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  1. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    To be fair, Delph has been very good for City this season, shown he's hungry for first team football by agreeing to play LB and done the job quite well. Deservedly in the squad. I hated that under Hodgson crap youth players got a game just for playing a couple of games.
  2. Lukaku Chant

    Completely agree. Similarly, I've seen the "does your boyfriend know you're here?" chant sung at Brighton highlighted as being an example of the terrible homophobia in football. It'd be better to highlight actual issues rather than things said in jest.
  3. Best XI since we got relegated

    I was planning on 'Worst XI' in another post... Personally though I'd have Nick Blackman over Perplotkins and Tom Carroll over Abalimba.
  4. Best XI since we got relegated

    We've been in the Championship for almost 10 straight years now, which is quite depressing. I'm considering the best XI we could put together with players from that time period. Mine would be: Carson Brayford/Keogh/Buxton/Forsyth Hughes/Thorne/Bryson Ince/Martin/Commons Bench: Fielding, Barker, Eustace, Hendrick, Ward, S Davies, Hulse.
  5. Bristol City v Derby County

    Biggest problem I think is that effectively playing 4 forwards leaves a massive gap between midfield and attack. Personally I'd start Thorne in place of Lawrence and play Johnson at LM: Carson Baird Keogh Davies Olsson Weimann Thorne Huddlestone Johnson Vydra Nugent That would add a bit more defensive nous and cut down on the space between midfield and attack. It's difficult to know where to go though; the side we started today was probably our best XI on paper and we were soundly beaten.
  6. North Korea at it again

    North Korea 'fires missile from Pyongyang' North Korea has fired a ballistic missile eastwards from its capital, Pyongyang, media reports say. Japan said that the missile likely passed over its territory and has warned residents to take shelter, local media report. South Korea and the US are analysing the details of the reported launch, Yonhap news agency reports. Last month, North Korea fired a missile over Japan in what Tokyo called an "unprecedented threat" to the country. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41275614
  7. Live games 2017/18

    Isn't he banned still? I agree he was massively overhyped but then again can't blame our fanbase for craving surefire average Championship players when we've signed 'hidden gems' like Camara and Blackman
  8. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Just seen this. Are you sure? I think Hendrick was rubbish for us and has been mediocre for Burnley other than a couple of good goals, still can't believe we got £10m for him. Glad Russell scored tonight, hope he starts doing it more regularly. Imo there'll always be space for a hardworking forward in GR's team to complement our more skilful players. At the moment in the 'First XI' that's Weimann but Russell could find his way back into the side, as could Bennett who must be due a chance in the League at some point.
  9. NFL thread

    I'd like to pretend I took a risk on him but actually the CPU just drafted him for me. Thought he was very good on a strong Raiders team. Them v Chiefs will be a really good divisional race and you can never count out the Broncos.
  10. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Ah s****. Missed it. Sorry lads.
  11. England cricket 2017

    I'm not particularly convinced by their batting lineup, as seen by the continued selection of the Marsh brothers until recently. Think their fast bowling will cause us serious problems though. That being said, I thought Malan's innings yesterday was very promising, showed he can dig in against fast bowling.
  12. Which teams do you like (and why)?

    Woking, my local club. Arsenal, if I had to pick a 'big club'. One side of my family supported them, they play nice football, I used to love Henry and Bergkamp when younger. I have a soft spot for any team I've had a great career with on Football Manager, as well.
  13. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Emerson Hyndman on loan from Bournemouth. Young player not getting in their side at the moment. Cheap, low risk as it's a loan. Could play in central midfield or as a number 10.
  14. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Comeback of the century!
  15. Rowett's said so many times that he wants a small squad. Having three first team CFs when we only play one doesn't fit that vision.

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