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  1. Don't have a subscription. Does this article confirm we won't have a points deduction this year?
  2. How about Tom Lees on a free? Old-fashioned CB with lots of Championship experience. Could be a good defensive partner for Mengi?
  3. Completely agree. Players like Knight and Bird are regressing due to the state of the club at the moment. Don't want to see them waste their careers being muscled off the ball in League One.
  4. Now that it's a 26-man squad: GK: D. Henderson, Pickford, Pope DF: Walker, Alexander-Arnold, Trippier, Maguire, Stones, Dunk, Dier, Tomori, Shaw, Chilwell MF: J. Henderson, Rice, Phillips, Bellingham, Mount, Foden, Grealish, Lingard FW: Rashford, Sancho, Sterling, Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Watkins
  5. Appalling. First goal so, so soft. Then caught out straight away. Imo Darren Wassall is probably the only current DCFC employee - coaches or players - with a role to play in the club's future. Incompetence everywhere else
  6. Really poor performance. Edmundson, Jozwiak and CKR have played ok but we are so short of quality all over the pitch. Byrne, Forsyth, Lawrence and Waghorn look like League 2 players. And yet... we are one crap set-piece goal, or dodgy penalty, or Lawrence worldie away from survival.
  7. We don't really have any sort of plan in possession. Think that's where the loss of Bielik hurt us so much
  8. Maybe luck is on our side today? Massive let-off when Whittaker took that awful touch, Rotherham make a similar mistake and Adam Armstrong buries it.
  9. Well done Jozwiak. Need everyone to work that hard
  10. I think the forum would come back even stronger. There'd be loads of transfer threads as we build a new squad, fans will be back at games, the club still up for sale, and hopefully a new manager as well
  11. Mel Morris. He's not a bad person, but he has absolutely no idea how to run a football club.
  12. Plus yesterday's "I've told the players I don't care about the performance, just get a result." Looks like they heard the first part of that sentence
  13. If that happens we'll be stuck with Rooney for half of next season and finish 24th
  14. It's crazy how similar his managerial tenure has been to his half-season as a player. Promising start with some good results before a sudden drop-off. By the end he's a hindrance who needs to go but the club can't get rid of
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