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  1. Another tour on the way when, hopefully, we’ve all emerged safely from hibernation!
  2. Come in from the Rain by Y&T. I have no clue how to load this but would appreciate a ‘youngster’ having a go. Thank you.
  3. See all the southerners have been to the beach today - thousands of em. Thought we were crowded with five people on a six miles walk in the hills!
  4. It’ll soon be Steve Gibson’s League 1. 👍
  5. We won’t get out of this depression tilapia times come round!
  6. Hoops 2 Rams 4 why not!!!!! Lawrence frgs
  7. Tom Cairney had a chance in the Prem with Fulham and didn’t pull up any trees. I agree he’s an excellent player at Championship level but beyond that............?
  8. Just read the BBC piece about Dortmund’s youth policy. Couldn’t see any reference to our having beaten them the other day! Maybe our lengthy article on the success of our fantastic academy is to follow but somehow....I doubt it!
  9. Apologies - on holiday in South Africa but I’ll keep an eye open for you on the tele!
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