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  1. To be honest both of them are bang average players but I don’t think I’d boo
  2. That's like saying 'I love how the pro-bus crash BBC reported that a bus crashed today but failed to mention all the buses that successfully reached their destination'. Besides, the turnout at the pro-Leave protests tends to get plenty of coverage despite embarrassingly low numbers...
  3. I think something like: Roos Bogle/Keogh/Clarke/Lowe Bielik Knight/Holmes Waghorn/Marriott/Lawrence Bench: Hamer, Davies, Malone, Shinnie, Paterson, Jozefzoon, Bennett I don’t want to see Huddlestone or Dowell play again for a couple of weeks, not ready for that kind of trauma again.
  4. Dowell must have kompromat on Cocu/Morris. He is awful, no idea how he’s still selected. Huddlestone has been appalling too, and so we have 1/3 of a midfield. Knight and Buchanan are clearly not ready and Lawrence has been utter dog as well. Three subs at half time please - want to see Shinnie, Holmes and Bennett/Paterson on.
  5. Stupid of Lowe to dive in in that situation, even though it wasn’t a pen. Dowell is appalling.
  6. Lowe looking good in possession as always. Looking forward to seeing him on the left hand side when Bogle’s back
  7. We've played really well since the goal
  8. I understand and appreciate the importance of hearing more female voices in football, particularly women's football. But there are some brilliant female sports journalists (Alyson Rudd, Jacqui Oatley) who you'd imagine would offer far more insightful commentary. When it's Pearce/White I'd rather just watch with the sound off.
  9. Impressed by the atmosphere and quality of play in this France/Brazil game. But is it just me or is Faye White an absolutely awful commentator. So monotonous and clearly of the Alan Hansen ‘say what happened and nothing more’ school.
  10. After the pandemonium of last night, the Mrs (usually a proud North Londoner) told me she'd be proud to wear a retro Derby shirt. Currently searching online but wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I'm looking for a retro shirt with a reasonably subtle/trendy sponsor (think Bass rather than Just Eat/buymobiles.net), ideally not too expensive and ideally available in women/small size.
  11. If we go up we’ll be in a funny position with Mount and Tomori. Pretty sure Prem rules stipulate that we can only take one on loan. Would happily splash £15m on Fikayo, though.
  12. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/best-players-football-league-season-201819?page=0%2C1 FourFourTwo has him ranked 34th of all the players in the Football League. Our only two inclusions - Mount at 25 and Wilson at 4.
  13. Thing is, if we go up we'll need quite a lot of bodies in midfield. So maybe, considering we've scouted him out etc, we'd sign him anyway? Even if he only ends up sitting on the bench, he'd be affordable, giving us money to spend elsewhere
  14. He was brilliant yesterday. If he keeps playing like that, I wonder if we could have a back 4 of Bogle/Tomori/Evans/Lowe next season. Young, cheap and good.
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