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  1. The flags were being bought by a mix of fan donations, donations from Mel and from the club directly. After initially being pretty much all fan donations, I think by that point the majority was from Mel or the club.
  2. I'm in, ticket booked, I'll be lording it up behind the home dugout.
  3. If you mean the one we did, it was the size of an upper tier block in the south stand and said We Are Derby with tonnes of Rams legends on it. It has been missing for a good few years now. We packed it away after using it, and when we came back, it wasn't there anymore. Nobody at the club could ever explain what happened to it. The theory is that they were building the Yard at the time, it somehow ended up in there and the builders chucked it away with their waste. So that was nice. As for all the other flags we did, again, they were left with the club to use once we stopped operating. Last I heard they were left out in the rain or stored whilst wet, and when they went back to them, they were all green/mouldy/disgusting and got thrown away too. Shame really.
  4. Surely the RIGHT thing to do for Mel, not just for the club, but his own reputation in the city, is to say any buyer pays the debts, but will be given the stadium back for nothing. He loses out on rent but is still Ble to show his face in Derby. I will admit I'm POSSIBLY being a bit naive.
  5. I know Karl and I'm sure he would get involved!
  6. He said he has to put £1m to £1.5m in to pay the bills. So that's on top of income. So £3m per month is probably right
  7. I'm hoping to get a ticket if they're ever put on sale
  8. I was quite vocal in my opposition to Rooney last season, and before everything got even more serious, I was keen for him to leave at the end of the Sheff Wed game. He has done okay with the team this season, but yes, as a representative of the club he has kept his dignity and acted as a rallying point for the club, and for that I thank him. I agree with @Carl Sagan my suspicion is he wont be here that long, whether that is his decision or the administrators, but hopefully I'm wrong. One thing I would say is that we've been very lucky to have had Wayne through this, and Philip Cocu through the various debacles (including the Joiners mess). Both have represented our club excellently at times when they must have wondered what the hell they have gotten themselves into. It didn't work for Cocu on the pitch, but off it, he was outstanding. It would have been interesting to see how he would have coped with this too.
  9. If supporters want to express their anger, sadness, concern by protesting about the mismanagement of the club over the last 18 months-6 years (depends on your point of view), or against the uncertainty and processes the EFL have contributed to, then I say go for it. I agree there's no point saying we want Mel out, but making our feelings clear on the state of the club is completely fair game. Best thing we can do is 90 minutes of We Are Derby with anger and frustration either side of it.
  10. Personally, i think if it means exiting embargo, delivers a takeover and ends all this, then take the penalty. This ongoing state of nothingness is a disaster for every part of the club and it needs to end.
  11. Villa near Carcassonne in July atm
  12. @Owen87ITK have you been letting cats out of bags? GREEN cats?
  13. You'd definitely file this one under "not a classic" so far. Zzzzzzzzzz
  14. I'm not sure BoJo has ever taken anything seriously.
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