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  1. Rubbish - He bossed it and looked class above when ever he played.
  2. Pleased with this signing - always looked dangerous when played against us and certainly better than Joz All this up in arms snowflake business is frankly laughable! A Derby player for now and I have no doubts he will give his best while here - hope he plays Saturday.
  3. I would be fairly confident none of them will be starting SATURDAY!
  4. Bluedogmaz

    The Trust

    Definitely the foam fingers! 🙂
  5. It was the DCFC bounce not the Frank Lampard bounce - Stopping it now makes it his and it wasn't - Keep bouncing lads!
  6. Connor Sammon's Kinky Honeymoon shots have finally been released!
  7. People appear to have hit the point where sheer frustration has overshadowed all forms of common sense. Be calling for a public lynching some people soon!! 😂
  8. He actually has far more coaching experience than Frank Lampard when he took over if you look at his history and until recently none of it was with women.
  9. Didn't come across like that to me at all - the way he said it suggested to me he wouldn't do it while we still had a manager in charge
  10. @MuespachRam - This is a fantastic idea - You might even move back for a season of the Golden Boy!
  11. Just seen the interview and agree with previous poster didn't really do that at all. It was McClarenesque in fact!
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