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  1. best biscuits

    Asda/Tesco brand chocolate digestives
  2. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Just wish the blue on the shorts was a slightly lighter shade imo
  3. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    just me that gets very nervous when Mitchell makes a save or has the ball in general?
  4. Away Kit

    love it
  5. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    I think the side effects of living in a 5 mile radius of Alfreton is starting to show Probably
  6. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Just me that feels like this will be another 15/16 all over again? Loads of signings that look promising/are good but end up bottling. Really hope I'm wrong but I can't help but think that the trend will continue.
  7. I'd Imagine most Notts C fans are either from Nottingham or have been bought up supporting them from their family, very local fan base I'd think.
  8. Close, Newton, Few miles down the road
  9. Away Kit

    Decent, Love the yellow/blue kits. From what I've heard the third kit is Black/Pink
  10. Away Kit

    So basically the same as a few seasons ago, but with Avon Instead of JE?
  11. I've tried the mansfield and forest lot but no luck I'll leave the Alfreton Town fans alone as it is the local team, so fair enough on em.
  12. The village I'm in is mostly Forest, a few mansfield and even a handful of Alfreton Town fans, and of course a few rams. Although to be honest i'm right on the border of Derbys/Notts so not too surprising.
  13. When i was at college in Chesterfield if you supported Derby you was considered a glory supporter by a lot of people I came across, although Sheffield Weds/United fans are fine, along with man utd etc
  14. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    What is it with Derby and signing very good players from Hull? Just some coincidence? Either way him and CD are great additions to the team.
  15. Migraines

    Been having them as well as regular headaches most days for the past 2 to 3 years, get used to them after a while. Although it does make me concerned but the doctors say nothing massively wrong. That being said, watching Derby over the past few years cant be doing any favours

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