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  1. If you start that at 2.58pm on a Saturday, you’ll still be there long after the cleaners have gone!
  2. Purely from this half fan getting a ticket for a game he is able to go to...... I’m happy in the Championship!
  3. Barnsley’s a good day out with a good mixed fans pub (Dove Inn I think) having good beer and excellent staff plus there’s a butty shop two doors down. Two season’s ago, the bar’s boss man let us eat them in his place as long as we were supping his beer. Top bloke!
  4. Maybe I’m easily pleased but if we have 11 players on the pitch and a bench full of subs, all with Keogh’s work rate and commitment to the club, then I’ll continue to support and give my hard-earned cash to the club I love. Sure we could perhaps have players with a bit more skill or a bit more awareness or a bit more ability, but there again, I could support a top premiership side which, at the moment I don’t. Please let’s not make this season’s failure to gain promotion another ‘blame it on Keogh’ outcome! We’ll spoil a most enjoyable season which in most fans’ minds, exceeded expectations to get where we did.
  5. ‘Your parade’?? Why not ‘my’ or ‘our’? Are you Bielsa in disguise?
  6. Top of Division one from a European Champions League place last season. How the mighty have fallen! Thanks Mozza for all your hard work in adding this stressful challenge to our lives!!
  7. Shame we had to go 2-0 down to make a game of it but well done Villa. Gutted we lost but thought they were the better team on the day. Game of the season was beating the Dirties and most of us will remember that for longer than the disappointment of today.
  8. Sue yourself for a crap choice of manager, rotten football and 35% empty stadium this season Mr Gibson!
  9. They’re not getting over being beaten by the better team are they!? Fans forum all talking Villa over us but really they want to say they have the divine right to promotion. The history books will show they had their chance and blew it over 46 games and ducked it up royally against us when the pressure was on, even at 2-0 up on aggregate. If you have a clown for a goalkeeper and a CD who clearly hasn’t been introduced to his team mates then Bielsa ain’t the manager everyone cracks him up to be.
  10. Not interested in the table so Dirties 1 Rams 3 Wilson frgs
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