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  1. Never mind asking the EFL to investigate us, surely Mr Gibson should be investigating why Boro, who have been a top 6 side most of the season, are failing to get more than 23,000 people in their ground I.e. about 1 in 3 empty seats. Could it possibly have anything to do with poo football and a poor choice of manager?!
  2. Just heard of the untimely death of Paul Raymond, keyboard player and rhythm guitarist with UFO. Saw the gig at Newcastle a couple of weeks ago - he and the band were fantastic. A packed house and a great 90 minute set. First gig I saw in 1979 again in Newcastle. Best hard rock band IMHO and great shame in Phil Mogg’s farewell tour. RIP Paul.
  3. One bright spot in a sea of misery last night was towards the end when the ref blew for offside against Keogh. Some bright sparks started singing ‘His eyes were offside, his eyes were offside, that Richard Keogh, his eyes were offside! Brilliant! Well done if the originator is on this forum!
  4. A brilliant evening capped by getting stuck behind a rolling (then stationary) road block on the M65. Thought we were bullied, outfought, outpassed last night. We were second to every ball, we couldn’t pass forward to save our lives and when the chances presented themselves to go down the channels, we never took them. God, as fans, we were bored! So, what better way to cheer ourselves up than to sing about Gary Teale, Pesch etc. Pleased there wasn’t more added time as we’d probably have got round to Ron Webster and Terry Hennessy ffs!!!
  5. Just along the M65 for me so really looking forward to the game and being in bed for around 11.15pm!
  6. Correct. A pal just did this for his son to allow us all to go to the Blackburn game next week.
  7. Kick everybody who’s in there out at 4.50, tidy up for 5 minutes, then let everyone in who actually knows the result of the match!
  8. How about ‘He got the whole ball, in his hands, he got the whole ball.........’?
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