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  1. How about Max Kilman from Wolves on loan if we can't re-sign Clarke? Left-footed centre-half with 25 caps for the England futsal team, so definitely good at playing out from the back. Can't see him getting too much game time there next season, and at 23 he will definitely need first-team football.
  2. Starting XI - (GK); Bogle, Te Wierik, Bielik, Lowe; Bird, Knight; (RW), Sibley, Lawrence; Marriott Bench - Roos, Wisdom, Forsyth, Evans, Shinnie, Rooney, Holmes, Waghorn, (CF) Depth - Davies, Buchanan, Whittaker, & the other academy graduates. Completely agree with the posts arguing that Rooney and Bird can't play together. It's essentially pairing two players together to do the same job. I think at this stage it's very hard to know how we'll do next season, but if we're still building for the future then there really is no point in playing Rooney and taking minutes away fro
  3. Game over. We’ve been so poor today
  4. I'd take Bird off at half-time - he's not been at the races today. Rooney at #10 isn't working, he needs to play deeper
  5. Fair enough, I just think that by the logic you use to justify signing another centre-back, we should also be looking to improve our options on the wing.
  6. I'd be happy if we stuck with what we had at CF, so long as Martin signs a new contract. But I do think we'll sign a winger. In fact, when you write up a depth chart like that, it's clear that signing a CB would actually be much more of a luxury purchase than bringing in someone to compete with Waghorn and Lawrence. At CB we'll already have Bielik, Te Wierik, Wisdom and Evans, all of whom should be good enough to start at this level. Buchanan could also develop into a decent left-footed option, and if there were an absolute injury crisis we could start Davies or Forsyth. In compariso
  7. Think we need to take Rooney off for some legs in midfield. Rooney and Bird playing too deep
  8. If only Hamer could punch as well as Lawrence
  9. Just checking - will this game be on Rams TV? I thought home games might not be
  10. Jozefzoon must be the only professional I've ever seen who can't actually kick a football well.
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