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  1. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Well I suppose Ed Dawes is quite handsome if you're into that sort of thing...
  2. Chris Martin

    Oh I thought they were saying there's a big a-hole in our midfield - I thought that was a bit harsh on Bradley Johnson tbh
  3. FFP

    Thanks ramblur - always a wizard at making the numbers make sense to those of us who are thicker than you. Wishing you all the best and hoping health is kind to you.
  4. FFP

    It might not just be the money side. Rowett has said a few times how it's important to get the squad size down. Edit: as some others have also remarked above
  5. Chris Martin

    You were thinking more spring roll than swiss roll?
  6. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

    I'm not sure about that 70% figure, unless you're including crosses as "long balls", which I normally wouldn't.
  7. Bryson memories

    I remember when he was just five years old, he was such a wee little fellow... a bit like he is now... and he had no front teeth... a bit like he is now... and he ran around energetically all day without going anywhere... a bit like he does now. He did like chopping down trees though.
  8. Is Rowett up to the job

    I have zero reason to believe Rowett isn't up to the job
  9. Sam Winnall & Jacob Butterfield - loan swap confirmed

    Well there's a chance Butterfield will be signing on in the near future, if that's what you mean
  10. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    "Gary Rowett's nothing to be scared of..."
  11. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    Not every game, but that's partly why you want 3 or 4 players for 2 positions, right? And we do have 2 others who have at least played in that position at this level, so could do that in an emergency.
  12. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    That's a tad harsh on the kid
  13. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    You're that bloke from the supporters forum, aren't you?
  14. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    Well Thorne is arguably our best player in the position when fit, but ok. So how many would you want for 2 positions?
  15. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    Right. And if he can win the ball and give it to Huddlestone then that'll probably do.

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