered and couldnt find each other with simple passes so we had no chance to counter attack well. Huddlestone was done after an hour, Frank should have replaced him with Evans, the game completely passed him by last half hour. Defence defended well and Roos had an excellent game, perhaps could have been out quicker for the goal. I think he recognised that and why he came out so far for his challenge on the wing. Tougher than it needed to be second half, but I'll take any win over what is often a bogey team for us, especially after 120 mins 3 days earlier.
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