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8 years ago today


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This forum is so addictive. It's got it's fair share of weirdos, ITK'ers who haven't a clue , half fans etc but also some really caring people - all brought together because of their love for the best football club in the world.

Thank you for starting it all. It would be so easy to sit back and let things just tick over but the continuing improvement of the site is a credit to you and all involved.

Now please excuse me while I go out and throw up ?

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2009-2010 they were dreadful times for DCFC but this forum made it fun, remember the banter with trig about Gold Coast United and Adama Traore!

Hasn't done too bad actually


This was a classic, actually stayed on wiki for 2 months


And that moment we (Boycie) wound up a whole Forest forum over a Commons tattoo photoshop, classic!

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