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January Transfer Suggestion Thread

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22 minutes ago, TopRam said:

Why???? Thorne is a CDM? 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1 are Pearson formations neither have a CDM!! 

Right now I'm not sure anyone can say with any certainty what Pearson will play, he's played various formations so far, whos to say he won't play a defensive mid. And regardless of whether we play a defensive mid by trade, we still need a strong tackling defensive minded midfielder to play alongside our more attacking midfielders, regardless of the formation we play when Thorne isn't fit

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4 hours ago, Premier ram said:

Lets see the situation with Ulloa in Jan , can only see him playing the odd cup game for them now , with recent signings he must be 5th choice for them now . Would be my choice for Martins replacement

Great suggestion, I didn't realise he was still at Leicester. Can't see him getting a game because he is behind Vardy,Okazaki,Musa and Slimani

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12 minutes ago, JaguarRam said:

I think we should link ourselves with some awful players so Newcastle and Villa buy them... 


What like that Blackman at the sheeps******s?:ph34r:

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On 3 September 2016 at 16:31, Rample said:

Surely we'll be linked with free agents before then. Had Berbatov fixed himself up yet? I think he'd complement Vydra quite nicely.

Just a few points about berbatov... He must be due to collect his pension anytime soon he's that old. If Chris Martin was too lazy and didn't fit pearsons plans/system then I highly doubt berbatov  would. Also regardless of age, I highly doubt he's going to come in on peanuts 

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