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  1. This bloke 'Several' might be one to watch?!
  2. Shocking news! Get well soon Andre. it's great to read so many good wishes towards him from other 'fair-minded' footy fans across the country. Thank you for that. Despite what we think sometimes, there are things in life that are much more important than football!
  3. 3-1 to the Rams (why not!?) Martin frgs
  4. Don't we have the highest % obesity rate in Europe? Various references being made in the briefings to obesity and its usual comorbidities featuring regularly among the details of those dying.
  5. Another tour on the way when, hopefully, we’ve all emerged safely from hibernation!
  6. Come in from the Rain by Y&T. I have no clue how to load this but would appreciate a ‘youngster’ having a go. Thank you.
  7. See all the southerners have been to the beach today - thousands of em. Thought we were crowded with five people on a six miles walk in the hills!
  8. It’ll soon be Steve Gibson’s League 1. 👍
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