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  1. Mind you, we never lost 11-0, even in THAT season!
  2. When I was working in the NHS, we had to advertise senior medical jobs in European journals before we could go elsewhere, even if we knew that a particular specialist role could only be recruited from say North America. Even when we did get an applicant from outside of Europe, the hoops we had to jump through before the individual was granted a work permit meant long delays before we got the person in post. As such, many patients had their treatment delayed because of the EU rules applicable to the UK. It’s always been a question in my mind how so many non-Europeans seem to be able to ‘work’ in the Premiership and lower leagues apparently without the same restrictions/conditions.
  3. No, we’re still hanging on sonny!!
  4. If there was to be a second Ref., then presumably the only options which should be on the paper will be leave options (i.e. one or more options based on likely deals plus one option for no deal). As there has already been a ref which concluded that we should leave, the option to remain should NOT appear on the second ref paper. If remain is allowed as one of the options, then a multiple choice leave option merely waters down the leave vote leading to a likely remain outcome. Or am I being stupid.........!?
  5. Neither does he! He hasn’t voted positively for anything has he, so he’s a perfect choice as the next PM FFS! Quite how the wishes of 17m+ people have been interpreted as not wanting to leave without a deal I don’t know. Get rid of the lot of them (good start Boris!) and start again!
  6. If Corbyn is the answer, I don’t dare ask the question!!
  7. If we get a GE soon, it’ll be like a new referendum. Vote Johnson and leave on 31st October with or without a deal. Vote Corbyn and goodness knows what we’ll get!
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