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  1. Giant Scoreboard

    Agree, score needs to be bigger, as do half time results, and show not just championship ones. Electronic boards were fine, they will bring more revenue, although wasn't keen when they said BOUNCE!! Hopefully we don't go down the Hull route of putting song lyrics on there. The volume of the PA pre-match was insane. Peopel were trying to get songs going 10 rows behind me and the music completely drowned them out. Dial it down a little.
  2. Derby(shire) - sights, sounds and stuff

    Bustler Market is good! Next one is August 25th/26th
  3. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Would all those calling Keogh out for the deflection prefer a centre back who didn't at least try to block a goalbound shot that had gone past the keeper? Maybe he should have pulled up a deckchair and watched it. He was unlucky, get over it. Keogh was quite literally the least of our problems on Saturday.
  4. South stand....

    I can assure you plenty of us yam, yam'd at them first half. Second half was quiet. I don't understand why everyone criticises the South Stand so much, if you sit in another stand, there's nothing to stop you making some noise yourself. I'm not sure what people expect!!
  5. South stand....

    South stand were fine first 30 minutes. Nothing to get behind beyond that. Like it or not, DCFC fans will get behind a team which show effort and passion. There was neither yesterday. We're not a fanbase that provide unconditional support and many would argue nor should we be. Not my opinion but there it is.
  6. Safe Standing

    I think stadium expansion is unlikely. I couldn't see it happening until we were an established Premier League for 5 years or so. Then at that point, will we still be seeing the increased attendances that come with promotion? Then what happens if we're relegated? I'd hate for us to end up like Leeds or Cardiff with an upper tier that's closed off due to lack of demand. I'm also not sure how easy it would be to add another tier at the South and North stands. North Stand has a road right outside, and the South now has a City Council owned car park. Hopefully I'm wrong but I think an expansion is unlikely unless something major changes in terms of club stature.
  7. Safe Standing

    I think it is 1.5 spaces in safe standing to 1 space in normal seating. I would assume if Derby did it, they would trial it in the South Stand. I think there's around 4000 seats in there so if I've got the ratio right, it would increase the South Stand to 6000 and the overall capacity to 35,500
  8. upcoming gigs

    They're another level live and their earlier albums are insane. Tickets on sale at 9am
  9. upcoming gigs

    Got Arcade Fire tickets for Birmingham in April. Best live band going imho
  10. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Thought Dunkirk was incredible. Claustrophobic, chaotic, and really disorientating. Very cleverly done. Reminded me in some ways of Son of Saul which is the best film about Auschwitz I've seen. That style of giving no context and telling it like it is really works for me when watching a film I want to learn something from.
  11. Derby County Tattoos

    Thought about the South Stand yes mate.
  12. Derby County Tattoos

    I went with the ones on last years kit in the end!
  13. Derby County Tattoos

    Only me, we haven't all got them!
  14. Health,Diet and Fitness.

    Weighed myself at the doctors yesterday, first time since September. Lost 16lb! Plenty more to go and could probably do it faster but that's very sustainable.
  15. Derby County Tattoos

    I'm on there

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