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  1. Impressed by the atmosphere and quality of play in this France/Brazil game. But is it just me or is Faye White an absolutely awful commentator. So monotonous and clearly of the Alan Hansen ‘say what happened and nothing more’ school.
  2. After the pandemonium of last night, the Mrs (usually a proud North Londoner) told me she'd be proud to wear a retro Derby shirt. Currently searching online but wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I'm looking for a retro shirt with a reasonably subtle/trendy sponsor (think Bass rather than Just Eat/buymobiles.net), ideally not too expensive and ideally available in women/small size.
  3. If we go up we’ll be in a funny position with Mount and Tomori. Pretty sure Prem rules stipulate that we can only take one on loan. Would happily splash £15m on Fikayo, though.
  4. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/best-players-football-league-season-201819?page=0%2C1 FourFourTwo has him ranked 34th of all the players in the Football League. Our only two inclusions - Mount at 25 and Wilson at 4.
  5. Thing is, if we go up we'll need quite a lot of bodies in midfield. So maybe, considering we've scouted him out etc, we'd sign him anyway? Even if he only ends up sitting on the bench, he'd be affordable, giving us money to spend elsewhere
  6. He was brilliant yesterday. If he keeps playing like that, I wonder if we could have a back 4 of Bogle/Tomori/Evans/Lowe next season. Young, cheap and good.
  7. Sounds like a rugby match on the TV. Really quiet
  8. The other problem with signing players from abroad is it's really hard to judge the overall standard of the league they play in. I'm not sure what kind of metric you could use either. Honestly, I have no idea what's a higher standard of division out of the Championship and the Greek League, or the Championship and the 2.Bundesliga. So eye test is probably needed.
  9. For £5m, £8m, whatever he cost, I’d want more than that. Nice that he did well in the cup run but league form is what really matters, and he’s got 4 goals and 2 assists in 27 games in the Championship. Sammon scored at a better rate than that in the season he started under Clough... Obviously there’s a good player there, his scoring record in the Championship for other clubs indicates that. He’s played well in spells here too. But overall Waghorn looks like a bang average signing at best considering the money spent
  10. To be fair, I'm not sure we know the exact fee. I'm probably chatting poo claiming £8m 🙂 Still - £5m is a lot to spend on someone who you're not certain you'll build around, especially when we'd just signed Marriott. I like Waghorn, he's played well whenever I've seen him and this year sort of reminds me of Vydra's first season (i.e. obviously a good player but things just haven't fallen right for him, might do well next year). But I don't think he's been worth the investment, and he's 29 years old so not going to be an asset forever. In comparison, Evans was cheap, he's young, his wages won't be very high. Players like that you can afford to spend a couple of years developing and then if they don't pan out you've not lost much. Low-cost, high potential reward. Holmes is the same, as were people like Bryson, Keogh and Martin back in the day. Waghorn I believe is high-cost, medium potential reward. That kind of transfer strategy drove us to sign Butterfield, Johnson and Lawrence, none of whom have worked out how we'd have liked.
  11. Considering how much they both cost, I'd say Waghorn is a worse signing. He's played well but I don't know what Frank was thinking spending £8m on someone then playing him out of position for most of the season. Evans isn't particularly good but it was always a low-risk buy with v limited financial consequences.
  12. I think, if we don't go up, this year should still be seen as a vindication of Lampard's transfer policy. Whether it's been by necessity or not, the signings this season clearly show the potential success of 'low-risk, high-reward' strategy. Marriott, Holmes and Malone were all reasonably cheap signings that have the potential to eventually become excellent Championship players. Jozefzoon and Evans haven't necessarily worked out so well but they were quite cheap, won't be on massive wages, and seem to fit the system quite well. The loanees have all been good and added a bit of star quality, although all three have been inconsistent at times. The only bad signing has been Waghorn, not through his own fault but because he's been forced to play out wide a lot and not properly trusted by Frank. Ultimately though, I think it's unlikely that an £8m aging Championship player will £8m worth of on-field value. The Waghorn experience mirrors the difficulties experienced when signing Johnson, Butterfield and maybe even Lawrence; neither were necessarily an upgrade over what we already had and we could have probably found better players with that 'low-risk, high-reward' factor. The X-factor in all this is the youth academy. I think Bogle has been one of our better players this year and Bennett, Roos, Lowe and Bird have all contributed as well. My targets for next season would be: Continue to give Bogle, Bennett, Lowe and Bird game time. Promote Sibley. Roos looks better than Carson at this point. I would re-sign him and if Carson doesn't want to sit on the bench, find an experienced keeper who will in case of disaster. Sign Tomori permanently or on loan again, he obviously has a lot of potential. I think he'd look better alongside Davis than Keogh though. Central midfield is the obvious area where we need depth. Aribo is available on a free and is very highly-rated, could easily be a Bryson replacement. Trevoh Chalobah looked ace for Ipswich when we played them and could be available on loan from Chelsea. Oliver Skipp is the sort of promising loanee that Lampard could be trusted with. Marcus Maddison will be on the transfer list if Peterborough don't get promoted. We could sign him and reunite him and Marriott. Our squad would look something like: Starting XI: Roos, Bogle, Davis, Tomori, Malone, Chalobah, Aribo, Holmes, Lawrence, Maddison, Marriott. Bench: ?, Wisdom, Lowe, Evans, Skipp, Bennett, Waghorn. Depth: MacDonald, Bird, Sibley, Jozefzoon. That's not a brilliant squad, but there would be so much spare cash to splash on extra quality if we could identify the correct player to push us over the top.
  13. I'll have some of whatever you're drinking please
  14. We played better football under ducking Rowett!
  15. So embarrassing, passing is absolutely turgid. What's the point in 66% possession if it amounts to one shot in 45 minutes?
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