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  1. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    21.49. I'll just have to watch.
  2. Signed: Tom Lawrence - Undisclosed fee, long term contract

    We've not replaced the 9... yet. At this point it's an understandable concern but as long as the window is open I'm prepared to be a bit patient. I see what you mean about Weimann.
  3. Signed: Tom Lawrence - Undisclosed fee, long term contract

    Well obviously it can weaken the team but it isn't inevitable. If you can sell a player who is a 9 in a certain position, and your current best player is a 5 in another position and then use the money for an 8 in the former star player's position and a 7 in the other position you have strengthened your team overall. In other scenarios your two best players might both be at their best playing the exact same position. The one you judge to be second-best would have more marginal value to a team who has nobody good to play in that position, so you might very well get them to pay more than the player is worth to you, and then use the money to strengthen elsewhere, leading to a better team.
  4. Jon Toral

    I'm not Russell's greatest fan, but I'm sure you would accept there were plenty of other reasons those teams didn't get promoted. Russell playing for them was a very minor factor.
  5. Your thoughts on the upcoming season

    Sponsored presumably by Screwfix?
  6. 17/18 Squad Numbers

    Numbers are hugely iconic in US sports especially, hence the numbers being retired by teams for outstanding players - you'll see them posted around ballparks and stadia in their honour when those players are (often long-)retired. The number 8 in Chinese culture symbolises wealth/success, as the word for the number is similar to the word for money. Contrast this with the number 4, which is similar to the word for death or die.
  7. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    I know it's a bit of a forgotten and probably unappreciated art, but I'd give a lot for a 2017 version of Gary Micklewhite.
  8. Signed: Tom Lawrence - Undisclosed fee, long term contract

    I also notice no number 17, 27, 37 or 47. This obviously means Russell is going to be sold in order to complete the 7-lessness.
  9. Your thoughts on the upcoming season

    Pretty sure most of our wingers have shown they can create nothing out of nothing, week in and week out

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