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  1. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Wolves draw 0-0 with Barnsley. Tin foil hat time - maybe loads of new signings -> a slump in form à la Billy Davies 2007?
  2. Nelson Oliveira

    I think Oliveira would be a decent signing - but Martin would need to leave first.
  3. Ryan Woods

    This would be a great signing - wonder what the fee would be like...
  4. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Came here because of @Carl Sagan's tag, stayed for film reviews. Hell or High Water - 7.5/10. Modern Western with Jeff Bridges, who I'm a big fan of. The Big Sick - 8/10. Not a huge rom-com fan but watched it with the family at Christmas. This mixes up the tired usual formula and is an interesting exploration of interracial issues. Logan Lucky - 6/10. Decent enough Ocean's Eleven knock-off. Inherent Vice - 9/10. Weird stoner film but it could be a cult classic. Great acting from Joaquin Phoenix/Josh Brolin.
  5. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Forsyth and Olsson are both a bit crap
  6. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    I think an extra skilled wide player would be a bit of a luxury - we have Lawrence, Weimann, Russell and Johnson already, and quality wingers can be very expensive at this level. A 6-month loan deal would be more sensible imo, would rather spend money on CM and LB where players tend to be a bit cheaper
  7. Sam Winnall

    Tell us what you really think mate!
  8. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Yoann Barbet? He's been pretty good for Brentford and we need a left-back.
  9. Best player in the championship

    Curtis Davies
  10. Defence

    Feel like there's not been enough attention given to how brilliant our defence has been this year. After being a weak area for years, I think you could genuinely argue that 3/4 of our back 4 have been the best at their positions in the Championship this season. Curtis Davies - absolute rock at the back, averaging 5 aerials won per game, sensible passing, good for a 7.46 Whoscored rating. Richard Keogh - looks so much less shaky with Davies alongside him. His distribution is fantastic. 7.21 rating. Chris Baird - keeping a very good player (Wisdom) out of the side. Love his 'slide passes' down the right wing. 7.25 rating. I'd love us to go out and sign a top quality left-back in January - that would give us a defence to rival Wolves and Cardiff.
  11. The not invincible Man City discussion

    I think City have almost certainly wrapped up the title. They're too good going forward to drop points against most of the weaker teams in the PL and the rest of the 'top 7' (seems only fair to include Burnley considering how well they're doing) will continue to take points off of each other. That being said, I think they're still too frail defensively to win the Champions League. Stones has been very good this season but Otamendi is average, Kompany is injury-prone and Mangala is crap. They need to improve at centre-half, if I were Pep I'd look seriously at James Tarkowski, but can imagine them probably going back in for Evans. Could also see them getting another full-back so that Delph can start at CDM instead.
  12. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    Last game we beat a strong Championship team 3-0 away from home. I think the side will probably be unchanged. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  13. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    To be fair, Delph has been very good for City this season, shown he's hungry for first team football by agreeing to play LB and done the job quite well. Deservedly in the squad. I hated that under Hodgson crap youth players got a game just for playing a couple of games.
  14. Lukaku Chant

    Completely agree. Similarly, I've seen the "does your boyfriend know you're here?" chant sung at Brighton highlighted as being an example of the terrible homophobia in football. It'd be better to highlight actual issues rather than things said in jest.
  15. Best XI since we got relegated

    I was planning on 'Worst XI' in another post... Personally though I'd have Nick Blackman over Perplotkins and Tom Carroll over Abalimba.

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