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  1. Extreme reactions to Covid etiquette. Both in Duffield Rd Co-Op. 2 women pissed, unmasked, standing really close to people, not giving a damn about personal space. Then another woman, who, after I'd paid, told me to go the other way around the shop to maintain her own space and follow a one way system, pointing to the floor stickers. When I explained the aisles were narrower and with people doing shopping the other way, and that the floor stickers were for 2m markers, not to indicate one-way, she started to look panicked and told me to go the other way anyway so I didn't get t
  2. Moira Furnace is an interesting place with some short walks around. Kedleston Park, the long walk is great. Calke Abbey - Park in Ticknall, walk in, through the tunnel to the limeyards, then in the back, and down to the new cafe. Darley Park - now the Mills have a cafe, restaurant and 2 bars its a great little walk All family friendly walks!
  3. Where has this Sturridge link come from?? As for Jozwiak, and knowing his level. There is a chap on Twitter, a Brit expat living in Poland who I have followed for several years. Knows his stuff. Reading fan, but nobody is perfect. He seems surprised that Jozwiak is joining Derby, he seemed to expect him to go to the Bundesliga and "could do better than Derby", but thought the player seemed set on us. I see that as a very positive sign.
  4. Pronunciation I think is along the lines of "yoosh-vyak"
  5. Call it £12m. Lowe probably worth £3m. I'd like to have seen Bogle go for £11m, but he wasn't great last year and clubs know we need to sell. Seems about right to me unfortunately. If it means we can bring 3 forwards in its worth it.
  6. This is what happens when you have key witnesses who sound like they're from Cluedo - Mr Messenger and Professor Pope.
  7. Is there any proof that the media team weren't furloughed for the last 5 months? If they were, are they back now? Are there restrictions on what they can say whilst the accounts and tribunal are in play? Derby's media team are really very good. The social media content over the last few months seems to me to be pretty bare bones, I would imagine they only have 1 or 2 people working atm.
  8. Thanks @Paul71 and @Remy the hare, hadnt realised this thread was the pedantry thread, I'll not bother again!
  9. I'm just thrilled he's got rid of the massive beard. Never suited him.
  10. Used to watch the occasional race. Watched on Saturday and it was really quite boring. I didn't recognise many of the drivers either. Have a load of big names just retired or something? I only really recognised Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel, Raikkonen and Grosjean.
  11. Not sure how I got started but ive developed a habit of watching YouTube reaction videos of people announcing they're pregnant to friends and family, or adopting kids. I'm guessing I like watching them because seeing genuine human happiness is a massive antidote to everything going on in the world. They really reaffirm my faith in people and I defy anyone not to find their room gets a bit dusty when watching them!
  12. This Schalke template by Umbro but in white and black, our badge and sponsor would be perfect. http://www.footballshirtculture.com/20/21-Kits/schalke-04-2020-2021-home-kit.html#gallery79b935e8ff-1
  13. I've gone for players still playing. GK - Carson CB - Tomori LW - Wilson RW - Ibe Those 4 would be enough imo. Carson Bogle Tomori Te Wierik Lowe Bielik Bird Ibe Sibley Wilson Marriott Subs Roos Wisdom Forsyth Shinnie Rooney Knight Waghorn
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