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  1. True, I more meant their general approach to signing players - trying to get young players a year before their value skyrockets.
  2. Maybe the best thing for everyone involved would be a year-and-a-half loan? Benkovic won't get into the Leicester team in 2020/1 anyway, especially if they're in the Champions League. We'd be able to bed him in this season and he could be a key player next year in what will hopefully be a promotion push. Then if promoted we'd have the money to sign him. Regardless though, what's disappointing is we should be trying to find a Benkovic of our own, to keep. Our recruitment team can't hold a candle to Brentford, Bristol City etc.
  3. Agree but Whittaker was really casual I thought. Needed to put more effort in when Barnsley threw one of their centre backs forward. Thought back 4 and midfield were both really good. Midfield next season could have real strength and depth with Bielik, Bird, Knight, Holmes, Shinnie, Rooney and Sibley all competing for places.
  4. Best win of the Cocu era? Might be hard to fit Rooney in the side with how well that midfield played tonight!
  5. Forsyth and Bielik are both absolute clowns. I suspect Cocu will be sacked soon but this is the worst line-up on paper I’ve seen in years
  6. To be honest both of them are bang average players but I don’t think I’d boo
  7. That's like saying 'I love how the pro-bus crash BBC reported that a bus crashed today but failed to mention all the buses that successfully reached their destination'. Besides, the turnout at the pro-Leave protests tends to get plenty of coverage despite embarrassingly low numbers...
  8. I think something like: Roos Bogle/Keogh/Clarke/Lowe Bielik Knight/Holmes Waghorn/Marriott/Lawrence Bench: Hamer, Davies, Malone, Shinnie, Paterson, Jozefzoon, Bennett I don’t want to see Huddlestone or Dowell play again for a couple of weeks, not ready for that kind of trauma again.
  9. Dowell must have kompromat on Cocu/Morris. He is awful, no idea how he’s still selected. Huddlestone has been appalling too, and so we have 1/3 of a midfield. Knight and Buchanan are clearly not ready and Lawrence has been utter dog as well. Three subs at half time please - want to see Shinnie, Holmes and Bennett/Paterson on.
  10. Stupid of Lowe to dive in in that situation, even though it wasn’t a pen. Dowell is appalling.
  11. Lowe looking good in possession as always. Looking forward to seeing him on the left hand side when Bogle’s back
  12. We've played really well since the goal
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