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  1. England cricket 2017

    Squad for the Oval Test released. We'll see how Westley does. Kind of disappointed no place for Stoneman on his new home ground.
  2. Take Your Pick

    Sell: Christie, Keogh, Shackell, Olsson, Russell, Bent (buyout), Blackman (buyout). Sign: Caulker, Jota, Jon Toral Starting XI: Carson, Wisdom, Davies, Caulker, Lowe, Thorne, Johnson, Butterfield, Jota, Martin, Vydra. Bench: Mitchell, Anya, Pearce, Forsyth, Bryson, Toral, Nugent Backups: Roos, Rawson, Elsnik, Vernam
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Snodgrass' current wages will be far higher than Ritchie's were when he got sold. Also if he becomes available I'm pretty sure Burnley will go for him.
  4. Glastonbury - new lows!

    In fairness, he got a bit better at the end - and I do think he's definitely very talented, what he does with building a track from the loop pedal is interesting. But it got a bit samey and some of his new songs (Galway Girl in particular) are rubbish. He needed some special guests and a backing band to make things more interesting.
  5. Glastonbury - new lows!

    Watched Ed Sheeran last night. Say what you like about Coldplay but their show last year was interesting and got Barry Gibb and Michael Eavis on stage. Sheeran's set list was pretty boring and predictable.
  6. What do you really think of Morris?

    I'm pretty concerned about how he runs the club. He has invested a lot, but not much of it in a positive direction. I think the fact he's a fan actually clouds his judgement somewhat. Sacking managers on a whim has killed any chance of stability. DCFC is a sophisticated business at the end of the day, he hasn't behaved like that so far. In my opinion he's as much of a joke as Fawaz was.
  7. Weird. Should have got something for him. And if we planned to buy out a forward's contract, why Camara and not Blackman? Still, this gives us space on the wage bill and in the squad I suppose. Hopefully we sign a winger who's an improvement on Russell.
  8. Finsbury Park Mosque Incident

    I think the best way to avoid that confusion is the approach favoured by Political Compass and some other sites. Left/Right = economics Authoritarian/Libertarian = social Personally I find it very difficult to answer the question "are you left/right wing?" because it's never really clear what's being asked.
  9. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Real shame to lose Hughes, but I feel like this could be one like Hendrick where we get more for him than he's actually worth to us, at least with GR as manager. He doesn't seem to fit how we want to pay and he didn't play very well last year. As long as we don't sell Ince as well, I think this is probably a decent return. Hopefully there'll be sell-on clauses attached so we benefit in the future if he comes good.
  10. Finsbury Park Mosque Incident

    Have to disagree with this. I think it's genuinely just different views on society, particularly the economy. The left view the best way to reduce poverty and inequality as through using progressive taxation and fiscal spending to create opportunities and share wealth more evenly. The right want to reduce poverty and inequality by creating an economy with steady growth and higher levels of private investment. Another aspect is whether or not you want small or big government. Obviously at their most extreme, the right treat the poor without compassion and the left hate the rich for being rich. Neither of which is a sensible way to operate politically. But I wouldn't say anybody right-of-centre has less compassion. They have similar goals to the left just want to achieve them in what they view to be a more sensible way.
  11. New rules for football

    I think the problem with the ball going out of play thing is that at much lower levels the ball might belong to the referee. They blow up when the ball is in play so that they can go and pick it up easily. In theory the sixty minutes thing makes sense but I'd be worried that it would be the beginning of adverts in the middle of the game. When there's a clock stoppage producers could easily schedule a short advert break, as you see in American football/basketball. That gets very annoying after a while and wouldn't improve fan engagement. Don't see much logic to the penalty thing, I'm fine with passing free kicks to yourself. Agree there would need to be a separate time-keeper. In all honesty if their goal is to improve the excitement of matches, I think a much easier way to achieve that would be allowing seven subs instead of three. Or even rolling subs. Would mean legs were fresher and stop teams being penalised so much when they have an injury.
  12. Keogh

    Great post from you. Keogh is good, some people hate on him far too much. But he's also expendable. I wouldn't be surprised to see us sell him for a decent price, alongside one of Pearce/Shackell
  13. Signed: Curtis Davies - 2 year + 1 (option), undisclosed fee

    This is such a good signing. £500k for a player who's been promoted lots and played well in the Premier League. Surprised we could trigger his relegation clause while in the same division. But hopefully this is a sign of transfers to come.
  14. Signed: Curtis Davies - 2 year + 1 (option), undisclosed fee

    Pearce is alright tbf, doesn't set the world on fire but he's steady. My guess is that we sell Keogh to Burnley and one of Shackell/Pearce.

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