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  1. Bluedogmaz

    Experienced centre half in January

    From my memory Igor was actually pretty poor at centre half but was a god at sweeper which is where we switched him after his first game. Carbonari likewise.
  2. Bluedogmaz

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    We have never been same since Burley left!
  3. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Brilliant! Thanks Superrams23 you clearly know me very well. I am sure all my mates would totally agree with you! You post actually made me LOL :)
  4. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    No. Quite simply it is the Law! I personally have no problem with people standing but to say Soo because you can’t but standing tickets people shouldn’t be able to enjoy theselfs in which ever manner they choose? Is frankly ridiculous. Do you break the law in public in other areas of your life? I enjoy a cigar but its not allowed in the ground but **** it I will light up anyway cos no one is going to stop me enjoying myself. Your argument has no basis at all!
  5. Bluedogmaz

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Which would be true only if you could buy standing tickets!
  6. Bluedogmaz

    My son's new chant...

    Good luck finding someone crazy enough to employ this mentalist!!! :)
  7. Bluedogmaz

    My son's new chant...

    Out of interest how old is your son? :)

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