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  1. RamuelLJackson

    £10m FFP Bill

    Take care, Ramblur. I've appreciated your finance perspectives over the years
  2. Okay enough of the milk-related puns. I was impressed when I saw Elsnik play against Birmingham in the Premier League Cup last season, particularly when he pushed out wide to the touchline. I wouldn't say he skinned the full-back, but he semi-skinned him
  3. RamuelLJackson

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Oh and one little aside, for those who don't know: Sporting Kansas City isn't based in Kansas. It's based in Kansas City, Missouri. The stadium is in Kansas City, Kansas. It's not one city that sprawls into two states though - it's two separate cities. I wonder if Johnny's worked this out yet.
  4. RamuelLJackson

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    He very likely did say something: to his manager(s), not to the fans. He still worked hard as you say and played like he cared, and my respect for him actually has gone up a notch reading this.
  5. RamuelLJackson

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Also I once played darts and had a couple of beers with Geraint Williams in a pub in Littleover, so him I suppose.
  6. RamuelLJackson

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Aljosa Asanovictoria Bitter
  7. RamuelLJackson

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Igor Stimackeson's Stout
  8. RamuelLJackson

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    Ted McGin and Peter Shiltonic Water
  9. RamuelLJackson


    xG is just the tip of the analytics iceberg. Just look at SABRmetrics in the US - the point is to develop metrics that tell us more than the results do alone, and in part that is because those metrics are more predictive than the straight results are. Yes xG isn't perfect, but it tells us some more stuff, and future metrics will tell us more and more accurate things.
  10. RamuelLJackson


    OK but in a smallish sample size results don't tell the whole story. That's why analysing the performance is important too - analytics sometimes tell the part of the story that the most basic statistics don't.
  11. RamuelLJackson

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I think this is one of those games where if Derby have any serious pretentions to Premier League status next season, or even making a play-off final this season, then we have to be able to get something from Villa. If we can't, then we're simply not ready for the step up anyway.
  12. RamuelLJackson

    Investing in Youth

    If all teams in the division had to do the same then it might be a different calculation, btw - much more in favour then
  13. RamuelLJackson

    Investing in Youth

    No, it's silly to tie your own hands like this. To have an aim to have 2 or 3 in the squad (not necessarily starting 11) is sensible.
  14. RamuelLJackson

    Johnny Russell all 35 goals video

    I watched the video and now I'm sad.

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