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  1. The not invincible Man City discussion

    Kane, Salah and de Bruyne should all be Ballon d'Or candidates this time next year. The race will open up now as Ronaldo starts to obviously fade
  2. Free agents

    Kirchhoff would be good. Utility player
  3. Members who don't post - Why?

    I bet you're fun at parties
  4. England Cricket 2018

    The Currans are both class. Have watched them at the Oval a lot. Sam has potential as a proper all-rounder, and he's a left-arm bowler. Will be absolute dynamite in the England squad in a couple of years' time. Add Jofra Archer to those two (once he's qualified) and we will have a pretty good bowling attack.
  5. James McClean

    Yes, we were massive hypocrites, still are, what's your point?
  6. James McClean

    The Kaiser wanted to greatly expand the German Empire, we fought him to restrain the growth of said empire. Just because they weren't evil like the Nazis doesn't mean they didn't pose a threat to freedom of speech and a desire to conquer other peoples.
  7. James McClean

    Not really sure we disagree, I think McClean's position is understandable and it's a good thing that we live in a society where other opinions are tolerated.
  8. James McClean

    I think McClean would be a class signing, he's the ultimate version of Russell and Weimann - hard worker, good defensively, maybe lacking a bit in end product. Would fit so well in a GR team. Those who claim they don't want him to sign ought to remember that British soldiers died in WW1 and WW2 to defeat dictatorships and protect freedom of speech and opinion for everyone.
  9. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Wolves draw 0-0 with Barnsley. Tin foil hat time - maybe loads of new signings -> a slump in form à la Billy Davies 2007?
  10. Nelson Oliveira

    I think Oliveira would be a decent signing - but Martin would need to leave first.
  11. Ryan Woods

    This would be a great signing - wonder what the fee would be like...
  12. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Came here because of @Carl Sagan's tag, stayed for film reviews. Hell or High Water - 7.5/10. Modern Western with Jeff Bridges, who I'm a big fan of. The Big Sick - 8/10. Not a huge rom-com fan but watched it with the family at Christmas. This mixes up the tired usual formula and is an interesting exploration of interracial issues. Logan Lucky - 6/10. Decent enough Ocean's Eleven knock-off. Inherent Vice - 9/10. Weird stoner film but it could be a cult classic. Great acting from Joaquin Phoenix/Josh Brolin.
  13. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Forsyth and Olsson are both a bit crap
  14. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    I think an extra skilled wide player would be a bit of a luxury - we have Lawrence, Weimann, Russell and Johnson already, and quality wingers can be very expensive at this level. A 6-month loan deal would be more sensible imo, would rather spend money on CM and LB where players tend to be a bit cheaper
  15. Sam Winnall

    Tell us what you really think mate!

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