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  1. If it's a short-term contract with low wages there's really no downside, our squad is paper thin and he does have talent. If we could afford CKR then you'd think maybe we could afford Morrison and Niasse on short-term deals... hopefully both are willing to take pay cuts to stay in England and play under Rooney
  2. Good performance. I'm pleased we haven't parked the bus after the goal. At some point it'll pay to be cautious but Bournemouth don't look too threatening at the moment
  3. Individual players I agree with you both - Bielik and Knight are great, Marshall, Byrne, Jozwiak have all looked good at times, CKR is deservedly a fan favourite, young players are promising, etc. etc. But there's a reason why Rooney can only make 2 subs a game and why after our worst performance of the season we can only afford to make one change to the starting XI. Just feels as if the squad has completely fallen apart in the last year-and-a-half and almost everybody's regressed. That's what I meant by 'League 1 XI' - as in I could see that lineup (minus Bielik and maybe Knight who'd bo
  4. Trying not to worry too much about this season when there is so much else going on in the world but it's just hit me that that's a League 1 starting XI.
  5. Brilliant win, great end to a crap year. That midfield trio is something special, with Bird offering something different on the bench as well. I'd kiss CKR if I could, what a man. Runs his socks off every game. We'll be alright this season - this proves the Swansea game was no fluke. Keep the faith, happy new year and COYR
  6. Fisher has lost the plot. If we focus every attack down the left wing it'll be 10 v 10 pretty soon.
  7. They seem to have that same self-destructive tendency that we had in 2007/08. Assuming that Allardyce shores up the WBA defence, I don't think there's an easily winnable game in this league for Sheff U. If they still haven't got a win after they host Newcastle on 12 January, I'm going to start believing that they'll break our record.
  8. I don't understand why none of this is more transparent. Why aren't the tiers determined by the case rate in a local area surpassing/falling below a set figure? Genuinely seems like they come up with these policies on the back of a napkin and occasionally just forget particular areas exist.
  9. Marshall Byrne MTW Clarke Forsyth Bird Bielik Knight Whittaker CKR Jozwiak
  10. If Bielik can stay fit and be a bit more consistent than last season, he is going to be a key player for us this year. Really hope I can say the same for Ibe in a month's time because Jozwiak and Holmes have been our two poorest players so far this game. Who was our last above-average winger? Ward 2013?
  11. Rooney has to go. He’s completely out of his depth as a manager and is League Two standard at best as a player. If the objective is staying up, then we need to build the side around players with an edge. CKR, Davies, Knight, Bielik. Complement that with skill (Sibley, Byrne) and pace (Holmes). As many like for like changes as possible on the bench. Randomly chopping and changing every game makes no sense but Rooney has the luxury to do it because there’s no reason for him to care about the club. He knows he’s not staying for the long term and that he’ll get another chance to manage a
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