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  1. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Brilliant! Thanks Superrams23 you clearly know me very well. I am sure all my mates would totally agree with you! You post actually made me LOL :)
  2. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    No. Quite simply it is the Law! I personally have no problem with people standing but to say Soo because you can’t but standing tickets people shouldn’t be able to enjoy theselfs in which ever manner they choose? Is frankly ridiculous. Do you break the law in public in other areas of your life? I enjoy a cigar but its not allowed in the ground but **** it I will light up anyway cos no one is going to stop me enjoying myself. Your argument has no basis at all!
  3. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Which would be true only if you could buy standing tickets!
  4. Bluedogmaz

    My son's new chant...

    Good luck finding someone crazy enough to employ this mentalist!!! :)
  5. Bluedogmaz

    My son's new chant...

    Out of interest how old is your son? :)
  6. Thorne has been excellent - Looks sharp and always showing foir the ball and not shying away from a tackle.
  7. Bluedogmaz

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    And here he is now being NOT rated by someone else who really doens't count 😁😁😁
  8. Bluedogmaz

    If it’s Frank

    Do not Football Fans always think that? the most crucial turning point at the club in years....... Why is it any more crucial than when we appointed Pearson, Clement, Davies, Rowett or Smith?? Its just that its right now so right now its feels crucial! After the last few managers which all on paper looked good solid reliable appointments its time to take a risk I reckon. Bring it on I say!!!!
  9. Bluedogmaz

    Lampard too expensive?

    Seriously what does anyone get out of doing this!!! Its not clever and its not funny! Get a job........
  10. Bluedogmaz

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Martin O'Neilll now 4/1 at BetVictor Would prefer him to Alex Neill who to me is a very pragmatic manager in the Rowett style. However I think priority should be a good DOF as think we need to create a buffer going forward between manager and chairman and get a structure in place that enables us to develop the Derby Way. Yes I know the Derby way has become a piss take but we should at the very least be trying to develop a long term strategy about how we want to play our football and put a structure in place like Brentford say where the coach has to fit in with us rather than the other way round. Not sure anyone on list stands out more than anyone else for me - Who ever comes will be given a chance by me no matter whatever my preconceptions - Wouldnt be averse to a real left field appointment tbh similar to the guy Swansea are after as we have tried pretty much everything else!!!
  11. Bluedogmaz

    Next Manager Poll

    Already at a big club! Can't see us tempting him!
  12. Bluedogmaz

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Current Odds Rowett to Stoke (Closest Rival is Moyes Best price 7/1) Best Price - Coral 11/10 Sky bet 1/3 Betfair 1/5 Paddy Power 1/5 BetVictor 1/3

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